"Hopefully the colon cancer will take her before we get her"


How they play in Wisconsin: 

With the Wisconsin recall election in full swing Tuesday, the roving video patrols of Revealing Politics, a new conservative political website, were in the Badger State talking to voters. Journalist Christian Hartsock caught one bandana-clad liberal protester on camera in the capital city of Madison, threatening Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch.

"Run, get the fuck out of the state," he advised the lieutenant governor … We're coming after her anyways, so it doesn't freaking matter anyways, win or lose."

Asked what protesters would do with Kleefisch if they found her, he answered, "I don't know, hopefully the colon cancer will take her before we get her."

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Also, here is a supporter of Tom Barrett slapping him in the face for conceding to Walker: