Steve Chapman on Firearm Ownership and Suicide


Americans often buy guns for self-defense, a purpose that now has Supreme Court validation. But according to advocates of gun control, writes Steve Chapman, those purchasers overlook the people who pose the greatest threat: themselves. Anyone who acquires a firearm, we are told, is inviting a bloody death by suicide.

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  1. is there supposed to be a linky-winky to an article here?

  2. If the Fed follows Chapman’s monetary policy those would-be suicides won’t even be able to afford big rocks to dispatch themselves.

    1. They could always punch themselves to death. Which is why no-one should be allowed to have hands above a certain size. This would also level the playing field for under-endowed chaps

    2. Chapman’s suggested monetary policy IS suicide.

  3. You can’t really own guns in Japan, which is why their suicide rate is so low…oh, wait…

  4. A link to the article would be nice. I am guessing there is a study showing that a high percentage of people who shoot themselves have access to guns.

  5. You know who else invited a bloody death by suicide…

    1. Ernest Hemingway?

    2. Yukio Mishima?

  6. Looking at the stats, white males comprise the largest group of suicides by far. Perhaps we should ban white-maleness.

  7. Thank Government for gun control, the other day I wanted to kill myself but could not because I am not allowed to buy a gun. Now I live a happy, productive and confident life knowing that there will always be caring government protecting me from myself.

  8. Well, this article at least makes more sense than the “we need _more_ government spending” one from last week…

  9. My favorite suicide story;

    Local pharmacist writes a long suicide letter then lays it down on the passenger side seat in his truck. While sitting in the drivers seat, he puts a 12 gauge shotgun under his chin and pulls the trigger with his toe. The entire inside of the truck cab is coated in blood and brains, including the lengthy suicide letter, making it unreadable.

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