Meet Sgt. German Bosque, The Skull-Cracking, Drug-Stealing Corrupt Cop Getting Paid $60,000 a Year to Stay at Home


Sgt. German Bosque of the Opa-locka Police Department in South Florida has been suspended, fired, and reinstated a combination of nearly two dozen times over the last 20 years for stealing drugs, possessing counterfeit cash, brutalizing suspects and bystanders, lying, insubordination, sexual assault, and various asundry other crimes. Today, reports the Miami Herald, Bosque is once again suspended and collecting $60,000 a year because his own chief of police cannot fire him: 

Opa-locka has the dubious distinction of employing the cop who can't be fired. Though the city keeps on trying.

Sgt. German Bosque of the Opa-locka Police Department has been disciplined, suspended, fined and sent home with pay more than any officer in the state.

He has been accused of cracking the head of a handcuffed suspect, beating juveniles, hiding drugs in his police car, stealing from suspects, defying direct orders and lying and falsifying police reports. He once called in sick to take a vacation to Cancún and has engaged in a rash of unauthorized police chases, including one in which four people were killed.

Arrested and jailed three times, Bosque, 48, has been fired at least six times. Now under suspension pending yet another investigation into misconduct, Bosque stays home and collects his $60,000-a-year paycheck for doing nothing.

Before he was ever hired in Opa-locka 19 years ago, Bosque, whose nickname is GB, was tossed out of the police academy twice and fired from two police departments. Each time he has faced trouble he has been reinstated with back pay. He boldly brags about his ability to work a law enforcement system that allows bad cops to keep their certification even in the face of criminal charges.

"He is a time bomb that has now exploded," said Opa-locka Police Chief Cheryl Cason.

Make sure and read the whole story, which is absolutely appalling

Update: Melanie beat me to it. 

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  1. I already met him. Melanie Kruvelis introduced us earlier today.…..he-lawi-ca

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          2. I suggest you tone down the hipsterness a bit before sloopy finds out.

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          1. He’s too old for this shit.

  2. This guy sounds almost as bad as the cop Melanie blogged about below.

  3. Beaten to the punch. And with witty alt-text to boot.

  4. I didn’t like him the first time I met him.

  5. 1994

    Sept. 8: Four are killed in a chase involving a stolen car that sped through Opa-locka but crashed outside the city. Bosque had been following the car shortly before the crash. Questions were raised about whether he was pursuing the vehicle against department policy.

    May 8: Bosque’s girlfriend reports that Bosque slapped her in the face while they were sitting in his personal vehicle, then slapped his own face and called police, telling them that she had battered him. An investigation subsequently showed that Bosque’s facial injuries were self-inflicted. Investigators recommended he be terminated immediately. Charges of lying under oath and making a false police report are dropped because the department failed to initiate disciplinary action within 60 days.

    1. And nothing else happened.

      1. All that happened in the 90s. The asshole initiated an unauthorized chase that got four people killed and he continued on his way.

        1. One of the perks of law enforcement is killing people.

          I once overheard some drunk cops gleefully trading stories about choke holds and such, and one broke down that he’d never had the opportunity to shoot someone. The others consoled him and assured him he’d get his chance.

          Seriously. True story.

          These people chose to be cops so they could beat people up and maybe get a chance to kill someone.

          I’ve been terrified of the police ever since.

          1. I knew a guy who had been a cop for 19 years. He was one year away from retirement, and quit when he came in one day and heard some kids who had died in a fire that night described as “Crispy Critters”, because he felt it had all become too dehumanizing. I thought “this is a pretty decent guy”.

            Then he told me stories about beating the shit out of people who resisted arrest, and his face changed and took on the “cop mask”, that look they get when talking about fucking people up, and it was like he was a completely different person.

            The “cop mask” is always there, just waiting.

            1. PArt of that is necessary for the job. You wouldn’t want to deal with the people they deal with every day. Not every person they encounter is some innocent teenager.

              Think of it this way. Right now there are scum out robbing evacuated houses in Colorado. My view is that looters should be shot on site. If you were the cop who arrested said scum, you would have to be a pretty great person not to put the cop mask on while doing it. And of course every time you do that, it gets a little easier.

    2. What an evil little fuck.

    3. Charges of lying under oath and making a false police report are dropped because the department failed to initiate disciplinary action within 60 days.

      Such punctilio about due process. Amongst themselves, anyway.

  6. Once again the bigorati comes to a conclusion before all the facts are in. Grow up bigots, this guy has due process something you ignorant know-nothing bigots would have a clue about. For a publication called Reason there ain’t to much nuanced legal reasoning here, except for me that is.

    Well, gotta run. I have a synchronized swimming olympic try out today then me and manny pacquiao will be sparring later, as I am his new trainer/manager.

      1. Canned dunphy parody.

      2. He should have started every sentence lower-case and gone with some random ALL CAPS for the full effect, but I’m still giving him an A-.

        1. Paragraph two is definitely a keeper.

        2. The worst grade imaginable!

          1. It’s not your credit-worthiness, so don’t despair. And on further reflection, I’m bumping it up to an A because you left Manny Pacquiao in all lower-case.

            Aw, fuck it. It’s now an AA+.

            1. It was a valiant effort, but it wasn’t me.

              Also, I will have to rate your pop culture knowledge as A–.

