A.M. Links: Bloomberg Says NYPD Inspector General Would Be "Illegal", Undercover Narcotics Officers Shoot Woman in Brooklyn, Newest U.S. Drone Fits in a Backpack


  • brooklyn

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg insists an inspector general is illegal because the city council can't "force" one on him, and claims the NYPD is "one of the most regulated departments in the entire city." No word on any sugar bans though. Meanwhile plainclothes narcotics officers shot and killed a woman driving a stolen car in Brooklyn yesterday afternoon.

  • New York Governor Andrew Cuomo blasted the push to make teachers' evaluations public: "Some people say disclose everything because (teachers are) public employees… To those people I say, really? Disclose all the evaluations for public employees? …Then how come you're only singling out teachers? Where's the policemen's evaluation? Where's the firemen's evaluation? Where's the evaluation of the mayor's staff, and the governor's staff and the speaker's staff?" Seems like a great idea!
  • The U.S. military's newest drone is the "Switchblade," a jam packed device weighing six pounds that soldiers can carry in the battlefield. It's nicknamed the "kamikaze drone" because it's often used to ram into targets.
  • An off-duty deputy sheriff in Broward County was arrested after trying to solicit an undercover cop posing as a prostitute. He was apparently arrested on the street he patrols. 
  • Land seized from marijuana growers in Tennessee was officially re-opened as a state park.
  • Vladimir Putin may come to bury Lenin. The odds suggest the dead Communist may finally be put six feet under in 2013. He has been on display in a mausoleum in the Kremlin since his death in 1924.

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  1. Via Radley Balko, the 9 year old blogger banned from taking photos of school food. Aah, this is how you create more female libertarians


    1. That’s a cool blog.

    2. This is in Scotland, so the point is moot, but I wonder if that would violate 1A in the US? Ought children to have the right to photographs their food in a public school?

      1. Supreme Pedophile Court Justice Clarence Thomas would say, no, she doesn’t have a first amendment right to photograph her own food. But the principle does have the right to go searching in her pants for the camera.

    3. After pissing off the internet they decided to rescind the ban on photography in the cafeteria.

    1. I didn’t know John was having financial problems. Jeeze man, he didn’t have to go to such extremes; we could of held a fundraiser for him or something.

      1. we could of have held a fundraiser

        [grammar jackboot OFF]

  2. Scott Adams thinks we’re Somalia loving degenerates.

    1. I thought Adams was a libertarian himself.

      1. No, if you read his blog it’s clear that Adams is a TOP. MEN. loving technocrat.

        1. Huh. I wonder who I was thinking about then.

          1. Somebody else is my guess.

              1. Sparky Schulz? Jim Davis? Sergio Aragones?

                1. Chip Bok?

          2. Dave Barry?

          3. Breathed?

        2. He’s got some libertarian leanings, actually.

        3. Rather ironic considering that those are the kind of people he bags on in his strips every day. It’s not like the rotted bureaucracy in a major corporation is all that much different from the one in a major government office.

    2. Well he got the degenerate part right.

    3. I saw that in a completely different light, being that the bumbling, incompetent PHB was asking the far more intelligent engineer protagonists if they were libertarians. I saw that as a positive.

  3. …and claims the NYPD is “one of the most regulated departments in the entire city.”

    That doesn’t speak well of the oversight on those other departments.

    1. most regulated !=! well regulated

      They probably have all sorts of forms to fill and mandatory counseling sessions after they murder a citizen, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to be fired or have their weapon taken away.

  4. Backpack drones don’t scare me: when they build one that fits in body cavities…

  5. It’s nicknamed the “kamikaze drone” because it’s often used to ram into targets.

    You know who else liked to ram targets?

    1. Rams?

      1. Exactly. Also Japanese Hitler.

        1. I wonder if the drone has a little pilot figure in it with a 1,000 stitch headband and a death haiku on rice paper in its lap?

          1. Oh, knowing soldiers’ senses of humor, I’m certain it does.

      1. My understanding was that you didn’t like it so much as had a mindless compulsion.

    2. The Brittanic?

    3. Two words: Steve Fucking Smith. That’s who.

  6. Teacher burnt my hair in a school lab: She was ‘trying to melt off hair extensions’, says pupil


    1. The comments there are disgusting, most of them being some variation of “she broke the rules, she got what she deserved blah blah blah.”

  7. A more fitting end for lenin’s corpse would be liberal application of kerosene and a Molotov cocktail.

    Or just grind it up and dump it in the sewer, but that might get you cited for improper disposal of toxic waste.

    1. How about force-feeding it to Naomi Klein?

      1. She’d probably be honored to have anything to do with his corpse.

    2. Since it is a waxen thing, maybe just a wick and a lighter would get rid of it.

      I was at that miserable place in 1984 with a school group – it was all I could do not to laugh out loud when shuffling by that Madame Toussard’s reject.

      1. Same thing with Mao. There’s no fuckin way that thing is really Mao. Of course I waited til I was back home to say it.

        1. Funny that the idea of stuffing their past leaders seems to appeal to statists. Posing their taxidermented remains as they would a dead chipmunk doesn’t seem very respectful to me, not that I’m complaining.

          Also – good idea on not mentioning it.

          1. We all know David Brooks would get a huge woody if they put Barry O under glass when he kicks the bucket.

            1. What’s the proper term for a desire to have sex with taxidermy?

              1. My Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices is in storage. You’ll have to ask Sugarfree, he has the damn thing memorized.

