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Reason Writers Around Town: Brian Doherty in the New York Times on What's Ahead for the Ron Paul Wing of the GOP


Reason Senior Editor Brian Doherty, author of the new book Ron Paul's Revolution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired, writes over at the New York Times on "For the Ron Paul Wing, Now What?"

An excerpt:

Ron Paul antiwar appeal won him friends on the left, but it was also why this politician with impeccable credentials on core Republican issues like taxes (he wants to eliminate the income tax), spending (he's the only Republican candidate with a budget that balanced in three years with no new taxes), and regulation (he thinks they strangle the wealth-creating properties of free markets) had such a hard time gaining traction with the Tea Party base, who don't see the connection Paul sees between a constitutionally limited, affordable government and a less expansionist foreign policy.

If the Tea Party really were transpartisan outsiders dedicated to fighting bailouts and shrinking spending, Ron Paul should have been their man. In 2012, they've revealed themselves more as loyal Republicans than as a rebel army. Paul's campaign is trying to gently guide the Paul movement through that same transition.

Read the whole thing.

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  1. Lovers of delightfully deranged strawmen should check the (so far two) comments on the NY Times site.

    1. How wonderfully incoherent.

  2. IFH
    I though exactly the same thing: Team Blue Fellators.

    Brian D: Nice to see that NYT would even let you publish an article like that in their rag. Good on you!

  3. Wait – Doherty wrote a book?

    /obligatory trolling is obligatory

  4. Also – holy fuck! Thanks for the recommendation, Furry, I did hop over to read it and the comments. From Mr. Idiot #1 (at the time):

    1) “Libertarians would prefer to see all things private that could be outsourced to the private sector in their effort to make gov’t smaller.” HEY! You pretty much got one right! Good job!

    2) “Nowhere does any amendment or any bill ever passed discussed or limit the size of gov’t.” That is so breathtakingly stupid as to require no further comment (except for Choney and Max, but that would be a waste of breath).

    3) “Those who attack others all the time, have guilt inside themselves to begin with, they only wish to project that guilt somewhere else so they attack others or programs so as to redirect attention away from themselves.” Pot, meet kettle…

    Absolutely Weapons Grade Stoopid?. Great way to start the day!

    1. The last bit is pure gold. Adventures in projection…

  5. Ayn Rand called JFK a Nazi

  6. “Indeed, despite the Rand Paul endorsement, Romney will be hard-pressed to win the votes of many Paul fans in November,”

    You got that right, Mr. Doherty. Seeing how the fix is in for Romney I replaced my Paul bumper sticker with a Gary Johnson sticker yesterday.

    1. People that called the Paul following a “cult” should be eating their hats about now.

      People followed Paul because he was going the direction they wanted to go, not because he had some magical leprechaun powers (no offense to Kucinich).

  7. That looks like it might jsut work dude. Well done.

  8. gov’t by the the written word has a reponsibility to maintain the general welfare of the people, while allowing, life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    You gotta love the “general welfare” argument. That and the commerce clause is all that is necessary to run a country w/300 million. I also like that it “allows,” not guarantees, but allows life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  9. You know who else wrote a book?

    1. I heard a rumour that at least three other Reasonoids wrote books, but surely we’d have heard about them

  10. In 2012, they’ve revealed themselves more as loyal Republicans than as a rebel army. Paul’s campaign is trying to gently guide the Paul movement through that same transition.

    So, the Paul campaign is trying to neuter their followers by turning them into partisans for TEAM BE RULED? Disappointing.

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