Islamists Destroying Mosques and Graves in Timbuktu


fighting debauchery by destroying things

The West African country of Mali, which has seen increased instability since NATO helped topple the Qaddafi regime in nearby Libya last summer, is facing renewed violence from Islamists in the northern city of Timbuktu. Ansar Dine, a group linked to Al-Qaeda, has apparently broken off from the Tuareg rebels with which they initially invaded the north of Mali, and begun to destroy centuries-old historical sites in Timbuktu. The Associated Press reports:

The Islamic faction, known as Ansar Dine, or "Protectors of the Faith," seized control of Timbuktu last week after ousting the Tuareg rebel faction that had invaded northern Mali alongside Ansar Dine's soldiers three months ago. Over the weekend, fighters screaming "Allah Akbar" descended on the cemeteries holding the remains of Timbuktu's Sufi saints, and systematically began destroying the six most famous tombs.

Reached by telephone in an undisclosed location in northern Mali, a spokesman for the faction said they do not recognize either the United Nations or the world court.

"The only tribunal we recognize is the divine court of Shariah," said Ansar Dine spokesman Oumar Ould Hamaha.

The parallel with the Taliban's historical site wrecking ways in Afghanistan did not go unnotcied:

Shamil Jeppie, who heads the Tombouctou Manuscripts Project at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, says that the destruction in Mali is analogous to the demolition of the Bamiyan Buddha in Afghanistan. The Wahabi interpretation of Islam that Ansar Dine — like the Taliban — espouses is a narrow version of the faith, and stands in contrast to what he says is the history of Islamic learning.

"It's a real loss for people in the town, in the region and on the continent," said Jeppie. "Timbuktu was a center of Islamic learning, a very significant center — there is lots of internal and external evidence of this. But Ansar Dine is ignorant of this. For them, there is only one book and it's the Quran. All this other (Islamic) learning is inconsequential to them," he said.

Timbuktu, of course, was once a major tourist attraction in Africa, but that's irrelevant for these Islamists. "We are against tourism. They foster debauchery," their spokesperson said. Demolishing historical relics, on the other hand, not debauchery at all, apparently.

And what story of the spectacularly unintended consequences of military adventurism wouldn't be complete without some contextless agitation for American intervention? From The Hill:

[T]he Obama administration is under pressure to restore democracy and territorial integrity to the country [of Mali], which has turned into a hotbed for Islamic insurgents linked to al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. 

"No matter how difficult this matter is to address," said panel Chairman Chris Smith (R-N.J.), "there are too many people affected for the United States to fail to provide leadership in the effort to solve this political-social crisis."

Ignoring, it would seem, those people affected by U.S. leadership in the past (say, by overthrowing Qaddafi without considering where all those mercenaries, Islamists and weapons that Qaddafi controlled would end up).

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  1. Qaddafi: Gay or nay?

    1. Mubarak: Hot or not?

    2. Aren’t PM links overdue?

  2. Mali, which has seen increased instability since NATO helped toppled the Qaddafi regime in Libya last summer, is facing renewed violence from Islamists

    Damn, NATO ruins everything!
    This is why Mali can’t have nice things.

    1. That’s funny every time, Mary!

      1. Look who she made dance! PWND

  3. “Sand people walk single file to hide their numbers.”

    1. “Damn fool. I knew you were gonna say that.”

  4. That guy clearly isn’t British.

  5. Drones. Just kill anyone in a cemetery. Especially any big groups.

    1. “Cemetery Hit by US Missile. Thousands Dead.”

      1. Especially painful, even for you Tim. Outstanding.

    2. People who stand next to other people are clearly guilty of something.

      1. If they didn’t want to be killed, maybe they shouldn’t have gone to a cemetery.

        1. Cemeteries are for dead people, after all.

          1. Hold your breath, dammit! They can’t breathe, so it isn’t fair for you to!

        2. US police need to train some Islam sniffing dogs.

          1. They already have them. They also sniff for drugs, bombs, and bad attitudes.

            1. The key is training the handlers.

        3. If they didn’t want to be killed, maybe they shouldn’t have been born brown and in the wrong country.


          1. BROWN PEOPLE derpity derp derp.

            1. I don’t care what color they are. If they are in a cemetery, they obviously are up to no good.

              1. “You’re one of those corpsefuckers, aren’t you?”

