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A.M. Links: Independent Monitor Proposed for NYPD, Mubarak Fears for Life, New Entrant for Oldest Galaxy


  • a still more glorious dawn awaits

    A multi-state federal raid targeted the horse breeding operation of Jose Treviño Morales, alleged to be the brother of the Mexican Zeta drug cartel's second-in-command. Morales is accused of using his horse breeding operation to launder drug money for the Zetas. Time for a war on horseracing!

  • Legislation to be introduced in the City Council today would establish an independent monitor for the New York Police Department, something the city's Housing Authority and Education Department already have. The New York Times reports the Council would need a veto-proof two-thirds majority as its unlikely Mayor Bloomberg will support the bill. The City Council's Speaker, Christine Quinn, likely to run for mayor next year, has also been muted in criticism of police practices in the city.
  • George Zimmerman's wife was charged with felony perjury. She is accused of lying to the judge about how much money was available for bond.
  • A former Penn State assistant coach testified in the Jerry Sandusky trial that he walked in on Sandusky raping a child in the locker room in 2001. He said he told Gary Shultz, the vice president of business and finance at the university, and that in his mind "Mr. Shultz represented the police, without a doubt."
  • North Dakota said no, overwhelmingly, to abolishing property taxes and replacing the revenue some other way.
  • Lawyers for Hosni Mubarak say they fear prison doctors are trying to kill the octogenarian ex-dictator.
  • Scientists in Japan say they've discovered the universe's oldest known galaxy just past Jupiter. They say it was formed 12.91 billion years ago.
  • Watch all of yesterday's Ask a Libertarian videos here.

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  1. Uh, I think the squirrels screwed up your html on the galaxy link. Or maybe the monolith.

  2. Not good enough for Tiger Woods. What a fucking idiot.

    1. Well, not good enough to be the only woman for Tiger.

    2. It is all fun and games until the crazy Viking bitch breaks out a five iron in your ass.

      1. Don't sleep around and she won't club you.

        1. Don't sleep around and she won't club you.

          Yea, it really is this simple. Amazing that people can't grok this.

        2. Yeah because crazy broads who go after you golf clubs are always rational in their anger. Good luck with that.

          And beyond that, while she is smoking hot. I have yet to see her do anything in life beyond use her hotness to marry rich men. I doubt the conversation is much to write home about. Tiger got board for a reason.

          1. Did some hot chick dump you when you were younger, pobrecito?

          2. Yeah because crazy broads who go after you golf clubs are always rational in their anger. Good luck with that.

            They aren't always rational, but in this case I think she had a reason for breaking out the clubs. If he got bored, he should have divorced her and then started fucking around.

            1. Cheating does not justify attempted murder.

              1. Depends on the jurisdiction, doesn't it?

          3. Two kids. Two. Which is worse: An ugly wife that won't fuck you or having a gorgeous wife around all the time that won't fuck you?

            I know why Tiger was cheating, I just can't figure out why it was with such skanks.

            1. He was trying the Bill Clinton strategy, hoping that "it doesn't mean anything, because she's not as smart/pretty/classy as you" would save him.

            2. Fluffy and I had this conversation. The reason is that really hot chicks don't have to be the other women. Some Victoria Secret model has tons of rich single guys willing to dode over her. She doesn't need to sneak around with someone else's husband. She might steal someone else's husband. But she is not going to be the mistress. She doesn't have to be.

              So if you are Tiger and just looking for a cheap fuck and nothing more, your options are more limited than you might think.

              1. Tiger is rich enough to have attractive mistresses, or least ones that don't look like a kiddie pool filled with herpes.

                1. Maybe he likes the skank look. It's served Megan Fox very well.

                2. "look like a kiddie pool filled with herpes"

                  NIce. I'm totally using that in the future.

                  1. AKA Kate Moss

            3. iI just can't figure out why it was with such skanks.

              The skanks probably let him do the freaky stuff that Elin wasn't willing to do.

              1. That too Loki. And also guys who have affairs with huge numbers of women just don't care. They will screw anything.

                1. They will screw anything.

                  *cough* *cough* *choke* *cough*

            4. Mrs. tiger is a 10, but the sum of all skanks is 10.

              1. What the fuck happened to greater than symbols?

                Now my pervy comment just looks stupid.

                1. Abby, the angle brackets (aka GT, LT symbols) are the signifiers for HTML tags so they get parsed out by the website.

                  1. Tonio, that's one explanation. I think the squirrels are all tebow fans, and have pre-empted any "GT" tebow jokes.

                2. What the fuck happened to greater than symbols?

                  It's actually the ampersand and anything attached to it that get edited out before it posts. So the old ampersand-gt-semicolon doesn't work anymore.

              2. but the sum of all skanks is 10

                I'm stealing this.

    3. She's smokin' no doubt. I also bet the other girls were doing things that Elin wouldn't. The mistake Tiger made was getting married; he should have followed the Derek Jeter Path.

      1. Date one hot beard after another while keeping his real life on the down low?

        1. Funny Brett, when I saw "hot beard" I immediately thought "Amanda Beard" and only just came out of the trance it enduced...

          1. I dunno. Kind of a butter-face if you ask me.


            1. Perhaps a bit. Not enough to knock her off the pedastal I have her on.

              1. This also came up in my DailyMail search for "Amanda Beard".


    4. I think Tiger's revealed preference is for variety and quantity over monogamy and quality.

      Hopefully he has learned his lesson about not getting married if you still want to fuck a lot of other women.

  3. Pron for John!

    1. Quick, you douse her with buckets of water, I'll go call SeaWorld!

      I digress.

      She can't be one of John's; I don' see tufts of brillo-like hair sprouting from her bikini.

    2. How did she pull that hammock off the tree in that one picture? Somebody help that lady, please!

  4. John is in one of these photos. Can you guess which one?

    1. Crop top with running shorts and high socks. Or the soulless ginger mullet.

    2. dunno if it's John, but I strongly suspect the guy holding the photo is a regular poster here

      1. That looks like a Hit-n-Run commenter convention.

  5. In honor of Michelle Obama and Mayor Bloomburg, Burger King unveils the BACON SUNDAE!
    (If I wasn't lactose intolerant I'd be all over that! Bacon! Bacon! *drool*)

    1. Morning Joe's Mika used this, as well as a few other food items, to claim it's depressing the way people love talking about food so much and no wonder we're the way we are.

      1. I love bacon, and I love sundaes, but if I eat even one of these this summer, I'll be shocked. Well, maybe one. I'll get a shake every now and again, but somehow I find the discipline not to stop once a day, or once a week, or even once a month for a milkshake.

        1. Well, either you're some kind of super-human or you just don't watch enough TV to be brainwashed by the commercials. Either that, or you just got some new contacts...

        2. Put on the glasses, Brett. Put em on!

        3. We got some chocolate-covered bacon as a gift recently and it was yummy.

      2. She an insufferable twit.

      3. Someone needs to develop a mild-flavored protein and vitamin paste for people like Mika.

          1. Too salty. Think brewer's yeast after a summer in the glovebox of a veterinarian ambulance.

            1. SugarFree, I don't envy the kind of childhood you must have had.

            2. Isn't that what Vegemite is?

            3. Snooki might be able to help with supplying something like that.

          2. And here I feared someone was going to make a sex joke out of that.

            1. There's no wiki page for throat yogurt.

            2. The obvious sexual reference won't work here because it's unlikely that she swallows.

  6. (in best Australian accent) That's not a boat. This... is a boat!

    1. Yo dawg, I heard you like ships...

    2. That's not an Australian accent. This is an Australian accent.

      1. Nicely done.

  7. I'm done.

  8. Russia shipping arms, including attack helicopters, to Syria. But don't worry, Russia assures everyone that these weapons aren't being used against the Syrian uprising.

    So just what is Obama going to do about this? Putin is probably having a big chuckle.

