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Orlando, Florida, high school student Stormy Rich says she told a bus driver that other students were bullying a mentally challenged middle school girl. But the bullying continued. So she told an official at her high school. But she says the bullying continued. So she confronted the bullies herself and told them to stop. The school then barred her from riding the bus.

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  1. According to Christopher Patton, communications officer for Lake County Schools, a courtesy had been extended to Rich to ride the middle school bus.

    “Due to circumstances on the bus, the privileges were revoked,” he said.

    Patton said he could not discuss the bullying complaints filed by Rich or her mother. He also could not say if any action was taken about those complaints.

    “I can’t comment about student discipline, unfortunately,” Patton said.

    “Unless that student is Stormy Rich. Then I can comment up a storm.”

  2. What an admirable young lady, struggling against bullies, mindless authority and a risible porn actress name.

  3. Miss Rich learn a valuable lesson on how bureaucracies work.

  4. The terrorists morons have won.

  5. It’s almost like the anti-bullying campaign was a feel-good, grandstanding move and that taking any action beyond mouthing platitudes and updating the student handbook was just too damned much like work.

  6. Mr. and Mrs. Rich, thanks for naming your kid “Stormy”.

    Stormy, thanks for having more cojones than most boys. Most men, for that matter.

    And a big “fuck you” to the bureaucrats. Fuck you!

  7. Oh! I almost forgot – you bullies, we’ll see you at the Police Academy in a coupla years. Work on your kick and punch technique till then.

    1. And don’t forget to yell, Stop resisting!

  8. Turns out, not surprisingly, that people are just rooting for their favorite TEAM, and not a consistent political philosophy.

    I like how the only time that republicans and democrats both fear the government is an election year. They’re both so goddamned worried that their brand of statism will be out in the cold for four years.

    1. I am not sure the two brands of statism are all that different. As far as I can see they are two horses with slightly different color spots and feeding out of different ends of the same trough.

      1. Dude, they’re totally different from each other.
        One supports abortion, and the other says it doesn’t. See? Complete opposites!
        Oh, and gay marriage! Nothing like each other!

    2. Won’t someone please think of the children republicrats?

  9. “Orlando Umatilla, Florida, high school student …”

    Umatilla is about 50 miles from Orlando.

  10. Time to make da donuts lol.

  11. It’s a lesson I learned in 1976, when my backpack was stolen while seated in the auditorium during a school assembly, in full view of everyone. I was so shocked when my teacher told me “there’s nothing I can do about it” that I insisted on going to the school principal…who told me “there’s nothing I can do about it.” It’s a lesson I never forgot and apparently it holds up, post-Columbine, etc.

    1. Did everyone share the contents? Were you the last one in the school to be let in on the racket?

  12. Brenda Rich said she has met the bullied student and the young girl does not comprehend sarcasm or even understand what “hate” means. She views everybody as her “friend.”

    She’s better off that way. Why shouldn’t she be happy? Since all values are subjective, what is to be gained by teaching her that she should be unhappy about what someone else tells her?

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