            2. Randian’s right, AET. Calling them “people” just undermines the mission.

      2. Drones: government’s freedom of disassembly.

  6. I heard atheists are just as fanatical as religionists.

    1. Atheism is just a non-religious religion, you moron.

      1. My void trumps your god!

    2. You are right Warty, atheists have never torn down great works of architecture or art.…..he_Saviour

      except when they do.

      1. John vs. Episiarch!
        Battle of Stalingrad!

        [Gets popcorn, beer]

        1. Still here, Mary?

          1. And now she made you dance.

            1. She has been self medicating with listerine and bath salts again. Any week now her kids will get a involuntary confinement order and we will be free of her until that runs out and they dump her back on the streets.

              1. John, you were about to tell us how the atheist religion is the most monstrous religion in history. Do try to focus.

            2. I’m not “Mary,” but I laugh and laugh. That chick must have really gotten under their skins.

              1. Calling yourself a “chick” is fucking hilarious, Mary. You’re more like a “hideous Sasquatch”. I mean, why else would you get that Botox?


            3. Well, Hugh, what did she make you do?

              No, don’t tell me. I’m feeling a bit queasy already anyway.

              1. And I’m not even trying!

      2. Oh, bullshit. No country except North Korea has ever been more profoundly religious than Stalinland.

        1. Ahem – the former East Deutschland

          1. Stalinland, I says.

            1. I dunno – the soulless, still, vacant stares of the former East Germans during the Olympics every four years, and they watched their overlords win medals in gymnastics and weight lifting while they themselves ruled in bobsled and neutered-males-swimming-as-females…

              They were tragic and defeated, engaging in “games” only out of habit, with the memory of the whip pushing them on – truly without a god.

              They Rooskies had vodka, at least.

              1. As bad as East Germany was, by the mid 1970s North Korea stopped sending students there because they felt they were coming back expecting too much freedom.

                Yeah, North Korea is that bad.

                1. John – do you have a source for this? I don’t doubt it, just interested.

                  1. BP,

                    It was in this book


                    The author interviews all kinds of NORK defectors. And one of them talks about going to East Germany in the early 70s and being amazed at how free they were and how this caused him to question the regime. Later the regime stopped sending people to other communist countries for this reason.

                    1. Thanks. If you have Netflix, Seoul Train and Crossing the Line are both good.

                2. I’ve been to East Germany – it was bad. I cannot imagine the horror that is NK.

              2. Speaking of old-timey Russian weightlifters, I give you Freddy Mercury.

            2. Stalin was the original franchisor. Then he got in a licensing/intellectual property beef with China.

        2. They were religious all right. They just worshiped the state for about 70 years. And Stalin was a militant atheist until he decided he need to make World War II the great patriotic war to keep his people from deciding Hitler was a better master than he was.

    3. Atheists can be just as obnoxious as religionists. Nothing is more obnoxious than an environmentalist.

      1. Environmentalists aren’t so much atheists as animists.

        1. Animists who believe in magic and spirits and whatnot, but don’t believe in gods, are atheists.

      2. How about an artisinal mayonnaise-crafting hipster environmentalist?

      3. It seems like a differentiation between atheists and anti-theists would be useful.

  7. Ladies and gentleman, it is Steve Smith’s North African Cousin.

  8. Timbuktu’s incredible. It’s one of those cities that shows how Islam blended with culture in its early development, which is pretty clear in the mosque construction. If they’re destroyed, it’ll be a big loss. I’ve pimped it before, but Naipaul’s Among the Believers: An Islamic Journey is such a great book for this idea of culturally-adaptive Islam, even if that isn’t the point he’s making. This isn’t to say that we should get involved for the sake of preserving relics.

    1. This is a huge tragedy. They are just fucking animals.

      1. Like all politicians, they’re doing it for the children.

      2. Woah, woah John, nowhere does it say these guys were having sex with animals.

        1. See the guy in the pic? That is a Steve Smith dude.

          1. He’s got Hollywood teeth.

        2. You see any sheep or goats in that picture? No you don’t – because they ran away while the picture was being taken and their tormentors momentarily distracted.

