"Hopefully the colon cancer will take her before we get her"


How they play in Wisconsin: 

With the Wisconsin recall election in full swing Tuesday, the roving video patrols of Revealing Politics, a new conservative political website, were in the Badger State talking to voters. Journalist Christian Hartsock caught one bandana-clad liberal protester on camera in the capital city of Madison, threatening Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch.

"Run, get the fuck out of the state," he advised the lieutenant governor … We're coming after her anyways, so it doesn't freaking matter anyways, win or lose."

Asked what protesters would do with Kleefisch if they found her, he answered, "I don't know, hopefully the colon cancer will take her before we get her."

More such niceties at The Daily Caller

Also, here is a supporter of Tom Barrett slapping him in the face for conceding to Walker: 

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  1. I’m immune to colon cancers. Meanwhile, Sugarfree can’t even face a candy bar. Suckers.

  2. Union mentality isn’t pretty. Everything is a life and death struggle to them.

    1. Don’t you mean 1 struggles with life and death while 4 watch?

      That’s just a taste. You can catch more of my act at the Chuckle Hut this weekend.

  3. I’ll give Barrett credit for not knocking the shit out of her.

    1. Don’t know why he didn’t have her arrested for assault, though.

      1. Perhaps he has a bit more class than his typical supporter

        1. Perhaps he has a bit more class than his typical supporter.

          Maybe a little. But if he as aspirations for higher office…and they almost always do…. he knows he’s going to need this bitch again in the future.

          Think of it as codependency!

        2. So, he’s not a Democrat?

      2. It can’t be assault. Liberals are non-violent. Sez so on the Union Label.

      3. He thinks she has skills that will be useful to him, if directed right.

    2. Woman or troll? She’s what, 4’8?

      1. She also looks to have Down syndrome.

    3. Democracy is our only and best hope for salvation from the forces of Evil and Republicans, unless we lose. Then we should take the office by force and rule with an iron fist.

  4. “I don’t know, hopefully the colon cancer will take her before we get her.”

    The pure progressives must always be willing to strike a righteous blow against the evil conservatives. Violence must often be used to combat pure evil. Why can’t you see that they are fighting a holy war on your behalf? Their trying to save you from yourself.

    1. *They’re… I blame… myself I guess.

      1. Then you clearly are not progressive.

  5. It’s really sad when you see people have been hurt so badly by this. When you see someone lash out at a cancer survivor like that, it just shows how badly they’re hurting inside, and the only truly appropriate way to react?

    Is with laughter.


    Laughter at their public employee union pain. Laughter at their public employee union tears.

    You’d need a heart of stone not to laugh.

    1. Laughter at their public employee union pain. Laughter at their public employee union tears.

      Are you implying that public-sector tears are yummy and sweet? Yummier and sweeter than, say, a union auto worker’s tears?

      1. I think so.

        People don’t have to buy UAW made cars if they don’t want to.

        But nobody really gets to choose not to pay taxes, so one system is more coercive than the other.

        When Barry O nationalized 2/3rds of the American auto industry, and put the taxpayers on the hook for the bill? That changed the math a little bit, but generally speaking, public employee unions are much worse than the other kind in my book.

    2. Do you think people really bought into the idea that Walker was destroying public employees’ lives and that’s why this is so devastating for them? Or were most of these people just projecting their anxiety and fears about ideological shifts and Obama’s chances onto this race?

      1. I think a lot of the union members we saw in front of the legislature last night really do believe that their ability to have a higher standard of living was tied to defeating Walker and undoing what he did.

        But not all of them!

        Walker won 38 percent of the vote among members of union households, exit polling shows

        —Huffiana Post


        I suspect there are hard-working union members out there, who work hard, would love to get ahead, and resent the hell out of their slacker coworkers–just like the rest of us.

        But those aren’t the guys who are lashing out at cancer survivors and slapping their candidate for conceding.

        1. just look at how many union members stopped paying dues and dropped out once membership stopped being compulsory. Even some in the public sector understand the problem.

      2. Many union members today still think they are fighting the robber barons of the late 19th century. So it is still a struggle between life or death for them.

        1. Many union members today still are brainwashed to think they are fighting the robber barons of the late 19th century.

    3. Or you could call her a cu….

      Never mind.

      1. A cupcake? A cub scout?

  6. Thats some pretty crazy stuff dude. Wow.

  7. The Che admirers are having their little moment.

  8. Come on, reason…Guy Crying!!!. I can’t get enough of this thing.

    1. Scott Tenorman lives!

    2. Is there a YouTube link? I can’t watch CNN video from my phone.

    3. The END OF DEMOCRACY!!!!!

    4. aaah, it’s been remixed

    5. I got it. I’ve been looking for a Youtube of the guy since I saw him last night.

    6. Speaking of that …. Maddow wasn’t even close to crying. She seems to have actually looked at the polls before hand and known what was coming. Ed Schulz was way closer to crying. But he had his evil citizens united security blanket to cling to.

