A.M. Links: Walker Survives, Cali Cigarette Tax Hike Nixed, Philly Sued over Homeless Feeding Regulations


  • permits all around

    Governor Scott Walker survived his recall in Wisconsin. Mitt Romney won primary votes in California, New Jersey, New Mexico, Montana and South Dakota. In New Jersey, Congressman Bill Pascrell defeated Congressman Steve Rothman, who moved after last year's redistricting to avoid running against Republican Scott Garrett. In Montana, meanwhile, the state's Republican Congressman Danny Rehrberg won the primary to face Jon Tester in November.

  • California said no, barely, to a cigarette tax hike, and yes, by a wide margin, to a term limits proposition. Pensions reform won in San Jose and San Diego, but unions are expected to sue. Meanwhile, in its open congressional primaries, 58 Democrats, 44 Republicans and 4 candidates with no declared party made it to the general elections for 53 congressional districts, while Dianne Feinstein will face Republican Elizabeth Emken  (Spoiler: most of the incumbents will win)
  • A graduating high school student in Baltimore was arrested and held without bail after a warrant was wrongfully issued by a court commissioner. "The officers were very nice. They checked on me and made sure I was eating and drinking and not so depressed and crying too much," the girl said.
  • Philadelphia got slapped with a lawsuit for new regulations on feeding the homeless because, well, they're regulations on feeding the homeless.
  • How the Fort Lauderdale assistant police chief's unmarked police vehicle got stolen from his driveway's kind of a puzzler. "The ignition wasn't punched, and there was no broken glass," he said. "I wonder if they towed it or had a key?"
  • No reports of anyone going blind watching Venus in transit.

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