Rep. Justin Amash Reacts to SCOTUS Upholding Obamacare: "The Supreme Court missed an historic opportunity to rein in the federal government"


From the office of Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.): 

"The Supreme Court missed an historic opportunity to rein in the federal government. For decades, Congress has stretched the Constitution to authorize whatever new mandate it invents. Instead of acting as an impartial referee, the Court has been complicit in allowing Congress and the President to expand their power at the expense of state governments and the people.

"The Court's decision green lights the continued expansion of the size and scope of the federal government. It also underscores the need to have congressmen who resist the impulse to aggrandize power in Washington. Now more than ever, Congress must commit itself to following the Constitution and limiting the federal government. We can begin to fulfill that commitment by repealing the President's health care law in its entirety."

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  1. And the GOP and Ron Paul Cult rage at saving peoples lives continues.

    1. I’ll eat my hat the day this saves anyones life.

    2. All right…partner
      Keep on trollin’ baby
      You know what time it is

      1. Seriously!? Now I have a 10 year old ear worm.

          1. Someone needs to be given the Old Yeller treatment.

    3. In the next few years, you will discover the true meaning of the Libertarian proverb “Whatever government does FOR you, it winds up doing TO you.”

      Speaking as one who knows from experience, enjoy the taxing and funding battles to come. You’ll have lots of time to think about it as you wait for your surgery.

      1. Correction: your FREE surgery!

        1. Penile enhancement! Freeeeee!!!!

          1. More like mandatory after Michelle and Nancy get their hands on the regulators.

    4. Progressive’s signature achievement is a massive tax on the poor and uninsured.

      1. Just about everything progressives do is extremely regressive. Obamacare, currency devaluation from excessive spending, minimum wage increases, foreign aid, smoking taxes, gas taxes, etc. etc. etc.

  2. We can begin to fulfill that commitment by repealing the President’s health care law in its entirety.

    I’m sure that the Supreme Court would deem that as unconstitutional.

  3. SCOTUS has just put the onus on Congress. Get with it American people and Congress. Rein the donkey in.

    1. Well if there’s one thing we’ve always been able to depend on, it’s congress!

  4. We’re all in agreement that John Roberts is a gigantic tool, right?

    1. Tell me about it. I have to advise clients in light of novel-length decisions that don’t actually say anything.

  5. The Supreme Court missed an historic opportunity to rein in the federal government.


    1. I asert that Chapter MCMLXXXIV.

      If you want a vision of the future, Winston, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever.

  6. John Roberts is a total disgrace.

  7. It’s not the job of the Supreme Court to remake the United States along the lines of an ideology about the role of government.

    1. So they just do it as a hobby?

    2. Actually, it sort of is, to the extent that ideology is reflected in the Constitution.

      1. Every new law is in a way an expansion of the power of Congress. The court is free to determine whether the constitution allows it. What is asked for here is for the court to be activist on the side of an anti-federal-government dogma that is present neither in the constitution nor constitutional case law precedent.

        There’s nothing illegitimate about the court deciding that it’s been wrong for most of a century and that the constitution actually requires a hobbled federal government. But the constitution does not clearly answer these questions so it’s just a matter of interpretation. The best court would not interpret according to a preconceived ideology but consider precedent and practicality.

        1. Building precedent upon precedent got us here. Kind of like this:


          Eventually, you realize that it isn’t going to work anymore. Like this:

        2. Of course you take that stance, Tony… government expansion is vital to the survival of your Team.

          There is no other reason to expand it, after all. Power for the sake of power.

          Yeah, before you go there… Team Red is guilty of that, too, in their own ways. Doesn’t make the concept any less vile.

  8. Roberts, as a factotum of the Noble House of Bush, is a reliable weasel. He has made his best case for what the more-cynical factions of the political class want. The robed, unelected legislature has voted to kick the big decisions back to the rabble-fearing legislature calling itself a congress.

    In any event, the republican party must be destroyed.

    1. Oh, you’re back with the “only ONE party must be destroyed” bullshit, eh, wef?

      Fuck you.

  9. Amash 2016?

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