Miss Ohio Cites Movie Prostitute as Positive Role Model in Failed Bid to Win Miss USA Pageant


Via Andrew Kirell at Mediate comes this snippet from last night (or was it last century's?) Miss USA beauty scholarship contest:

Judge Marilu Henner asked [Miss Ohio contestant Audrey] Bolte: "Do you think women are depicted in movies and on television in an accurate and positive way? And please give us an example."

Bolte responded:

"I think it depends on the movie. I think there are some movies that depict women in a very positive role, and then some movies that put them in a little bit more of negative role. But by the end of the movie, they show that woman power that I know we all have. Such as movie Pretty Woman. We had a wonderful, beautiful woman, Julia Roberts, and she was having a rough time, but, you know what, she came out on top and she didn't let anybody stand in her path."

Before we even get to Miss USA's answer, let's just pause for a world of wonders in which Marilu Henner gets to be a judge, just like Samuel Sewall, Ooka the Wise, and Judge Judy. But give all credit to actress, author, and colon-cleansing advocate Henner, whose acknowledged trysts with John Travolta, Tony Danza, and Judd Hirsch must make her Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory that much more a burden to bear: She provoked by far the most interesting aspect of the night.

So what do you think, Reason readers? Is Audrey Bolte's choice of Pretty Woman as an accurate and positive portrayal of grrl power or is it a giant step backward after, I don't know, flicks like Klute, Monster, and even It's a Wonderful Life, fer chrissakes?

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  1. I think Pretty Woman is an excellent example of the progress women have made. Julia Roberts got to star in a hit movie despite the fact that she can’t act and looks like a horse. What more could feminists want?

    1. Pretty Horse. It does gallop and eats apples. Flies love it, too.

    2. That would make Sarah Jessica Parker a modern day Susan B. Anthony.

    3. Neigh means neigh.

    4. That was my first reaction, this woman thinks Julia Roberts is a beautiful woman?


  3. Never saw the movie, so I can’t make an informed opinion on the matter.

    1. Striptease.

        1. Ew. Eu n?o gosto de senhoras idosas.

        2. Who the fuck posts friggin’ porn in a (at least semi) respectable forum?

          Not cool.

          1. Oh ho ho, you thought Brazilian Gangbang was bad, check this shit out.

            Not safe for anywhere, bro.

            1. Pfft, G Rated compared to this.

              1. Damn! That’s saxy!

                har har

          2. Yeah, he could have at least posted some of that high class British porn.

      1. Actually, I happen to like Striptease. It’s one of my guilty pleasures (the movie, that is).

  4. Whatever she says is alright by me.


  5. Hm…she’s from Batavia, Ohio…that’s about a 5 hour drive…Fuck, I hope there’s a 24-hour Home Depot between here and there.

    *tires screech*

    1. That’s near the ‘Nati dude. Is it really worth it, do you think?

    2. Run for your life Audrey!

      1. It’s already too late for her.

  6. She looks like Holly Madison.

    1. except, you know, actually attractive

      1. I dunno. Her face is very large and defined, with a hawk nose. Picture her in ten years when she returns to her natural frizzy brunette, cut short. Add ten pounds. Will she then be showing “natural beauty?”

        1. So, your point is that any woman who in the future will look older and less attractive than she is in her prime is not fuckable?

          I’d do her now, and worry about ten years, oh, about ten years from now.

          1. I’m pretty sure I’d do her in 10 years too, but I’ll make that decision then, if I’m lucky enough for it to come up. Actually, I don’t think I could live with myself if I had a chance to sleep with a former Miss USA contestant and didn’t do it.

            1. “if I’m lucky enough for it to come up.”

              You can always get Viagra if that’s a concern. I bet it will be really awesome in 10 years.

              1. I noticed that joke before I hit submit but decided to ignore it.

        2. “When I see a hot girl, I imagine what she looks like ________.”

          I guess in your case, the blank is “in ten years”. That seems totally normal and not weird at all.

          1. Sad part of aging, I suppose. Now that I see the decline in my women friends you can see what passed for “hot” when they were young becoming fairly awful now. Women who don’t need a ton of makeup and gallons of bleach on their hair to look good today probably will look good for many years.