    1. You WANT another pointless ground war?

      1. No. I assume that Obama's going to do something stupid and get us involved.

        1. Obama stayed out of Iran in 2009.

          Cheney, Bolton and the neocon crew had war boners on for an Iranian invasion too.

          1. Alleged "war boners" aside, Cheney et als also stayed out of Iran. Not sure what your point is, other than petulance.

          2. You changed the metric!

          3. Good point, PB. Doing anything effective about Syria would constitute a real change in his policy of leaving anti-American regimes pretty much alone.

      2. In Libya, it was the Qataris on the ground.

        They're in Syria, too.

        I don't know that Obama will do what he did in Libya. Syria's different.

        But if the Qataris are willing to commit troops on the ground in Syria, there may not be any need for the U.S. to do so.


        And putting American troops on the ground is the crucial thing to avoid.

        1. Yes the mighty Qatar army of 8,500 men led by the dictator Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani is going to bring freedom and democracy to Syria.

          1. They were big enough to make the difference in Libya. They were they big enough to lead the assault on Tripoli, but it isn't just about the number of Qatari troops.

            They provided command and control. They provided tons of weapons and ammunition to the rebels. They provided the funds.

            I repeat. It might not be necessary for the U.S. to commit troops on the ground if the Qataris are willing to do so.

            I suspect the rebels in Syria may have less trouble recruiting than the Libyans did.

            1. Ken, you don't have the faintest idea what's going on in Libya right now, do you.

        2. And putting American troops on the ground is the crucial thing to avoid.

          I thought the crucial thing to avoid was fighting stupid/illegal/undeclared wars.

          1. Actually, you can get away with some pretty stupid stuff so long as you don't put American troops on the ground...

            See Reagan bombing Gaddafi back in the '80s or Clinton bombing the Serbs back in the '90s.

            You can get away with some pretty stupid shit unscathed--even if you do commit troops, but don't leave them there for very long...with Bush Senior's Panama adventure indicative of that.

            But it's harder to get out once you put American troops on the ground.

            1. So, we should avoid stuff that's hard to get away with, not stuff that's stupid/illegal?

              1. Sure we should avoid stuff that's stupid. Doing the smart thing is never stupid, but, theoretically, the smart thing to do could be illegal. ...in which case, I'm not necessarily against doing the smart thing.

                Meanwhile, what I've been pointing out is that there may not be any reason whatsoever for the U.S. to get involved here.

                I'm not sure I understand why it would be controversial to point out that the U.S. NOT putting troops on the ground is probably the smart thing to do.

                We could probably even get away with some stupid stuff! ...and getting involved with a bombing campaign in Syria might be stupid--but, even if bombing Syria were stupid, we might even be able to get away with doing something stupid like that! ...so long as we don't put any American troops on the ground.

              2. So, we should avoid stuff that's hard to get away with, not stuff that's stupid/illegal?

                Welcome to American foreign policy for the last 50 years.

                1. Yeah, if the only substantial check on the president's war making power is public opinion and the threat of impeachment?

                  Then I'm gonna insist that the president do the smart thing--or I'm gonna bad mouth him for it.

                  Blah, blah, blah. Woof, woof!

                  How'd you like that, Mr. President. 'cause I got a lot more where that came from.

                  1. You're assuming that getting involved in an internal dispute is a "smart" thing.

                    It wasn't in Libya, and it isn't in Syria.

    2. They're Russians, one step removed from Soviets, so Liberals give them a pass.

    3. Just another vague accusation from the administration. What kind of attack helicopters, how many, how are they being shipped, when are they suppose to arrive. Especially since I doubt if Hillary Clinton could recognize an attack helicopter if it was sitting in front of her.

      And of course none of the "professional journalists" bother to ask any factual questions, they just repeat the administrations press handout.

      1. And if anyone is wondering why someone should ask what type of attack helicopter, the Russians have three main types, KA-52. Mil-24 and the Mil-28. And that does not count the other Russian helicopters which can be armed and that someone like Hillary Clinton would think its an attack helicopter.

        1. This is the middle east. They fucking turn light pickup trucks into mobile machine gun platforms. And the Russians are accused of (and admit to) shipping other weapons including small arms to the Syrian government.

          1. It does not say that in the original link report

            Other reports say that the Russian admit to sending air defense missiles but no attack helicopters.


          2. It does not say that the Russians are sending attack helicopters in the linked report

            Other reports links of which the spam filter won't let me post say that the Russians admint to sending AA missiles but no helicopters. Also the Pentigon says they don't know of any attack helicopters being sent.

            1. The report I read yesterday said helicopters were being sent. Today it appears that repair parts and services for existing helicopters are what's in question. Sorry for the oversight in reading beyond what ai saw yesterday.

              Russia apparently admits resupplying Syria with small arms and ammunition. I guess you could say they might have contractural or treaty obligations to do so, but what is the moral status of providing material support and services to an autocratic regime responsible for massacres of its own citizens?

              1. You mean like the support we give Bahrain and Yemen?

                1. Yeah. I do. What's the moral status?

                  1. It's pretty of depraved.

                    In other words, governments bein' governments, yo.

              2. what is the moral status of providing material support and services to an autocratic regime responsible for massacres of its own citizens?

                Dude, what part of 'Russia' confuses you?

                1. Oh, I have no illusions about Russia being clean. I just think there are some seriously muddy waters Obama's navigating.

          3. Every time I think about a bunch of Afghan National Police racing to a firefight with a bunch HIG or Talib in their Toyota Hiluxes - knowing they were going to lose a bunch of people but still going on - I want to drink a lot of whisky and throw a punch at the first ANA kandak commander I see.

            Brave and determined f#$%ers

        2. I doubt the Russians are giving up 28s to a podunk backwater like Syria unless Assad brought mad cash to the table. Syria already operates 24s, so I'm guessing more of those.

      2. Dammit DJF, don't try to bring logic into a situation when this could make Obama look good.

        1. Uh, are you saying I'm trying to make Obama look good?

      3. OK, well, you see, the Russians actually admit they're shipping these arms to Syria. But they pinky swear Syria isn't using them to suppress dissent.

        1. This report says that Russian state-controlled arms trader Rosoboronexport says that they are shipping air defense missiles to Syria, not attack helicopters

          It also says that the Pentagon is unaware of attack helicopters are being sent.


          Do you have any report where the Russians say they are sending attack helicopters?

        2. It does not say that in the linked report.

          This report says that Russian state controlled arms trader Rosoboronexport says that they are shipping air defense missiles to Syria, not attack helicopters

          It also says that the Pentagon is unaware of attack helicopters are being sent.


      4. Yeah, but she sure knows ground fire directed at her aircraft when it is coming in for a landing.

      5. Maybe it's the same ones we're buying for the Afghans which are Mi17's:

        "US defends purchase of attack helicopters for Afghanistan from Russian arms company supplying Syrian regime"


  9. I love happy endings:
    "The woman asked for the man who stayed there occasionally, the police chief said. As the resident started to shut the door, Cox reached through, punched the resident in the face and tried to force his way inside, McQueen said. The resident shot Cox, then Concepcion tried to kick open the door, and the resident shot Concepcion, too, McQueen said.
    As Concepcion fled on foot, Cox pulled a gun from his waistband and pointed it at the resident, who then shot Cox a second time, the police chief said."

    1. What a dumbass. "Oh, they have a gun pointed at me and already shot me once. Let me see what happens when I try to pull a gun."

    2. No, you can't have the link. It makes it invalid.

      1. Use tinyurl to get past the filter.

        1. I fucking hate URL shorteners.

        1. Oh it's Vermont? Where there are no guns laws to speak of and just about anyone you meet could be armed? Yeah, real smart move on the burglars' part!

  10. http://economix.blogs.nytimes......ge-w-bush/

    Republican Bruce Bartlett on how Bush the Lesser managed to fuck up the fiscal situation of the US.

