Read Reason Contributing Editor Michael C. Moynihan at the Wash Post's Right Turn Blog!


Former Reason staffer and current contributing editor Michael C. Moynihan (Reason archive here) is subbing for Jennifer Rubin over at the Wash Post's Right Turn blog this week.

He's already blogged about a statue to Che Guevara in Ireland, Syria's torture archipelago, Chris Rock's shakey grasp of U.S. history, and Kurt Andersen's ham-fisted case that libertarianism is the trouble with everything. And it's only Thursday (though it feels like Saturday)! Moynihan informs me that he'll be at Right Turn through July 13.

Check it all out here

And there's this:

In New York, the latest plan to fight obesity involves creating outdoor playgrounds for adults. The New York Times explains: "The adult playground concept is borrowed from China and parts of Europe, where outdoor fitness areas for adults have become as routine as high-fiber diets or vitamin D supplements in preventive care, particularly for older people." So let's recap: $13 cigarettes, a ban on 20-ounce sodas, calorie counts on fast food menus, a war on salt and large, luxurious bike lanes throughout the five boroughs. In my experience — and I have had many, many conversations about these subjects with fellow Brooklynites — these are all developments welcomed by the people lamenting the "gentrification" of Brooklyn and the "Disneyfication" of Times Square). If only we could recreate Serpico's New York, but without all that dangerous high-fructose corn syrup.

Bonus: For those who romanticize the more "authentic" Times Square of the '70s and '80s, this sort of thing happened in broad daylight back in the "good old days" (from the fascinating Charlie Ahearn film, "Doin' Time in Times Square"). 

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  1. Pretty soon, there will be a health-club penalty tax if you don’t join one and attend regularly.

  2. I miss Mike.

    1. and here is why

      I doubt that Andersen has read much von Mises, Nock or Nozick (the only “libertarian” he name checks, of course, is Rand), but I imagine he’d be slightly annoyed if a critic of liberalism drew no distinctions between, say, the Symbionese Liberation Army and the Democratic Party. So allow me to be equally reductionist and ask why, when he complains of companies “moving .?.?. factories overseas,” does Andersen wish a life of penury upon unemployed Chinese peasants? Does he only care about the poor in America? You see how this sort of reasoning works.

      You see what he did there…he simultaneously used hyperbole while complaining about it. Fucking Brilliant!!!

      Someone put a Molotov cocktail though Vice’s window please…I WANT Moynihan BACK!!!

  3. I read his post about Che Guevara and love it.

    I guess we can blame Complain Against the Machine for the commercialization of Che?

  4. Tell Jennifer Rubin I really liked A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.

    1. That’s my choice for the best of the sequels. That is unless you count New Nightmare, which I regard as more of a re-imagining than a direct sequel.

      1. Part 2 is kind of amusing to re-watch now, for all the gay subtext I didn’t understand when I saw the film as a kid.

        Parts 3 and 4 are where I’d say the sequels peaked. Here is an amusing look at all the goofy acting and effects from 4, but I still like that one.

        I hated, hated, hated, hated Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare. Hated it.

        Freddy Vs. Jason was, I thought, about as good as a movie with that premise could possibly be.

        The 2010 remake……I don’t really care if they make a sequel to that.

        1. Freddy’s Revenge is pretty good. You’re right; realization of the subtext makes for a richer experience. I wonder what audiences’ initial reactions were?

          Didn’t The Final Nightmare have a cameo by Johnny Depp?

          1. Yes, Johnny Depp is on TV, and Peter Dinklage is on the couch.

            Wait, shit, that’s not Peter Dinklage. It’s Breckin Meyer. I always get them confused!

  5. If only we could recreate Serpico’s New York

    How about Lou Reed’s?:

  6. “Round up the usual comments”

    4:26 PM EDT
    Are libertarians selfish jerks? Yes, without exception. I have not met a single self-styled “libertarian” who was not a complete ash-whole. If your philosophy of life is based on complete disregard for your fellow humans, that’s all you could ever be.

    1. Look at the screenname. It’s some 19 year old who’s never actually met a libertarian regurgitating something he heard in his community college philosophy class.

      1. To be fair, if he is some 19 year old college d-bag the only ‘libertarians’ he’s ever met were probably the campus Objectivists who are just as douchey as the marxists.

        1. Hmph…See if I invite you to any cocktail parties…

    2. Are libertarians selfish jerks?

      All humans are selfish jerks. Now that we’ve correctly identified the human condition, what next?

      1. I think Milton Friedman hit upon this point in his interview with Donahue. Same is concept is true for contraception education: Abandon any naivety about humans being perfect, noble angels, and deal with them as they truly are.

      2. Yeah, but loserdopians don’t advocate taking working people’s money at gunpoint and giving it to non-working people and or connected corporations. So yer, ummm, selfish-er, or something. Yeah!

        1. You need to grow up before you can sit at the adult’s table, dude. You know, the table where they all agree to steal from and control people. You know the table I mean.

          1. I don’t know about you, but I hated sitting at the kiddies’ table during holidays.

            1) The table was plastic and looked ridiculous.
            2) There was plenty of space at the big table, as most adult men my family just took their meal out to the porch.
            3) The conversations at the kiddie table SUCKED! I mean, who can carry on a conversation about whether the White Power Ranger or the Red Power Rangers was the leader???…I KNOW I COULDN’T!!!!

            1. Although, when I brought up why the Pink Power Ranger wore a skirt and the Yellow Power Ranger didn’t, well, I lost my kiddie table privileges.

              1. Was it because the sideways *you know* would have freaked everyone out?

                1. Was it because the sideways *you know* would have freaked everyone out?

                  That’s just a myth, I’m sad to say.

    3. I spent 2 hours Tuesday picking up a couch, toting it around and dropping it in my storage shed after it wouldn’t fit through my friend’s door. All for a beer or two at some point down the road. Does that mean I can’t be a libertarian? Do I have to turn in my decoder monocle?

  7. Bonus: For those who romanticize the more “authentic” Times Square of the ’70s and ’80s, this sort of thing happened in broad daylight back in the “good old days”…

    That’s because everyone was Kung Fu fighting.

  8. Who the heck does that dude think he is? Wow.

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