A.M. Links: Independent Monitor Proposed for NYPD, Mubarak Fears for Life, New Entrant for Oldest Galaxy


  • a still more glorious dawn awaits

    A multi-state federal raid targeted the horse breeding operation of Jose Treviño Morales, alleged to be the brother of the Mexican Zeta drug cartel's second-in-command. Morales is accused of using his horse breeding operation to launder drug money for the Zetas. Time for a war on horseracing!

  • Legislation to be introduced in the City Council today would establish an independent monitor for the New York Police Department, something the city's Housing Authority and Education Department already have. The New York Times reports the Council would need a veto-proof two-thirds majority as its unlikely Mayor Bloomberg will support the bill. The City Council's Speaker, Christine Quinn, likely to run for mayor next year, has also been muted in criticism of police practices in the city.
  • George Zimmerman's wife was charged with felony perjury. She is accused of lying to the judge about how much money was available for bond.
  • A former Penn State assistant coach testified in the Jerry Sandusky trial that he walked in on Sandusky raping a child in the locker room in 2001. He said he told Gary Shultz, the vice president of business and finance at the university, and that in his mind "Mr. Shultz represented the police, without a doubt."
  • North Dakota said no, overwhelmingly, to abolishing property taxes and replacing the revenue some other way.
  • Lawyers for Hosni Mubarak say they fear prison doctors are trying to kill the octogenarian ex-dictator.
  • Scientists in Japan say they've discovered the universe's oldest known galaxy just past Jupiter. They say it was formed 12.91 billion years ago.
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