      3. This is a pretty good MSNBC article about Mali.

    2. …a great book for this idea of culturally-adaptive Islam, even if that isn’t the point he’s making.

      How is tearing down the mosques of Sufi saints being “culturally-adaptive?”

      1. Pretty sure he was talking about the original builders, not these scumbags.

        1. Ok, sometimes you just gotsta know.

      2. How is tearing down the mosques of Sufi saints being “culturally-adaptive?

        Don’t you recognize economic stimulus when you see it?

        1. Broken-window ad absurdum.

    3. I always assume the architecture, mathematics, etc.. that came out of North Africa at that time were really the last gasps of those cultures before they were fully assimilated into Islam. After a few generations of Islam, they become frozen in time – and we read stories like this.

      1. A lot of the culturally significant developments came from the increase in trade, transfer of knowledge, and relative peace that came with assimilation. Scholarship from Islamic nations was still relevant up until the 13th century. I think that’s a safe assumption regarding the last 5 centuries, though. Certainly in the information age it hasn’t been necessary to have a common banner for trade to take place and information to freely travel, making strict religious dogma possibly a hindrance. That’s unfortunate, because it wasn’t always this way.

      2. Read up on the history of Cordoba and Baghdad before you embarrass yourself further.

        1. Baghdad and Cordoba are in North Africa? I better read up.

    4. “You find times and places where nations excel…”

    5. I haven’t read that one yet, but I’ve read the sequel, Beyond Belief and it was devastating in its critique of Islam, largely through letting the real-life people in it speak openly.

      1. That’s a great book too. Among the Believers is pretty much the same thing – he visits four Islamic countries around 1980. The most relevant part is his visit to Iran just after the revolution. It’s just great storytelling, and shows residents and institutions of Islamic countries to be so much more complex than we tend to think.

        His series on India is supposed to be pretty good. I’ve liked his non-fiction books much more than his fiction.

  9. Caption: “Who left the cap off my fucking Glisten?”

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          2. “Durka durka, Mohammed Ali”

          3. The love that cannot be named?

  10. Islamists Destroying Mosques and Graves in Timbuktu

    BUT – building a new mosque in downtown New Yawk, right by the Sainted, Hallowed Ground Zero?, amirite?

    So it all balances out.

    1. the former burlington coat factory continues to be used as an islamic cultural center, which ive visited. a large meeting room inside will be renovated to serve for worship. i told them to name it the pam geller islamic worship room.


      2. See what I’m on about?

  11. Things that White People like: historical sites

    1. Like the dipfucks in Detroit wanting to save the Packard Plant, Central Station, Tiger Stadium, etc.

      Give it. The fuck. UP. Hipsters.

      Fuck. Oh, PS, Comerica’s WAY the fuck better than Tiger Stadium ever was, so shut the fuck up and go back to Bloomfield. And take the fucking Zoo and the Art Museum with you.

      1. I was in Michigan this weekend. Why is everyone in your state the worst driver in the entire world? Seriously. It’s amazing how terrible you people are at driving.

        1. As opposed to the crippled, slow, retarded, left-lane-bandit driving I endured for 3 years in Cleveland, I’m sure the manic, rude GETTHEFUCKOUTOFMYWAYYOUSLOWFUCKMOOOOOVE!! Michigan style is a bit of a change.

          1. Why, though? Why? Michigan is a perfectly nice state, except that everyone there is a gigantic asshole.

            1. You drive on our potholed roaaddszzz! for awhile and try not to revert to Full Kill every time you’re behind the wheel.

              Plus – winter…worse than Ohio winter…

              1. You’re complaining to me about potholes? I drive in the same damn climate as you, and my state is at least 75% as corrupt. Our potholes are just as bad.

                1. Puh-LEASE. I’ve lived in OH twice for work – MI the rest of my horrid life.

                  No. Comparison. The couple o’ good things about Ohio? Number ONE is roads.

                  I can’t remember anything else…

                    1. BTW, ^^^ is not spam, but rather a shirt for those that think that Ohio is the worst state ever (namely Michigan fans).

