A.M. Links: U.S-Israeli Malware Mapped Iran Computer Networks, U.N. Wants Accountability on U.S. Drone Strikes, Quantum Physics' Standard Model in Question


  • reality, maybe

    Malware developed by the United States and Israel has mapped Iran's computer networks in preparation for a cyber-attack aimed at slowing its progress in developing a nuclear weapon, according to a report in the Washington Post.

  • The United Nations special rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions  wants the U.S. government to "clarify the procedures in place to ensure that any targeted killing complies with international humanitarian law and human rights and indicate the measures or strategies applied to prevent casualties, as well as the measures in place to provide prompt, thorough, effective and independent public investigation of alleged violations." Someone forgot to tell him the program is a secret, dude, plus the president has a peace prize.
  • Hosni Mubarak is now on life support. Unrest continues as Egypt awaits a new president; both candidates on the ballot this weekend claim they won 52% of the vote while the military has taken more legislative power via decree.
  • Nidal Hasan, the Army major on trial for the shooting rampage at Ford Hood in November 2009, has been told by a judge he cannot attend his hearing until he cuts his beard. Major Hasan's attorney says the beard was a "deeply sincere" expression of faith and that Hasan had a premonition he would die, but it is against army policy. The government has not classified the shooting at Fort Hood, the deadliest shooting to take place on a U.S. military base, a terrorist attack.
  • Your theory is crazy. A new experiment on the process of B to D-star-tau-nu yielded data that doesn't seem to fit into the Standard Model.
  • Archaeologists say they may have found the remains of John the Baptist in Bulgaria, even though there's no way to tell for sure.

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  1. Fed Seen Extending Operation Twist and Avoiding Bond Buys

    “Extending Operation Twist is the path of least resistance,” said Josh Feinman, the New York-based global chief economist for DB Advisors, the Deutsche Bank AG asset management unit that oversees $232.1 billion. “It would be an extension of something we have in place, so it would be more seamless, and it doesn’t complicate exit strategies as much because it’s not expanding the balance sheet,” said Feinman, a former senior economist for the Fed Board in Washington.

    1. Heard on Bloomberg this morning that the Fed only has enough inventory to extend Op Twist for two – three months.

  2. Is this the end of Eric Holder’s games?

    Issa surely feels like Charlie Brown charging the football, with Holder as Lucy. For over a year, he’s been trying to pin down the slippery AG, issuing one “last chance” after another, dragging Holder in front of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform (on top of Senate appearances) and firing off angry letter after angry letter.

    Each time, Holder has scampered off, meeting Issa’s legitimate demands with contempt ? for the congressman, the Congress itself and the rule of law.

    He tried it again yesterday after his offer was rebuffed, calling Issa’s demands “political gamesmanship” and cracking, “The ball’s in their court.”

    1. Is this the end of Eric Holder’s games?


    2. So, did Issa’s group request the documents, or subpoena them? Because in the latter case, I think Holder calling his offer to give them a small fraction of those documents “extraordinary” is hilarious. I can only imagine how he’d react to, e.g., a CEO under investigation making that same sort of statement to DOJ attorneys.

      1. I think this is a first, a President asserting Executive Priv. for documents he has been very clear to state he has no part of, has never seen, and do not even involve the Office of the President?

        Clown’s circus just keeps rolling out new acts.

        1. BO is currently claiming Reagan did the same thing in 1981 with regard to some Dept of Interior stuff regarding mineral rights that Reagan also claimed he hadn’t seen.

          In 3.5 years we’ve gone from Hope And Change to “the guy before me did it too!”

        2. It’s still executive branch, no?

          Given that you except Executive Priv in the first place, I don’t really see this as the weak link in the argument.


      1. Looking at it a second time, I realize you are absolutely wrong. He’s just following proper police procedures.

        1. Yeah, in the uncropped original there’s a vicious Pomeranian about to strike from the right. WHAT DO YOU DO, KID!??!

      2. Yeah. Way to teach the kid bad habits. Even if that weapon is a training prop, never, never, never put the finger inside the guard until you’re about to fire.

        1. To be fair, what the hell do cops know about weapon safety and proper technique?


        How else will a round be discharged from the officers weapon?

        1. Its my understanding that it just “goes off”.

    2. There a few limited cases where I’d be fine with CPS running amok. This is one.

    3. He’s breaking the first rule of police club. I don’t see any donuts.

      1. The first rule of Police Club is the Police come and confiscate your donuts.

        1. New slogan? Downing Donuts and Dogs Every Day

          1. To Protect (donuts from dogs) and Serve (donuts to cops).

        2. Wrong. The first rule of Police Club is don’t talk about it when the police club.

          1. Most journalists seem to be members in good standing.

  3. Ross Douhat: Romney the Cautious

    Every week, it seems, Obama has a new narrative, a new gambit, a new stratagem, or a new “game changing” speech. In Romneyland, by contrast, the keel is even and the message is always essentially the same. While the president has been reversing himself on hot-button issues and responding to bad unemployment figures by taking repeatedly to the bully pulpit, the riskiest move the presumptive Republican nominee has made in the last two months was his decision to attend a fund-raiser with Donald Trump ? a bad call, in my view, but not nearly as significant as the president’s repositioning on immigration or gay marriage.

    1. Every week, it seems, Obama has a new narrative, a new gambit, a new stratagem, or a new “game changing” speech.

      Twirling, twirling, twirling ever-closer to that city on a hill.

    2. In Romneyland, by contrast, the keel is even

      this is written as though it is a bad thing, that Romney would somehow benefit from the same willingness to evolve on sticky issues, particularly during campaigns, that King Obie I has shown.

      In a sense, isn’t it ironic – POTUS is the flip-flopper while Romney is the no drama picture of calm.

      1. I don’t think it was written as though it is a bad thing…

    3. That’s because the outlook is pretty bleak right now for BO. He has to do something to have any shot at winning this.

      1. Isn’t that why God made October?

  4. Ahh, another cyber-attack on Iran’s centrifuges. So non-GOP. Cheney and Bolton will have to work on their lies for Team Romney.

    1. you mean:

      Flame was developed at least five years ago as part of a classified effort code-named Olympic Games, according to officials familiar with U.S. cyber-operations and experts who have scrutinized its code. The U.S.-Israeli collaboration was intended to slow Iran’s nuclear program, reduce the pressure for a conventional military attack and extend the timetable for diplomacy and sanctions.


      who was president 5 years ago? … shit, that little squinty guy everyone hated…?

      1. You forget: according to Shriek, everyone here loved that guy.

    2. Er, hasn’t our beloved administration opined that cyber attacks on critical military systems can be considered acts of war? At least when they’re directed against the US.

  5. Food Stamp Fiasco
    The Senate refuses to cut $20 billion out of $770 billion.

    The next time someone moans about Washington “austerity,” tell them about the Senate’s food stamp votes on Tuesday. Democrats and a few Republicans united to block even modest reform in a welfare program that has exploded in the last decade and is set to spend $770 billion in the next 10 years.