                1. Necro-bestiality, for starters. But to add to KK’s observation: “Organic Plushie, 100% Natural Stuffed Animal Stuffing.”

                  1. Necro-bestiality

                    But what if its a stuffed human?

                    1. But what if its a stuffed human?


                2. My Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices is in storage. You’ll have to ask Sugarfree, he has wrote the damn thing memorized.

              2. A little googling tells me it’s a subset of the plushie group

              3. What’s the proper term for a desire to have sex with taxidermy?


              4. Necro-bestiality.

            2. Only if the pants are perfectly creased. If not, he’d blame the rest of us for not treating our deceased authority figures properly.

    3. Donny: “I am the walrus.”

      1. Shut the fuck up Donny.

    4. Pawnstars:

      ” There’s a lot of fake Lenins out there so before we go any further I’d like to have an expert come and take a look at him.”

      1. “I know this guy who is an expert with this sort of thing…”

        1. “$5,000? But he said he was worth $50-$100,000!”

          “Look maybe you could get that at an auction, but I need to make a profit and he’s gonna take up a lot floor space, who knows for how long. Ever since the Wall fell these guys just aren’t that popular.”

          1. Putin: “Can you do $7500?”

            Rick: “(wincing)I’ll go $5700, cash money”

            Chumley (walking up): “Hey it’s Karl Marx!”

            Old Man: ” Chum you idiot”.

            1. Chum would think he was Santa Claus, not Karl Marx.

            2. Putin: “How about $6500?”

              Rick: “I can do $5900, cash in hand. I honestly can’t go any higher than that.”

              Putin: “$6200?”

              Rick: “$5900.”

              Putin: (sighs) “Okay, $5900.”

              Rick (to the camera): “I really don’t know what I’m going to do with this commie corpse. But it’s a piece of history and I’m really going to enjoy putting it on display. Maybe I’ll stick him in the den or something (snickers).”

          2. “Look, I like you. I’ll give you a part trade-in on this Olson twin”

            1. Very nice, everyone. +1, would rec

            2. For the life of me, I cannot understand how anyone could be attracted to what is very likely the ugliest set of twins ever.

      2. Glad I’m not the only one who watches that.

        1. All you have to do is watch it once, and you know the drill.

    5. I say we put it on display in the Victims of Communism Memorial Museum.

    1. Jesus. That’s just sick.

    2. “Think of it as evolution in action?”

    3. Maybe instead of the gastric bypass she should have gotten a jaw that can dislocate like a snake.

      1. Like this guy?

    4. I love passive eugenics.

    5. We should probably just outlaw gastric bypass now, since this one woman couldn’t seem to follow her doctor’s advice.

    6. Having had one of the weight loss surgeries myself (not this one, I had VBG over a decade ago), I don’t have any idea how this could’ve even happened. It seems impossible.

      When one small piece of food is lodged it is so extraordinarily painful. I can only describe it as being stabbed in the sternum and then being punched in the stomach repeatedly. You can’t speak and can barely breathe, and you can’t function. It must come up.

      Just thinking about it is making me nauseous.

  8. Land seized from marijuana growers in Tennessee was officially re-opened as a state park.

    Bogart National Forest.

    1. OK, I guess that one wins.

      What will you do with your new title as WINNAH OF THE INTARWEBS?

      1. Retire to the life of luxury I deserve.

        1. The pot’s calling the kettle black!

    2. True story:

      Outside of Madison Wisconsin is the Bong State Park.


      I’d love to know how many times they’ve had to replace the signs.

      1. Damn you Dean and your quick fingers.

      2. They should make them like tear-off post-it notes.

      3. Just like Stoner Ave., out here in Los Angeles.

      4. There’s a small village in Austria called Fucking. I’ve been there, and what the Snopes piece doesn’t mention is that those signs are also used to signify the beginning of traffic rules (eg. a lower speed limit) for built-up areas. When those rules end, it’s signified by — a sign on the other side with the name of the locality, and a slash through it.

        Somewhere I’ve got the photos of me next to the sign, but I’d have to tear apart the entire basement to find the photos. 🙁

    3. I think the Cheese Heads had the right idea on this one.


    4. +420

    5. Bogart Interception National Forest.

      1. Choom Gang!

  9. Could someone please inform Bloomburg of cops’ known doughnut habit? That ought to get him up their asses.

  10. Re stating the obvious for clueless liberals; no Libertarian doesn’t mean pro corporate.


  11. Bieber Fever more contagious than measles.

  12. Supermodels make a lot of money! Who knew?

    1. How the fuck can anyone find the knobby-kneed, walking corpse of Lara Stone attractive, escapes me.

  13. Creepy paparazzi follows Ali Larter around again.

    1. She is cute but wow does she have bad legs. And yeah, Sean Penn’s one redeeming quality is that he used to beat the shit out of paparazzi.

      1. Daily Mail job interview:

        “Wow, you’ve got like 50 restraining orders! I like the cut of your jib, you’re hired! Let’s go for 100!”

      2. I bet you’d like her legs better if they were wrapped around you.

        1. Way too skinny for John.

  14. Charlize Theron got a haircut!

  15. Here come the drones!

    1. I kind of would just assume that any US military installioin in the Us or the world, whether marine, army, navy, or…. who are those other guys…. would be someplace where there are drones.