            Meh, what do I know? But give me a naturally good-looking woman with a nice smile any day over the silicone-enhanced, plastic surgitized “hot” women that so many men seem to find attractive.

  7. Fun fact: when she put the sash on, she looked down and made sure it spelled her home state O-I-H-O.

    1. And do we know whether you have to use the scholarship in-state? If you do, maybe she was like “Why bother?” and threw the competition.

  8. Miss Teen USA Miss USA

    1. ampersands aren’t the only character the squirrels eat

  9. I notice on many current TV shows, the “main character’s wife” role gets significant hate.

    Dexter – “Shit, Rita turned into a total bitch once they got married.”

    The Walking Dead – “I hope Lori gets eaten by a zombie!”

    Breaking Bad – “Skyler is the worst character on TV. Also she’s fat.”

    Do these qualify as negative depictions of women by (presumably) largely male writing staffs? Or are the characters themselves OK, and the problem is the viewers are misogynists? I’ll let the feminists decide.

    1. I think they made Rita a little more demanding after they were married but I wouldn’t call her a total bitch. I think they made the decision to use her as another pressure point on Dexter.

      Haven’t watched second season of WD yet, don’t spoil it assholes.

      I think Skyler was written to be overbearing and that actress fucking nailed it. If an inferior actress played her she might have been a more sympathetic character.

      And not all female costars are depicted negatively. I think that Lisa Cuddy on house is a positive female character. Battlestar had some real good female characters. Starbuck for instance.

      1. Haven’t watched second season of WD yet, don’t spoil it assholes.

        There’s some zombies. They introduce new characters while others get eaten. No character development takes place.

        Oh, uh. Spoiler alert.

        1. Dammit Ha-you, now I’m gonna have to drink myself to blackout level to forget your damn ruining of the show!

          *gets beer*

      2. Wasn’t Starbuck emotionally disturbed and kind of a giant bitch to both Lee and Anders?

      3. Lisa Cuddy may have been positive the first few seasons, until her storyline/character was undercut to serve House’s story over his own. Just because he’s the main character doesn’t mean nobody else should get their own arc.

        BSG did have strong portrayals of women, though all Tricia Helfer got to do for a whole season wast titillate a male audience and Grace Park’s model became entirely wrapped up in maternal themes to justify her humanity.

        As poorly as the women are treated in the text of the shows, Mad Men and Game of Thrones are probably better at handling women’s stories than most television today.

    2. I am baffled by the hate Skyler gets from so money fans (don’t watch the other two shows). Every character one the show does despicable things and she is the only one viewers hate?

      Also: Cathelyn in A Song of Ice Fire. Never got the hate for her either.

      1. I don’t really see Skyler as overbearing. She has some pretty legitimate gripes.

    3. The wife browbeats the husband to add realism, and to elicit empathy from the viewers, like we had for Al Bundy on Married with Children.

  10. Advertising. In just about every TV commercial portraying men and women together, the man is an inept moron and the woman is a friggin’ genius.

    1. Race too, though it isn’t quite as one-sided as the sex thing. I want to make an official random demographics generator. Whenever you need a character for a commercial, you just use the random demographics generator to find out the race and sex of the character. The code is based on current demographics information and is open and available for everyone to see. You then get a certificate saying you used the random demographics generator, so no-one can accuse you of being racist because, hey, it was all random and by chance. If you didn’t use the generator, then people would know you were trying to play off a demographics angle, and chastise you for it.

      1. How many throws would it take to get an Injun as ugly and stupid as E Warren?

        1. If you wrote a native american character as mendacious as Mizz Warren you’d be charged with a hate crime.

          And rightfully so. Haven’t we done enough to those people?

          1. I’m enjoying the fact that it’s now ok to have Native Americans as the bad guys in “The Killing”

        2. Let’s just say that such a result would undermine the credibility of the generator. As its creator, I would be suspicious.

    2. ATT has an advertisement for its wireless services that is irksome on a grand scale. Father asks where’s the wire. Smart ass condescending blond daughter, ‘it’s invisible, daddy.’ I don’t know many teenage girls who know shit about anything much less more about basic technology than their dads.

