Hit & Run

Romney Edit Stirs Controversy, Wrongly Raided Mom Wants ATF To Pay, Big Apple Buzzes With Bees: P.M. Links


  • Big Apple Bee Honey, it tastes like-- No, that's not it.

    MSNBC catches flack after the news network broadcast Mitt Romney voicing surprise at being able to buy a sandwich in a convenience story, but clipped out the fact that the gee-whiz moment was a set-up for a comparison of private efficiency to government inefficiency.

  • As evidence that Europe's woes continue to accumulate, the yield on Spain's 10-year bond hit a record high above seven percent before easing a bit as the country's borrowing costs rise.
  • Dharun Ravi, convicted in a high-profile case of bias crimes for using a webcam to spy on his gay roommate's encounter with another man, left a New Jersey jail after serving 20 days of a 30-day sentence.
  • Liberty For All Political Action Committee, founded by a young millionaire to support libertarian-leaning candidates, is hiring former Ron Paul aides to keep its efforts on-target. The group is already credited with shifting the outcome in a Kentucky congressional race.
  • New York City is troubled by bee swarms at roughly double the frequency seen in previous years. Mild weather is widely blamed, but so is a recent craze for bee-keeping. Locavore honey, anybody?
  • Two years after ATF agents violently raided her home looking for a previous tenant, Amanda Griego is filing suit, hoping for an apology and perhaps some compensation for the emotional trauma suffered by her young son.
  • California's scheme to centralize tax-collection intelligence-gathering efforts passed the Senate and is under consideration in the Assembly.
  • Same-sex marriage is on the November ballot in Washington state, and looks likely to pass, with a poll revealing that supporters have a 51-40 percent lead.

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  1. Falling sheep strike cars on Australian highway

    The truck overturned on the highway in western Melbourne about 9:00pm local time. Hundreds of sheep fell from the vehicle and were left strewn across the highway.
    At least three cars on the Princes Highway inbound lanes were damaged beyond repair. A 30-year-old man in one of the cars -- which rolled over four times -- was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

    1. A certain attorney's bags are packed and tickets purchased.

      1. I didn't realize he was also a necrophiliac

        1. We can neither confirm nor deny his interest in dead and/or undead animals.

    2. "The majority of the injuries occurred when people left their autos and were bitten by dangerous fauna."

      1. 'A dingo stole my testicle!'

      2. now we see the violence inherent in the ecosystem...

  2. Hyperbolic Daily Mail article.
    Schoolboy 'genius' solves puzzles posed by Sir Isaac Newton that have baffled mathematicians for 350 years

    The more boring truth:

    A thread at Reddit/mathmatics and a thread at StackExchange mathematics seem to have mostly deduced what Shouryya Ray's result is over the past few days. A pretty neat (implicit) solution to a differential equation for calculating the trajectory of a particle under certain conditions.
    ... This is awesome for a 16-year old high school student, far above what I could have done at that age.
    We'll see where this ends. What I'm worried about is how this may taint the reputation of Shouryya Ray. He did absolutely nothing wrong.
    He fell victim to wanton publicity, to scientifically illiterate journalists, and people who decide what's newsworthy with their heart instead of their brain. I dearly wish this does not hurt or discourage him.

    We need more people like him. And we need fewer bad journalists. And we need more people like the nerds at Reddit. Another good day for internet forums, another bad day for online versions of old media.

    Now back to the life-killing task of reverting Wikipedia edits.

  3. MSNBC catches flack after the news [sic] network...

    And then the 911 tapes were edited to make it seem the non-exploding gas tank was racist.

    1. when other media are calling you out, it should be embarrassing. But being a liberal means having no shame.

      1. Being a Progressive means never having to admit you're wrong... or sorry.

      2. You ever see their commercials, the ones that claim "Lean Forward"?

        Everytime I see it, I know they're telling me to bend over.

    2. Credibility: So hard to earn, so easy to lose.

    3. Fox has an undeniable bias. That comes with having a worldview.

      Some of their shows are even undeniably nothing more than political hackery. (looking at you Hannity).

      But, besides Dylan Rattigan*, MSNBC seems like nothing but biased hackery. Plus they top it off with bad editing to the point where it crosses into plain old lying on a pretty regular basis too.

      Ya, I'm saying it. MSNBC isn't just the same as Fox, they are worse.

      *I haven't watched enough Dylan Rattigan to really know if this is true. That was just my first impression. Is he even on MSNBC anymore?