  16. Dork squared!

    1. How does such a tiny little puny man think he should have tattoos and a beard? I don’t understand.

  17. Canice Swanepoel nekid! (safe for work, unfortunately)

    1. Are you done yet?

      1. “You have made too many comments. Please try again later.”

    2. Wow. That dress at the bottom. I’ll be in my bunk.

      1. I like how they call a see through dress with nothing underneath “demure.”

      2. Not too shabby.

  18. Officials at all levels of government gathered to finally enjoy — six years in the making — the pristine ridges and scenic views to be preserved in a land transfer unmatched in Tennessee history.

    Christening the new park with the combine seed of their circle jerk.

    1. a land transfer

      Well, that’s one word for it.

    1. Which one was the Aussie? I’m not up on any urban music battles newer than Tupac v. Biggie.

      1. The girl. It was just a joke directed at invisible furry hand. Which you ruined. Ruiner.

        1. I laughed! Then googled for an armour-plated top hat

          1. ifh, can we spend a moment–just between the two–of us talking about how awful Brett L is?

            1. I have arrived at HnR! Now all I need is several crazy sock puppets who want to be my nemeses.

              1. Dude, just stake out a position, any position. It doesn’t even have to be controversial.

                Someone will hate you for it.

                Occasionally some guy will hate you for what they think you’re implying even when you are not. His name is sarcasmic and he’s very sensitive about his heterosexuality.

                1. Hey, this is my hate sub-thread! Go spread yours somewhere else.

            2. Yes of course Mr Free. I’ll start. Brett L is so silly he thinks there’s such a thing as an Aussie rapper

              1. You sure he didn’t just misspell ‘raper’?

              2. Is there really no rap in Australia? Have you really no East Coast / West Coast rap battles?

                Also, Brett L smells like yak vomit and his mother dresses him funny.

                1. Also, Brett L smells like yak vomit and his mother dresses him funny.

                  In the first place, that’s glandular, so not my fault. And she doesn’t dress me, she just buys all my clothes and coordinates my outfits.

                  1. it is not the smell of yak vomit per se which appalls me, but his attempts to mask it by dousing himself with half a bottle of Paris Hilton’s Heiress. Which of course leaves him smelling like Paris Hilton’s underpants

                    1. Paris Hilton’s underpants

                      And we’re back to yak vomit.

  19. Dude, sarc, how could you miss Mila Jovovich in leather?

    1. “You have made too many comments. Please try again later.”

      1. Priorities, man.

        1. It was just pics from a trailer. Meh.

  20. More than a dozen government departments, law enforcement agencies, conservation groups and nonprofits joined in negotiations that led to the land agreement, which averted the standard outcome for seized property: an auction to recoup money for police.

    In this case, conservationists resisted the sale — and potential development — because Short Mountain is home to the headwaters of three rivers that supply drinking water and habitat for rare species.

    Some tree huggers are in for a good, old-fashioned nightstick to the head.

  21. Honestly, if a drone is smaller than a womp rat, I can’t promise anything.

    1. Use the Force, Luke.

  22. From the article in the WSJ regarding the woman shot and killed by cops yesterday:
    “He has his gun out with one hand, attempting with the other hand to shift the car into park,” Mr. Browne said. “She puts it in reverse and guns it, and a single round is dislodged, hitting the woman in the chest.”

    Dislodged? As in, the round fell out of gun? Really?

    1. “The next one’s comin’ faster.”

      1. Totally awesome character name fail.

        It’s Raylan.

        1. Shit. I actually read the books, too. I have no excuse except being a sorry excuse for a human being. Or a libertarian.

          1. Or apparently smelling like yak vomit.

    2. Clearly her fault. The family needs to be billed for the round. Maybe they could show up at the officer’s medal pinning ceremony and pay then?

    3. That firing pin moves fast, man.

    4. I was watching the news last night after this happened. I did some channel surfing and wound up catching three different local reports. Every one of them said “The officer’s gun went off, hitting the woman in the chest..” No assholes, the cop pulled the trigger – either on purpose or he failed to index while maneuvering inside the car. They don’t just ‘go off’.

      1. God that infuriates me. It would be one thing if they always used passive voice. But they never use passive voice except when it involves a cop shooting someone. It has to be intentional on their part. I didn’t hear anyone talking about how George Zimmerman’s gun went off hitting Trayvon Martin. God I hate the media.

      2. Guns kill people, apparently.

        1. Spoons made me fat.

          1. exactly!

    5. She puts it in reverse and guns it, and a single round is dislodged, hitting the woman in the chest.”

      They got it corrected, but what still sticks out is the passive voice: the gun discharged; not the officer fired the gun.

      1. Not even cops can properly wield the power of their guns. And you monsters want the untrained masses to have them when our highly trained heroes in blue can’t properly contain their power to kill?

        1. The guns are just biding their time, using their mind control powers on innocent, unsuspecting civilians. When they day comes that everyone has their own gun, then they will unleash their true powers and take over the world.

        2. What do you mean “not even” cops. They and NFL players seem to be the last people in America who don’t follow the rules of gun safety.

          1. No, there’s plenty others, but let’s face it: Joe Dumbass giving a self-inflicted GSW won’t make the national news.

      2. From everything I read, this sounds like a completely justified shoot. Why don’t the cops and media just say it in plain language?

        1. It wasn’t a justified shoot it was a negligent discharge by a retarded cop.

      3. Did her car hit his when she threw it in reverse, thus causing the gun to discharge? That actually could make sense. Or if he threw his own car into park while it was still moving slightly. Other than that, he would need to pull the trigger.