      1. BTW, my target here is the asinine mentality of the scriptwriters.

        1. As the father of two daughters, I can tell you that a teenage girl’s knowledge of anything within the covers of that venerable periodical, People, would absolutely humble you.

          1. The Morgan Fairchild issue that came out when I was thirteen likely qualifies as my first spankbook. I recall rescuing it from the trash and hiding it under my mattress. There was a pose where she duplicated the iconic Marilyn Monroe Playboy shot.

      2. Yep. Breadwinner for family in giant house is complete moron.

        Now, if it were the Obama family I might find it less far-fetched.

  11. What, is Reason competing with Sacha Baron Cohen? C’mon, folks, cheap shot.
    We’ve got young women vying for some pelf, none of them got where they are as a result of SAT scores, and now we’re going to laugh at them for saying they ‘want world peace’ or they ‘want to end hunger’?
    If you expect reasoned discourse, the pageants ain’t where to go.

    1. I always call pageant girls ‘boring hot’ in my head. They’re a good looking, but not like people. More like a car, or a landscape.

      You guys will probably call me crazy, but that chick up there doesn’t really get me going. She looks vacant and real-dollish.

      1. Is this any better?


        1. To me someone like Salma Hayek would be the perfect woman, and that picture is kinda the opposite of Salma Hayek.

          Maybe I just hate America.

          1. Here you go bud. This one I particularly like, but I don’t think I could find a pic of Salma I didn’t like. She pretty much is the pefect woman. I will be happy to take all your pagent rejects off your hands though. Just send them my way:)


            1. Robert Rodriguez got a lot of my teenage dollars only because of Miss Hayek.

              Thing is, and this may sound corny, but to me my girlfriend is the perfect woman for me, so I see some vacant blonde and all I can muster is a big fat ‘meh’. I know what I got, and nothing compares.

              1. Good for you dude. This awesome. But here’s a couple more of Salma for you anyways:)


                1. For that I’ll give you all my pageant rejects. I got a couple of ’em layin around here somewhere. I was gonna sell ’em on ebay, but I’d feel better if they went to a nice Reason reading household.

                  I thought about giving them to Warty be he said he didn’t need anymore until his dungeon is refurbished. His loss, they’re all yours pal.

                  1. 🙂

              2. Thing is, and this may sound corny, but to me my girlfriend is the perfect woman for me, so I see some vacant blonde and all I can muster is a big fat ‘meh’. I know what I got, and nothing compares.

                So, what you’re saying is, you suspect your GF is gonna check up on what you posted here?

                Well played, sir.

                1. She doesn’t read Reason comments. Says there’s too much throwing around of the ‘c’ word for her liking.

    2. Yeah, I agree. There is an element of picking here that is bullshit. I didn’t relate to the smirking over the thirteen year old girl’s self made pop song and video last year. People, you need that to feel superior? A thirteen year old kid did something kitschy? Same here with the pageant contestant. Save your wit and killer remarks and quotable quotes for an amoral media asshole or politician that deserves the abuse.

    3. I actually know Miss DC from a couple years back. Very nice woman, no airs about her and legs that go up to her ears.

      1. One of my most frequently told anecdotes is that the Miss Austin, TX from a few years ago once bought me shots, then I made out with her friend.

        1. I had to confirm this with my DD, but also at one point during dinner I had one of them on each arm.

          1. Chloroform would have been easier.

            1. But the tequila she bought us was free!

  12. How about this lady who fended off a crazed ex-husband and protected her children. All with a deuce-deuce.

    She’s a hero.

  13. “I think it depends on the movie. I think there are some movies that depict women in a very positive role, and then some movies that put them in a little bit more of negative role. But by the end of the movie, they show that woman power that I know we all have. Such as movie Pretty Woman. We had a wonderful, beautiful woman, Julia Roberts, and she was having a rough time, but, you know what, she came out on top and she didn’t let anybody stand in her path.”

    If you can’t sell it, sit on it. Miss Bolte is wise enough to understand the moral of the story.

    1. Feminist prospective: Vivian ward closes her profitable, womyn-owned business to marry a 1%er. Obviously not a suitable role model.