    Good read.

    1. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan increased the debt by $795 billion through the end of fiscal 2008.

      All of Bush's wars cost less than the stimulus. But somehow it is all Bush and not Obama's fault we are in debt. Sorry Bartlett can't get a job anywhere except lying for the New York Times.

      1. Hey maybe Booosh was just using stimuulus preemptively.

        IT's funny how progs think all government spending is good (stimulus, yummy) except for Bush's wars which killed the economy.

    2. Funny, I don't recall a lot of outcry from the left over the injustice of it all at the time. Why now?

    3. I wonder what Bruce Bartlett has to say about Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, France, Japan, etcetera etcetera.

      1. That would be his point. Big spending/low taxes (Bush/Cheney) wreck your fiscal house.

        The Greeks are masters at tax avoidance and then milking their government for services (think Medicare recipients here).

        1. Big spending/low taxes (Bush/Cheney) wreck your fiscal house.

          And yet Obama and the Dems did nothing to fix it the first two years of his term. Why is that?

        2. Most Europeans pay taxes through the nose, you fucking moron.

          1. http://online.wsj.com/article/.....74214.html

            Idiot. Hammering a fact into a conservatives hard head is a challenge for sure.

            1. Black markets and big shadow economies are yet another consequence of raising your taxes too high. Go back to school, dipshit.

        3. Also, when you raise your taxes too high you end up eventually killing your economic growth and you don't get the revenues that you were expecting anyway. See Europe once again.

          You're such a total fucking dipshit you don't even have an Economics 101 level understanding of competition and how the modern global economy works.

          1. You total fucking moron. I never mentioned their statutory rate. I said they AVOID taxes (or evade).

            1. Stop changing the metric!

            2. Even with avoidance, the government still takes a huge chunk of GDP. It just would be even higher without the black market.

              1. Dude, Shriek is the expert on GDP. Prepare to get FACT PWNED.

        4. That would be his point. Big spending/low taxes (Bush/Cheney) wreck your fiscal house.

          So you people are finally admitting that stimulus spending is economically destructive?

          1. "you people"...
            Tsk-tsk, othering Shrike like that.

            Also, needs more Shrikefag.

    4. He changed the metric!

    5. But government spending is a good thing. That's why you keep pointing to Europe isn't it?

  11. These are the morning links, aren't they? Because that galaxy story is the only one that really interests me.

    1. Hopefully one of these works.
      (hint - I used this nifty site called google.com, clicked the 'News' link, and typed in "oldest known galaxy" - pretty cool, huh?)



      1. Yeah, I know, I would have gone to google news to find it except that I'm lazy, and also on my phone, which can be excruciatingly slow when opening new tabs.

        In other news, I have a new phone coming today.

        1. What are you getting?

          If it begins with an i, Im going to mock you.

          1. Samsung Stratosphere, in part because it has a touch screen and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. My current phone, an HTC Eris, was, like, the first Android phone made and not flash compatible, so this should be a major improvement.

            1. I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Lack of a real keyboard is only thing I dont like about it.

  12. Shiner, Texas. Namesake of a beer and a place where fathers are still men.

    The dad reportedly came running when he heard his daughter screaming, then allegedly hit the man several times over the head, killing him.

    "He got what he well deserved," another Shiner resident said of the dead man, also requesting anonymity.


    Lavaca County Sheriff Micah Harmon said on Monday that the father will probably not be arrested for the beating death"

    1. Was this at an airport?

      1. Unfortunately, no.

    2. Funniest Human on the planet weighs in...

      The wailing and the gnashing in the comments are grimy funny, the normally solid marriage (or is it Stockholm Syndrome?) between liberalism and feminism showing some strain.

      1. Just because their daddies weren't there... Honestly, I would think that daddy's gonna come and stop the bad man from hurting you is probably psychologically good for a 4 year old.

      2. Also, it appears that the Funniest Human on the planet is okay with them being murdered as long as it happens in prison. So, punching someone in the head as hard as you can multiple times when you come upon them molesting your daughter is beyond the pale, but anything that one felon does to another is fine. Do felons only have agency outside of a prison or what?

        1. I didn't get that she was fine with it, but that she acknowledges the likelihood of it happening. She seems like one of the 'we can rehabilitate everyone' idiots. There's just no saving some people. All you have is various options for damage control.

          1. I guess. It just seems like an aside she could have left out if she wasn't trying to have it both ways.

      3. FTFA: the unfortunate result is that his daughter not only had to experience a sexual assault, she also had to watch her dad kill a dude.

        A. Dude. Not a child rapist, a "dude." Violence isn't pretty, but maybe this actually gave the victim some closure, as opposed to further traumatizing her. No, offing the creep won't undo the memories of assault, but at least she knows that he will never, ever do that again to her or anyone.

      4. Commenter Winterwindz: Is it bad that it makes me feel really good that he didn't even get jail time? Honestly, I would probably do the same in his situation.. I swear, normally I'm super peaceful and a good person!!

        No WW, it's not bad. That emotion you're experiencing is called a sense of justice. Don't feel bad about it.

      5. It's just baffling how anti self defense these morons are. They seem to honestly believe that the only acceptable course of action in situations like this is to call the cops and then hope they arrive in time to do something. Just goofy.

        I know if I was in this father's shoes I probably would have done pretty much the same thing.

      6. "Should Parents Be Allowed to Murder Child Molesters?"

        That's not even the relevant question. In general, I'd say the answer is no. But you damn well are justified in killing someone who you encounter actively molesting your child. Had he later sought the rapist out and killed him, I'd call that murder.

        1. One of the commentors anecdotally referenced a case in which a mother was told by her 13 yo daughter mom's boyfriend had raped her. Mom goes and confronts the man, he admits it, she shoots him down there, and is acquitted.

          Personally, I think that if that is a true story, the woman should have been tried. If the jury wants to decline to convict on it, that's why we have juries.

          1. I agree. I might not vote to convict if I am on that jury, but the charges are certainly appropriate as it is not a clear case of self defense.

          2. To be fair, that commenter did say the mom went to trial before she was acquitted.

    3. On the local news, they said they'll probably run it past a grand jury just for form's sake, but if he doesn't get nol pros'd I'll be shocked as shit. The lethal force doctrines are settled law and based on the reports, this qualifies with no questions.

      1. Yeah, if Joe Horn gets off in Harris County, it would blow my mind if this dude didn't get off in Lavaca County.

        I think the grand jury was right in the Joe Horn case, FWIW.

    4. "Probably"?

      The Sheriff will arrest this guy only if he wants to make damn sure he never sees double digit support in another election.

      1. The only time I expect to see the Sheriff next to this guy on TV is at the parade in his honor.

      2. Remember Ronnie Earle shopping Tom DeLay to 4 different grand juries until he got an indictment? The Sheriff isn't the only actor at play here.

        1. Well, I think we can safely say the DA will charge this guy only if he wants make damn sure he never sees double digit support in another election.

          1. I've seen DAs do dumber things, like conduct affairs and sexual harassment by email and then keep most of the records so they can be found in discovery.

    5. My only concern with this is that if you just got in a run of the mill fight with a drinking acquaintance at a barbecue at your house and killed the guy accidentally, it wouldn't take too much imagination to decide to coach your 4 year old to say she was being attacked.

      I'm sure I could convince my 5 year old to tell the cops that aliens were attacking the house, and that's why daddy shot off those illegal fireworks.

      1. Wait, you need an excuse for illegal fireworks?

      2. That is a good point.

      3. Fluffer, not all of us live in your world where fights are common occurences as social events, and where scumbag drunks are allowed around young children. Just sayin'

      4. Perhaps. But I'd rather live in the world where this guy gets a pro forma investigation and goes free than having the full weight of the police state fall on him.