      1. But Hanity is not billed as a news show. It is advertised as a political hack show. MSNBC actually has the nerve to claim Rachel Maddow and Special Ed Shultz are real unbiased reporters.

      2. Ratigan was just as bad as any of the other MSNBC hosts. He's leaving to be a hack on HuffPo.

      3. Fox has an undeniable bias.

        which seems to implicitly say that it is the only network with one, which is intellectually dishonest. By the way, Hannity is no journo and has never claimed to be; most right-side talkers are up front about where they stand.

        Sorry, but MSNBC is in a league by itself. That is twice in a matter of months that tapes have edited in order to advance a lie. It's not "bad editing", it is fraud.

        1. Fox has an undeniable bias. That comes with having a worldview.

          please re-read the entire paragraph. I know it's long and ornate. Then show me the part where I over-wordsmithed things to accidentally cause you to believe that I believe only Fox is in possession of a worldview. Or perhaps my proposed causal link between possession of a worldview and possession of what one might refer to as a "bias" wasn't clear?

          1. It was exceedingly clear. A little research would reveal that wareagle is just not terribly bright.

        2. which seems to implicitly say that it is the only network with one

          Not to people who can read.

      4. The tide comes in, the tide goes out - YOU can't explain that...

        1. Emmerson, in a just world, NEITHER side would selectively-edit audio or video to make up a "news" story.

          This time, it was Team Blue's media arm doing the dirty deed. Next time, it'll be Team Red's turn.

          That, is the issue.

  4. ...left a New Jersey jail after serving 20 days of a 30-day sentence.

    A victim class' thirst for evidence of victimhood having been sufficiently quenched.

    1. Debit, State of NJ, to Ravi, Dharun: 1 lb. blood flesh.

    2. A victim class' thirst for evidence of victimhood having been sufficiently quenched.

      Not exactly. The prosecution is appealing the sentence. They want his ass in the slammer for five years. And the victim class is pissed they're not asking for the full 10.

  5. A bill in the state Legislature that is the latest in a long effort to collect taxes in California's underground economy has passed the Senate and is now being considered in the Assembly.

    And once that is completed, they will root around for any other economies they haven't ruined yet.

    1. GOB Bluth might be able to help him.

    2. I don't thing the situation is unbearable.

      1. It looks like a whale of a problem.

          1. Looks to me like a king-of-the-world situation.

  6. Free markets and musical evolution. Interesting.

    1. I participated in that thing when it was first getting off the ground. Cool to hear where the tune ended up.

  7. I posted this earlier but most of you probably haven't seen it because a lack of comments on a post detailing tentacled sea creatures attached to dolphin genitals is simply unpossible here otherwise.

    Greek Octopus Forms Coalition with Dolphin's Genitals"

    1. Just because they are finally filming Warty's life story is no reason to get snippy.

      1. I was wondering how to properly classify Warty's ambiguous genitally. Now I know.

  8. Border agency told to halt eavesdropping on travellers

    Canada's public safety minister has ordered the Canada Border Services Agency to halt audio monitoring of travellers until a privacy assessment can be completed.

  9. Wikileaks' Julian Assange seeks asylum in Ecuador embassy

    That's a bold move, Cotton, we'll see if it pays off.

  10. Quick! Get the Bugspray before the Tech fans show up!!

    1. Are there many Tech fans here? I thought we all pretty much agreed to root for tOSU Buckeyes.

      1. There are graduates of GaTech, but I wouldn't think the words "Tech" and "fans" ever belong next to each other.

        Oh, and O-H...

        1. If there's one thing that is obvious from reading Reason, it's "I-O!"

          1. I never understood why OSU fans have a chant that cheers for Ohio U.

        2. Besides, the Mickey's hornet would beat the poop out of the GaTech yellow jacket.

      2. OSU, like everything else connected with Ohio, sucks.

        1. Says the man whose handle is a euphemism for a cock. 😛

      3. Really, I thought we had all agreed that the university from which Ron and Rand Paul got their medical degrees was clearly superior.

        1. OSU is just fortunate to have Michigan State in the Big Ten as well, so they don't have to be considered the worst school academically.

    2. I thought that was for Randolph-Macon.

    3. What's the idea of using a yellow jacket to illustrate a bee? This is what bees look like dumbass.

    4. Sorry it took me so long - due to time zone shift I get to read the PM links as my AM links. As an alumnus and fan, I'm appalled that anyone would confuse Buzz with a bee. Go Tech!