                2. One state has Oberlin, the other Detroit. Arguing which is worse is a bit pointless when they are both terrible.

                  1. Oberlin…fucking Oberlin. Turning hot chicks into confused, obese lesbians since 1846.

                  2. One thing I think we can all agree on – Kentucky is a state south of both Ohio and Michigan.

                    1. Fuck you, Almanian!

                    2. May the kudzu overwhelm it swiftly.

                    3. My bad driver story, and it was all Kentuckians…

                      So we finally got a Trader Joe’s and I left work early Friday and for some stupid reason decided to got to the opening day. [soul harrowing shopping sequence redacted] Leaving, out in the madhouse parking lot filled with housewives, hippies and hicks, I am backing out of my space. Someone behind me is backing out too. I never try and fight this, so I just pull back into my space enough to let them out. But they keep coming and keep coming. Still in drive, I pull even further back into my space and hit the horn. They keep coming. I’m laying on my horn. The guy waiting for their space lays on his horn. They keep coming. Then a woman texting steps in between our two cars. I’ve hit the barrier in front and can’t pull up any more. The asshole across the way finally stops after tapping her and knocking her into my rear door lightly. I get out to glower and curse at the asshole and check on the women. He drives off, unaware he almost crushed someone, and she keeps walking after a car taps her, still texting.

                    4. That’s a terrible story, NutraSweet. Maybe you can submit it to Amazing Stories and have it be rejected with prejudice.

                    5. The TJ’s by me is usually filled to capacity as well. I avoid it whenever possible.

                      I typically can’t make it out of the lot without yelling at someone.

                    6. You haven’t tried the Trader Joe’s in Upper Queen Anne. Murder is sometimes contemplated.

                    7. What’s the big deal with Trader Joe’s? We got one here, I went to look, it looks about like someone took some stock off the shelves of an HEB and stuck it all in a store about 5% as big.

                    8. He drives off, unaware he almost crushed someone, and she keeps walking after a car taps her, still texting

                      So no harm done.

                    9. Only the potential harm of me having to wash her off my car in 100+ heat. And I hear stupid people are especially sticky.

                  3. Plus, Ohio has Jungle Jim’s, and that has to almost cancel out the evil of Oberlin.

                    1. At least we don’t have Antioch anymore.

                      Although I feel pretty strongly that Cleveland and Detroit, as true sister cities, cancel each other out.

                    2. I miss Jungle Jims, used to live less than a mile from the place and then later after moving to Louisvilly would occasionally drive the 100 miles each way just to go to the place. Why the hell couldn’t they have gone on to dominate the shopping world instead of Wal Mart

            2. Why, though? Why? Michigan is a perfectly nice state, except that everyone there is a gigantic asshole.

              Sounds like Boulder.

          2. Everyone in Ohio feels it is their moral obligation to drive slowly in the left lane.

            I hate right side passing on the interstate, I will impatiently wait for miles to pass on the left. But, I no longer even give cars with OH plates a chance to pull over, because I know they never fucking will, I just blow by them on the right, first chance I get.

        2. Why is everyone in your state the worst driver in the entire world?

          Worse than CO? Unpossible.

        3. Go to Oregon some time. You’ll become road rage violent in about three minutes.

          1. It wasn’t weird enough
            So I went west to Oregon

            1. I am not joking when I say that if I see an Oregon license plate (or even worse, a British Columbia license plate), I avoid that car like the plague, and try to get ahead of them as soon as possible. Because they will drive you out of your mind with their horrific driving.

              1. I just drove here from Canada, and they think I’m slow, eh?

              2. As a kid in NH, whenever we’d see someone driving like an asshole, we’d guess Massachusetts or Connecticut. That covered about 85% of them.

                1. Hey, don’t leave Rhode Island out of this!

                  1. Epi, Rhode Island doesn’t count for shit ever, and we both know that.

                    1. Unless you’re Curt Schilling

                2. Michigan here. 80% of the time, it’s Michigan. The rest of the time, it’s angry black women with temporary tags and no insurance.