    1. So it looks like in the governments “War on Obesity” that Obesity is winning in large part because it has the best funding from the government.

      1. So it looks like in the governments “War on Obesity” that Obesity is winning in large part because it has the best funding from the government.

        What, you want the poor to starve in the streets? Because you know that is what would happen in papa gov didn’t give them food money. You MONSTER!!

      2. It’s all about funding! They’re simply outspending their competitors! Why won’t Big Obesity (heh) release the names of its donors!

  6. Are these viruses a declaration of war from the US/Israel against Iran? Would Iran be justified in striking back?

    1. As far as I can tell, this is a declaration of World of Warcraft, but not War.

      1. “In other news, the US zerg rushed an Iranian staging point for a Wednesday night raid, teabagging opposition and spamming ‘PWND’ in the local chat channel.”

    2. Purely pedantic question since Iran has never attacked anyone (which makes them a perfect candidate for another preemptive US war).

      1. You mean you don’t punch every new member of a gym with an unopened bottle of protein powder?

      2. Indeed – I must have hallucinated all those IRGC folks we scooped up in 2008 when I was advising the IA 14th DIV. I suppose they were simply visiting close relatives in the JAM in Basra.

        Their proxies in Lebanon would no doubt heartily agree with you too.

        I reckon O! should just start droning the #$% out of Iran right about, oh, October.

        1. Thanks, LTC. Iran has been at war with us for quite some time. The only issues are whether we have returned the favor, and if so, was it authorized by Congress.

          1. You don’t need congressional authorization to act in self defense.

            1. If I continually hit you in the back of the head, and you threaten to hit me back, is beating the shit out of you considered self defense?

              1. In the national sense, yes. Nations don’t owe each other fair fights.

                1. Then fuck the national sense. This is bullying bullshit. If we were really afraid of Iran, we would quit doing all the shit that is pissing them off.

              2. I don’t think it’s quite like that.

                More like the smarmy ass who continually belittles you(largely by ignoring you) and doesn’t let you in on what the cool kids are doing–who laughs about how awful you and your friends are when they’re forced to notice you that kicks your ass all over the place when you try to do some nasty shit to them because you are, in fact, a nasty little shit, and they’re treating you as such not because they’re mean, but because you’re a nasty little shit and you deserve it.

                More like that.

            2. You don’t need congressional authorization to act in self defense.

              True enough, but I wonder if there isn’t a limit on this. Did FDR need to go to Congress, at all, to fight WWII?

          2. “Iran has been at war with us for quite some time.”

            The only issue in dispute would appear to be who started it, and when(1953…cough).

            1. I’d pin it on Xerxes II

        2. come on, John…we all know that was no hallucination. It was a memory that was implanted in your brain by the military industrial complex..what you think happened did not actually happen.

          1. Why don’t you pass the time with a game of solitaire?

        3. LTC John|6.20.12 @ 9:25AM|#
          Indeed – I must have hallucinated all those IRGC folks we scooped up in 2008 when I was advising the IA 14th DIV.

          With apologies, I think it’s weird that you’re a general and you still identify yourself as a light colonel.

          1. Sorry, LTC, I read it too quickly and got “advising” as “commanding”.

        4. If providing aid to one side in a civil conflict means that the other side and all its allies can consider themselves at war with you, just about every country on Earth has a causus belli against the United States.

          1. So what? And the US has cause right back at them.

            1. So what the fuck are we just sitting around for? Let’s get moving and take some shit over.

              1. What could possibly go wrong?

            2. Seriously John?

        5. Iran has captured US military personnel (who had supposedly gotten lost) in their territory too. Does that mean they have cause for war against us?

      3. You are confusing “pedantic” with “semantic.” And you’re still a moron.

    3. Are these viruses a declaration of war from the US/Israel against Iran? Would Iran be justified in striking back?

      Well, *we* seem to think so.

      1. Dude, you don’t get it. We’re doing it for their own good.

  7. Major Hasan’s attorney says the beard was a “deeply sincere” expression of faith and that Hasan had a premonition he would die, but it is against army policy.

    Shooting your fellow servicemen is one thing, but defying grooming standards is a bridge too far.

    1. Doesn’t he get it? He’s NOT a terrorist, so he shouldn’t grow a beard that makes him look like one.

    2. Shave that beard so you can stand trial for murder, or else…

      1. Yeah – if you don’t shave, we’ll Article 15 your @$$. Don’t make me take 1/3 of your pay for the next two months!!1!1!

        1. He’ll have to supervise the privates who are mowing the lawn too!

      2. Shave that beard so you can stand trial for murder, or else…

        Could it be they do not want him in uniform with a “moslem” beard? Maybe the PR hit they would take makes them upset.

  8. Jewish Democrats upset with ‘Joe the Plumber” for pro-gun video

    I’m Jewish. I know that if Jews were armed and trained, the Holocaust would not have happened. Any time a population is disarmed, they are at they mercy of thoes in power.

    1. It is really crazy isn’t it? If there is one group of people who ought to believe in an armed populace it is the Jews. I have known Jews who would swear that the entire country was out to kill them and it was just a matter of time before there was another holocaust this time in the US. And then in the next breath tell me how no one should be allowed to own a gun. WTF?

      1. Jews force me to question my belief that political views are not genetic.

        1. Jews like Ayn Rand, Murray Rothbard, and Milton Friedman?

          1. because there is never an exception to the rule? Come on, man. Jews have voted Dem forever, right along with Catholics. Both have exhausted any sympathy I have for them; when you continually vote against your own interests, hard to feel bad for you.

            1. In defense of the Catholics voting dem, back in the days of Whig party and then during the ascendancy of the Republican party in the 19th century, the only party that was willing to treat Catholics like human beings were the Democrats.

              Which is why the Democrats used to be known as the party of “Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion.” 😉

              1. do Catholics realize we are not in the 19th century any more? And yes, I realize this question is ripe for a multitude of smart-ass answers.

                1. Yes, many of us do.

                  See…that wasn’t smart assed at all.

            2. “They earn like Episcopalians but vote like Puerto Ricans.”

      2. Seems all the practical Jews made their way to Israel. We got the morons.

        1. Nothing says practical like moving to the middle of your enemies, going on welfare, having 7 kids, and spending your days praying for salvation.

          1. Okay – we got the wimps, they got the ballsy nuts.

          2. The Arabs weren’t their enemies until 1947.

            More like moving someplace by forcing the native people to settle in the surrounding countries.

      3. The other thing I don’t get is their love of strong, centralized government, since it has traditionally been strong, centralized governments that have herded them up for various purposes. You’d think they’d be agitating non-stop for gun ownership, federalism, freedom of association, etc. etc.

        1. Word. But there is a paradox created because of the Jewish idea of tikkun olam. From Wikipedia:

          For some Jews, the phrase tikkun olam means that Jews are not only responsible for creating a model society among themselves but also are responsible for the welfare of the society at large. This responsibility may be understood in religious, social or political terms and there are many different opinions about how religion, society, and politics interplay.

          Jews are charged with making God’s world a better place for all humanity. Unfortunately, in modern America, this has meant Jews have tended to lean toward collectivist politics. Go figure?

          1. Why can’t I do my tikkun olam by supporting a libertarian society, on the theory that a large centralized state is is not a good strategy for ensuring the welfare of the society at large?

            1. Because it’s easier to send in your check to the DNC, sit back, and feel you’ve done your part. What’s libertarain society?

              1. What’s libertarain society?

                More like a book club than a chain gang.

          2. Jews are charged with making God’s world a better place for all humanity. Unfortunately, in modern America, this has meant Jews have tended to lean toward collectivist politics. Go figure?

            Yes, but a ‘tribe’ is inherently collectivist, yes?

            1. True dat, HM. That is why there may be less dissent among political views. Most Jews just go along with the crowd, just to get along.

              I can understand the tribal aspect when considering poor, immigrant Jews from the 1870’s through around the 1910’s. Socialism, unions, collectivist policies would be a source of comfort and protection. But I am amazed that those concepts still play in 4th, 5th, and 6th generation Jews, all of whom have left the sweatshops of the Lower East Side to become Capitalists. But, that’s why its called a paradox.

      4. 95.9999999% of American Jews are born and raised in New York City.

        It’s Nurture, not Nature, bro.

    2. I know that if Jews were armed and trained, the Holocaust would not have happened.

      Poles and Russians were armed and trained, and they wound up in the death camps just as much.

      1. Huh what?

        Are you seriously arguing that the Soviet Union allowed citizens to own firearms?

  9. USAT Editorial: Troubled Greece just a warm-up for Europe, USA

    A second explanation, however, is that Greece and the United States have a good bit more in common than Americans like to acknowledge. Greece matters because, in an exaggerated form, it is the nation the United States is becoming.

    About Editorials/Debate

    Opinions expressed in USA TODAY’s editorials are decided by its Editorial Board, a demographically and ideologically diverse group that is separate from USA TODAY’s news staff.

    Most editorials are accompanied by an opposing view ? a unique USA TODAY feature that allows readers to reach conclusions based on both sides of an argument rather than just the Editorial Board’s point of view.

    Like Greece, the United States has borrowed way too much. The U.S. national debt of $15.8 trillion (which includes money owed to Social Security and other government agencies) is equal to about one year’s output of the U.S. economy. That’s only slightly better than Greece’s debt of 1.6 times annual output.

    1. sorry for the extra verbiage.

    2. and USAT will endorse which presidential candidate?

    3. The US controls its currency. Greece doesn’t. Greece won’t happen here.

      1. Yeah, because Mugabe’s Zimbabwe and Weimar Germany did soooooo well paying for their government with inflation.

      2. Greece is actually BETTER OFF than us, for that exact reason.

        Their lack of control of their currency actually is good, because it’s forcing them to face their problems head-on.

  10. Keep it up, Bill! You are truly a great comedian and social commentator. And I love that you drive the Righties crazy. I’m going to sit back and wait for their ‘outrage’. It should be a fun day down here at the funny farm.

    I gotta feel pity for his fans who think he is a genius.

    The latest bile coughed up from the ‘brain’ of
    Bill Maher.

    West is a nut but Maher knew exactly what he was doing.

    He’s been passive aggressive cute with his racism ever since a black man fired him.

    1. Bill Maher is the liberal version of Rush Limbaugh except smarter, educated, and actually sometimes funny.

      1. If you say so. They’re both insufferable IMO. Bill’s moobs are smaller however

      2. That and Limbaugh actually has an audience and someone cares what he has to say.

      3. smarter, educated, and actually sometimes funny.

        Citation needed

        1. PigBoy never passed a college class. Maher is a Princeton grad.

          You know you’re on a conservative board when Limpy is defended en masse’.

          1. And Limbaugh could buy and sell Maher out of petty cash. Maher would give his left nut and convert to Mormanism to make the kind of cash Limbaugh makes in a week.

            1. That’s the deal Glenn Beck took.

          2. You know it’s Palin’s Buttplug when basic reading comprehension is a problem. No en masse defence here buddy

            1. Needz moar Glenn Beckz.

          3. Maher is a Princeton grad.

            Doesn’t prove a thing. I’m not defending Rush, I don’t listen to his show, I’m just pointing out that Maher sucks.

            1. Lizzie Warren taught at Harvard. This is not a complimentary thing for Harvard.

          4. Maher is a Princeton grad.

            and Obama’s Harvard Law. Point being?

          5. I love the lefty obsession with credentials over actual accomplishments.

            Politician/Pundit is a Harvard/Yale/Princeton grad. So fucking what?

      4. If the only criteria for someone being funny is having a substantial number of people find them funny, then Rush Limbaugh, I’m afraid, is as funny as Bill Maher.

        1. Smug versus bombastic. Nobody wins.

      5. Don’t try to make conversation. Just go away. I don’t want to be seen with you. Shoo! Scram! You’re a mental midget and an embarrassment.

      6. Thanks for the four post between me and it guys. Invisible furry hand, I’ll never forget what you did for me.

        1. Hey, in this foxhole we gotta have each other’s backs.

      7. So Maher is like a Center in the midget basketball league?

        1. Tallest midget in the room.

      8. Bill Maher is the liberal version of Rush Limbaugh except smarter, educated, and actually sometimes funny.

        No man, who laughs at his own jokes as he is telling them, is funny.

    2. Thread is not available.

  11. So the summer is starting off as a scorcher, but power prices are relatively flat. When I was in the electric generation industry, hot summer days like this would result in locational marginal prices in the $300-$400/MWh range. There were days back in 2005, 2006, and 2007 where the LMPs would hit into the $700-$800 range for a few hours.

    Keep in mind that the cost to run an efficient supercritical steam coal fired plant is about $23-$26/ MWh and less efficient coal plants run near $30. Nukes cost about $5-$8/MWh to run. LMPs are the price a generator can get on the spot market for an extra MWh of generation. Much of the electricity generated is sold on day-ahead basis or somewhat further in advance via regular bids.
    Also check out this and this.

    1. No time to read the links, but what role does currently super cheap natgas play in price suppression of electricity?

      1. A number of generation companies are considering converting their smaller coal fired units to gas fire. There are a number of gas turbine installations planned, but unless a CT is a combined cycle system, it may still not be efficient enough to run economically. My previous employer had a number of simple cycle combustion turbines that only ran at times of extremely high LMP or when voltage/frequency support was necessary due to system conditions.

    2. I bet all the peakers are set up to run on that cheap natural gas currently available.

      1. Around where I live, you are absolutely correct – they started building them a few years ago for that. Looks like a good bet so far, choosing NG.

    3. Is load actually that high, though? What with the recession, I would imagine that industrial and commercial power use is down somewhat.

      1. The PJM edata link shows the projected and actual loads in 5minute blocks, I think. The loads are not high compared to back in the day. I’ve talked to some folks I know who say their units, which back in ’07 were running at max baseload 24/7, are now running at ~85% or so. Many of the less efficient small units are shut down or on “economic reserve.”

    4. That’s interesting. Anecdotally, we in Tallahassee are below the Gulf Stream this year, leading to almost pleasant nights and not brutally hot days. There were about 3 weeks in late May, early June before the Gulf Stream moved North that sucked. But now its, well pleasant isn’t the right word… Not intolerable?

  12. Malware developed by the United States and Israel has mapped Iran’s computer networks in preparation for a cyber-attack aimed at slowing its progress in developing a nuclear weapon…

    Iran should have run a Malwarebytes scan more frequently or bought the full version.

    1. It seems foolish for them to rely on calling the Mumbai helpline.

      1. Macs don’t get viruses, so they didn’t have to worry.

  13. A nuclear impasse with Iran

    NEGOTIATIONS WITH Iran about its nuclear program are close to an impasse ? an outcome that should surprise no one. At a meeting in Moscow on Monday and Tuesday, Iranian envoys continued to resist a proposal for an interim deal that would stop the most dangerous parts of the program in exchange for modest economic concessions from a coalition composed of the five permanent U.N. Security Council members and Germany. Iran countered with maximalist demands for the lifting of sanctions and recognition of its right to enrich uranium. “It remains clear that there are significant gaps,” said a sober statement by the European Union’s Catherine Ashton.

  14. Fossilized turtles died while doing it.

    1. DAMN YOU!

      1. Ah, there you are, Evan… Email me off-list please.

      2. You’ll float down there Evan. They all float down there…

    2. At least they died doing what they love.

      1. “It is believed the copulating couples were overcome by poisonous gas at the bottom of a volcanic crater.”

        There are so many places you can go with this.

        1. “Is it hot in here, or is it just me?”

          “Wow, honey, you should bathe more often, but it’s OK, it’s sexy.”

          1. “It’s fine, honey, the travel agent said this was a great romantic getaway spot.”

  15. Olsen twins are still creepy.

    1. They are like creepy wonder twins. Individually there is nothing particularly creepy about them. But together they look like something out of The Shinning.

      1. “Come and play with us, Johnny. Forever and ever and ever.”

      2. Bart Simpson: Hey! I found a shortcut through your hedge maze.
        Groundskeeper Willy: Why you little…
        Groundskeeper Willy: No, no, go easy on the wee one. His father’s going to go crazy and chop ’em all into haggis!
        Bart Simpson: What’s haggis?
        Groundskeeper Willy: [gasps] Boy… you read my thoughts! You’ve got the Shinning.
        Bart Simpson: You mean “Shining”.
        Groundskeeper Willy: [sotto voce] Shh! You want to get sued? Now look, boy: if your Dad goes gaga, you just use that… Shin of yours to call me and I’ll come a running. But don’t be reading my mind between four and five. That’s Willy’s time!

    2. my soul would never be the same, but I would submit to their evil powers.

      1. I suppose.


    3. Mary-Kate and Ashley are taking the fashion world by storm and are now launching their third clothes line

      LOL. Another two people designing clothes, who have no sense of style or fashion whatsoever. They both look like bag ladies whenever they are seen in public. Rich bag ladies, but still.

    4. Nice to see they are bringing back fashions from when Full House first went on the air.

  16. Neighbors take action against three year old chalk wielding vandal!

    1. You gotta nip this gang-graffiti crap in the bud.

    2. I’d begin a campaign of complaining about every infraction in the entire neighborhood. Mailbox 1cm too tall? Parked car too close to edge of driveway? Mower started at 8:59am instead of 9am as the by-laws allow? Porchlight the wrong wavelength of light?

      I’d never buy a house is one of these fuck-ass neighborhoods.

      1. I think there was an episode of The X-Files dealing with this.

        1. It was a good one too.

      2. The BTK killer was like that. When he was arrested, neighbours defied the traditional “A serial killer? No!” response, and agreed that actually he was the sort of jerk who’d torture and kill children

        1. Isn’t that amazing? He was a complete asshole in real life and didn’t live quietly.

        2. He was a dog-catcher and loved euthanizing them. He should have been a cop.

          As a teenager, I tried to volunteer at the County Humane Society. They told me that before I could fill a food bowl or even hose out a cage, I had to personally euthanize a dog or cat. Because they had to know that I had it in me. I didn’t quite tell them to go fuck themselves, but I got close. I never went back.

          1. Just grab one at random and kill it?

            I wonder if they do that at the police academy. Grab some nobody off the street and everyone takes turns beating him until he’s dead.
            Then they get schooled on how to dispose of a body.

            1. Hmmm, I haven’t seen as many homeless people around town as I usually do this time of year and the county police just hired a bunch of new officers. Coincidence?

            2. No, my first day of volunteering had to be “kill day” and I had to place an animal in the kill box and gas it personally.

              I intellectually understand the need for “kill shelters,” but I’m not killing some poor dog pissing itself with fear, or listen to the death-yowls of some cat.

              For added irony, I was responding to a plea in the local paper because they were having trouble finding volunteers. I was just a goofy, helpful teenager. They showed me.

              1. You just ruined my whole day with that story.

                1. You just ruined my whole day with that story.

                  This ought to cheer you up!


                  1. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvs…..dress.html

                    Here you go back. Too bad Dianna Agron is apparently on Glee, a show whose fan base is entirely gay man because she is really hot.

                    1. I was actually trying to be nice, since I know you’re into cellulite.

                      Oh well. I know better than to do that again.

                    2. ?? Was there something wrong with John’s reply back? Was she not skinny enough?

              2. …they were having trouble finding volunteers…

                You don’t say.

  17. Is the government using insect sized drones on the citizenry?

      1. Well then who is? The church?

        1. They’re trying to prove the theory of intelligent design.

  18. Is the government using insect sized drones on the citizenry?

    1. Some are the size of squirrels.

      1. I think it’s the church.

  19. Forgotten New York City subway station to be turned into museum. At least that’s what they said in 1995.

      1. aaah, the good old days, when libertarians roamed in gangs, terrorising people with their visions of limited government and unlimited facial hair

      2. Needs more monocles.

          1. “The monocle frame is made of MONEL, an alloy of nickel and copper.”

            My contempt is inexpressible.

            1. Nickel and copper are the younger cousin of gold in any sensible gold-backed money scheme. At this point, a $0.01 gold coin would be the size of a mote of dust.

              Do you want to get four motes of dust back as change? Hmm?

