Michael Bloomberg

Nick Gillespie Slags Mike Bloomberg's Soda Plan on NBC Nightly News


I was on the NBC Nightly News tonight to share my view of New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg's plan to limit the size of soda and sugary-drink servings in the Big Apple.

Watch the clip above and check out a transcript and more here.

Among the material left on the cutting-room floor: My suggestion that the term-limited martinet think about running for mayor of Pyongyang.

Elsewhere at Reason today, Anthony Fisher talked to New Yorkers about the plan. Watch that vid here.

Reason on the Nanny State.

We unveil our Nanny of the Month tomorrow. Guess what guy entered the race late this time but is really making up for lost time?

NEXT: How Charlie Rangel's Outrage Shifted From Drugs to Drug Penalties

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  1. So lets say you are at a fast food place, and the soda fountain isn’t behind the counter, so you serve yourself. What is stopping me from buying a super size drink and then filling it up with my sugary beverage of choice? Are all soda fountains going to turn Jersey Gas Station on us?

    1. Never made it to Gillespie. Got distracted by the milf telling me how sensodyne cums onto the toothbrush. I’ll try again in about 15 minutes.

    2. Never made it to Gillespie. Got distracted by the milf telling me how sensodyne cums onto the toothbrush. I’ll try again in about 15 minutes.

      1. If the server squirrels had a sense of humor they would have put up the double-post 15 minutes after the original.

  2. NBC, please hire health policy correspondents that not only can analyze topics from a medical perspective (as if “health” is the only concern that matters) but can also weigh the moral, philosophical, and legal ramifications of the policies.

    – CockGobbla

  3. Nick Gillespie: One Civil Libetarian

    1. *Libertarian

      1. Who probably had really good, compelling arguments against this latest act of stupidity by the nanny state, so lets give him 3 seconds so that he doesn’t convince any of our watchers that government is not god.

        1. That would be too boring (and informative) for prime time Chloe.

    2. Liberian?

  4. As if we needed ANOTHER to avoid that hell-hole on the Hudson!

      1. Drink!*

        *Preferably a big, giant soda!

        1. Mixed with hard liquor. Make sure the soda has lots of caffeine. That will really piss the nanny-staters off.

  5. WOW like a whole 3 seconds. Should have been like the whole interview.

    I wonder if this is going to cause the mob to smuggle soda – black market style. Soda prohibition.

    1. Yep, his snippet went by so fast I missed it the first time. But three seconds is better than none, right?

  6. We need ration cards.

    When I was in Germany in the army we had ration cards for cigarettes and liquor.

    This was to keep from selling those items on the economy.

    They should also ration salt.

  7. Q:
    What do they call a 24 Oz Classic Coke in Pyongyang?
    The national stockpile

  8. Obesity causes diabetes and heart disease and should be prevented by government as much as possible.

    1. “as much as possible”

      Okay, I’ll start:

      1) Mandatory 30 minutes of physical activity.
      2) Ban all non-essential foods.
      3) Disobedience will be punishable by raping of loved ones with a 12-inch hunting knife.

      1. Okay, maybe #3 could stand a little debate. But the punishment must be severe, lest we falter in the national War on Obesity!

        1. Your mother, ten minutes in a closet with Warty decked out in full Herald uniform and psiscimitar (you don’t want to know) used as a probing device.

    2. No, retard, obesity is correlated with diabetes and heart disease, because some of the things that cause heart disease and diabetes also cause obesity.

      1. We have to outlaw genes.

        1. Oh, good, I hate Levis.
          (What? Oh.) Never mind.

          1. Outlaw jeans on those with fat genes. It’s all starting to come together now.

    3. Mandatory morning calisthenics! Delivered via video screens set up in your bedroom that also broadcast other pro-government messages! Also… cameras behind your bathroom mirror that record whether you brush your teeth twice a day and floss!

    4. Obesity causes diabetes and heart disease

      What about animals that store fat? Do polar bear have heart disease? Do whales get diabetes? Raccoons? Rats? Ground squirrels?