        1. No, Bill, that gun only goes off if the cop pulls the trigger. Even if she ran into him, that only happens if he’s a dumbfuck who has his finger on the trigger while he’s trying to drive his car.

    6. Not only is “dislodged” the wrong word, but note the use of passive voice, as if the bullet “dislodged” itself.

  23. From the Tennessee land grab story:

    “I know you’ve all heard the phrase ‘We’re from the government, and we’re here to help.’ This time we did,” said Eastern District U.S. Attorney William Killian.
    “Yes, it took years,” Killian said later, “but sometimes justice takes time.”

    Yeah, you helped. ‘Helped’ yourself to some land, you fuck.

    1. Maybe we weren’t really racist against the Native Americans, we just took their shit because of the peace pipes.

      1. We were trying to save them from themselves. Funny how when the feds do that, it always involves guns.

      2. They were smoking on Federal Land – we had to seize it.

  24. http://www.reuters.com/article…..IO20120614

    Greek health system crumbles. But remember all civilized nations have wonderfully successful socialized medical systems that fall apart when the government goes broke.

    1. This is what happens when pretty girls turn themselves over to misogynist gay men for makeovers.

      1. the dress might be courtesy of a man, but the strange posture is all her own

        1. I thought maybe she was preparing for a Japanese style bow. She certainly has enough makeup on for a Geisha performance.

      2. You mean like this?


    2. What the…? Are you sure that’s not Joan Rivers?

  25. What is with the guy in the middle of that picture – looks like someone from the Ugandan Army on a Kony-hunt.

  26. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v…..ata_player

    I am blocked from this. But it is supposed to be a new anti Obama ad that puts the teacher from Peanuts voice to Obama. That is really fitting. I didn’t think Romney was that smart.

    1. Its pretty good, actually.

    2. It isn’t a Romney ad.

      It’s too pointed for that.

      It says it’s by American Crossroads, which has gotta be a PAC or something.

      1. Must be the evil Kochtopus.

        1. American Crossroads is Rove’s group

    3. That was great.

    4. Yeah, it’s pretty funny. So is the Debbie Downer video from the same PAC.

  27. Jennifer Lopez’s enormous ass goes on its own tour.


    1. Hmmm – if you prefer large postierors, and you cannot deny…

      1. Even the Caucasian gents cannot gainsay.

        1. hades, yes!

          1. A thread truly befitting a knight of Sir Mix-a-lot’s stature.

        2. That that young lady has got quite a capacious posterior

      2. I lol’d.

      3. I wouldn’t say no – it’s like jumping on a trampoline… or something.

    2. I’d lick that ass until her skin wrinkled.

  28. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvs…..tival.html

    Penolope Cruz is still a goddess.

    1. A goddess if you’re in to birds.

      1. You leave Cruz alone. She is amazing. I can even forgive the fact she used to be with Tom Cruise. And she was probably a beard anyway.

      2. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Penelope Cruz. Not a thing.

        1. Except that she looks like queen of the birds.

    2. You say Ali Larter has horrible legs and then call Penelope Cruz a goddess?

      1. Legs look good to me. So does her skin and hair. And she has near perfect breasts.

        1. I concur with John on this one.

  29. Have I mentioned how awesomely awesome the new Rush album is? Well, it’s AWESOME!

    1. Are they going to tour with it? I would actually be willing to see them if they did.

      1. Yes indeed. Tour starts in early September. I’ll be going to the Philly and Newark (yes, really) shows.

        1. They are in DC. I might have to go. There are just very few real rock bands left anymore.

          1. Go. You won’t be disappointed. I’ve been to several shows since the Snakes and Arrows tour and they’ve still got it.

            1. I saw them on the Signals tour when I was like 13. It was great. But it was also almost 30 years ago.

              1. They still have it musically, though Geddy’s vocals are obviously slacking some. I’ve seen them 5 or 6 times, all since the Counterparts tour.

                Even he has admitted that if he thought he’d be singing his music 35 years later, he never would have written it so damn high.

                1. A lot of singers have that issue when they get older. I saw the Police in 06. And Sting didn’t sing Roxanne quite like he did in the 70s. But you just take the song down an octave and it still sounds good.

                  1. What doesn’t help this is most rock/pop singers have no formal vocal training, so they have no idea how to keep their voices in shape. You can maintain a pretty good voice into your later years, but you have to know how to do it. You’re not going to pick it up on the job.

                    IIRC, Madonna actually went and got some training at one point.

                    1. T,

                      So did Mick Jagger. And as of 06 anyway, he could still sing. Sting could still sing. Just not quite as high as he once could. A lot of it is ego. You have to admit that you can’t sing like you did when you were young. And it is not just pop stars who have the problem. Most church choirs have one or two women over 50 who still think they are sopranos.

                    2. I don’t doubt Mick Jagger can sing as well as he ever could. He’s just bad in a different way now. [/joke]

                      All joking aside, Mick never pushed his voice as far as some of the others we’re talking about.

                      But mostly, it’s ego and refusing to admit you’re old. Hell, I’m having issues with admitting I’m old some days myself, so I can’t necessarily blame anybody else for it.

                    3. “So did Mick Jagger. And as of 06 anyway, he could still sing.”

                      Could he ever sing? Mick Jagger live is like listening to rap with no rhythm.

