Nick Gillespie on Real Time with Bill Maher, Friday 12/22 6/22, With Kirk Douglas, Rachel Maddow, Mort Zuckerman, & Mark Ruffalo


I'll be on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday, June 22, at 10pm ET (the show airs throughout the weekend). Among the other guests: screen legend Kirk Douglas, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, billionaire publishing magnate Mort Zuckerman, and actor Mark Ruffalo.

Go here for schedule details.

As regular visitors will recall, I was on the show last July, where I sparred with Democratic Party operative Donna Brazile and Braddock, Pennsylvania Mayor John Fetterman, and actor John Turturro.

Among the feedback from last year's appearance:

Hey, @nickgillespie just bc you look like the Fonze with Aids doesn't mean you can ramble on like a fag

U stupid undercover Tea bagging fuck!

#SuperDouche @nickgillespie on Real Time with Bill Maher wearing his fake Ed Hardy shirt and Pimp jacket. What a tool!

@nickgillespie What was it like to get your ass pounded by Donna Brazile and Mayor Fetterman? For a PhD you're awfully ignorant and wrong. 

Thx @nickgillespie for showing us that Libertarians can interrupt, roll eyes, and fling racist remarks W/O gov't intervention….

@nickgillespie Great job representing us on a show that never has Libertarians. Thanks for showing the hypocracy

Don't agree with him about a lot, but kind of have an intellectual crush on @nickgillespieafter seeing him on @billmaher.

@nickgillespie You were brilliant on the Bill Maher Attempts to be Relevant Show

@nickgillespie never heard of you until last night, now you are my hero!

@Nickgillespie made 3 liberal heads explode on bill maher's show last night. 

More here.

As I told the Washington Times not long ago, "To paraphrase Gandhi, first they try to ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they call you a douche, and then they start engaging you in conversation."

Seriously, being on the show was a blast and I look forward to tomorrow. Please tune in!

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  1. Four idiot progressives against Nick Gillespie is blatantly unfair.

    They need at least eight progressives to form an argument that even appears rational.

    1. Fuck if I would care…Kirk Douglas has been in too many movies I like.

    2. They’ll have the entire audience.

  2. I thought June was denoted by the number 6.

    1. Yeah, that headline implies the show books its Christmas week guests in early summer.

    2. What, you still use the statist calendar? Don’t force your beliefs on us freedom lovers, man.

  3. Hey, @nickgillespie just bc you look like the Fonze with Aids doesn’t mean you can ramble on like a fag

    U stupid undercover Tea bagging fuck!

    #SuperDouche @nickgillespie on Real Time with Bill Maher wearing his fake Ed Hardy shirt and Pimp jacket. What a tool!

    @nickgillespie What was it like to get your ass pounded by Donna Brazile and Mayor Fetterman? For a PhD you’re awfully ignorant and wrong.

    Thx @nickgillespie for showing us that Libertarians can interrupt, roll eyes, and fling racist remarks W/O gov’t intervention….

    Don’t they know we feed on their hate? Who wants soup?

    1. The hate is swelling in you now. Take your Progressive talking points. Use them. I am unarmed. Strike me down with them. Give in to your anger. With each passing moment you make yourself more my servant.

      1. nice

    2. “and fling racist remarks”

      Do progressives even know what that word means?

  4. What was it like to get your ass pounded by Donna Brazile

    You know she has the attachable facsimile tool to literally do this.

    1. What was it like to get your ass pounded by Donna Brazile and Mayor Fetterman?

      I remember Fetterman’s contribution to that gab. He doesn’t have what it takes to ass pound Jerry Sandusky’s sloppy seconds.

  5. You know who always has well informed opinions that we need to hear? Actors. Geniuses, all of them.

    1. I’d trust Lindsay Lohan’s well-informed opinion on cocaine quality.

      1. And how to defy the ire of people who have her at the top of their deadpools for nearly a decade on.

        Damn, Lindsey, unconscious, not responding, that’s what the headlines said when Michael Jackson bit the dust. Eerily familiar. I just knew I was cashing out last Friday!

