Check Out High-Desert Barbecue, a Novel by Reason's J.D. Tuccille


J.D. Tuccille is a recent addition to the staff (he'll be heading up portions of our new-and-improved site that we'll be rolling out later this summer). You may know him from past stints around teh intertubez and you can check out his burgeoning Reason archive here.

He's also the author the novel High Desert Barbecue, described as "a tale of suspense, pyromania, and sexual tension." From the book's Amazon page:

Written in a style that might be described as Edward Abbey meets Hunter S. Thompson, conspiracy, arson and ineptitude threaten the desert West, and only a misanthropic hermit, a subversive schoolteacher and an unemployed business writer stand in the way. Living as a squatter on public land, Rollo has long waged a personal war against the Forest Service, so it's little surprise when rangers burn him out of his latest shack. But when Rollo is subsequently blamed for a disastrous wildfire, he seeks help from his close friend, Scott, an anarchically minded outdoors enthusiast, and Scott's girlfriend Lani, who dislikes Rollo but shares his distaste for authority. While investigating a suspicious new forest fire, the trio interrupts a bizarre but vicious gang of environmental terrorists. Chased through the canyon country of northern Arizona, Rollo, Scott and Lani must rely on their wits and skills to survive. Just steps behind, their pursuers compensate for incompetence and sexual eccentricity with fanaticism and official connections. Hanging in the balance is the fate of human habitation throughout the West – or maybe just peace and quiet in downtown Flagstaff.

J.D.'s book is also a finalist for book of the month over at the Freedom Book Club, which is dedicated to "making freedom a best-seller." Please go to site to vote for High Desert Barbecue or one of the other finalists (which include tomes by Mark Skousen, Johan Norberg, and Jeffrey A. Tucker). You can vote every day through June 30, so as they say in Chicago, grab all your living and dead relatives and vote early and often.