  11. New York City is troubled by bee swarms at roughly double the frequency seen in previous years. Mild weather is widely blamed, but so is a recent craze for bee-keeping. Locavore honey, anybody?

    Fucking hipsters. That is totally the fault of hipster retards.

    1. But John, don't you want some honey harvested from bees that troll dumpsters and bums' shopping carts?

      1. Could you feed bees on leftover Mountain Dew and get caffeinated honey? Because that's my new business plan, if I can figure out how to deal with bees amped up on a caffeine buzz.

        1. Your idea is brilliant, and I will be your first paying customer

          s/ Almanian the Mountain Dew Addict (who also likes nummy fresh honey)

        2. Weaponize them.

        3. Dude then the hipsters can make organic soda out of the honey and sell it!

        4. They don't allow bees in here.

    2. 1) they are flocking to contribute to a new organic honey joint the mayo folks in the Bronx (or is it Brooklyn?) want.
      2) Bloomberg has not yet figured out how to ban either bee-keeping or migratory patterns.

    3. Dude, I'm totally going to move to the middle of a gigantic city and start a farm. What's could be with that?

      1. That is what you are doing? I plan to move to a small town in Texas and start a creative puppetry program.

      2. Radical puppetry, naturally.

        What's could be with that?

        What language is I speaking, anyzolt?

        1. http://diehipster.wordpress.co.....-sighting/

          Look at this loser.

          1. The comments are the best part.

            1. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/.....1P1M55.DTL

              This was in the comments. Some asshole cyclist killed a women in SF and is actually being charged. I am shocked.

              1. I saw that the other day, but I didn't know that the fuckstick had the gall to blog about it afterward. I hope he fries.

                1. I have nothing against cycling. I own a bike. But the people cycle have turned into the most self important assholes on earth.

              2. But before that, a motorist reported seeing Bucchere fly through several red lights and stop signs along Divisadero Street leading up to the intersection, according to police.

                That doesn't sound like any cyclist I know. They're all about abiding with the rules of the road, gentle cooperation with motorists and accountability.

                OK, I couldn't write that without laughing.

              3. A charge of felony vehicular manslaughter

                Well, they've been arguing bicycles should be treated the same as cars...

            2. Looks like they have there very own Mary over there. It's how you know your blog has "made it."

            3. I see Mary Stack has invaded them. May God have mercy on their tormented souls...

          2. He needs two of those hats: one to shit in and the other to cover it.

  12. New York City is troubled by bee swarms at roughly double the frequency seen in previous years. Mild weather Climate Change is widely blamed, but so is a recent craze for bee-keeping.

    So the bees are not dying in swarms, they just moved to NYC.

    1. Swarms go where the jobs are.

      1. Maybe the bees like the new "small size soda" environment in NYC. Lookout Cambridge, MA! You're next.

        1. You saw this piece of retardation, then?


          My favorite part is "WHEREAS New York City has a ban..." -- uh, we need to have our own fucktarded law too!

  13. NRA wrong about 2nd Amendment

    Hilarious article... too bad the guy is serious.

  14. http://www.delmarvanow.com/art.....dyssey=nav|head

    Can't link the above article. Marked as spam for some reason.

  15. What's next, you stupid fucking hipsters? Is one of you going to open up a cobra breeding ground in an empty lot and let them free-range for rats at night?

    I swear to fuck I would eradicate the planet of these scumbag motherfuckers if given one wish. I wouldn't ask for billions of dollars. I wouldn't ask for freedom for all. I wouldn't even ask for a 12 inch penis. I would eradicate every motherfucking hipster from the motherfucking face of the motherfucking planet.

    1. You don't like hipsters do you?

      1. Don't put words in his mouth, dude.

        1. What about the 12 inch penis?

          1. I think making it smaller and more manageable would be courteous to Banjos.

          2. That's really up to the Armstrong-hater, not me.

          3. sloop might not ask for it, but I suspect a couple of other Reasonoids would. That said, I second his emotion on the hipsters.

      2. Um, no. They are an affront to all that is right and decent in this world. They, with their 10 ft high bicycle seats and their games of croquet in abandoned lots. But no, they couldn't fucking stop there. They had to take a building block of the condiment world and make it into something of an achievement to make. Well here's a hint you hipster motherfuckers: mayonnaise is easier to make than a fucking garden salad. It's the condiment I would use a special ed third grader with one arm to make because that's about the mental capacity and physical ability required to make it (I'll put the mixing bowl in a vise so I can use my two-armed mongoloids to do more difficult things, like wash fucking pots and pans.