  13. North Dakota said no, overwhelmingly, to abolishing property taxes


    1. This story is misleading; it would've been a constitutional amendment to ban towns from raising taxes to provide services. The residents wouldn't even be allowed to vote for a tax to build a road, bridge, hire more police, etc, relying entirely on centralized planning to provide these services.

      This amendment failing was a good thing.

      1. Alrighty then. Let's see them try again with a proper amendment.

      2. I think it failed because it required the "lost" revenue to be replaced from some other source. If it had just offered to eliminate property taxes and replace them with nothing, who would vote against it?

    2. I think they're conservative up there in the technical sense of the term.

      1. Nope, as anon says the issue was more of local versus centralized control.

        You'll notice that there wasn't an initiative to reduce or eliminate either the sales tax or the income tax.

    1. It's funny how the man who pioneered excessive make-up and hairspray for shock value looks downright average next to lady gaga.

  14. George Zimmerman's wife was charged with felony perjury.

    They should probably charge Zimmerman's attorney, for conspiring with a known felon. Also, seize the domain of the donation site.

    1. I am sure they are talking about it. He is fucked no matter what happened.

    2. When did a defense fund become a personal asset?

      1. Depends on who controls it. If there's a corporation and a board, not so much; if she's the only one with access to the funds, then, yeah, personal.

      2. That's what I'm thinking too. Do they get to keep any left over money (just humor me and imagine there were left over funds)? Is an account held in escrow that was never actually my asset suddenly my asset, even if I don't control or direct the funds (i.e. can't spend the money on booze, cars and women)?

      3. Apparently, she transferred over $70K to her personal checking account.

        What an utter idiot.

        1. What if she transferred the money so she could, I don't know, write a check to an attorney for services rendered?

          And if people sent them the money without stipulation (and if I read the donation page right, it did not specify it was only for legal fees), then it was theirs to do with as they see fit. They disclosed the account at the bond hearing. They're doing this to his wife because they can't find a set of thumb-screws in the county jail to use on Zimmerman.

          1. According to the article, she structured it so that each transfer was under $10K. That's a big no-no and will get you effed. If one is transferring money for legit reasons, rather than to conceal money, structuring transfers like that is risky.

            1. "According to the article," which means "According to the prosecutor."

              I'm still mildly skeptical.

              1. Agreed. But if true, it's pretty damning.

          2. The issue is she didn't disclose the amount at the bond hearing when asked by the court.

    3. After seeing the mug shot of his wife, I think Zimmerman is content to stay in jail.

    4. The Prosecutor is taking hostages now?

      1. Pretty much. That is all this is. They know they are going to lose in court. So the strategy is "plead to something and we will let your wife go".

        1. When I heard about this, that is what came to my mind at first.

  15. He said he told Gary Shultz, the vice president of business and finance at the university, and that in his mind "Mr. Shultz represented the police, without a doubt."

    No relation that I'm aware of.

    1. Of course not, but when you're a coward in his position that's what you say.

  16. Germans has teh sadz with Obama, would probably still vote for him cos they're suckas

  17. The Womans Christian Temperance Union still exists. Only most chapters have adopted the initials MADD.

    1. The best comment there: "Fucking unions."

  18. Scientists in Japan say they've discovered the universe's oldest known galaxy just past Jupiter. They say it was formed 12.91 billion years ago.

    That's unpossible since it was all created in seven days, 6,000 years ago.

  19. There's a whole galaxy just on the other side of Jupiter? I knew it was hiding something.

    1. I was thinking the Foot.

    2. The universe is on Orion's belt.

      1. Now you made me sad. It's pretty bad that Vince D'Onofrio looked better as a dead body full of cockroaches than he looks nowadays as himself. Remember how he used to be young, and thin, and hot? And they say men age better than women.

        1. Thin is not a plus in my book, but yeah, Vinny was pretty hot back in the day.

  20. North Dakota said no, overwhelmingly, to abolishing property taxes and replacing the revenue some other way.

    A majority of North Dakotan voters are not land owners?

    1. The measure would require the "lost" revenue to come from some other source. As someone noted above, it would mean state control vs. local control. And people love their "free" schools.

  21. "Does your client get to sit there like a potted plant and lead the court down the primrose path? That's the issue," Lester said in revoking Zimmerman's bond.

    Well said, Judge. Better charge that path-leading potted plant with a(nother) hate crime.

    1. well if the court is stupid enough to follow a sitting potted plant...

    2. That dosen't even make any sense.

      1. This is Florida. From what I can tell, we're lucky they got a judge who speaks in complete sentences.

        1. Potted plant promenades prosecutor down primrose path.

          1. Seriously Whiterun Guard, that needs to be a headline somewhere.

          1. UF fans/alums/exes have a special place in our land, and they usually arrive there by the short bus.

            1. Our land? Which land would this be?

              1. Tallahassee, specifically. Florida more generally.

                1. Oh, you mean the what, fourth best school in the state? Half-Ass-U?

                  1. Well, when you find a video to top Go Gata, you just post it.

          2. Holy Christ on a fucking cracker. That woman is one of the venerable ones Brooks insists we're to worship for her obvious superiority?

        1. Does too as far right as the threading will go, plus infinity.

  22. The Japanese team calculates its galaxy was formed 12.91 billion light-years ago, the Daily Express reported.

    The Daily Express must have some really top-notch science writers and editors.

    1. Hey, their ship ran the Kessel run in less than three parsecs.

      1. That was actually my first thought on reading it, too.

        1. NERRRRDDDD!

          /ogre 🙁

  23. You know what would hit the spot for Obama with that delicious looking steak? A martini, of course:


    1. Obama compared Republicans to a person who orders a steak dinner and martini and then, "just as you're sitting down, they leave, and accuse you of running up the tab."

      He actively campaigned to pick up that tab.

      1. Whose idea was it to put such a nice restaurant in a ditch off the side of the road?

        1. And I thought all the republicans were standing around that ditch sipping on Slurpees...

          1. You have t all wrong. They can't possibly all be standing around the ditch because they're too busy watching the TRAKTOR PULLZ!!

      2. jesus christ, this guy, this fucking guy

      3. And called ahead to vote for steak dinners all around for when he showed up.

      4. Why does a man who the left lauds as being so sophisticated intellectually insist on using these dull metaphors?

        In the span of three and half years, he's likened Republicans to slurpee-drunk drivers, janitorial critics, and now dine n' dashers.

        Is it possible to stop pandering to the intellectual retardedness of the Dumbshit College Student crowd and speak like an adult?

        1. Oh he didn't believe that shit either. Obama's classic "I'm lying and I know it" tell? Listen for the stutters.


    2. Obama compared Republicans to a person who orders a steak dinner and martini and then, "just as you're sitting down, they leave, and accuse you of running up the tab."

      OK. Sure, I'll concede that Bush split after ordering the steak. The problem is, Obama ordered the surf and turf, and another round of martinis. Then tried to force the waiter to pay the tab.

      1. Then tried to force the waiter Chinese immigrant dish washer to pay the tab.

        1. I thought he said "Don't worry, I'll pay you on Tuesday"

  24. http://news.investors.com/arti.....hs-out.htm

    Obama's base is cracking up. Even among blacks he is down to 87%.

  25. Prometheus goes 35 light yrs into space, but Charlize Theron gaffes "We're a half billion miles from Earth", which would be just past Jupiter. I think that was the clever reference being made with the cross-out.

    1. Charlize didn't make the crew for her scientific skills and knowledge. If you were going on a long voyage in space and Charlize wanted to go, would you really check her resume?

      1. If you were going on a long voyage in space and Charlize wanted to go, would you really check her resume?

        Probably just her medical records.

      2. Depends on how much room I have for dead weight. Seriously, for a trip into space, I'm confident I can find at least one or two smoking hot babes with skills.

