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A.M. Links: Suicides by U.S. Troops Up in Afghanistan, Obama Ramps Up Drone War in Pakistan, UFO Spotted Over Israel a Russian ICBM Test


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    The first 155 days of combat in Afghanistan saw 154 U.S. soldiers commit suicide. That's 50% more than the total U.S. casualties in Afghanistan this year.

  • Anticipating a ban on the practice by the government of Pakistan, President Obama ordered that drone strikes in the country be significantly ramped up. Meanwhile, Leon Panetta complained Pakistan is not doing enough to prevent terrorist attacks on Afghanistan to be launched from there.
  • Rand Paul told Sean Hannity he's "happy to announce" he's supporting Mitt Romney for President "now that the nominating process is over."
  • Bill Clinton is apologizing for going off-message on the Bush tax cuts, set to expire at the end of the year. "I'm very sorry for what happened. I thought something had to be done on the fiscal cliff before the election," Clinton told CNN's Wolf Blitzer.
  • Rights violated? There's an app for that. The NYCLU's new mobile app lets you record and report stop and frisks in real time and find out about stop and frisks near you. The NYPD says the app could pose a security threat. It's currently only available on Android devices.
  • The Army of Corps of Engineers is likely to tear down a man's $14,000 tree house in Bonner's Ferry, Idaho, or the city could lose $128,000 in federal funding. The man received an exemption from city authorities to build the structure in 2007. "I still feel like this is just an action of big government," the man said. "We were totally helpless. The city's helpless, and they are pretty much held under the gun."
  • An unidentified flying object seen over Israel turns out to be an intercontinental ballistic missile test by the Russians. 

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