                    4. T, I beleive Geddy hired a singing coach early on, and he can still hit a lot of highs thought thankfully he left his screeching urgency behind long ago. That said, his voice does show the strain in late stages of any tour segment.

                      Roger Daltry sounded great when I last saw The Who, though that was over 10 years ago.

                    5. Geddy can still sing, but he needs to knock off the smoking.

                2. He can still go pretty high, just not as high. I saw them last fall, and they’re still great.

                  1. It’s not that he can’t go high, it’s that he can’t get there without being flat on every single note.

                    If you listen to the Moving Pictures live album (recorded on the last tour), you can clearly see that every note is flat. Every one.

                  2. If he’s stop going “pretty high” it would be an improvement IMO

                    1. oops “he’d”

              2. If you want a taste of their live sound now, try R30 and Snakes and Arrows Live.

        2. I know they’re in Boston in October but I won’t bother seeing them, I havn’t really liked any of their albums since Roll the Bones and frankly if I was gonna shell out that kind of money on them I’d dump it all on buying their entire discography from the Google Play store then spend the night listening to it while playing evercrack.

          1. I don’t disagree that their albums since the late 80’s into the early 90’s have been spotty. However, each album does have songs that sound great live IMHO. I do think that Snakes and Arrows was a retun to form, and Clockwork Angels is perhaps the best complete work they’ve done since Permanent Waves. Vapor Trails has a lot of great music on it, but sadly the studio recording is awful.

            1. Have you heard the remastered One Little Victory? I agree that album has gold hidden under poor mastering.

              1. Yes, that and Earthshine remastered sound much better. Would love it if they could remaster the whole album.

    2. Listening as I type…awesome indeed!

    3. Yes. Any thought on who “The Anarchist” is? And is the acrobat Ayn Rand?

      1. Not sure, db. Obviously some kind of archetype can’t say I know exactly of what. The novelization should clear that all up…

  30. McQueary was at the Lasch Football Building in 2001, when he heard what he described as ‘skin-on-skin smacking sound’ coming from the shower facility. Using a mirror, McQueary could see Sandusky standing behind a boy “propped up against a wall” performing a sexual act. Though almost 6 feet 5 inches, and 30 years Sandusky’s junior, McQueary did not physically intervene or call the police. He chose only to slam a locker door, as he testified, in hopes of breaking up the incident.”

    Sure, he’s testifying against Sandusky now, but this McQueary guy could’ve nipped this shit in the bud 11 years ago. I think it’s fair to ask how many more kids would not have been assaulted had McQueary acted more decisively.

    1. What a dickless wonder. Basically he was a suck ass who didn’t want to make waives. So he let that monster run free for another 9 years. I don’t buy the whole “I would have beat Sandusky to death had it been me” line. You really don’t know how you will react when you see something that shocking. So I can’t blame him for at least initially running away in horror. But how the hell do you not call the police immediately and make sure neither you that kid nor Sandusky leave the building? He just left that kid to be victimized? To this day no one but Sandusky knows who he was. McQueary is just pathetic.

      1. make waives?

        1. Penn State knew Sandusky was a monster. But they didn’t do anything about it because they were afraid to embarrass the school. McQuery didn’t want to be the guy who outed good old Jerry so he turned it over to his bosses and left it at that. God forbid he be expected to do something that might hurt his career. If a bunch of kids have to get ass raped so McQuery can get that full time assistant job, well that is not McQuery’s problem. Fucking weasel.

          1. I was just wondering what “waive” is when used as a noun.

            1. I think John meant to say “Basically he was a suck ass who didn’t want to make waives”, thereby saying that he was just waiving the responsibility of taking action.

      2. But is it surprising he didn’t make waves?

        How many guys covered up the My Lai massacre? The mafia used to do vicious and terrible things and nobody saw nothin’ for all those years?

        Had the guy gone to the cops that would have been it for him. He would have been lynched at Penn State, and without a photograph, it would have been his word against Sandusky’s (especially if the kids could be leaned on to stay quiet). There would be whispers wherever he went. His career would be over, and it’s not liek the guy has skills for anything else. IT would have been easier for the College Football system to throw him away rather than Sandusky.

        I would like to think I would have had the courage to go to the cops, and I certainly wouldn’t hire McQuerry for any job that required integrity, but I won’t hate on the guy – there but for the grace of God go many of us.

        1. I could see that logic if he had caught Sandusky stealing or something. But not this. You cannot leave a kid or an adult for that matter to be raped in a shower. And you can’t let someone like that lose on society. It is a pretty low standard of integrity to say “well yeah if I saw some guy ass raping a 10 year old kid, I would call the cops”. McQuery is a rat. He had his chance to show his character and he failed.

          And no one covered up for Mi Lai. There was a helicopter pilot who saw it happening and landed and stopped it. It was reported up the chain the day it happened.

          1. He also said telling the school’s VP of business/finance was like telling the cops.

          2. And no one covered up for Mi Lai. There was a helicopter pilot who saw it happening and landed and stopped it. It was reported up the chain the day it happened.

            One of America’s greatest heroes ever, and I mean that seriously. It’s too bad there’s never been a decent movie made about it.

            1. Yep, best of the best.

              Hugh Thompson (pilot), Glenn Andreotta (crew chief), and Larry Colburn (door gunner). Colburn is still living in Atlanta, according to Wikipedia.

