MSNBC Reacts to Walker Victory: "He may be indicted" and "You can't say anything about this other than that big money won" and "Obama is really the big winner"


The fine folks at the Washington Examiner have put together a montage of MSNBC's coverage of the Wisconsin recall election. It is…fascinating: 

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  1. I wish I could watch this right now. I need a laugh.

    1. ditto

    2. It ain’t all that. Certainly doesn’t come close to salty tears Wisconsin Red Sox fan.

      1. Certainly doesn’t come close to salty tears Wisconsin Red Sox fan.

        Was that some sort of man-in-the-street interview they did with someone who was despondent that Walker wasn’t recalled?

        1. Never mind, I just saw Red Sox guy on TV – fucking AWESOME. They also just showed a clip where some woman bitch-slapped Tom Barrett. Even awesomer.

          1. Try scrolling down the blog sometime. 😉

            1. Try scrolling down the blog sometime. 😉

              I can’t, the wheel on my mouse is broken 😉

  2. “You can’t say anything about this other than that big money won” and “Obama is really the big winner”

    Doesn’t that make Obama the big money candidate?

    1. Obama already is the big money candidate.

  3. Progressive: “It’s only Big Money when they do it!”

    1. Oh and Union money doesn’t count, ’cause unions are the voice of the worker struggling under teh yoke of the oppressive bourgeois, or something.

      1. 35N4P2BYY|6.6.12 @ 1:11PM|#

        Oh and Union money doesn’t count

        well, it’s not *BIG* money… its the combined dues of thousands of “middle class”, hardworkin, rent-seekin’ Average Americans…

        The whole, “big money” thing is clearly going to be the talking point going forward. The idea that all Progressive failures are a consequence of the opposition ‘stealing it’ from them is all over the place.

        Re: “Big Money” – A friend of mine who worked in commercial real estate investments for Bear Stearns in the late 90s was asked to come look over the headquarters building of the “Local 32BJ of the Service Employees International Union” (doormen elevator workers – 28,000 members).

        Keep in mind this was a guy who regularly did deals of hundreds of millions, buying office towers…

        He told me afterward the place had security like nothing he’d ever seen (biometrics on every floor, radio tags to track people, armed guards everywhere), had a conference room that would have made Dr Evil proud (solid marble, wall-sized video conference, overlooking Times Sq), and had the equivilent facilities of a small hospital across a few floors.

        Point is, “big union” aint no joke.

        1. And that would be my satirical point.

    2. LOL, the funniest part is that if the Walker legislation hadn’t freed WI workers from paying mandatory union dues if they work in union shops, the unions would have had tons more money to spend o this. Thworkers voted witg their wallets and showed the unions just how much they appreciate their “representation.”

  4. Did we really need [more] proof that progressives are the most delusional people on the planet? Yeah, more than the crazy old guy on the street corner.

  5. The denial the left is wallowing in is fascinating. Unless the economy improves rapidly in the next several months, and Obama manages to sharply ratchet back the deficit spending the Congress and the Administration are heaping on future generations, he is going to get crushed in November. It will be epic to behold.

    I don’t know how anyone can sit through all that video. 10 seconds of these hacks has me flipping back to the Red Sox game.

  6. So what is he going to be indicted for?

    1. Obstruction of justice?

      Apparently some of his aides were using a charity fund for veterans as a personal piggy-bank, and Walker might have covered for them in order to avoid being embarrassed.

      1. I don’t know, that’s pretty weak. One thing did stand out though, the Justice Department has a “Public Integrity” division? Oh the irony.

        1. They’ve granted close to 30 people immunity over this so far. When this happens, something rather wicked this way comes.

  7. It’s the old “we-won-by-losing” trope that’s used after a shellacking.

  8. “We can change reality through force of will if we just try hard enough!”

    Sorry, assholes, only Episiarchs can do that.

    1. Episiarchs are shaggy quadrupeds that have the ability to temporarily alter reality by force of will,

      And to think you have been making fun of Warty all of these years. You nothing but an extra dimensional Steve Smith.

      1. Don’t make me rape your mind, John.


    2. We’ll each remove a head for your trophy case.

    3. really?

      The only other scifi names here are Shrike and Hyperion….

      Why do you have to suck like them Epi?