        1. Physicist Amy Mainzer? Or physicist Deborah Berebichez?

          1. Either one of those would work, yes.

          2. Nuclear physicist Christmas Jones?

          3. I love that the one chick has "bichez" in her name. As in "I'm a physicist, bichez!" (yes, I know, the proper ghetto spelling is "bitchez")

          4. Berebichez

            Is that pronounced "bare bitches"? 'Cause that's how I', going to say it.

        2. It's because she's African-American, isn't it?

          1. I went to grad school with a South African girl who went off on a rant about that one day. It was fairly amusing, and helped by the accent.

            1. "Eh-FRI-ca"

            2. In college, I knew a girl born in Rhodesia. Her family moved to the US when it became Zimbabwe (I didnt know her well, I have a feeling that her family's land was stolen by Mugabe).

              Probably the most casually racist person Ive ever met. But I liked her accent.

            3. I had a date with a white Souf Effican dude once. Notice my use of the singular. He was an extraordinary douche.

          2. I loled.

          3. I believe she is just African.

      3. Only if she was the pilot.

    2. Dude, it's really hard to Google "35 light years in miles". Especially when you're only on a shoestring, $120 million budget.

      1. And multiplying 186,000 by the number of seconds in a year on your windows calculator is just way too hard for someone in Hollywood.

        1. I actually had to go check if the Windows calculator would do that math, since I use MathCad for anything more involved than simple algebra.

          1. The problem is that the number you come up with is beyond trillions. And we are 5.865696 to the 12th power miles from home, doesn't make for good dialog.

            1. That's why we use terms of distance like "light years". Interestingly, one light nanosecond is 11.8 inches (0.98 feet).

              1. Oh yeah. Where I was going with this was that I wanted to lodge a petition to have the length of one foot officially changed to the distance light travels in one nanosecond so as to avoid this.

            2. Light years, light minutes, light seconds, AUs, parsecs--we got you covered.

              1. Because it came up recently, a barn-parsec is about 3E-12 m^3, if I calculated correctly.

        2. John, you're assuming they cared.

          Also from the film: n days, thirty-six hours...

          1. They rightly assume their audience is made up of mostly morons who won't notice.

    3. I just rewatched Superman. In the interview with Lois, Superman says he's from a another galaxy. Luthor says the same thing. Of course, that's insanely wrong.

      1. I once saw a knife get pulled in an argument over the difference between "galaxy" and "universe." Maybe Scott was just trying to keep peace on the set.

        1. My youngest daughter's third grade teacher once stated that the sun is the biggest star in our galaxy. My daughter immediately called bullshit on that, but since obviously a curious and well-read 8 year old can't know more than some twit who graduated from teachers' college, no amount of arguing could accomplish anything. Except, you know, getting the kid in trouble for not shutting up as ordered.

          1. That's not even close to being right. Sol's pretty average in size.

            I had a science teacher in 8th grade who was teaching a segment on astronomy. He said the speed of light was 186,000 miles/sec. I corrected him, pointing out that it's actually 186,282 miles/sec. (which is still an approximation, of course). He accepted correction. As annoying as I was being, he was more concerned with accuracy than in proving his superiority to all kids.

            1. He should have told you to shut the fuck up because 3 significant digits is more than enough in most cases.

              And Pi IS 3. To one significant digit.

              1. He was pretty anal when it came to things like that on tests, so I wasn't that far out of line. I also added "in a vacuum" which was a much better point.

                Naturally, I became a lawyer. What was I thinking?

            2. That is pretty ign'ant. My daughter had a geography test where the teacher had Mt. Everest as a landmark in China. Now I know the PRC is pretty aggressive about their borders, but I think we might have noticed if Nepal had been annexed...

              1. The border of Nepal and China (Tibet) runs right across the top of Mt Everest, so that's at least 50% correct. However, if the teacher wants to keep his lefty cred, he would never call Tibet "China".

    4. Don't Brits use the word billion for what we would call a trillion? I'm too lazy to do the math and see if that's any better.

      1. Still off by two orders of magnitude, but closer.

      2. Scratch that, it would still be 205B in that case.

      3. A british billion is a million million, or 10^12. 35 ly is about 2x10^14 miles.

  26. http://newsbusters.org/blogs/n.....z1xd2aHWL7

    Joy Behar wants Romney's house to burn down.

    1. The racist eliminationist-rhetoric-using uncivil Republicans forced her into saying it.

    2. Behar added, "Who's he going to call, the Mormon fire patrol?"

      Well, why not? Unlike dumb liberal guineas, Mormons actually give a shit about their communities.

  27. Viewers of TV Land will not be able to watch insult comic Don Rickles compare President Barack Obama to a janitor at the recent American Film Institute tribute to Shirley MacLaine when the network broadcasts its shortened version of the evening's festivities at 9PM ET/PT on June 24. "It's not going to make it on the air ?that's all I'll say about it," says a spokesperson for the cable channel, which presented Rickles with its Legend Award in 2009.


    What a bunch of fascist bastards.

    1. My first thought when I heard that was "My God! This guy's still alive?"

      1. You leave Don alone. Don is fucking great. Picking on the Rickles is only slightly above harassing Neal Armstrong.

        1. The guy was old when I was young. I thought he'd be dead by now.

          1. He actually isn't that old. He just looked old from the time he was 20 I think.

            1. I just looked him up. He's 86.

              1. Like you I thought he had to be a hundred by now. That means he was only in his 50s back in the 80s when I thought he had to be close to 70.

    2. I thought the same as you until I read the piece, John. The AFI tribute lasted over 4 hours and the TV Land piece is 90 minutes less commercials. That leaves maybe 70-75 minutes tops. There's a lot of other stuff that got cut as well.

    3. Maybe we can get Don Rickles to be Obama's next dinner guest.

    4. Again, I'll point to the Dean Martin roasts that took place in the late 1970s. The stuff said on there was ten times as "offensive" as anyting Rickles said about President Butt Naked, and no one had their performances censored--although Ruth Buzzi's should have been, on general principle.

  28. Giggity Giggity Good Lord!

    Link between cartoon character Glenn Quagmire and real human beings possibly discovered.

    1. You're like the anti-sarcasmic.

      1. I almost posted that as John pron, but she's too skinny.

  29. Bret Easton Ellis casts porn star James Deen and LiLo in new film. Lilo, apparently, will go full-frontal nude.

    The best part? FTA: The Canyons, previously being developed as a TV series, will be directed by veteran screenwriter Paul Schrader - who wrote Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, and wrote and directed American Gigolo.

    1. Wow, finally an article about LiLo that doesn't use the phrase "dick-infested man-mattress."

    2. You know, BEE is one of those authors I acknowledge as a skilled writer, but dislike reading. Also on that list is Chuck Palahnik. And Herman Melville.

      1. But he's got my vote on this issue.

        Bret Easton Ellis says Scarlett Johansson would be perfect to play erotic heroine Ana Steele in the film adaptation of bestseller Fifty Shades Of Grey...

        1. Yet another person in the entertainment industry that recognizes ScarJo's only marketable asset is her tits.

      2. Don't forget Faulkner.

  30. Hugh Laurie is in negotiations for the part of CEO of the Omni Corporation in the RoboCop remake. Once I even called him asshole. But there was always respect

    1. I'd do what he says, son.

    2. He is a very talented musician. He did a record with Alan Toissant last year of New Orleans blues/jazz that was great.

    3. Please tell me they'll actually be filming in Detroit for this one.

  31. Can someone point me in the direction of the pajamas media post where Jack Dunphy whines about how a cop is eventually going to die because of the new Indiana civil liberties law, and literally 99% of people posting there let him have it? That shit was the feel-good read of the year last night.

    1. Oh, absolutely. I'd love to read that again, too.

    2. Here you go.

      Already started out my day with an argument with some boomer who's been lucky enough to never have had a problem with the police, ergo they are all faultless angels everywhere. Ugh. At least when I argue with younger emotional leftists they realize that the police can do wrong, so, yeah, this was in my mind.