              Squirrels screw up the link, so here Thompson’s entry in the Aviation Hall of Fame :

              As an OH-23 pilot with the 123rd Aviation Battalion, CWO Hugh Thompson flew over the Vietnamese village of My Lai on March 16, 1968, as U.S. troops were killing civilians.

              When Thompson landed and tried to get 1LT William Calley to stop the killing, Calley said he was in charge and sent Thompson on his way. Continuing to fly around the area, he and his crew spotted some Vietnamese trying to hide. He landed and, with crewmen Larry Colburn and Glenn Andreotta covering him, pulled out of hiding nine people facing certain death and evacuated them from the area. Thompson then went to his aviation company commander, MAJ Fred Watke, and reported what he had seen. Watke reported the massacre to the ground task force commander, who ordered an immediate cease fire.

              After My Lai, Thompson’s aircraft took hits on eight missions and four helicopters were lost to battle damage. Thompson was shot down during a later mission and was evacuated in traction with a broken back. For his actions at My Lai he was vilified by supporters of the massacre, both inside and outside the U.S. government.

            2. Thompson later accepted a commission and attained the rank of captain, but served his remaining active-duty time as a warrant officer because of post-war reductions in force. In March 1998 the Army belatedly recognized Thompson’s heroic actions at My Lai with the award of the Soldier’s Medal.


              Fine work by a college drop out and his crew of high school dropouts. All three (Andreotta posthumously as he was killed in action three weeks after My Lai) were awarded Soldier’s Medals in 1998 for their actions that day.

        2. McQuerry did a lot. He was shocked, out of sorts, did not want to embarass the kid perhaps. Slamming the locker door I’m sure got Jerry to pull his pecker out of the kids ass and take him home.

          Then he called his Dad to get advice, talked to two or three officials at Penn State, including the one in charge of campus police. The university then got Sandusky to retire and said he could not have his charity on campus or molest kids there anymore (as I recall).

          So a lot was done, but not nearly enough. I blame the officials McQuerry talked to much more than him. And the D.A. who elected not to bring charges. And all the people who let him continue his “charity” and who did not follow through and keep him from using other campuses for the same abuses.

          1. I agree with this. McQueary certainly should have done more, but the people he reported it to really should have done more.

      3. You don’t want to end up like the first prosecutor on the case, maybe?

        1. How crazy and dark was Penn State football?

      4. So he let that monster run free for another 9 years.

        I feel dirty saying this, but I wonder if that sort of inaction could be a chargeable crime . . .

        I can understand the sense of utter shock you’d feel if you walked in on a world-famous sports figure – and your mentor – raping a child, and how there might be a temptation to erase it from your mind and try to carry on as though it never happened. But still, as a decent human being, you have an obligation – at least a moral one – to intervene on a helpless child’s behalf. At least now McQueary gets to live with his shame – now very public – that his inaction led directly to more children being assaulted. And at least Sandusky will soon be getting some more of that skin-on-skin action he so clearly loves.

        1. Sandusky is rightfully so fucked. He is going to spend the rest of his life spending 23 hours a day in isolation fearing for his life. He deserves it. But I think if I were him I would probably off myself. Yeah, that is a mortal sin. But it is not like you are not going to hell anyway.

          1. I’m amazed he opted to go to trial.

            It speaks volumes about his expectation that in the end he can get away with bad behavior.

            I don’t think he gets that the organization that shielded him is going to throw him to the wolves.

            1. That is why it is doubly appalling that they let him get away with it for so long. Even if you are his friend. The guy clearly has a problem. You are not helping him by enabling him to continue like that. If they had cared about him much less the victims, they would have turned him in so he could have gotten some help. Maybe if they would have turned him in at the first, he could have gotten some help and maybe some day gotten out of prison and straightened himself out.

              1. That is why it is doubly appalling that they let him get away with it for so long. Even if you are his friend. The guy clearly has a problem. You are not helping him by enabling him to continue like that. If they had cared about him much less the victims, they would have turned him in so he could have gotten some help.

                I agree 100%. They did nobody any favors by sweeping it under the rug. And for what? A few months of negative publicity? 5 years later, it would have been a distant, stinky memory.

        2. It may or may not be a crime, but it would almost certainly be enough to win a big civil suit against McQuery and the University, certainly from that kid (if he ever comes forward) and any other kid who was abused by Sandusky since that date.

    2. I think I’m going to toss my breakfast. I hope Penn State loses their entire football program over this. All those animals covered this horror up for decades for the sake of there stupid, “prestigous” football program.

      There is no depth of torment these monsters can suffer through to atone for these sins.

      1. The NCAA should have given them the death penalty. The school should have given itself the death penalty in shame. To think that people get all upset because guys at Miami are getting limos and hookers paid for by rap stars or guys at Ohio State are selling jersey’s for tattoos. Meanwhile Joe Pa is allowing his most beloved assistant to rape small children on campus. Just disgusting.

        1. I think the NCAA is a pretty depraved entity to begin with. The way they treat the athletes is vicious. They can’t work, they can’t get gifts. They practically become slaves of the teams they play for. Except unlike slavery they can quit.

        2. The Baylor basketball scandal resulted in somebody getting murdered, and nobody called for the death penalty for Baylor’s basketball program.

      2. I hope Penn State loses their entire football program over this.

        I say let the current crop of underclassmen finish out their Penn State football careers, then pull the plug. Obviously this won’t prevent some other defensive coordinator from cornholing little kids, but never again would other coaches and staff cover it up.

