Romney Edit Stirs Controversy, Wrongly Raided Mom Wants ATF To Pay, Big Apple Buzzes With Bees: P.M. Links


  • Big Apple Bee Honey, it tastes like-- No, that's not it.

    MSNBC catches flack after the news network broadcast Mitt Romney voicing surprise at being able to buy a sandwich in a convenience story, but clipped out the fact that the gee-whiz moment was a set-up for a comparison of private efficiency to government inefficiency.

  • As evidence that Europe's woes continue to accumulate, the yield on Spain's 10-year bond hit a record high above seven percent before easing a bit as the country's borrowing costs rise.
  • Dharun Ravi, convicted in a high-profile case of bias crimes for using a webcam to spy on his gay roommate's encounter with another man, left a New Jersey jail after serving 20 days of a 30-day sentence.
  • Liberty For All Political Action Committee, founded by a young millionaire to support libertarian-leaning candidates, is hiring former Ron Paul aides to keep its efforts on-target. The group is already credited with shifting the outcome in a Kentucky congressional race.
  • New York City is troubled by bee swarms at roughly double the frequency seen in previous years. Mild weather is widely blamed, but so is a recent craze for bee-keeping. Locavore honey, anybody?
  • Two years after ATF agents violently raided her home looking for a previous tenant, Amanda Griego is filing suit, hoping for an apology and perhaps some compensation for the emotional trauma suffered by her young son.
  • California's scheme to centralize tax-collection intelligence-gathering efforts passed the Senate and is under consideration in the Assembly.
  • Same-sex marriage is on the November ballot in Washington state, and looks likely to pass, with a poll revealing that supporters have a 51-40 percent lead.

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