      1. The only other scifi names here are Shrike and Hyperion….

        Only if you inexplicably define “1984” as not being science fiction.


        “prolefeed – Rubishy “Entertainment” and spurious news which the Party handed out to the masses. This includes written literature, movies, porn, music, and other various propaganda created for the proles. (For a modern example of prolefeed, just turn on your television or radio. With the exception of some scientific programming, everything else is prolefeed.)”

  9. A 54 percent to 45 percent margin is a “narrow win” hmmm.. So remind me how exactly Obama’s 52.9 percent to 45.7 win a “landslide” and a sweeping mandate?

    1. Cause of sample size or something.

      1. You have to take into account the standard disputation.

        1. What about the standard dispensation?

          1. Well, there’s standard disinformation, but that’s a technical term.

            1. I understand. It’s like standard disgronification.

              1. Very like that. And standard dissembling.

    2. Something something not bush something something.

    3. For the same reason that elections had consequences in 2008 but in 2010 election winners were hostage-taking Tea Party terrorists.

  10. MSNBC really has descended to the level of one of the old party organ newspapers of the 19th century.

    “Its just a flesh wound.”

  11. Rachel Maddow sure is a handsome woman.

    1. I bet she dominates the dorm room posters at Yale.

      1. or Vassar.

          1. How could you forget Oberlin?

            1. Wellsley and Bryn Mayr are on the line and would like speak to you.

              1. I have NYU on hold; speaking to Meredith now, and they are not happy.

            2. Don’t forget Brown and Skidmore.

              1. West coast representin wit Mills College!

            3. At Oberlin, they roll up the posters of Maddow and smoke them.

        1. I’ve had just about enough of your Vassar bashing young lady!

      2. Well, sure. You can’t use poison on rats anymore. Bad for the environment or something.

      1. Looks like Warren Beatty melted.

  12. Images of “Baghdad Bob” in 2003 came to mind when I watched the coverage when the polls were open. Declaring victory as enemy artillery rounds are detonating in your capital is kinda funny to watch.

    1. This was just what I was thinking. What ever happened to him? My theory is that he’s Blogger Bob for the TSA now.

  13. I was expecting MSNBC to refer to Walker “restricting rights” of union members to collectively bargain early and often. That’s their schtick. That’s what they do.

    Usually CNN tries harder to appear to be the “middle ground” network, but they did that a couple of times too. I was, for some insane reason, actually slightly pissed at that.

    1. CNN just pretended it didn’t happen and covered the Queen’s jubilee. Recall election? What recall election?

    2. Walker is indeed “restricting rights.”

      He’s restricting the right of progressives to win every election or else they’ll stamp their tiny feet and whirl themselves into butter.

      1. He restricted their “right” to forcibly deduct union dues from employees’ paychecks.

  14. The left’s reaction to this is fascinating and disturbing. First, make no mistake like most things this is about money. The Left has been using public sector union money to fund itself for decades. And the funding has been good. There are thousands of professional leftists out there who make a nice living thanks in large part to this money. Brett Kimberlain is a convicted terrorist and drug dealer, yet still manages to have a six figure income and live in a nice DC suburb.* If states follow Wisconsin’s lead and take away collective bargaining rights and the ability of unions to forcibly take union dues from members, that money dries up. And thousands of professional leftists will be out of work.

    Not only will they be out of work, they will nearly all have convinced themselves that democracy is dead and the political process is a sham. Now lets see, thousands of angry out of work ideological fanatics who are convinced the political process is irredemably broken who have tons of fellow travelers and enablers in government and the media. Yeah, that sounds like a recipe for a domestic terrorism movement to me.

    *Kimberlain’s money does not come directly from unions. But money is fungible.

  15. Why isn’t that dark-haired anchor dude wearing a tie?

    1. Marshall Crenshaw stopped wearing ties back in the ’90s, actually.

  16. Wtf is going to happen on MSNBC if Obama loses?

    1. I think Special Ed Shultz will have some kind of medical break down. Over under on how many MSNBC anchors cry? I think Crazy Larry and Chris Matthews are sure bets. So it is at least two and a half.

      1. John I think you’ve stumbled on to a nefarious plot to do away with the majority of the MSNBC male on air staff.

        1. Rachel is more handsome than all of them put together anyway. Seriously though, she is attractive, but not in any traditional feminine sense so handsome is as close to an accurate word as you’ll get.