              1. Well I know you’re easily satisfied with younger cousins (they didn’t lay charges, right?) but some of us prefer platinum or at least some nice white metal for our accessories

                1. Racist.

                2. So, you can be bought off with shiny zinc trinkets? Good to know.

                  1. I can be bought with shiny stainless steel if it’s amusing or cool enough

                    1. Monel is way more expensive than most grades of stainless steel.

          2. I want an Hawaiian-print top hat. This is the closest I can find.

            1. Who created that? Jimmy Buffett’s evil libertarian twin?

        1. Is a pince-nez acceptable for libertarians?

          1. Call me an iconoclast, but I would hope so. I think they are actually quite a bit more dashing.

          2. Pince-nez are actually the badge of the Communist.

  20. Father who beat a man to death for trying to molest his daughter will not be charged

    Good! The man did what ever decent father should do when seeing a man trying to rape his daughter. Of course, I wouldn’t feel guilty about killing the SOB at all.

    1. Not charged? I’d pay at least $5.00 an hour to beat the man who tried to rape my kid.

    2. Don’t fuck with the Jesus.

  21. Malware developed by the United States and Israel has mapped Iran’s computer networks in preparation for a cyber-attack aimed at slowing its progress in developing a nuclear weapon, according to a report in the Washington Post.

    It was discovered when the virus set the MissionAccomplished flag to 1 on the AbrahamLincoln.uss file.

  22. That’s not all they’re up to over at the UN.

    In a letter written to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by Frank La Rue, UN special rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, and Maina Kiai, UN special rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association, the UN officials demanded an explanation of “the behavior of police departments that violently disbanded some Occupy protests last fall.”

    1. “Maina Kiai, UN special rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association”

      I am guessing she didn’t request the Syria or China beat.

  23. Hasan … has been told by a judge he cannot attend his hearing until he cuts his beard.

    Just substitute demands for beard cutting with a harmless “pricking” or nick, in order to “satisfy cultural requirements.”

  24. For John –


    New Bloomberg poll – Obama 53% Romney 40%.

    Is Romney still a lock, John?

    1. Yes dipshit. Do you still promise to kill yourself and rid the world of your presence when your messiah dies for your sins this November?

    2. And the poll is worthless.

      Thirty-eight percent of those surveyed in Bloomberg’s poll say they consider themselves Democrats or independents who lean that way and 33 percent consider themselves Republicans or independents who lean Republican, a 5-point Democratic advantage. In 2008, the presidential election exit polls showed the Democrats with a 7-point advantage.


      Yet party identification has switched with as of May Republicans owning a 2% lead. The poll is only as good as the sample dipshit.

      1. You’re citing Rasmussen? The GOP subsidized least accurate pollster?

        1. The facts are what they are dipshit. Show me a poll, any poll, that says the Dems have a seven point lead in party identification. They don’t. The Dems are becoming a small regional party of Hollywood and dipshits living in Cambridge and the upper West Side.

        2. I’m no fan of Rasmussen but…


          In 2004 Slate magazine “publicly doubted and privately derided” Rasmussen’s use of recorded voices in electoral polls. However, after the election, they concluded that Rasmussen’s polls were among the most accurate in the 2004 presidential election.[18] According to Politico, Rasmussen’s 2008 presidential-election polls “closely mirrored the election’s outcome”.[20]

          1. Why are you not a fan of them? They seem to be quite accurate.

            1. I guess I don’t trust any pollsters…

              1. A wise position. But results is results.

            2. Because there are lies, damned lies, and statistics. And dumb shit like this:

              New Bloomberg poll – Obama 53% Romney 40%.

              Is not intended to add any information to political discourse. It’s confirmation bias for TEAM Blue and propaganda to the undecided (53% of people support Obama? Guess I’d better get my undecided ass on the bandwagon).

              1. I’ve heard these referred to as “pollatorials.”

            3. They are a push poll, but they’re a pretty EFFECTIVE push poll.

              If your push polling WORKS, you can pat yourself on the back about how accurate you were in retrospect.

          2. I think the difference is Rasmussen polls registered or “likely” voters, so their results are going to more closely mirror the outcomes.

    3. New Bloomberg poll – Obama 53% Romney 40%.

      Incidentally, the election isn’t a straight popularity contest either.

      If Obama’s outperforming in California and Massachusetts, that doesn’t mean he gets any extra delegates to the electoral college.

      1. Wait, I thought democracy died the night The Kochs bought Walker his recall election victory.

      2. This is why the elctoral college should be disbanded! It doesn’t reflect the will of the people!

        And after all, the will of the people should be victorious. A sort of triumph of the will, as it were.

        1. Yep, Hillary promised to do it in 2000.Still waiting for her to follow through. Could lack of action be that she may someday find electoral college to be to her advantage?

          1. Won’t happen with donks. At this point they can dependably win the West Coast, the NE, and most large urbans, but nothing else. The Electoral College is all that keeps these idiot snobs visiting the rest of the country.

    4. also, last Gallup tracking (yesterday)

      Obama 45, Romney 46 Romney +1

      Until more polls come in, the Bloomberg poll is an outlier.

      1. True.

        I know Romney is personally unpopular but +13 has to be thrown out along with the low on the other side.

        1. Obama is wildly unpopular. People are just afraid to admit it to pollsters for fear of being branded racists. Obama is going to wildly under perform the polls.

          1. I don’t know about “wildly”, but I do think there will be a 3-5% difference in stated / revealed preference.

            1. 3-5% is wildly under performing. That would be huge. It would lead to a near electoral landslide since it would cause him to lose every swing state.

          2. How would I be “branded” a racist if I truthfully answered some pollster on the telephone? Does Gallup send out press releases naming everyone who doesn’t support Obama?

            1. I once worked with a girl who drank a lot of cola, but carried a small glass because she said if she had a large one, people would judge her.

              I can believe there are a lot of people who are afraid of what a random stranger on the phone thinks.

            2. The same reason people say “please” and “thank you” to automated voices on the telephone.

    5. There’s only one poll that matters, and that’s the poll of the electors.

    1. This crew’s response was amazing,” Nimitz commanding officer Jeff Ruth said. “To operationally shift gears quickly and safely from carrier qualifications to a real-world response shows what true professionals work here.

      I’b be pretty motivated too if I found that much marijuana.

      1. operationally shift gears quickly and safely from carrier qualifications to a real-world response

        Would someone *kindly* translate that into English?

        1. We did our job. We deserve platitudes for not being totally incompetent.

        2. much green was smoked.

        3. I don’t speak Navy fluently, but I am well versed in Defensespeak, so here it goes –

          “We went from sailing around and doing stuff with airplanes to grabbing the weed really, really quickly. Yea for us!”

        4. Would someone *kindly* translate that into English?

          The crew was delighted to change gears from bullshit bureaucratic competency drills to fishing several tons of pot out of the ocean.

          1. Carrier quals are not bullshit exercises.

            They are used how to train a crew on how to do flight operations. It’s like doing a practice landing a week before D-Day.

            When we did our quals on the Lincoln in 97, we had a plane crash on the ramp, with a nice little fire for our inexperienced crew going out to sea together for the first time to fight.

            1. My respect for the Navy has gone up, if their quals are actually not mostly bullshit.

      2. I speak Navalese. Scruffy has translated it properly.

    2. Boston Pot Party?

    3. Thank god it wasn’t bath salts. You want a nuclear armed carrier running around with face-eating-mad zombies in control of it?

