Recall Election Most Expensive in Wisconsin History. It's Still Cheaper Than a Bad Comedy


More than $63 million has been spent in Wisconsin both by the candidates and outside groups in the effort to recall Gov. Scott Walker. Via the Center for Public Integrity:

The amount spent since November 2011 trounces the state's previous record of $37.4 million, set during the 2010 gubernatorial campaign. …

While [Milwaukee Mayor Tom] Barrett has received about 26 percent of his $4 million in campaign donations from outside the Badger State, Walker has drawn nearly two-thirds of his $30.5 million contributions from out of state, according to campaign filings released May 29. Walker has outraised Barrett 7 ½ to 1 since late 2011, though Barrett didn't enter the race until late March.

Mike McCabe, director of Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, complains about outside money – and so much of it! – being spent in his state.

"All the spending is outrageous and wrong, but it's also legal," says McCabe.

Why is an infusion of millions of dollars of outside money being spent in the state of Wisconsin so outrageous and wrong? People are obviously very passionate about the vote and media outlets are reporting high turnout. Is spending $64 million (of voluntarily donated money) on an important and influential election regarding the fate of not just a state's governor but the extent of public union control over our tax dollars worse than spending $64 million producing Wayans vehicle "Little Man"?

Wisconsin polls close in one hour.

QUICK UPDATE: According to CNN's exit polling, 88 percent of Wisconsin voters had already decided how they were going to vote earlier than May, meaning a good chunk of the spending was probably pointless overkill anyway.