                  1. Whats the deal with people with handicapped tags? That isnt a license to drive like a retard.

          2. Oregon – bad placarding, and WTF with the “you can’t pump your own gas”. Plus – clouds and rain. And suicide.

            I fucking hate Oregon.

            1. I know nothing about the state, but it gave me Agalloch, who I’m very excited to see in a few weeks. So it’s not at the top of my list of states to destroy.

              1. Bored after 3 minutes. No patience to listen to the rest.

                1. That’s too bad. Is your lack of patience due to the enormity of your stupidity?

        4. People in Los Angeles are pretty good drivers, except for the inevitable slowdowns caused my freeway accidents.

          Don’t look at it, just go.

          1. I think it’s because you have sun and hot chicks there. Why would you ever be angry? Take those away, and you’d all become Manhattan drivers in a minute. *Shudder*

            1. Are you unaware how many hot chicks there are in Manhattan? You know, it being a center of fashion, modeling, and acting?

              And Manhattan drivers aren’t angry, just aggressive. Believe me, if they get angry, you’ll know it.

              1. Bah, you guys never drove in Boston.

                1. Not only have I driven in Boston, I cut off taxis there and went away without a scratch.

              2. “Are you unaware how many hot chicks there are in Manhattan?”

                Fewer than there should be given population density and being a significant net importer. You’re more likely to see more hotties on any SEC campus.

                1. You say things as if you know what you’re talking about. I lived in Manhattan. Did you?

                  1. I drove through Manhattan once, and I’ll admit that I had fun out-aggressiving the local assholes. How could you ever live there, though? You’re the dumbest man on Earth.

                2. Auburn and Clemson.

                  [insert drool icon here]

              3. If their fashion was any good, they’d be in Milan. If their modeling was halfway decent, they would be in Paris. If they could act their way out of a paper bag, they would be in Hollywood.

                Face it Epi. No one chooses to stay in New York.

                1. You’re right, Hugh. I didn’t. I gave it seven years. It was a fun seven years, and involved failed models. But eventually, I had enough.

                  1. I started with actresses and moved up to producers. I think that’s where you went wrong.

                    1. In hindsight, I feel that the models choice was a bad one, and I should have gone with the actresses. However, my cousin was on an acting binge at the time and I didn’t feel like possibly dirtying the same waters.

                      It’s all water under the bridge anyway.

                    2. Noooooooooooo….not actresses.

                      If not for dancers, they’d be the craziest fuckers alive. I blame method acting.

        5. Also, when the fuck you Ohioganders going to re-elect Jim “Best Hair EVER” Traficant? I thought he was a shoe in for Cleveland mayor or something when he got out of the clink – nuthin’…

          He needs to be elected to something, just for the TV time and lulz.

          1. You all have no room to talk. You have Carl Levin, John Conyers AND John Dingell. And lest we forget…Geoff Fiege. HA!

            1. C’mon, we know Illinois wins this category going away.

              1. Hell, they won even prior to the Obama being President.

            2. Yeah – I know. That’s why Traficant was so AWESOME! He delivered the looks AND the crazy.

              Levin, Conyers, Stabenow, Dingellfritz – they’re just morons.

              1. I’ll see your Levin, Conyers, et al. and raise you a Chuckie Fucking Schumer.

          2. I miss Traficant. I hope he can at least become Mahoning County Sheriff again.

            1. What’s Kucinich gonna do? He was such a pinata for us in undergrad when I was an annoying TEAM RED-er that I have a soft spot in my heart for that little elf.

        6. Eh. After watching Connecticutians stop on the highway for police on the side of the road (no flashers), cars on the side of the road (no apparent damage), and several times, as best I can tell, reaching the top of a hill, I vote for them being worst. Georgians will always drive the wrong speed for the conditions, but 5 hours to drive 80 miles with no death or blizzard was horrible.

          1. I don’t know what part of Connecticut you’re talking about, but it sure as fuck isn’t any part I grew up in. We were all horrifically aggressive drivers. Fuck, we used to play a game where if all the police cars were in the parking lot at the station in my cousin’s town, you had to pass every car on the next stretch of road. EVERY car, even if there was a car coming head on. Guess what? People get out of your way when you drive like a maniac.