        1. No. There is more to life than football. Especially college football. Anyone that has a chance at a pro career can transfer or get drafted, anyone that wants to play thier stupid sport can transfer anywhere else. There are still plenty of programs that will take them as fodder for the machine.

        2. Why?

          Further how would propose to do this given that any given year of students represents only 1/4th of the roster, that would mean 3 years from now they wouldn’t even be able to field a full team as the last years worth of football players is all that is left.

          Further, McQuery is gone, Sandusky is gone, Paterno is gone, and I think even the AD who was in charge at the time is gone, any further sanctions on Penn State is ridiculous because you would be punishing one group of people for actions taken by a completely different group of people just because they happened to wear the same color jerseys.

          1. that would mean 3 years from now they wouldn’t even be able to field a full team as the last years worth of football players is all that is left.

            Finally, Rudy and Lucas get their shot at glory.

          2. Why?

            Think of it as salting the earth.

            Further how would propose to do this given that any given year of students represents only 1/4th of the roster, that would mean 3 years from now they wouldn’t even be able to field a full team as the last years worth of football players is all that is left.

            Valid point, one I hadn’t considered. I don’t really follow college sports, so that never occurred to me.

        3. Dunno. Hold the individuals responsible for their crimes. But saying that the sins of the fathers warrants punishing future students/players? Seems sort of, I dunno, Keynesian!

  31. The U.S. military’s newest drone is the “Switchblade,” a jam packed device weighing six pounds that soldiers can carry in the battlefield. It’s nicknamed the “kamikaze drone” because it’s often used to ram into targets.


    1. God only knows what nefarious uses bored soldiers are going to use that thing for.

      1. God bless youtube and cheap cameras.

      2. I’m guessing the nearest women’s shower is going to be under surveillance.

        If there are multiple chow halls on base, they might get checked out too – what’s on the menu and how long is line?

        1. BINGO! I can see the skies above Bagram AF filled with tiny drones checking the lines at the DFAC, PX, Green Beans Coffee…showers are in container type boxes, so no peepin’ chances there.

          1. That’s gonna work for about 5 minutes, LTC. Then the order will come down that your ass is grass if we see these things being misused over the base.

            Then there’ll be an unusually high number of ‘training flights’ to ‘develop and maintain operator proficiency’.

            Then somebody will write an SOP on training procedures…

            1. Jesus T. You clearly have an understanding of how the military actually works.

              1. Then we get to work on microscopic drone – which we will immediately deploy into women’s barracks and the closest woman’s college.

  32. A nice tribute to fathers by Jason Gay

  33. I saw Destroyer last night – much awesomeness. It was a big band but they still managed to capture most of the studio vibe from their last album.

    Low point: being surrounded by hipsters.

    High point: the alcohol provided a temporary shield against their evil mind ray powers.


  34. And they wonder why many rejoice everytims some stupid cop gets clipped in the line of duty! Wow.


    1. That’s completely inappropriate, Lou.

      1. Bake ’em away, toys.

    2. To quote anonbot, LOL

  35. a review of my Quicksilver tubed preamplifier: http://6streetbridge.blogspot……ction.html

    I also just bought a pair of 1958 era Eico HF-60 monoblocks. These EL34 beasts need a little repair – bias supply and coupling caps – but I’ll have them up and running soon enough. Best part about these amps is the hardcore output iron – the Acrosound TO-330 – perhaps some of the best examples of the lost black art of transformer interleaving and winding.

    1. The road to the Land of Audiophile leads through the Valley of Insanity.

      I’m just saying.

      1. oh, I’ve been through the valley countless times. I’m pretty immune to the crazies.

        1. Because you’re their king?

      2. ^^ what he said.

      3. I had a friend from law school who went into bankruptcy law. One of his clients had a $20,000 hi fi system. We spend one summer going to his client’s house and listening to it every night. I never got audiophiles until I heard that thing. It was just astounding. And this was the late 1990s. I can’t imagine what a $28,000 system would sound like now.

        1. $20k ain’t nothing these days.

          For me it all started way back in ’89 when I first heard a pair of Quad ESL-63s. Back then $4k for a pair of speakers seemed absolutely insane, especially when you were a broke teenager. The guy who owned them was a pizza delivery guy!

          1. I had a friend in college who had this 10K set of speakers. They were flat. They relied on vibrating metal of some sort. They sounded amazing. But the problem was that as good as they were, you had to have the right room to put them in. And an apartment generally isn’t it. That is what got me off the audio kick. I didn’t see the point of hanging the mona lisa in my shitty apartment.

            1. Yeah, I don’t (at the moment) have the space to devote to having a dedicated listening room. But one of the houses we’re looking at is huge, so I might be able to swing it in the next house.

            2. probably upper level Magnepans or Apogees. and yeah, I’ve got a dedicated listening room.

              1. This was the early 90s.

        2. A $28k system would sound like a new car to me.

  36. I hear that Putin’s replacing Lenin with “Disney’s Moscow Adventure”.

    A dark ride where tourists climb aboard a replica T-34 tank for a 3D tour of 500 years of Russian history (wars, purges, famines and atrocities. Scnes like blowing the Swastika off the simulated Reichstag in 1945.

    1. as long as Keira Knightley plays the part of Lara, I’m there.

    2. Pither (V.O.): I decided to check him into a hotel while I visited the British Embassy to ask for help in returning to Cornwall.