      1. I dunno – sounds like a halfway decent movie plot line if you ask me.

        1. Certainly no worse then Battleship.

        2. In a submarine would be pretty cool also.

        3. you might like the Day-by-Day Armageddon series. two books are out and third is next fall I think. it’s journal style from written from the POV of a naval officer.

  25. If it wasn’t for illegal immigrants taking all the jobs…

    In California, the unemployment rate is around 15 percent, yet there’s plenty of work. The only problem is no one wants do it.

    “There’s a labor shortage here. We just never made it to get our crews assembled to do the work that we needed to do,” said Brad Goehring a wine grape farmer in San Joaquin County.

    1. Cut off welfare and that problem will be solved.

      1. Lol, no kidding. Keep in mind that before immigrants began settling here in larger numbers after the mid-1960s, a lot of this type of work was done by poor whites and blacks, especially in the south. Even as late as 1988, LIFE Magazine did an article on migrant farm workers that featured a white family that went up and down the Left Coast. Now it’s considered “beaner work” even in times of economic desperation. I guess if Hispanics become the dominant ethnic group in the US, they’ll have to find a new class of immigrants to “do the jobs Mexicans and Guatemalans won’t do.”

        1. The Greeks?

    2. The only problem is no one wants do it.

      The half wit needs to raise the wages he’s offering. C.f., supply and demand.

      If some socialist shit-bag country wants to wreck their economy fine. The U.S. is not the over flow pool.

      1. This. Unless there is some government program actually preventing people who want the job from doing it, like in Alabama, the guy needs to up his offer.

        1. But doesn’t he have to up his offer to over what unemployment is providing? The wages needed to make grape-picking attractive when compared to collecting a check is probably a lot higher than the wages needed to make grape-picking attractive when compared to no money at all.

    3. Maybe they should raise the wages.

      Funny how free marketeers suddenly are perplexed about supply and demand when there’s an opportunity to push the open borders agenda.

  26. http://legalinsurrection.com/2…..remist-me/

    Lizzie Warren lashes out at right wing extremists. Of all of the tears on the coming election night hers are going to be the sweetest.

    1. Teabaggers forced her to lie about her ancestry, for personal profit.

    2. ” The out-of-state group in question…”

      Simpsons did it!

  27. Better late than never, I suppose

    As the number of Mormon women living with a gay husband appears to be on the rise, a support group has launched to offer emotional support.

    Supportive Straight Spouses was created by Sarah Nicholson after her husband announced he was gay on their tenth wedding anniversary.


    1. That is a seriously demented social dynamic right there. Super-happy emotional repression from all parties.

    2. Same sex polygamy?

    3. If there wasn’t so much pressure to marry in Mormon society, this wouldn’t be much of an issue–in a very traditional religous culture like the LDS, gay men (and women) would simply stay in the closet and remain single if they wanted to stay in the church. But a key component in their religion is the establishment of nuclear families because of their doctrine on life after death, and your ward members start to wonder if there’s something wrong if you aren’t settled down with a spouse and having kids before you’re 30.

    1. It was like watching a manipulative aquatic mammal trying to mug for treats, or a 13-year-old reciting multiplication tables to their delighted but clueless parents.

      Or a Jezebel writer hating on a conservative

    2. The whole article can be summed up with meow.

  28. Can people truly not see what’s going on with all of this stupid bullcrap with Nidal Hasan? He’s never going to be put on trial, people!

    1. They are going to try him. HE will never be put to death. But he will be tried.

      1. I don’t think so. I think this is all a big charade that will continue to dragged on indefinitely until the government finally gets tired of it and he ends up dead in his jail cell.

        1. I know the people who are involved in the case. He is going to be tried. The Army is just this incompetent when it comes to doing death penalty cases.

        2. See Gitmo detainees 2002-2012.

          When military tribunals are softer than civilian ones something is wrong.

          1. It is not a military tribunal. It is an ordinary military criminal trial. And military trials, since the jurors are far more educated and mature than civilian ones, are generally more fair than civilian ones.

            1. What about military juries makes them more mature and educated? Do they exclude the 18-20 somethings?

              1. Yes. You have to an NCO or an officer. Pretty much every member of a military jury has a college degree and is over 25.

                1. I did not know that, thanks. That actually sounds like a good requirement for all juries. I’ve seen a lot of jury pools and I have to say I don’t have a lot of confidence in my “peers.”

                2. Yes. You have to an NCO or an officer. Pretty much every member of a military jury has a college degree and is over 25.

                  In general, any NCO or officer has also received some legal training – basics like the rights of the accused, what constitutes and illegal order, etc. They also probably have participated in NJP investigations in the past.

                  Pounding the table and shieking “WIIIIIIIITTTTCCCCCCHHHH” as Jim Belushi did in that great SNL skit won’t cut it.

              2. They nearly always include commissioned officers, who are either college-educated, very experienced, or both. In Hassan’s case there will only be officers equal or senior to him.

                1. See UCMJ Article 25 for amplification. http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/10/825

            2. It’s been said that if you’re innocent you want a court-martial and if you’re guilty you want a civilian trial (if you have the choice, of course).

              1. Xenocles,

                I heartily agree with that. Military juries can see through bullshit better any one. If you are innocent that is a good thing. If you are guilty that is a very bad thing.

        3. Hanging by his l-o-n-g beard.

          1. When did facial hair become verboten in the U.S. Army? Seems to me almost every Civil War general had abundant whiskers and beards? Maybe long beards would get caught in today’s equipment but is there any real problem with a neatly trimmed one?

            1. Probably about the time beards became synonymous with Communism.

            2. Facial hair died with poison gas attacks and the Spanish Flu IIRC.

              The navy permitted facial hair into the 60’s, until some sailors died in a fire because their Oxxygen Breathing Aparatus (OBA) wouldn’t seal over their beards and they breathed in toxic fumes.

              I believe the Army did away with it in WW-I for reasons of hygiene and because you couldn’t fit a gas mask on a bearded face.

              1. Fun fact: the Army used to issue gas masks for horses.

              2. The Navy has fluctuated back and forth on beards in the last 20 years. Not sure what they’re doing right now. In the Army you can have a mustache, but it has some specific restrictions. I trim mine almost every day because I cut it right at the limit.

  29. Anybody else getting the “Happy Birthday Elizabeth Warren” pop up?

    Boy is that filter off.

    1. yes. it seems to be the hallmark approach to campaign spending…I got the ‘wish barack a happy father’s day’, wish warren happy birthday’…I click in the hopes that they are paying on clicks not impressions.

    2. Yes. I was clicking on this few months ago to cost her money. Thenm i started getting support Obama add, Then Support Sheriff Joe.

      I even got a Animals for Obama add.