            1. Drove from LGA to Groton, via 84 because 95 was supposedly going to be closed or something. No shit, 5.5 hours from leaving the rental car place to getting off at Groton. Traffic wasn’t that dense and there were no trucks once we got to Connecticut, but it somehow took us 4.5 more hours to get to our destination. By contrast, I drove from Tampa to Tallahassee in a tropical storm with steady to blinding rain (about 250 miles) in 5 hours.

              1. I have no idea what your problem was. Oh wait, it was that you took 84 and not the Merritt Parkway. Dumbass.

                In all seriousness, though (and you should have taken the Merritt), I cannot fathom how it took you that long. Taking 84 was fucking dumb, because you had to go way the fuck north to get to it and then go south again to get to Groton (which is on the shore), so you basically did 3 sides of a rectangle, but even then it shouldn’t have taken quite that long.

                This one’s on you, buddy.

                1. Yeah, no. My cousin’s new bride told us that 95 was going to be impassable (or at least hard to get through) because of some bridge construction and 84 was the preferred route. As I was transporting my parents, driving slow as fuck the way the instructions say was probably better for their survival than listening to them bitch about following the google maps. Still, 80 fucking miles, tops. That comes out to about 15 mph. On the highway. So fuck Connecticut drivers.

              2. I have no idea what your problem was. Oh wait, it was that you took 84 and not the Merritt Parkway. Dumbass.

                In all seriousness, though (and you should have taken the Merritt), I cannot fathom how it took you that long. Taking 84 was fucking dumb, because you had to go way the fuck north to get to it and then go south again to get to Groton (which is on the shore), so you basically did 3 sides of a rectangle, but even then it shouldn’t have taken quite that long.

                This one’s on you, buddy.

                1. For years I thought W. Cross = West Cross.

                  1. WILBURRRRRR?

            2. All I know is that the traffic in Connecticut, RI and Mass. was enough to get me to give up going to a *free* place to stay on the Cape.

              1. I only go to the cape / islands between Sept 15 and May 15. It’s not worth the effort otherwise.

              2. You need to know the secret routes. There are a lot of roads in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

                Or just go to Block Island and skip the hassle.

        7. hey, I’m a Michigander and I’m a fine driver… but I do agree that the majority of them here do suck.

          “Just because we build the cars doesn’t mean we know how to drive them.” used to be the saying back when we built cars… instead of uh…

    2. On my first day as Supreme Libertarian Overlord, I would abolish the historical landmarks registry and sell every historic building off to the highest bidder. If they wanted to preserve them, more power to them, but if they wanted to demolish the Old North Church to put up a Wal-Mart, that would be fine too.

      1. I would keep the Capitol building, though, and convert it into a sewage treatment plant.

        1. how long till they come for you brandishing torches in the night?

        2. I would keep the Capitol building, though, and convert it into a sewage treatment plant.

          So, you’d just reverse the pipes then.

      2. you have my vote, provided I can rule the Wasteland.

        1. I’ll let you rule over the Mojave, provided you can take it from Episiarch.

  12. overthrowing Qaddafi without considering where all those mercenaries, Islamists and weapons that Qaddafi controlled would end up).

    They would’ve ended up their anyway. Mali’s government was bad at security the Libyan intervention did make things a bit worse but is not the primary problem. Even if it was, it would not diminish the need to eliminate AQIM.

  13. Hopefully the Tauregs or ECOWAS will put a stop to this soon and they can restore these relics. Seems the Tauregs suck at fighting though.

    1. Plus Tuareg is a really stupid fucking name for a car

      1. “Sauron” was already trade marked.

        1. THAT should have been the next-model Hummer

          1. That or Balrog.

  14. Great, yet another country is about to be destroyed by these maniacal Philistines.

    1. nah, to quote a russian general about afghanistan – they’re just rearranging the rubble

  15. Well, in view of this outrage, we need to bomb Syria to show them not to do this.

    1. is that kinda like invading iraq cause iran had the nukes?

      1. More like bombing Libya for the children.

  16. There needs to be a Sufi uprising. It was not exactly developed or, apparently, stable, but Mali was a liberal democracy with tolerance for religious minorities. So is Senegal. Both are primarily Sufi. Sufis used to be great warriors, though they were not violent outside of actual wars, kind of like the Sikhs.