  9. OT: “We have published an update http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/F…..-29829.htm to the federal regulations governing falconry. Beginning January 1, 2012, the States of Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wyoming will operate under the revised federal regulations. Falconers in those States will no longer need federal permits to practice falconry. A number of small technical changes were made to the regulations, mostly to clarify them.”

    WTF? There used to be Federal permits for falconry?

    …Commerce Clause?

    1. Endangered species BS.

    2. The feds have snail husbandry requirements. You’re surprised because they have falconry ones?

  10. In other ugly lefty behavior news, here’s video from the WSJ of a woman slapping Barrett last night for conceding.



    1. Dude, that’s in the post.

      1. This isn’t the first time I missed something.

        Sadly, it probably won’t be the last.

      2. It’s worth seeing twice.

  11. Actually it is dangerous that all those Wisconsin Marxists have just had their worst fears about democracy confirmed.

    1. Those kinds of leftists don’t want democracy unless they think that they can buy/manipulate votes.

      1. Their form of democracy is what those of us not indoctrinated by leftist bullshit, would call collectivism.

  12. Wait, I thought Sarah Palin was responsible for all of the violent political rhetoric in this country. I am so confused.

    1. It’s called civility when lefties do it. It’s only violence when someone to the right of Mao does it.

  13. Wisconsin Nazis. I hate Wisconsin Nazis.

    1. Obergrupenfuhrer, get that plate!

    1. I really wish these noodle-armed goons would get their “revolution” going already so we can get the Day of the Rope in full swing.

      1. It is odd how people completely unprepared are so anxious for open warfare.

        1. Yeah, they hate guns and promote the feminization of males, but they are ready to kick everyone’s ass. Pretty funny.

          1. well, if people are unarmed and less prone to masculine behavior, they are more easily subdued. Kinda forward-thinking, a sort of pre-emptive weakening of your potential opposition.

            1. Well, yeah – but they do it to themselves, not the opposition.

          2. Yeah, but if no one has guns, then the best slapfighter is king!

    2. I’m sure Chris Matthews is trying to figure this out right now!

  14. As my liberal WI family and friends have made it clear to me, a Walker victory means that democracy failed, because he just bought the election. Essentially, to them, there is no “democratic” way that Walker could possibly have prevailed. That they spew this nonsense with a straight face is unbelievable to me. If you really want “democracy” you have to face the fact that you’re going to lose once in a while.

    1. Translation: Democracy means we win.

    2. “If you really want “democracy” you have to face the fact that you’re going to lose once in a while.”

      Unless you’re a libertarian then it’s going to be a lot more frequently than “once in a while.” Sigh.

      1. Along with being a Northwestern football fan and a Cubs fan, being libertarian just rounds out the always-lose triumvirate for me.

        1. Hey Northwestern had a couple of good years.

    3. But it’s ok when Obama outspends his rivals. Funny stuff, you can’t make it up. Leftists are the biggest hypocrites.

      1. Yes. Bush’s massive fundraising in 2000 was a sign of the corruption of democracy. Obama’s massive fundraising in 2008 was a sign of how much support he had from the “average” people.

        Oh, and Ron Paul’s massive fundraising is a sign of, well, nothing, because it doesn’t get widely reported.

    4. Not a new thing. In the early days of the USSR, the official line was that “democracy” was synonymous with Communist rule because the Communist party was the party of the people.

      1. Figures. We seem to be in a weird transitional period right now where the mainstream right and the mainstream left are all clamoring for fascism, but the politicians on both sides are too chickenshit to give it to them.

  15. OT: Bradbury checks out!

    Watch me Sugarfree the link!


    1. There better be a reason post in the works.

      Sci-fi thread?

      1. Suderman just started the Bradbury thread.

    2. Oh, crap. I thought he was immortal.

      I’ve always liked his work, even though he differs from my other favorite science fiction authors in not being in the “hard” science fiction camp.

      People usually talk about his novels, like Fahrenheit 451, but my favorite Bradbury works were his short stories. I believe the very first science fiction I ever read was the S is for Space collection of his short stories.

      RIP, old man. Hope you are on Mars with Lovecraft, Poe, and all of your favorites.

      1. Oh, crap. I thought he was immortal

        His problem is that he didn’t wear a monacle. That is one of the prereqs of immortality.

  16. The best way to deal with these people is to laugh at them. You can’t reason with them. But you can laugh. That guy wants more than anything to be taken seriously. He is serious. This is serious business to him. Overly earnest douche bags have no defense to ridicule.

    1. Oh, we be laughin… we be laughin.

  17. Ah, the new civility at work!

  18. I think that video is a fake.

    Looks like it is sped up. If you notice she immediately rubs his shoulder after he slaps him.

    My guess is she rubbed his cheek then rubbed his shoulder only the part when she rubbed his cheek was edited to look like a slap.

    His reaction is way too casual for a guy who just got slapped.

    1. Then again maybe not.

      camera was moving a lot but looks fluid..hard to change speed with that happening….

      After re-watching my conspiracy theory is fail.

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