      1. Animals, dead people, fictional characters…Three of Obama’s primary voting groups.

  30. Cherokee women’s group to Indian princess Spreading Bull: “Stop Ducking Us”.

    Four Cherokee women are in Boston for four days hoping to arrange a meeting with Warren. A spokeswoman for the Warren campaign told the Herald Sunday a staff member would greet the group, but the women told the Herald this morning they’ve still heard nothing from the campaign.

    “What is wrong with sitting down with the people she claims to be a part of?” said Sacks. “That’s all we’d like to do–educate her. She has the same opportunity to educate us if we’re the wrong ones. But she runs and avoids because she knows there’s nothing to back her claims.”


    Still no meeting with Spreading Bull or her campaign staff.

    Didn’t she say she wanted to meet people like her?

    1. Didn’t she say she wanted to meet people like her?

      That’s why she’s calling Ward Churchill, not these ladies

      1. Ward Churchill even seems to have a better claim than Liz Warren!

        Incidentally, a video of the Cherokee women Liz Warren is snubbing can be seen here:


        …along with the Warren Campaign’s attempt to smear them. Haven’t the Cherokee been through enough–without seeing their women smeared by Elizabeth Warren?

        1. Didn’t one of Warren’s ancestors help heard them out of Georgia?

          1. The Cherokee women say they brought Spreading Bull a present for her birthday!

            I wonder if it’s related to that?

            Maybe it’s the very whip her ancestor used to drive their the Cherokee down the Trail of Tears.

            She should meet with them. They’ve been through so much. And she’s gained so much by being one of them–so much money for claiming to be one of them. The least Warren could do is meet with them.

            Doesn’t Warren have any compassion at all? Any sense of decency?

            1. Ya know, I could really do without the visual on that nickname if you don’t mind.

              1. What?

                She spreads bullshit with the best of them!

                Get yer mind outta the gutter.

    2. Gus: You can’t get Indian blood from working in a casino, Shawn.

      Shawn: Maybe you can’t.

    3. Didn’t she say she wanted to meet people like her?

      She meant socialists that lie to advance their careers.

  31. Anegla Corey, the prosecutor in the Zimmerman lynching, put a guy in prison for 20 years for firing two rounds into the ground to scare off teenagers.


    And to think some of the comentariat here think the Zimmerman case is anything but mob justice.

    1. Looks like a potential candidate for governor.

    2. Fucking mandatory minimums bullshit. Corey is a POS for pushing so hard to support those laws when she didn’t have to.

    3. It’s possible to think that Angela Corey is a piece of shit and still not consider Zimmerman a hero (like you do), ya know.

      1. Go find a single post where I ever said Zimmerman was a hero? You won’t find one. So if you are going to have a discussion, lets at least try and tell the truth.

        I have always said that Zimmerman was not guilty of a crime much less murder. It was the people on here who got so fixated on Zimmerman being a neighborhood watch guy and the idea that he might have confronted someone on the street, they threw out all good judgment and joined the lynch mob.

        1. I know John. I was just kidding. I know you get super-riled up over this so I had to throw this out there.

          I don’t think anyone around here really considers him a hero, it’s just hyperbole.

          As far as his guilt, I don’t think murder is an appropriate charge. It’s reasonable to charge him with involuntary manslaughter, though I don’t think there’s even enough evidence for that. And I agree he might not be guilty of any crime, let’s see what the trial turns up.

          1. But, but, but he’s white and the victim was black!

            What else do you need to know?

            1. His shoe size?
              How he stays married to that woman?

              Tons of interesting shit should come out….

          2. But the “nationally prominent” Mayor of Philadelphia (coming to the Obama administration if re-elected) says it was an “assassination.” Why can’t you just believe him?

        2. If there’s one thing that is obvious from reading Reason, it’s that libertarians think Zimmerman should be lynched.

          1. A few might think he ought to be lynched. Most just can’t stand him because of the anti-authoritarian streak that runs deep in almost all libertarians.

          2. When it comes out that he helped install red light cameras in FL, they will.

    4. I think the guy was convicted under FL’s 10-20-Life rules. Basically if you brandish a gun during commission of a crime, 10 years. If you fire it, its 20. If you hit a LEO (IIRC, it may be fire at a LEO) or kill a non-LEO its an automatic life sentence.

  32. Oregon State University professor fired for climate change skepticism

    What, they didn’t just push a button and blow him up? That’s what any sensible climate change alarmist would do…

    1. Flashback thread: MNG defends the murder of deniers and nonconformniks. Who misses this shitfuck?

      1. I didnt understand why the rest of you didnt incif/reasonable him away.

        1. Because he’s actually the most reasonable voice of dissent we see in here. For whatever that’s worth.

          1. Agree with Ska.

            Is MNG gone or is he ‘Palin’s Buttplug?’

            1. PB is shrike.

              1. What ever happened to Maxxx?

                “Ron Paul sucks! Go suck his dick!”

                1. Died from a broken neck whilst trying to lick his own asshole.

                  1. Wouldn’t that be nice

              2. I’m beginning to think that Shrike = Mary. Just not enough christfags.

      2. And I had forgotten all about Zombie MNG and his bizarre obsession with Levis and Game.

    2. so that’s how they maintain the consensus!

  33. Can someone find out who MSNBC’s video editing software donated to in the last election?

    Mitchell did play the entire clip during Tuesday’s edition of her show, but did not apologize for omitting his fuller remarks during the earlier broadcast.

    1. I’m told by a PM linker that this has been covered. Move along.

      1. Do you want to inform everyone how NBC News edited 911 Zimmerman tapes, too? Or how NBC News didn’t cover the Fast and Furious scandal until a year into it? Or how Dateline NBC rigged gas tanks to explode? Or how NBC coached a contestant to win the Twenty One quiz show? OR HOW THE SKY IS BLUE.

        But yes, it was covered yesterday.

  34. Adele song brings girl back to life.

    Hell, I feel like I’m getting a brain hemorrhage every time I hear one of her songs on the radio? Am I the only person who finds her voice painful to listen to?

    1. From what I understand, when small prey hear her voice, they run for their lives.

    2. When you’re anointing a new messiah, don’t they usually graduate it a little bit?

      She should start small: change water to wine at a party or somethin’. Maybe heal somebody!

      One doesn’t simply start raising the dead.

    3. It was probably the sub-sonic chant of “cake, cake, cake” she adds to every song. That poor brain-damaged girl just wanted cake, and had to endure Adele instead.

      1. That or she woke up to try and turn the damn thing off.

        1. I LOLd.

    4. What’s so surprising about this? I wake up to punch the alarm clock off because it’s so fucking annoying. Same thing here

    5. No – I am no particular fan of hers – but my wife and daughter groan and switch the radio at the first hint of one of her songs starting up…

      1. After listening to a few of her songs on the radio, I’ve noticed that they all kind of sound the same. She doesn’t have a bad voice–to her credit, she’s far more talented in that department than the auto-tuned pop tarts out there–but she’s not any more talented than say, Joss Stone or Norah Jones. A lot of her stuff sounds like it was produced by someone who apprenticed under Mutt Lange.

