Jim Epstein Talks Capital Bikeshare with Kennedy on KFI 640AM at 5:05 ET


I'll be on KFI 640AM with Kennedy tonight at 5:05pm ET talking about our Capital Bikeshare story.

Listen along by clicking here.

Watch our story, Washington, DC's Capital Bikeshare: Tax $$$ for Rich, Educated, White Riders, here:

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  1. Nice video…so, when are you covering the naked bike-ride protests?

  2. Great legs, Kennedy!

    It seems self-evident to me that upper-middle-class whites are the most likely bike commuters, though around here, the home of Kristin Armstrong, I don’t think it skews male. Is it possible that this was the secret intent all along? Throw upper-middle-class whites a bone at taxpayer expense? Simple vote-buying?

    Have you checked out the food bank in DC? I wonder if it has foie gras… 🙂

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