        1. I just have Obama send me his kill list in time for the holiday dinner party. I win every year thanks to drone strikes.

      2. I don’t know. Would you trust an alcoholic for advice on scotch? In my darkest hours of unsobriety, the booze was always cheapest.

      3. I’d trust Lindsay Lohan’s well-informed opinion on cocaine quality.

        I would take her opinion on whether size maters as well.

  6. I hope nobody tries to punch the Jacket this time.

  7. I never thought I’d say this, but Mortimer Zuckerman may be a libertarian’s closest ally at the table. Just don’t talk about Israel.

  8. How awesome would it be if Kirk frickin’ Douglas backed up Nick and revealed himself to be a libertarian?

  9. Kirk Douglas is 95. Bring a defibrillator Nick.

    Mark Ruffalo is another clueless lefty actor. His pet peeve is fracking, which he obviously knows nothing about. Ask him if he still believes 9/11 was a conspiracy.

    1. Kirk Douglas will probably out live his son Michael.

      1. I know it was Lloyd Bridges in Seinfeld, but In LOLing thinking of Kirk Douglas backing up the Jacket ala Mr. Mandelbaum in del Boca Vista Phase II. “You think you’re better than him?”

    2. You mean I am a professional Mark Ruffalo Annoyer? Awesome.

  10. Last time Nick was on, Maher also had on the mayor of the shittiest town in America. Because that’s who we should all learn from.
    Wouldn’t occur to them to invite the mayor of, say, a really successful town to ask questions of.

  11. Please punch Maher, Nick. Please please please. I’m in for a hundred bucks to your legal defense fund. Or to the Reason foundation. We can all pitch in. I’m begging, now, okay?

    1. Or at least make some comment like: “I have yet to hear from Progressives one justifiable reason for re-electing a man who has assassinated American citizens without trial, expanded domestic surveillance without warrant, issued legislation by fiat when his bill was defeated in Congress, asserted privilege and state secrets to hide all sorts of abuse, and signed indefinite detention into law. Even if Obama were running against the dug-up-corpse of Ronald Reagan himself, I woukld think that any honorable progressive would consider these issues more significant and damaging to the Republic than anything to do with gay marriage or abortion, the only two places where Obama and Romney really differ.”

      I’m begging.

      1. I have to agree, please bring up Team Blue Jesus’s stance on marijuana as well and how he is no different from Baby Bush or Romney in any meaning full way.

      2. Hamilton, your reply is the first “non-nonsense” comment. I am ashamed (as a Libertarian) at the adolescent, moronic comments made by my “libertarian” community brothers.

        1. “Lighten up, Francis.”

        2. If anything, I should be disappointed in you, and I am.

        3. Why thank you Mr. Moore, and thank you for your service. To be fair:

          1. The comment you cite was my second one and the first is not so cogent.

          2. From the looks of it you might be new here. Um, welcome! Your monacle and martini glass will be sent FedEx.

  12. Don’t have HBO anymore.

  13. Maher and I have identical views about religion but that’s about it. He’s a self-appointed Minister of Propaganda for the Obama Campaign so I don’t watch his show.

  14. Go get ’em Nick!

  15. Sorry, not even for you, Nick. I will not contribute one iota to Maher’s ratings.

  16. Hi Nick,

    Discovered you for first time on Realtime last night. You were the most grounded and intelligent sounding person on the panel.

    I loved it when you shocked the other 3 by standing up for GMO food – As you said on the show, not one person has ever been harmed by GMO so what’s all the fuss?

    What was with Rachael’s multiple histrionic reactions to you? I rewatched the segments and could not fault any of your behaviour. You appeared resonable and polite to me.

    I will enjoy exploring your website, signed up for e-mail subscriptions, and will probably get your magazine.

  17. Wow, I’ve never seen this Maddow before (since I’m not American), but how can someone go on an opinion show and then get offended when someone merely asks their opinion on the issue being discussed? If she’s won’t discuss her opinions then what value does she bring to the show?

  18. Wonderful contribution to the discussion; I believe you ruled the day! And how could you stay so cool with Maddog Maddow near you? Good that that Mort was in between!

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