  17. Ansar Dine, a group linked to Al-Qaeda, has apparently broken off from the Tuareg rebels with which they initially invaded the north of Mali, and begun to destroy centuries-old historical sites in Timbuktu.

    Krugnuts approves of this.

    1. Think of all the wealth that will be generated in rebuilding what was destroyed!

      1. Bring on the Alien Invasion…

      2. Broken historic relics fallacy!

  18. Ansar Dine, a group linked to Al-Qaeda,

    Hate to interject in a good old drive-by Emmanuel Goldstein-ing, but this needs to be explored further. The supposed “link” between Ansar Dine and Al-Qaeda in the Maghreb is that Iyad Ag Ghaly and Hamda Ag Hama are cousins. That’s it.

    1. It is more of an ideological link. They buy into the same insane ideology. Kind of like how say Nazis in Spain were linked to Nazis in Germany.

      1. From Time:

        The truth, of course, is complicated. With an eye to U.S. military assistance, economic aid, international sympathy, the Malian government has much to gain by tarring the MNLA with the al-Qaeda brush ? but the links are tenuous. True, over the years al-Qaeda emirs “are said to have worked to create some local relationships, both through marriage and transactions with some segments of local Tuareg and Arab communities,” explains Andrew Lebovich, an analyst with the Navanti Group who focuses on Sahelian issues. But “AQIM itself has yet to claim a role in the [Tuareg rebellion], and no overt evidence has been produced to show an AQIM role in the fighting in the north.”

        1. Like I said, ideological not actual.

  19. His teeth are so white…

    1. I was about to write the same thing. Pepsodent?

      1. I’m thinking Photoshop.

      2. The cum of Allah.

  20. I don’t think it’s been mentioned, but Sufism is the mystical branch of Islam. These morons are destroying the tombs of other Muslim saints. It would be like Southern Baptists burning down St. Peter’s Cathedral.

    1. It would be like Southern Baptists burning down St. Peter’s Cathedral.

      We are still considering it.

      1. It’s a long flight to Rome.

    2. I guess you’ve never listened to a drunken Freemason on a tear.

    3. It is St. Peters Basilica.

    4. It would be like Southern Baptists burning down St. Peter’s Cathedral.

      Or Puritans tearing apart Catholic churches in England and rolling baptismal fonts out into cow pastures.

  21. Hmmm. Savages doing what savages do.
    How long before they are stoning and beheading people in the streets for the horrible crime of being….female?

    Really, what is it with these guys and women? I went to college with some sandfleas who were always going on about ‘What is wrong with america is that you let women rule you. And alcohol.’

    When I would point out ( usually when I was drunk ) that america is a veritable paradise of prosperity and advancement and that their home countries were shitholes full of savagery they would get red-faced and give me a spittle laced diatribe on islam. The more shitholish their respective countries were, the more adamant they were about america being fucked up and the more exaggerated their blather on the wonders of islam.

    1. I have never worked in a muslim country but I know people who have. One had to flee Indonesia because he was caught possessing a playboy magazine. They were going to execute the guy. He stole a canoe and paddled to Australia. The Australians were supposed to extradite him back, but they were kind enough to look the other way while he hopped a plane to the US, then they told the Indonesians ‘Ooops”.

      Another guy, who worked in Iran for many years, just advises everyone not to go to the middle east. In his words “They are not civilized.”

      1. They were civilized, but they got chased out after the revolution in Iran.

        That’s really the saddest thing – the places that Islam controls once used to be the greatest civilizations in the world.

        Iraq was home to Babylon and Sumeria. Iran to Persian, Egypt to er, the Egyptians

        Yeah, you have a few of the original people and culture hanging on, the Copts, the Kurds, the Zoroastrians, but they are heavily persecuted and it’s going to get worse for them.

        1. To be fair, that’s probably more attributable to the Mongols than to Islam. Europe can thank Genghis Khan for not being ruled by Muslims.

  22. So, who comes up with all that crazy stuff? I mean seriously.

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