    2. Violent insurrection against Fox News. Suicide reporters, poorly crafted bombs, the works.

      1. Considering 60s leftists record of making bombs, I would not want to be on the MSNBC staff when that happens or at least not in the building.

        1. But I sure hope that it’s on live TV!

      2. I’m thinking maybe something like full-contact Steal the Bacon b/w Fox News and MSNBC.

        When Maddow and Steve Douchie are tussling over the pork, my money’s on the handsome guy from MSNBC.

    3. I think that they will pretend in never happened lest the harm the fragile psyches of their loyal sycophants and themselves.

    4. I am going to have to record MSNBC on election night. The cognitive dissonance, the waves of their delusions crashing on the rocks of reality… It will be hilarious.

    5. “Wtf is going to happen on MSNBC if Obama loses?”

      We’re all racists now.

      1. Pip|6.6.12 @ 1:36PM|#

        “Wtf is going to happen on MSNBC if Obama loses?”


  17. Maddow said something smart when she pointed out that people see mandates when they want to see them, but I can’t say I got the impression she was aware of the irony of saying that on MSNBC just a few years after Obama won his election by a lesser margin (popular vote)

    1. Bill Clinton never got to 50%. But won a huge mandate in both cases. LOL

      1. According to people like Madcow, of course.

        Man, who in hell would have her as an anchor? She’s repulsive, definite “change the channel!” material. I’ve always found her to be so.

        1. At least hacks like Ashley Banfield or Campbell Brown were easy on the eyes. What exactly does Maddow bring to the table? I mean is there really that big of a market for a butch lesbian sex symbol newsbabe?

          1. She’s trying hard to be a masculine version of Jon Stewart.

            1. *flips coin*

          2. Know your audience, I guess.

        2. I thought she had great chemistry when she was a guest on the PBS show Carlson Tucker had several years back. But as an anchor? Meh.

          1. Haven’t really looked at PBS since Firing Line went off the air, except when I channel-surf into a travelogue of some sort.

          2. Yeah i liked her on that show. Far less of a hack then she is now.

            She would make leftist arguments from first principles rather then cheer-leading team blue. Also the show focused on more libertarianish items such as the drug war or gay marriage…I often found myself agreeing with her over Tucker.

    2. That word is almost always misused, as we rarely see more than a majority, at the very best.

      In 2006 and in 2008, there was an “Okay, the GOP has sucked with all of this war crap, so let’s try the only possible other option in a world of only two options” moment. That was realized to be a stupid plan sometime in 2009, as hardly anyone was signing up to become Greece.

    3. Maddow said something unself-aware when she talked about “people having man dates when they want to”.

  18. “If I were a Republican governor, I wouldn’t want to do that, I wouldn’t want that to happen to me.”

    Uh, yeah, no governor wants to go from being first-term “Walker who?” from a “flyover” state to a hero to a huge chunk of the electorate, in less time than it took even for Obama’s myth to be spread?

  19. A friend in Wisconsin reported he saw David and Charles Koch driving school buses through neighborhoods announcing
    voters could get $100 if they climbed abroad and were driven to the polling station. Other monocle-wearing, striped-pants types were seen letting the air out of the tires of registered Democrats. Other corporate types were
    turning street signs around in Democrat neighborhoods so it was harder
    to find one’s polling place. At least one location reported that three piece suited CPAs were stationed outside intimidating voters with their deathly white pallor.

    1. Reminds me of that Far Side about accountant street gangs.

    2. Remeber: it’s only voter fraud when the wrong TEAM wins.

    3. Wait – I need to have striped pants now to hand $100s?

      Well, never mind then.

      1. tophat, tails and spats, are acceptable replacement for pinstripes

        1. Spats it is!

        2. Look at the “Monopoly Man” for required uniform of the 1% and us bought and paid for libertarians.

        3. Don’t forget the ladies! Mink stols, floppy hats, cigarette holders, and all around!

          Oh wait women can’t be libertarian because they would then be required to be self-haters.

  20. O’Donnell on Ron Paul taking second in the NH primary: “Huntsman is the real second here.”

    I sense a pattern with him.

    1. That the matter in his head is not grey but brown?

  21. Grasping at straws – See: MSNBC.

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