              1. Penmanship counts.

              2. Fuck! My big chance to get a Futurama reference and I blow it. I am disappoint in myself.

                1. You’re the worst commenter ever, Ken.

                  1. Whatever!
                    [runs off, sobbing]

    1. Well, gotta run. I have a synchronized swimming olympic try out today then me and manny pacquiao will be sparring later, as I am his new trainer/manager.

      I call bullshit. No way in hell Morgan Fairchild will let you do all of those things unless you call off the band’s world tour or at least skip the big wave world championships in Oz later this year.

      1. Sad to say, but me and Morgan are getting a divorce. She found all the emails and texts that Jessica was sending me and got fed up. I told Jessica that I was a happily married mixed martial arts champion, but she just wouldn’t leave it alone.

        I’m sad about the divorce, but it will give me more time to focus on curing italian meats.

  7. Seriously – an armed citizen would be completely justified to shoot “GB” on sight. Given his record, there would certainly be cause to believe your life was in danger.

    The rest of the force would probably thank you.

  8. I think it is because of assholes like this that people invented religion.

    He will live a long and happy life, abusing his power without any consequence.

    There sure isn’t going to be any justice for this guy on this earth.

    So people invent a higher power so they can sleep at night, “knowing” that this guy will get his.

    Even though he won’t.

    1. He will get his and here is why. He won’t get the justice he so desperately deserves. That is true. But you have to remember how someone like this thinks. These guys are always victims. No matter how much he gets over, he is still going to think he is being treated unfairly. I saw this as a defense attorney. The only client I ever had that bitched was a guy who was a total piece of shit bully who deserved ten years or more but got off with a year. That will be this piece of shit when he gets older. He will die unhappy and bitter because that is who he is.

      1. That’s not much consolation.

        1. Yes and no. People would like to think that they are the ubermensch and beyond morality with the ability to live life completely without want or regret. But they never are. Most people who live immoral lives die nasty bitter deaths.

          1. Most people who live immoral lives die nasty bitter deaths.

            I sincerely doubt this. The reason they lived immoral lives is because their own standards weren’t that of society. And unless they have some “come to Jesus” moment, they will die with the same belief system they had their entire life. Besides, what’s a short time of regret when compared to a lifelong contentment with the way you are living? Especially when you also factor in the (almost exclusively negative) impact he has had on the lives of others?

            1. And unless they have some “come to Jesus” moment, they will die with the same belief system they had their entire life.

              That is just it. Of course they never reform. They keep the same morality system. And that is what makes them miserable people. They do the immoral things because they are miserable nasty people to begin with. And age just makes that worse.

          2. Yes they do John.
            True story. Local cop just like this piece of shit, but adjacent landowner to me, so was sorta friendly to me. I would visit now and then, mostly for business. Always bragged about how many people he had killed, both as a soldier in wwII and as a cop afterwards.

            He lived in the middle of the woods, paranoid as hell that family members of the people he killed would come one day for revenge. He spent 20 years alone, and died in his yard while picking pecans. It was a fenced in yard, and since no one ever came to see him, his body laid there for two or three weeks before he was found. During those weeks, no one was feeding his dog….a mean old, three legged catahoula cur. The cur fed himself.

            1. And nothing else happened.

            2. No wonder they’re always shooting dogs…

      2. Nah. I bet he’s happily gaming a system that he knows to be corrupt because he’s a happy poster child for the corruption.
        My bet is that he’ll continue to smile and get his salary until he can be put back on the job where he will happily continue to commit acts of theft, assault, and perjury simply because he can.

        1. You have to figure that a guy who pulls this kind of stuff also has some action going on the side. That could be partly what has kept him on the force this long.

          He’ll get what’s coming to him eventually when he tries to pull a fast one on folks who aren’t too concerned about due process.

      3. That will be this piece of shit when he gets older. He will die unhappy and bitter because that is who he is.

        Small consolation when others will have to grow old with the scars and psychological damage this asshole has done to them. Well, except for the four people whose death he contributed to. They won’t even have that luxury.

        1. Even if he rotted his life away in prison, it is not like he would have ever regretted doing the things he has done. it would have always been the other guy’s fault. He will die old and embittered either way.

      4. Every cop I’ve ever met was a very upbeat person because they knew that if they were in a bad mood they could always cheer themselves up by beating the shit out of the next person who looked at them sideways.

        1. I find them to be nasty bitter small men who take out their frustrations and insecurities on the world.

          1. You can think of them that way, but that doesn’t mean that that’s how they think of themselves.

            1. Look past the mask. Deep down they are miserable people prone to divorce and suicide and depression and every other ill you can imagine.

              1. This is why I think you’re right, John. Happy people don’t beat their wives and kids before drinking themselves into a state where they think suckstarting a pistol is a good idea. If cops were happy, they wouldn’t be such miserable fucks in their personal lives.

    2. Belief in afterlife justice can become an ultimate cop-out, leading to the demise of real world justice. Likewise, unfounded trust and belief in a near-infallible “system of justice” leads to analogs of the Kitty Genovese problem.

  9. If he shaved the goatee and grew his hair out, wouldn’t he look just like Dim? He is prone to ultraviolence after all.

  10. Not one comment on Riggsy’s ‘various asundry other crimes’?

    Geez, pedantry fail. Where are the grammar nazis when they’re really needed? Hiding in South America?

    1. We were all to busy towing lions to have noticed it. Good catch.

  11. Sounds like some crazy stuff man Wow.

  12. Was this guy using Internal Affairs as a how-to video?

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