        And now they're beekeeping. Ho ho! Talk about a smart move. Let's build an apiary in an area that is approximately 5% soil as far as the eye can see. Let's let the bees run all over the most densely-populated city in America so we can sate our thirst of being fucking social pariahs and misfits. Damn the people who get stung by my little social project! "I want to wear a fucking beekeeper outfit whilst walking down the street so I can shock those square motherfuckers that live around me with my overwhelming uniqueness and quirky behavior." Why not get a fucking ukulele as well to complete the ensemble, asshole. And don't forget your American Spirit smokes, wayfarers, PBR and whatever other fucking thing you are doing ironically today just to make

        1. If I am ever President Sloopy, I promise to have a secret drone strike program designed to eradicate hipsters. You can be on the targeting committee.

        2. people look at you and sneer. I know you fucking motherfuckers feed on our hate for you. That's why I resist it as well as I can. But the mayo thing was just too much for me to bear anymore. I swear, I want every single motherfucking one of those cocksuckers to die in a fire while having a rabid mongoose shoved up their asshole and a garden hose full of Fresca shoved down their throat.

          1. a special ed third grader with one arm to make because that's about the mental capacity and physical ability required to make it

            That one generated a big ole snot bubble. AWESOME!

          2. Personally, I hope your home is overrun by hipsters. Thousands of them, Occupying your home, spreading their mayo on each slice of bread in your possession.

            1. I hear Neil Armstrong created the modern hipster.

              1. That's bullshit--all Neil does and contemplates is pure goodness. He's the best possible American.

                1. If Neil Fucking Armstrong is a hipster, then shame on us for not being hipsters too.

                2. That's bullshit--all Neil does and contemplates is pure goodness. He's the best possible American.

                  I agree with this 100%. I don't know where you guys got that I hate Neil Armstrong. He is a truly great man.

                  Not John Glenn is another story. I wish I would have found his fucking mailbox growing up. That statist piece of shit can suck on my ballsack.

                    1. Say, is that Buzz Aldrin's fist?

                  1. See, if you'd taken out Glenn's mailbox, there would be no problem from this quarter. In fact, why don't you go take out his mailbox right now?

                    1. In fact, why don't you go take out his mailbox right now?

                      Because the taxpayers would probably have to foot the bill to replace it for the tax leech son of a bitch.

                      Oh, and also because I'm a little more mature than I was back then.*

                      *Yes, I said a little more mature.

                    2. I bet Armstrong hates Glenn. And vice versa. Blood enemies.

                      It's not like Glenn can hold a candle to what Armstrong accomplished. Glenn wasn't the first man in space--that's Yuri Gagarin. He wasn't the first American in space--that's Alan Shepard.

                      Armstrong, on the other hand, is the first human being to fucking walk on another world, period. Everyone else is second to that, no matter what. First guy to walk on a planet in another galaxy will still be second to Armstrong.

                    3. Armstrong, on the other hand, is the first human being to fucking walk on another world, period.

                      Sure, if you consider a CIA-owned, Rockefeller-funded sound stage in the Nevada desert to be "another world."

            2. Ezekiel bread, a hipster would hope . . .

        3. Hey! I wear wayfarers and drink PBR.

          1. Do you do them ironically, SIV?

            1. Fuck, hipsters may be the worst thing we've ever done, other than various forms of mass murderers.

              1. And platform shoes for men.

      3. Sloopy hates the hipsters. I see them as a business opportunity.

        I'm waiting until we move back into town. Then I'm buying 5 gallon jugs of mayo from Sam's, flavoring it with some random pretentious crap, and selling it the farmer's market. If I can buy it for $.14/oz and resell it at $2 an ounce, I'll be making good money.

        1. Nice idea. Sell "T's Totally Organic City Honey Mayo", then send a picture to sloopy.

    2. His parents were killed by hipsters when he was just a boy.

      1. The worst part about having your family killed by hipsters is that they take their scalps and mount them on big game heads they bought at estate sales and then hang them up in their favorite coffee houses.

    3. Don't get carried away. For billions of dollars you can engage in a hipster eradication pogrom and hire as many hookers as you want to tell you your penis is huge.

    4. I would like to have an open season on them. Just issue licenses. See some asshole with an urban bee hive or riding a bike with a six foot seat, boom. I am getting my limit and hunting down anyone who doesn't get theirs.