    6. Wouldn’t Evanescence have been a better choice?

      1. They are too busy with their grueling tour circuit of state fairs to do it personally.

        1. Def Leppard still wins the prize for playing a free show in a WalMart parking lot.

          1. Pretty amazing that this was the same group whose most famous video was filmed at a sold-out show at the late McNichols Arena in Denver.

    7. Apparently I don’t listen to the sort of radio station that plays Adele’s music. I have no idea what she sounds like.

  35. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/new…..itish.html

    Obama’s grandfather was not tortured by the British, he wasn’t even detained. And most of the information in Obama’s two ghost written memoirs is false.

    1. Oh boy. And the Obama scrotum-lickers are going to have a tough time sliming David Maraniss with his credentials. He’s a highly respected author within the liberal so-called elite.

      1. Based on how other previous concerns of the Left have gone, I’m going to refer to him as the formerly highly respected author David Maraniss.

    2. It’s time to end this little masquarade. There ain’t no Barack, kid. Never was. Selling my line of work takes on a variety of aliases. Hell, once I was even a China man for six months. But you’ve been a sport, so I guess I owe you a little honesty.

    3. So much for D’Souza’s theory.

    4. Plausible deniability. BO can claim that his mother told him that was true…it’s not something he would have first hand knowledge of.

  36. Bride who stole up to ?200,000 from her company to pay for lavish wedding with award-winning chef and personalised fireworks is jailed for 20 months

    But not, surprisingly, to pay for a gastric bypass


  37. Today Show Covered Benefits of MS Patients Riding Horses Same Day O’Donnell Mocked Ann Romney For It


    1. When are the going to mock Michelle O for weightlifting?

    2. Am I the only one who read “Toady show”?

  38. Interesting bit by Tyler Cowen on aspects of a health care mandate that libertarians might like (or maybe not-hate):


    1. Wow. Were you responsible? Do you do party planning? If so, you’re hired

    2. “‘I need to hex each and every person that would dare harm her,’ he wrote.
      ‘I call upon everything in the heavens and hells to both protect her and to strike down anyone who would capitalize on this tragedy for their own gain”

      Give me that olde tyme religione.

    3. ‘While I Breathe, I Hope.’

      Not to speak ill of the dead, but this cracked me up.

      1. I am ashamed to admit I laughed too.

        1. I did too! Why would you get that tattooed on your chest?

        2. I did too! Why would you get that tattooed on your chest?

          1. squirrels….

    4. ‘While I Breathe, I Hope.’

      Not to speak ill of the dead, but this cracked me up.

    5. What a perfect storm.

    6. Griffin, the mother of three-year-old twins, told authorities she crashed because Mr Renard would not stop trying to fondle her as she drove, authorities say.

      His family disputed that claim and shouted at Griffin in court that Mr Renard ‘could do better’ than her.

    7. Am I the only one here with any familiarity with the Golden Banana? I’ve never been there, but it’s right down the highway from where I grew up.

      1. I’ve been there, in my younger days. Just once, I believe. There was a moment when the announcer told us to welcome so-and-so from ‘Brazilian Playboy’ – she came out and that’s the only time I’ve heard a strip-club crowd go totally silent then explode into cheers.

        1. Not, I hasten to add, that I’ve got so much strip-club time logged that I’d know if a hush falling over the crowd was uncommon or not. Just the only time I saw it in my admittedly limited sample size.

  39. 11 year old boy stabs mom’s boyfriend as the man was strangling her.

    Wish I would have done the same at that age with my former step-father.

    1. “I was shaken up” after the incident, Terrance said. “So I played Grand Theft Auto IV, and it made me calm down.”

      The kid is in 4th grade at 11, plays GTA to calm down, and wants to be a cop when he grows up. I think they’ll be saving him a spot. Still, good on him for actually taking action.

      1. What’s the big deal? Playing San Andreas used to help me relax.

        1. Yup, just kick it over to K-DST, ride around town and crank up the music… or just fly around the city. It was a great game!

    2. Sorry to hear that dude

      What a dear little boy, though.

    3. Obviously, we need knife control.

      1. The Brits are way out ahead on this.

  40. Can somebody help me out, here?

    Will Elizabeth Warren have to pay Reason if I just click her ad without signing her card getting stuck on her fundraising list?

    1. How stuck on fundraising list? I gave an e-mail address of manyarrows@cherokee.com

      1. I believe they’ll have to pay even if you leave at the login page.

    2. I’ve done it numerous times, and haven’t gotten any emails, even with a Yahoo email address.

      Note – Google / Bing / Yahoo do routine checks to look for “false clicks,” so only do this a few times a day on the same ad.

      1. Also, ads on iPhones or mobile cost a lot. Just saying.

    1. Crane is expected to retire under an agreement that allows him to select his successor, though the Koch brothers could veto the hiring.

      Wow, he really extracted a major win there

      1. You beat me to it.

        a high-profile spat that split the conservative movement.


        1. Right, because either party would have crossed the street to piss on the other party if they were on fire before the spat.

    1. I suspect it is because the Obamessiah’s sticky fingerprints are all over it.

    2. Its like the Presidency has to play out the Watergate script every time. If they had just released all the documents, said “we fucked up by continuing a Bush program, in hindsight it was a bad decision and several minor officials have been canned”, paid a settlement, and quit selling guns illegally this would have ended in 2010 and they wouldn’t be on TV every day looking like they have something to hide.

      I am always surprised that people who would blow everyone on K Street live on the internet for a taste of power can’t check their egos in situations like this.

      1. If that had been the truth, that is what they would have done. But that is not the truth. The Bush program ended before FF started. Fast and Furious was designed to flood Mexico with guns and then use that as a political justification for gun control. And I bet that is exactly what those documents say. Why else would they be doing anything to keep them from going public?

        1. Maybe, but everyone already believes that now. Wouldn’t it have been better to just put it out there? Were the NRA and other 2A groups going to endorse Obama before this? No. So what’s the point, other than politicians and their appointees making deadly stupid decisions. (I don’t mean to sound callous about that, but it isn’t administration endangering.)

          1. In 2008, plenty of pro-2A Dems supported Obama because they consider gun control to be a dead issue and him to be no threat on that issue.

            After Fast and Furious, not so much.

          2. “Maybe, but everyone already believes that now.”

            I don’t know if that’s true, probably a majority of people on this site, and every member of the NRA believes this, but most sheeple don’t even have a clue as to what the stink is about. It’s not like the MSM has been covering the subject with any real depth.

      2. I think they were all thinking that there was no way the Obama-tastic Democratic Party could possibly lose future elections so there is no reason to be contrite. If you’d told them in February 2010 that the GOP would control the House, and be in a position to legitimatly threaten the Senate and the White House in 2012, their calculus would change.

        This is the sort of stone-walling you do when you think no one in a position to do something bad to you will care.

  41. Your tax dollars at work: Secret Service on Martha’s Vineyard edition


  42. In other news, John continues to be a militaristic blowhard.

    When was the last time Iran invaded another country, tuff gai?

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