      1. Maybe if we let the fat people sleep all winter, you’d have a point. Instead they drive back and forth from Burger Shot and Sprawlmarts.

        1. and TRAKTUR PULLZ. Don’t forget TRAKTUR PULLZ. Fat ass, walmart shoppin’, no passport havin’, red state monkey fuckers sho do love dem sef some moferfukkin TRAKTUR PULLZ!!!

          1. Dear Kindly Sir, I do believe you forgot to mention 4H and Hayrides.

            1. …And what Randian said too!

              Fuckin county fair enjoyin motherfuckers with their dr. pepper and cheetos make me fucking sick. Goddamn fucks act like they own the shittin’ place just because their stoopid spawn’s goat won a blue ribbon for fucking. I’m gonna puke all over my goddamn pants if I have to see some fat fuck in overalls washing down his fucking pork rinds with a goddamn grape faygo soda while fucking his half orangutang daughter; who, by the way is only half orangutang because daddy can’t visit a fucking zoo without getting some goddamn trim. Fucking sprawmart faux newz redneck racist sheep fucking fucker FUCK w

              FUCK FUCK FUCK they all need to fucking die DIE DIE DIE DIE

              …because they’re not tolerant and educated like me…

              1. Hey, that is offensive. I have a half orangutan daughter.

            2. I got diabetes on a hayride once….

    5. If we adopted state socialism/communism we would see an immediate drop in the average Body Mass Index.

      1. I hear Stalin had one hell of a diet plan. He managed to cut the national waistline by tens of millions of people pounds.

      2. Sounds like it would be a Great Leap Forward for public health.

    6. Obesity causes diabetes and heart disease and should be prevented by government as much as possible.

      Why? It would actually be much more economical for government to promote obesity. People who contract diabetes and heart disease die earlier, thus saving years of social security, medicare, and medicaid expenses.

  9. OK, folks… Sugar has been cheap enough to “need” protectionist price supports for a century. Why is it so irresistible now? What makes the last 30 years special? Sugar hasn’t changed. (Lack of single ester bond? Be serious.) Why is it even emerging countries are eating so much sugar that it’s giving them symptoms similar to alcoholism?

  10. It’s a shame corporations are not as evil as leftist pretend. Imagine Coca-Cola Co hunting down healthnazis like baby seals, and getting away with it because they are a motherfucking corporation and nothing can stop them. Did we just club your mayor and shoot his dog? Why? Fuck you, that’s why! Did we just send an aerial drone to bomb OWS protesters? Hey, they were militants! And besides, our kill list is carefully considered every Tuesday by our most sincere, knowledgeable and philosophical executives while the head of marketing looks on.

    1. Pseudo-monopolies are seen as universally bad, actual ones as universally good.

    2. I know we duked it out a few days ago, but I wanted to sign onto how awesome this would be. A drone with its sides painted like a Coke Can would be wild.

      1. No problem, man. We’re pals.

      2. “Real Thing, this is Lovin’ It. Do you have eyes on target Real Thing?”

        “Five by five, Lovin’ It. I’m starting my run now. Real Thing out.”

  11. You know what fucking NBC’s idiotic opinion is on this right from the get go:

    Back in the good old days of grandpa, apple pies, and American greatness, you couldn’t get a container of devil’s juice bigger than 7oz. But now, the flesh of the dark one is guzzled by the gallon by fat, disgusting, irresponsible pigs who are a burden on society. White Knight Bloomberg wants to save us from our excesses, saying, “Hand wringing is not enough. I have to do something.

  12. The physical jerks would begin in three minutes…

  13. I’m all for punishing you fatties out there, but what about those of us with a BMI of 21? Why should we be denied a soak in a slushy jacuzzi because certain others lack the impulse control (or fast metabolisms) to keep from being burdens on the state’s health care system?

    1. But are you really getting the physical activity you need to maintain your health? You could be a couch potato that just doesn’t eat anything as far as we know.