    5. I would eradicate every motherfucking hipster from the motherfucking face of the motherfucking planet.

      I think this needs to be in the next print edition in the conversation section.

    6. Oh please.

      I have people who keep bees on my street and it's not a big deal.

      Bees are no more of a big deal in the city than they are in the country.

      There were already a jillion bees around every last NYC garbage can anyway.

    7. Did a hipster steal your secret family mayonnaise recipe?

  16. Isn't honey emblematic of teh patriarchy, heteronormativity and class inequality? I blame Romney.

    1. Ummm....


      1. Molasses?


        1. *SHIT!*

      2. We must use kinetic action to liberate gay bees from their oppression!

        1. if there are lots of gay bees, how does the rest of the hive know which is the real queen?

          1. The one who plays Bohemian Rhapsody the best.

            1. heh heh. 's pretty funny.

    2. Bees are a matriarchy. With the exception of drones, which are rarely produced, they're all female.

      1. The female roles are working and being pregnant in other words TEH PATRIARCHY!

        1. Bees should be the feminist utopia. The females leave home each to pursue their working careers, while the males have to stay in the hive to service the Queen. And as soon as they are done serving her, they die.

  17. My therapist Banjos said talking about my deepest feelings was good for me.

    I dunno, maybe I'm still in mayonnaise shock from a bet I won about 10 years ago where I was bet that I couldn't eat an ice cream dish full of mayonnaise at a local bar. I won the bet, but it was grueling. Two people vomited watching me eat spoonful after spoonful of the stuff. And I shit grease for a week.

    But hey, a hundred bucks is a hundred bucks.

    1. I almost vomited just reading about it.

    2. You are my hero

      *holds back tears*

    3. "Nobody can eat 50 mayonnaises!"

      1. *taps sloopy's stomach with fingers*

    4. " In every class, there's always one joker who thinks that he's smarter than me. In this class, that happens to be you. Isn't it, Mayonnaise?"

    5. "Let me see your mayonnaise face!"
      "BLAAAAAUGH! That's a mayonnaise face!"

    6. I fucking love mayonnaise.

      1. Real mayo or the kind that comes in a jar?

        1. I like custom made mayo, but my hunger for the condiment is such that it can only be sated in family-size quantities.

    7. Put vanilla pudding in a mayo jar and chow down in public...

  18. Hey, John - don't you have a BMW bike? Twin or one of the new...fours or sixes, whatever they are.

    I just picked up a Honda XR650 dual sport to go with the big Ninja and the ZRX. TOTALLY a fun bike - road stops, I don't have to. It's become my go-to for anything less than an hour ride.

    You keeping the shiny side up?

    1. Yes I do. I have a R1150R. The traditional boxster twin engine instead of the flying suitcase Ks. I love it. Although DC is not the greatest place to own it. Takes so long to get to a good road.

      1. I highly recommend an XR, or Suzuki DR, Kawasaki KLR - something like that. SO fun in the city, and then even MORE fun in the dirt! It's like being a kid again on my cousin's Honda XR75...except it's mine and not my cousin's.

        1. My brother-in-law says riding a Japanese motorcycle is like having sex with an ugly woman. It feels good until someone you know sees you.

  19. Jimbo's band's new album is pretty cool.

  20. Cherokee women want Elizabeth Warren's scalp. Will not offer peace pipe until request for powwow accepted by Warren.

    1. It seems like it has been many sleeps since I reloaded the page...

    2. Huh. I think a real Cherokee woman should run against her as a write-in candidate.

    3. Those can't be real cherokee women.

      They're not pink and blue eyed.

  21. Asking for advice on two items:

    1. Anyone know of good reputable charities that will take hair donations to help victims of medical hair loss? Mine's getting almost long enough to donate. Any I should stay away from?

    2. Considering getting my pjlot's license. Any private ppilots care to comment on whether it's worth it or a waste of money?

    1. 1) Locks for Love. Accept no other substitutes. Google and ask your hairstylist if they participate with the program, and you may even get a free haircut out of it.

      2) Not a pilot, couldn't tell ya.

      1. I've seen other charities than Locks of Love; they want at least 10" and my hair is just about that now in most places. Others only want 8" but I don't know their reputations.

    2. 1: Fuck you and your full head of hair.

      2: Depends on where you live and how much you plan to fly. Are you gonna buy shares in a plane, or are you gonna buy one? Where are you gonna keep it? Do you have a runway on your property and fuel storage capabilities or are you gonna have to keep it at an airport?