      (By the end of this speech, they are leaving the bicycle on the kerb and entering a door with the sign “Y.M.A.C.A.” over it, looking like a Y.M.C.A. sign. Over this…)

      Pither (V.O.): And so we registered at the Smolensk Young Men’s Anti-Christian Association.

      (Cut to military man.)

      Military Man: Y.M.C.A. Corner of Anti-semitic street and Pogrom square.

      Pither: (by now standing at the reception desk with Gulliver) Go away. (To departing desk clerk). No not you. A single room for my friend please.

      Desk clerk: Yes, sir. Bugged or unbugged?

      Gulliver: (as Trotsky) I think I’d feel happier with a bugged one.

      Desk Clerk: One bugged with bath.

      (As Gulliver starts to sign the register, Pither starts to leave. He says…)

      Pither: Have a nice lie down. I’m just off to the Embassy. (He goes.)

      (Desk clerk looks at book.)

      Desk clerk: Trotsky! My lack of God, it’s Trotsky!

      (A couple of people race in excitedly.)

      Gulliver: Comrades. Socialism is not a national doctrine it… (Fade.)

      Monty Python, the Bicycling Sketch

      1. God, but wasn’t Clodagh Rogers just absolutely brilliant in that?!

    3. Mouschwitz?

  37. I am actually sorry to see Lenin get buried. Something about being able to actually see the most evil man who ever lived stuffed and mounted that is kind of appealing.

    1. You can still see a replica Mao. What is it about mass murderers, that people want to make shrines to them?
      [see, I’m not trolling and mentioning the Lincoln Memorial]

      1. Properly, a Chinese replica dictator would be called a Maow or Stalen or similar

    2. Nah.

      He deserves nothing better than what he inflicted on tens of millions: being dumped in an unmarked mass grave.

      1. I vote for marked. That way people will know where to go to piss on it.

    3. I saw Ho Chi Minh in Hanoi a few years ago. The place has a bizarro-world Lincoln memorial feel to it.

      1. Yeah I’ve seen Ho Chi Minh and Mao, super creepy.

  38. Meanwhile plainclothes narcotics officers shot and killed a woman driving a stolen car in Brooklyn yesterday afternoon.

    Too bad it wasn’t the Hipster proprietor of an artisanal mayonaise store. I got my hopes up for a minute. Then I remembered NY cops only shoot black or brown people.

    1. The problem with cops is that they are 50 years behind the times. They still think it is okay to pick on minorities. No, the country isn’t near as racist as it once was. Minorities are a no go. If they were not behind the times, they would be out oppressing hipsters. You have to know enough to only fuck with the group that everyone hates.

  39. BUFFALO, NY – 2 On Your Side has confirmed that a man Hamburg police found coming out of Dr. Timothy Jorden’s home in Lake View Wednesday morning was Buffalo Police officer Martin Motley III.

    Motley is seen in the attached photos and video wearing a yellow t-shirt and tan shorts.

    When stopped by Hamburg police as he was leaving Dr. Jorden’s home, Motley was carrying a personal gun, $5,000 in cash and a Rolex watch.

    After being questioned by the Departments internal Affairs division, Motley was suspended today without pay.

    Motley has been out on injured-on-duty status for the last three years.


    1. Suspended without pay is all very nice, but where’s the arrest and indictment?

  40. “To those people I say, really? Disclose all the evaluations for public employees?”

    To Cuomo, I say, Yes. Really.

  41. Is this real or an example of Poe’s Law? Is this feminist?

    1. Pretty sure it’s a gag, I think someone posted it here a few weeks ago. That the question even has to be asked, however, gets to the heart of the pointlessness of modern feminism.

    2. Ah, yes – I think it was SF who posted it. PROBLEMATIC.

  42. I got robocalled by Sheila Jackson-Lee to tell me I can get a mortgage with no credit. Good to see we’re still out dumping gasoline on the fire.

    1. Queen Sheila’s doing robocalls for this outfit.

  43. You know, sometimes at Bitch magazine they get a little huffy at the suggestion that feminists of a certain ilk are pathologically humorless. It’s hard to see how they can dispute it, since almost all of their writers are soulless automatons programmed with a very limited set of responses to real world human interactions. They demonstrated it yesterday with an even stupider than usual version of the familiar vilification heaped on any non-hipster-run business that makes the mistake of trying to show support for any of the left’s pet causes, since that just proves they’re heartless capitalists whose motives are insufficiently pure. They’ve really perfected the game of heads I win, tails you lose.

    1. “What do you think of the corporate takeover of Pride? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!”

      I think it’s great. You know the so-cons have lost the war when you see two dudes holding hands in a Bud commercial.

  44. Inspirational Friday video from IJ

    The anti-box/nut punch

    1. I have something in my eye.

    2. Oh, yes…

      joe from Lowell says:
      September 16th, 2010 at 9:38 am

      Don’t get suckered by the IJ. They seize on cute, fuzzy poster boys in order to push radical changes to the law in the service of corporate deregulation.

      “Simply put, the government is not allowed to require people to get a license in order to talk.”

      Simply put, this outfit is committed to eliminating the distinction between commercial speech and individual speech.

      1. Aw, that’s just adorable. When’s our little city planner going to come back ’round these parts and tell us more about what we think?

  45. Damn it! I assumed dunphy would be on here talking about how the cops were justified for shooting a woman because…fuck you, they’re the cops. But I couldn’t find anything. Disappointing!

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