      No. We need far more intervention than just in our diets to ensure a fit America. Every American should be made to get off their asses and dance to Sonic Youth’s Day Dream Nation for it’s full 70 minute 47 second length once a day at the full tempo. You’ll need to video yourself doing so to make sure you are not half tempo moving either. Full tempo or fully taxed for non compliance.

    2. Because you have to set an example, Citizen. If you withhold your chiseled physique from the collective, that’s just selfish and cruel. You have to share, citizen.

  14. When, as a prelude to carbon prohibition, Bloomie limits New Yorkers to 1 sixty second shower a week, we may see a booming market in bathtub bathtubs.

  15. I don’t drink soda, never have. It’s not allowed in my house now, and it wasn’t allowed in my parents house when I was growing up. I don’t think I’m missing anything.
    We used to kill the native americans with whiskey, now we poison them with pepsi.

    1. It’s all in a loving effort designed to get them to develop some willpower to resist whiskey and Pepsi one day.

      Geez. Why is it not considered the height of racism to talk about indigenous Americans like they are babies with no self control?

      1. Because it’s liberals who talk about Indians that way.

    2. To whomever is sockpuppetting Nando you’re going way over the top, man. No one sucks this bad, bring it down a notch if you want to make your sockpuppet more believable.

      1. I have to concur. No one but your deepest of blue liberals cares about the Indians.

        1. I don’t care about the indians, never have. Caring about the indians isn’t allowed in my house, and it wasn’t allowed in my parents’ house when I was growing up. I don’t think I’m missing anything by not caring about indians.

          We used to kill indians with guns, now we poison them with our caring!

    3. What do you mean “we”? How old are you?

    4. What you missed is the fact that your parents were joyless shits who hated you.


    5. Well Nando, that’s wonderful, but why is that relevant to the law? Why should that apply to everyone’s household?

  16. I don’t drink soda, never have. It’s not allowed in my house now, and it wasn’t allowed in my parents house when I was growing up.

    When you never move out of your parents’ house…

  17. MSNBC: Lean Forward Bend Over

  18. So when does Dr. Coct…er, I mean, Mayor Bloomberg install the Moral Statute Machines? And replace toilet paper with the three sea shells?

    1. You have been fined five credits for a violation of the verbal morality code.

      1. Well, at least I have something to wipe my ass with.

  19. Can we put away once and for all the notion that New Yorkers are somehow “tough”? In an actual “tough” town, Bloomberg would be pelted with soda bottles every time he showed his face in public.

    Instead, New Yorkers lap this shit up and beg for seconds (seconds being the only legal way to consume more than 16 ounces of shit at a time).

      1. + another

    1. There are actually plenty of us who think Bloomberg’s a fascist prick, it’s just that it’s demoralizing that every time he proposes something stupid and demeaning, there’s a horde of bootlickers there to say, “I agree completely! Thank you, Mayor Mike, for saving us from ourselves!” If nothing else, at least it reminds us of how dictators can take and hold power…

      1. He even banned Larry David from New York

    2. Tough. New York is sounding as tough as San Fransisco.

  20. Tar and feathers, appropriate once again.

  21. For years it has been my intention to spit on Bloomberg if I ever meet him. Now, I intend to throw half a gallon of Mountain Dew in his face.


    1. That was my plan as well. Great minds think alike, I suppose.

  22. If we are not allowed to drink sugary drinks out of a plastic bucket in public, the terrorists will have won.

  23. Matt Lauer Can Suck It.

    1. Matt lauer Can suck it? Matt Lauer does suck it. He sucks it through a straw. He sucks and swallows.

  24. Sometimes you just have to throw your hands up in the air and shout Whos your Daddy!


  25. The Mayor said on the morning news that the life span of a New Yorker has increased by 3 years. No shit they all come to florida to die, as long as they keep this Yankee shit up there fuck ’em.
    We need a ban on all-you-can eat buffets also. And a ban on dinner plates bigger than 6″ diameter. And butter. And white bread. And government cheese. And those oversize deli sandwiches I keep hearing about from those awesome delis in new york.
    Bloomberg’s making that town his bitch!

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