      1. Conversation segued into police from music after he mentioned that he doesn't like "rap where they just swear all the time" and I mentioned NWA as quality listening. All he's familiar with is "fuck the police" and he didn't care for it.

        He got all huffy and asked if I really supported killing the police. I just quoted Dirty Harry and said that there was nothing wrong with shooting, as wrong as the right people get shot. This was not the right thing to say to win this debate, let me tell you.

        1. All he's familiar with is "fuck the police" and he didn't care for it.

          Because he's not familiar with the song, but with what Law and Order Conservatives have told him the song means. Forget that the song is nothing but a mirror of what cops have been doing to the black community since fucking forever, let's just concentrate on how selfless cops are.

          Fuck that guy.

      2. When a police officer has been shot, his colleagues are unlikely to be deterred by having it pointed out that they are at the wrong house. "Oh, you're looking for 345 Lilac Circle? I'm afraid this is 347. Sorry about your friend there. Hope he's up and around soon!"

        I hope that guy is the first one killed.

      3. Awesome.

      4. An epic beatdown. And from a commentariat that is sort of libertarian-lite, at best, with plenty of socon/neocon leanings.

        I was going to comment, but I had literally nothing to add.

        Dunphy's comment that, if a cop gets shot, the rest will essentially riot and assault the house, rather than pulling back, regrouping, establishing contact, etc. is very telling.

        1. Seriously, when you say "the police are going to come back with more guns, and we won't give a shit if we got the wrong house", you have to wonder what kind of totalitarian monster thinks like that.

        2. Part of me hopes that laws like this drive the big time badgelickers to the Democrats, just so we get a single Government Party to recognize as unsalvageably evil. Politics being what it is, the creation of a true fascist party could well result in the other party transforming into something more generically libertarian in response, like a more positive version of the changes in the 60s.

          1. We're already there, it's just that players from each Team have been convinced that the other Team is evil and totally different.

        3. I liked the one comment by the US Army captain asking a cop that referred to him as a "civilian" where he enlisted.

          1. Thanks for that, SRC - I went over and had to reply to "Jack" posting his versions of the "chickenhawk" defense - "why don't you go be a cop...." Did we go back to 2004 and I missed it? I guess the Digital Thin Blue Line had to respond eventually. Gah!

        4. um, not THSI dunphy

          again, i support the law, and i supported it at first mention. don't misrepresent my position, while i realize "dunphy" is a broad term, after all i borrow it as an homage to the NRO writer

          for the umpteenth time, the indiana law is GOOD LAW. i support it. i wish more cops did support it

          1. while i realize "dunphy" is a broad term

            Noooo. Dunphy is the name of the author of the piece that this thread is about.

            Scroll up to "Somalian Road Corporation|6.13.12 @ 10:03AM|#"

    3. you may be paying homage (as i do) with my name, but FWIW i SUPPORT the indiana civil liberties law. i got into some heated arguments with some fellow officers over it, most of whom opposed it.

      of course none of us live in indiana, fwiw.

      but again, for the record, imo the law strikes a REASONABLE balance between rights, due diligence, procedure, etc.

      iow, it's a good law/bill

      1. you may be paying homage (as i do) with my name

        Don't flatter yourself.

  32. David Brooks finally states outright what he really thinks.

    Just a sample:
    To have good leaders you have to have good followers ? able to recognize just authority, admire it, be grateful for it and emulate it. Those skills are required for good monument building, too.

    1. Those skills are required for good monument building, too.

      So get to work on building that pyramid, proles.

    2. I'm sure we'll recognize just authority just as soon as some exists. It surely hasn't in my lifetime.

    3. able to recognize just authority

      Haven't seen much of it my lifetime, but Brooksie obviously disagrees.

      1. I wonder what his response would be if you told him to kneel down before BOOSCH because he is obviously so much better than us lowly proles.

    4. HO. LEE. FUCK.

      I don't even.


      1. "If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever."

        And it is Brooksies face, and it is similing. And he asking for another, sir.

    5. To have good leaders you have to have good followers

      WTF does that even mean? Would you say that, to have good chefs, you have to have good eaters?

      I mean, talk about blaming the victim, getting it ass-backwards, etc. Half of being a good leader is being someone that people want to follow. If people don't want to follow you, that's a failure of leadership, not a failure of followership.

      1. Authority must be obeyed because it is authority.

        The law is the law.

        Respect the uniform.

        Tautologies are tautological.

        1. strawmen are dry and strawy

            1. it's like the wickerman,. it should be preceded by hawt nakkid dancing blondes and obedient townsfolk in a tranclike state.

      2. Listen, RC. Not everyone can be part of the party vanguard, riding around in limos with dachas and mistresses. Some of us (well some of you) have to be proles. Because otherwise the vanguard would have no proles to lead. And everyone knows that the vanguard has the best interest of the proletariat at heart. Well, everyone who hasn't been brainwashed by the running-don anti-party movement.

        TL;DR: Some animals are more equal than others.

    6. He of the perfectly creased pants is about to get his ass thrown out of office. Expect a lot of thumb sucking "America is just ungovernable" opinion pieces in the coming year.

      The people of America have failed Obama. And Brooks and the other toadies are never going to forgive them for it.

    7. David Brooks: PWNED from the grave by Ayn Rand in "The Monument Builders".

    8. What a peurile statment. I get that Brooks is trying to say, in his own clumsy way, that leaders are, in many ways, emulative of the population at large. John Adams remarked that the Constitution would only work in a society that was fundamentally moral and religious in nature, and GK Chesterton once observed that as the courage of a community declines, the prestige and power of the professional military class increases.

      At the core of these arguments is the idea that our social institutions are only as strong as the communities that support them--that a just and free society can't be imposed from the top down, it has to be found in the everday character of ordinary citizens.

      But Brooks is going beyond that--he's arguing that great leaders are made not by free citizens maintaining stable, sustainable communities, but by brainwashed sycophants bowing to the great golden god.

  33. In case anyone is interested, the latest Rush album dropped yesterday, and it is AWESOME.

    1. I might actually buy an album for the first time in years. Thanks for the heads-up.

    2. Yes yes yes! I love the story; love the music, love it! Just a question : the story appears to be roughly an allegoey of Peart's philosophical life. So who is " The Anarchist?" Rothbard? Were Peart and Rothbard ever closely in contact? Some pretty strong words in there and the characterization of the Anarchist fucking up the young man's life is interesting to say the least.

      1. And for that matter, is the acrobat he fell in love with only to suffer her scorn supposed to be Rand? Are the Carnies supposed to be the libertarian elite of the 1970s?

        1. I'm in the middle of my second listen trhough. However, I am doing this at work and haven't had time to scour the lyrics yet. It is obvioulsy a hugely ambitious work. The music alone is epic. I'll circle back with you after I've had a chance to get deeper into it.

          1. I'm really curious about the characterization of the Anarchist as a rage-filled man bent on some sort of "vengeance." I know Peart refers to himself as a left-leaning libertarian now, but it wasn't always quite so.

  34. Remember the guy crying after the Wisconsin recall failed? I want to thank him for his life-sustaining sweet tears.

    But it may get even better! If the OKC Thunder can win three more games, LeBron James may be able to satiate the needs of an entire nation with some salty goodness.

    1. I was listening to a piece (of shit) on NPR about how Romney might beat Obama if he is able to raise more money than prezbo.
      I'm thinking "Perhaps the reason why candidate A raises more money than candidate B is because candidate A is more popular than candidate B. Then when candidate A wins the election, it isn't because they raised more money, it's because they were more popular. Their raising more money was an indication of that popularity."
      Fucking sour grapes losers.

      1. Every once in a while I catch something interesting on NPR, but their coverage is so hilariously slanted that I can't believe anyone attempts to deny the bias. I haven't been listening as much recently due to much less driving but during the whole debt ceiling debacle it was a virtually nonstop torrent of outright falsehoods and propaganda.