  14. Nancy McCoy (Jena Malone) in Hatfields and McCoys – I’ll be in my bunk.

  15. I would have picked the character, Ripley, from Aliens. The woman faces her worst nightmare then kills the queen of the bad-ass aliens. Doesn’t get more empowering than that.

    1. Good choice.

      Sure beats the hell out of that shitty movie starring Eric Robert’s sister that’s mentioned above.

    2. You know that was actually written as a man’s part.

  16. She was robbed. Miss Rhode Island is pretty hot too though.

  17. Gemma SOA

    1. My favorite female SOA character is Polly Zobelle.

      Just…….something about her appeals to me. Not quite sure what it is, though.

      1. Might be that whole Tough/Vulnerable thing she has going on. Took me awhile to get into Olivia on Fringe but that some trait I think did me in. A pretty woman who’s got your back in fight. That’s hot. Trinity also comes to mind. Speaking of Zobelle, when is daddy gonna get his due. Arkin got a big bad guy part in Justified as well.

        1. Agreed on Olivia. Took about two seasons but now she’s the cat’s meow. I really liked when she was the tough redhead in the alternate universe with the tight leather pants.

          1. Ageed. Redhead Olivia is very sexy. She has that sexy confidence when she’s strutting around in those tight pants:)

  18. “The movie said: You can be a feminist and a seductress, a hooker and a princess, all at the same time ? and you can dress up and look like a million bucks while doing it!”

    From Owen Gleiberman the long time movie critic for Entertainment Weekly. Not that that makes Miss Ohio correct,just not alone in her opinion.


  19. Surprised no one has posted this yet…


  20. To use a recent movie, Ree Dolly in “Winter’s Bone”. Also Hit Girl in “Kick-Ass”, but you can’t really give that as a Miss USA answer I don’t think…

    1. You’re right about Jennifer Lawerence (who also did The Hunger Games), but I don’t agree with Kick-Ass. The girl in that movie was a friggin’ sociopath.

      1. She wasn’t a sociopath — she was just a drug warrior.

      2. I mean, fuck, the DEA ain’t got shit on Hit-Girl:


      3. Plus she said the c word. Which I heard is Ruining Libertarianism.

        1. She also killed a black crack-dealing gangster and violated federal and state gun control laws. There’s libertarianism for ya!11

  21. Unfortunately Pretty Woman didn’t make bubble bath a sure seller, even one that was optimized vs. female problems (see link).

  22. What exactly was empowering about Pretty Woman? I’m fairly certain that most prostitutes are not going to be rescued by Richard Gere or it’s that easy to cure a drug addict.

    1. Pretty Woman is the most chauvinistic, anti-woman movie ever. That’s why I love it.

  23. Who gives a fuck whether women, men or robots are portrayed positively or negatively in film? There is no universal truth on character and I don’t slap down $8 for propaganda unless there’s a shitload of things exploding in my stupid face.

    1. For example, Scarlett Johansson’s outfit in her roles as Black Widow are great, but does liking it make me a loathsome sexist pig?

      1. You did notice whenever they showed Black Widow completely from behind in her skintight suit, it wasn’t Scarlett but some body double?

    2. a shitload of things exploding in my stupid face

      So “Cock-splosion #27” FTW?

      1. Like, EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!11 Icky libur-teerian!

  24. Hanna from “Hanna”. Holy FUCK! That girl can take care of herself. Plus – excellent kills.

  25. Nick Gillespie, author of half a book, died without ever having sex with Marilu Henner, author of nine books. Nick was also never asked to judge a Miss USA beauty pageant, despite taking out full-page ads in Variety promoting himself for the job.

    1. Alan Vanneman, author of a shitty blog distended to near-collapse under the weight of so unholy a quantity of fetid crap, died without ever having sex with anything but the five digits an palm of his right hand. Alan was also never asked to do, say, or judge anything, ever, despite a feverish desire to be given a fuck about.

  26. There’s *still* a Miss USA pageant? Cripes.

    1. How else are we going to find super pretty girls who are suddenly self conscious and sad, if we don’t have Miss USA pageants to create third place contestants?

    2. Trump has found a way to commercialize his vetting of future wives.

  27. Dang that girl is FINE, I would totally hit that!


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