      I have a few customers and friends that have private planes...from 190's up to G-IV's, and the ones that need one or actually use it regularly swear by it. Also, if you keep it at an FBO, they usually have reciprocity with other airports for use of a courtesy car when you fly in. Therefore, you're not fucked if you want to fly somewhere for dinner or a night out, which is pretty nice. The down side is the fuel costs are a bit higher than if you store your own. and have a runway at home. Of course, that can be tricky. (The people I know that do this own huge ranches in Kern County, CA and it's pretty easy to zone a runway there.)

      You'll probably pay more than it's worth, but you'll be able to do something pretty neat and you'll be ready to fly away when the zombies come. Don't forget that.

      1. Thanks. I'm considering getting my own plane at some point, but if I do, I'm going full out and getting my instrument and multi engine certs. If I can, I'll avoid flying commercial again. The tough part will be trying to afford a decent multi engine bird. A group ownership might work, but if I have to fly for work, I'll need an arrangement where I get priority in dishing out the share of hours and scheduling.

    3. Is there a Beards of Love? Because mine is getting long enough to donate, and it's too hot now for my facewarmer. My stupid thinned head hair can go fuck itself, I wouldn't inflict it on any kid with cancer.

    4. In re: (2). You should probably not attempt to fly as drunk as you are typing.

      1. I fly drunk in fligg sims all the time!


    oh wait...

  23. This is the biggest load of bullshit quackery I've seen in quite some time.

    Doc, how many of these are really more dangerous than living a normal life?

    1. Most by themselves aren't. The roller coasters are to be avoided, however. Horses, only if the horse throws momma from the horse. The rest, IMMO, are hand-wringing bedwetting. The rest, sports particularly, the concern is other people and not strain to momma. Of course, follow the OB's advice, as I don't know the particulars of Banjo's bun in the oven. Not getting exercise, and swimming is the best, IMMO, as is power walking, is worse than getting exercise, and can help cut down on the risk of gestational diabeetus.

    2. "...and exercise can..." Sheesh!

    3. I've given birth to five children, and unless you get VERY intimate with me you'd never know. If Banjos wants to retain her girlish figure AND have an easy birth, then she needs to walk A LOT...like miles every day. When it comes time to pop the lil bugger out, she'll have plenty of power in the push.

  24. , left a New Jersey jail after serving 20 days of a 30-day sentence.

    Wait, what? It's 5 days off the back end for every month served in a NJ county correctional facility. 7 in NJSP (full gang minimum).

  25. The comments over there are wonderful:

    A real circus worker? I feel terrible for him and his family.

    A wanna be- miming- juggling- unicycling hipster POS? I laugh, and am happy for his family, as they will get to use their retirement funds for retirement now. Instead of spending it on 4k apartments for 40yr old part time barista, ARTistes, cat poop magicians.

    My Diva is 6 or 7 years away from car dating. When I think about a boy in freaking capri pants showing up at our door, I just...I don't know.

    Hub swears he really will be sittin' there, cleanin' his gun, when dates show up, and I don't think hipsters can withstand that kind of scrutiny.

    1. I will take five boys with capri pants before 1 kid with a tattoo.

      Thank god I don't have a daughter. Because some asshole would take her to get matching tattoos, and then I'd have to kill the motherfucker for that vile act of desecration.

    2. Does your daughter look like this? Because, if not, I don't think too many capri pants-wearing men would be interested in her.

      Jus' sayin'

      1. Um, no...

        So far at least, she's a total Daddy's girl. And Daddy's about as far from a hipster as it's possible to get.

    3. I could live with capri pants...so far amongst the daughters' suitors I've endured a drunken Irishman, an undocumented couch potato (they're not ALL hardworking), a Brony, a ginger with an afro who wanted to be a cop (dear gods where does she find them?!?), a pretty pretty boy (you should see him in the ball gown!) and her brother's best friend...oh wait her brother's best friend is the one I wished she gone for 'cause he like actually has a job and a personality.

  26. I had a great time listening to a douchebag hipster get berated by his GF in the Lowe's parking lot a little bit ago after he dropped a bunch of fluorescent tubes on the ground. "You are so stupid! You are so FUCKING STUPID!"

    I almost went over and told them about all the mercury vapor he just released but it was perfect all by itself.

  27. So, when this 24/7 news aggregation shit gets done, are they taking away our AM and PM links? ARE THEY?

  28. Dude thats one cool looking yellow jacket wiow


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