      2. No way Romney can out-fundraise BO at this point.

    2. That series is over. The Heat can't score a hundred. And they can't keep the Thunder under a hundred. It is really that simple. The Heat only beat the Celtics because Ray Allen and Paul Pierce were hurt and the Celtics just couldn't score enough. Even then they needed a 49 point night from James and massive help from the referees. This series is over in maybe five games. Four if James can't come up with a 50 point night because that is what it is going to take.

      That said, it is not James' fault. He has had an amazing run in the playoffs. Anything short of spectacular and the Heat wouldn't have beaten the Pacers much less the Celtics. The rest of the Heat just are not very good. Wade and Bosh are hurt and everyone else is a marginal player. Meanwhile, the Thunder are young and loaded. Seven out of the top ten players in this series are on the Thunder.

      1. The biggest thing I've noticed is that the Thunder are young guys who can run all night long. LeBron's been amazing (even if the Heat lose the series, I still think he should be the Finals MVP just for dragging that sorry team past the Celtics), but he can't do it all by himself.

        Jordan's Bulls won championships because of important contributions from a bunch of role players, in addition to Jordan and Pippen. If LeBron doesn't get help, the Heat are done.

    3. And people on this board wanted to debate when I said that Durant should've been MVP instead of LeBron.

      1. I can't stand LaBron. But he deserved the MVP. The problem with the Heat is not LaBron. It is the rest of the team. Westbrook is much better than Wade. I have never seen a player who defends all five positions on the floor well and runs the offense, rebounds and scores. James is just amazing. This Heat run reminds me of Elway taking some loser team to the Super Bowl back in the 1980s.

        1. And yet, when it mattered Durant was unstoppable and James wasn't.

          1. Durant is a great scorer. That is what great scorers do. But it was more than just Durrant. Westbrook had a great night too. Put James on the Thunder and Durrant on the Heat and the Heat don't make it past the Pacers. And James has been plenty unstoppable when it mattered other times. And he had 30 points last night. Last I looked those points count too.

            1. What? The Heat won a title without LeBron and Bosch. OKC would be worse than the Rockets without Durant.

              The MVP is the guy who just picks his team up and drags them to the win. You know, 17 of 30 points in the 4th quarter. LeBron is without a doubt the most gifted athlete on the court, but that isn't the same as the most valuable player on the court.

              1. The Heat won a title without LeBron and Bosch

                Six years ago with Wade in his prime and one last great year from Shaq. Boston won 16 titles without Paul Pierce. But so what? Different teams.

                The MVP is the guy who just picks his team up and drags them to the win.

                The Thunder are a loaded team. No one has to drag them to the win. Sure Durrant had a great fourth quarter last night. But on another night it could just as easily be Westbrook or even Harden doing that.

        2. Of course he can defend all five positions well. When the refs never blow the whistle on him, he's free to go out there and beat the shit out of whoever he's guarding, making him look good.

          I'm sorry, but in Game 7 against Boston, I watched the first 46 minutes of that game. LBJ literally clotheslined Rondo twice and pushed and pulled his man every time they went through a screen: 0 fouls.

          LeBron was not the best player this year. He has not been the best player in the playoffs. And he gets every fucking call in the world go his way because the NBA wants him to get his championship out of the way.

          Fuck LeBron James. And fuck his momma, too for thinking she can beat up a valet for being too slow.

          1. I totally agree with you Sloopy. I hate James and the Heat. And think the refs gave the Boston series to the Heat. That series should have ended in five. And Boston, because they are deeper and more diciplined that the Heat would have given the Thunder a better series.

            That said, James is having an amazing playoff run. Whenever he steps off the floor the Heat completely fall apart. I have never seen a team so dependent on one guy like this. James deserves a lot of credit in addition to the ass beating the Thunder are administering.

      2. Durant is a beast. He's been wrecking my Lakers for the past several years. How we made it past OKC in the playoffs last season... I don't know. But OKC is going to dominate the West for at least the next 3 years. Maybe more if they can keep Durant, he stays healthy and they keep decent role players on the roster.

        I hope OKC mops the floor with MIA. Fuck "King James" and his self-designated greatness. Also, Fuck Michigan.

        1. I am not a James lover. No one will enjoy watching the Heat lose more than me. But even I as a James hater have to admit he is having a spectacular playoff run.

          And btw

          It is NOT ONE
          NOT TWO
          NOT THREE
          NOT FOUR
          NOT FIVE
          NOT SIX
          NOT SEVEN

          Playoff appearances.

          Poor Bron Bron was just misquoted.

        2. Also, Fuck Michigan.

          Jesus, man. You're on fire today!

          (Heading down this afternoon, by the way. Bringing some beer for you. If any of you other reasonoids want some, let me know now. I'm leaving in 3 hours. kenspicer111@gmail.com )

          1. I know I'm laying on the Fuck Michigan pretty heavy. But football is coming soon, and I'm getting pretty psyched. We got Urban Meyer. 🙂

            1. Haha! and you think that's a good thing.

              1. It certainly ain't a bad thing.

                Trivia: Ohio State went 6-7 last year, and every loss except Miami was by one score or less.

                Fickell may be a nice guy, but he lost most of those games. Urban Meyer goes 11-2 or 12-1 with the same players and schedule. They win the BigTen and the Rose Bowl.

                1. Figure a National Title, then death penalty by the NCAA...

                2. I just hope his heart doesn't act up again when he goes 7-4.

        3. How we made it past OKC in the playoffs last season

          Uhm, you didn't play the Thunder in last year's playoffs. The Lakers lost to the Mavericks in the second round, then the Mavericks faced the Thunder in the conference finals.

          And, just because it was too delicious to go unmentioned, the Mavs then beat the Heat in the Finals. The tears were yummy then, and I find myself hoping for a 2nd serving of sweet salty ham LeBron tears this year.

    4. I'm gobsmacked that anyone watches or talks about the NBA.

      1. it is better than hockey or soccer.

        1. It's more boring than both and at least hockey and soccer have actual humans as participants, not freaks of nature.

        2. Hockey is great live, and dull as shit on TV.

          Metric football, besides giving HHCSA another excuse for a stadium, is pretty much worthless.

          Although I think more sports leagues should operate like the Bundesliga. They kick the lowest two teams down to the minors each year, bring the top two minors up, and have a tournament between 3d worst in the majors and the 3d best in the minors to see who gets the last slot.

          1. I love the idea of demoting teams. But it will never happen here. And yeah, hockey is all about seeing it live. Does not translate well to TV, although HD has made it much better. I don't know how people watched hockey in the low def days.

        3. Soccer sucks, but could be improved tremendously by halving the size of the field and allowing physical contact. Just like hockey, come to think of it!

          1. It is called indoor soccer Kristen. There was actually a reasonably popular professional league of it back in the 80s.

          2. Physical contact is allowed in football. You can't go after the man and not the ball, but if you go for the ball and there's a leg in the way, tough shit. And there are plenty of players who try to get one in on an opponent when they think the ref isn't looking.

            A classic post-game photo for your enjoyment

            1. I used to coach an elite U14 team. There was a stud athlete in town I had been trying to get for several years, but he was convinced soccer was "for fags".

              I finally got him to show up at a game. We slapped a jersey on him and put him in at midfield. 2 minutes after he took the field, he was dribbling the ball laterally, and one of the opposing players executed a textbook slide tackle at full speed.

              The "stud" did a somersault and landed flat on his back. He came limping over to the sidelines with the hugest grin on his face.

              He signed up the next day for the rest of the season.

              1. lacrosse is superior to soccer in every way. real tackling (without rolling on the ground asking for a card), higher scoring, better maneuvering (can bring the bal behind the goal, just like in hockey).

                i admit to being biased, but i don't see how anybody can objectively compare

                soccer and lacrosse

                and not find lacrosse superior

                football is so different it's not an apt comparison, much like baseball

                but soccer and lacrosse are very similar. lacrosse is just better

  35. HS Choo-choo may be LS Choo-choo:

    "Bullet train's ability to maintain speed disputed"
    "an average of more than 140 mph, including stops - is a legal requirement, written into a 2008 state voter initiative."

    Where did that number come from? Why someone said it could do that, that's where!

  36. San Francisco government solves every major problem imaginable, moves on to this.*

    *I can't even come up with a good way to word the idiocy they are undertaking.

    1. See! Teachers are literally dropping dead from overwork! This is why they should have full retirement at 39!

    2. Sadly, her students learned just as much as they did the day before.

      More, surely. It's like their own little Body Farm

  37. You guys think Costco's fucked from the story yesterday? Walmart tries to one-up them.

    Walmart succeeds.

    1. I don't know. The Costco thing still seems worse to me. At least the Walmart guy (apparently) did something wrong to deserve to be confronted by security.

      1. Yeah, but is it Walmart policy to drag a guy back into the store and detain him if he's made it to the parking lot with a few dollars worth of stolen property?

        I am genuinely curious.

        1. i have personally seen cases where walmart security has done that. i have no idea if it's national corporate policy.

          iow, guy didn't buy some shit, passed the registers, got out the doors before confronted by security, then was confronted and taken back to the security room.

          i saw them do it in one case also where it was a burglary. the guy had previosuly been formally trespassed as witnessed by police, thus making any future prperty crime a burglarly, since it was an "unlawful entry" followed by a "crime within"


        2. Does Walmart own the parking lot?

  38. Could our resident lawyers weigh in on this case please.

    I just can't wrap my head around the decision. When a house is sold, doesn't that mean the contents of the house? As is/where is has meaning, after all.

    1. Makes sense to me.
      Contents of the house implies the things you know are there, not what was stashed in the walls.

      1. ... not what was stashed in the walls.

        Oh yeah. Stashed in the walls could make them fixtures. Therefore the ammo cases would change from personal property to real property. It really is a very fine line between personal property and real property in this case. I still agree with the Court.

        1. The whole thing reminds me of the scene in Moving, when the people keep telling Richard Pryor "we're taking it with us" when they're looking at the house, and they show up to a house gutted of fixtures.

          Haha. That movie was horrible.

          1. "Arlo Pear, I can see you. You can run, but you cannot hide..."

    2. That kind of stuff is personalty - not fixtures (and even that stuff usually gets negotiated in the contract - washer, dryer, fridge, etc). If there is one thing that has been litigated to death in the common law, ever since the Normans won the big one, it is real estate. States like IL consider real estate to be a Lawyer Employment Sector, bleah.

  39. CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. -- Government subsidies for a rail line through Chippewa and Barron counties no longer are needed because of the silica sand mining boom, officials said Tuesday, June 12.

    Upgrades made to the line by a private firm will bring an end to a regional rail authority, saving Chippewa County $800,000.

    The two counties established the Wisconsin West Rail Transit Authority a decade ago in an effort to pay for upgrading the 37-mile-long rail line, which had fallen into disrepair. The counties sought state funding to buy the line, now known as Wisconsin Northern Railroad, and pay for improvements.


  40. Cash would be personal property, which every sales contract will exclude from the sale. As is/where is is a protection for the seller. Definitely an interesting case, though. I agree with the Court that the personal property was mislaid, not abandoned.

    1. ^^^ In re: Sloopy's @ 10:55.

    2. I don't know about the "as is-where is is protection for the seller" exclusively. In my business, I've seen many sellers try to unravel a sale because they accidentally left the wrong set of tires on a mining truck ($60k a set) or left equipment/tools in a trailer worth in excess of 10x the value of the trailer itself. And never once did they even bring a suit because the contract was explicit: the unit will be sold as is-where is in the condition delivered. I would expect it to be the same here. Curious decision.

      (Did you see my response above? I'm coming with some sweet homebrew tonight)

      1. I've seen many sellers try to unravel a sale because they accidentally left the wrong set of tires on a mining truck ($60k a set) or left equipment/tools in a trailer worth in excess of 10x the value of the trailer itself.

        You can see the tires and you can fairly assume that the trunk may contain something.
        Best analogy might be a wall safe. If that money was in a wall safe then I'd say the seller was out of luck. It's their responsibility to check it before they sell it.
        The wall itself? I don't think so.

      2. Cool. Staying in LBC? Want dinner? Banjos, too? Text me.

        1. I will. She's coming and so are the kids. They'll stay at the hotel (same one as usual) in LBC. The adults will come out to play.

    3. Gack - you beat me to it and did a better job of explaining it too.

  41. Talk about desperation!

    Union aims to organize the unemployed

    America's jobless are unionizing, or at least furthering an agenda of one of the nation's biggest unions.

    An organization aimed at giving the unemployed more influence has announced it now has more than 100,000 jobless activists in their ranks.

    The Union of Unemployed (UCubed) Activists is an Internet-centric "community service project" of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) ? one of the country's largest industrial trade unions.


    1. The Union of Unemployed (UCubed) Activists

      Um, no wonder they're unemployed. They don't know the difference in squared and cubed.

      Fucking retards.

    2. WHAT DO WE WANT!?

    3. So when the unemployed union goes on strike, does that mean that they all go out and get jobs?

    1. So stolen.

    2. I got an unavailable screen. What was it?

  42. just for the record, because there be a lot of dunphy's slung around this thread.

    i support the indiana civil rights bill

    in fact, i supported it back from the beginning. my posts here support that

    it's a perfect example of a law can properly balance privacy concerns, due process concerns, due diligence concerns, etc.

    it's good law. it is NOT an anti-police law, although i am aware many cops (and others ) view it that way.

    1. The "dunphy's slung around this thread" were in reference to something penned by a need-to-die-pig (redundant I know) named Jack Dunphy.


      Don't flatter yourself.

      1. need-to-die-pig isn't 'redundant'.

        it's childish.

        your (and several others) arguments about cops with this hysterical "needs to die" shit reminds me of the old PJ ORourke critique of the WOD where he says to take drug warriors claims about drugs and whereever you see "drugs are", replace it with "black men are' (actually he used the "N" word, but i don't).

        similarly, when it comes to your ilk, it's instructive to compare your thought process by replacing "pigs" or "cops" with "black men".

        it's a great way to show how obscene you bias is, and that we are not dealing with rational criticism, but with irrational hatred.

        were you the one where it all goes back to some stupid DUI bicycle where you were guilty as fuck, but you are still whining about it? i can't keep the grievances clear :l

        1. it's instructive to compare your thought process by replacing "pigs" or "cops" with "black men".

          Actually, it's not. You see, what makes "cops" or "pigs" different from "black men" is that not all "black men" seek out a job where they carry a club and a gun that they can use on a whim.
          Not all "black men" routinely commit acts that would put anyone else in jail.
          Not all "black men" file false reports and commit perjury without consequence.
          Not all "black men" like to kill pets and destroy property for no good reason.

          Yes I understand that not all cops are bad. But that 99% sure gives the rest a bad rap.

        2. Oh, and way to miss the point.

        3. It is instructive to note what would happen to myself if I shot a dog for running up to me as opposed to what would happen to a uniformed cop.

          It is instructive to note what would happen to me if I shot a man for "throwing the business end of a shovel" at me as compared to what would happen to a uniformed cop.

          It is instructive to note what would happen to me if I filed a report that surveillance footage proved false as compared to what would happen to a uniformed cop.

          In all cases I would be charged with a crime, and the cop at worst would get administrative leave a paid vacation.

          And you wonder why I despise you and your ilk.

    2. Everyone else seems to be aware that "Dunphy" refers to PJ Media's Jack Dunphy. There's no need to issue corrections.

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