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Douglas Fletcher, R.I.P.


Douglas Stephan Fletcher

Longtime Hit & Run commenters will be saddened by this news from the Facebook page of Todd Fletcher

My dear oldest brother Douglas Stephan Fletcher died yesterday at the age of 56. He was surrounded by his loved ones and went peacefully in his sleep.

Doug was many, many things. He was the best big brother anyone ever had. He was an acute observer and showed me a thousand things I never would have noticed. He was a unique wit and a great conversationalist. He was an inspired and incredibly lazy chef. He was inventor of preposterous devices (he once improved his wireless connection with a spaghetti colander). He was a nice guy and a friend. He was never a phoney. He was a novelist, a song writer and a storyteller. He was a fantastic guitarist. He was my best best buddy. And something I never knew about until the end: the bravest of men.

Also worth mentioning: Douglas and Todd Fletcher were among the earliest members of the great Hit & Run commenter community. Here is Douglas practically owning a thread back in 2003, before the invention of the printing press. Here I am trying to figure out the connection between the Fletchers (whom I for some reason envisioned as tall, lanky redheads, and it looks like I got the hair color right), and Douglas explaining, in an esoteric thread of yore.

Douglas Fletcher was always there with a salty word about pompous rock stars and endless, pointless international struggles. He was still gracing us with one-sentence movie reviews as of last month, and was also working on his blog Let's Make Obama Resign! 

Condolences to the Fletcher family. 

A tribute to another commenter who died. 

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  1. RIP. I’d almost forgotten about Jean Bart/Gary Gunnels/Jason Bourne/Hakluyt.

    1. I always liked Thoreu and Gaius Marius. Marius but a bit of a leftist but he was always sane at least.

      1. Gaius still blogs every so often.

      2. Are you sure you liked thoreau? He was always kind of an arrogant prick to me back in my days as “cunnivore”. He once called me “John with spell check”.

        1. I forgive being an arrogant prick. And he was paying you a compliment.

        2. I did? Wow, I was wittier than I remember!

  2. I can’t believe I’ve been around here for almost a decade, since the runup to the Iraq war. Holy cow.

  3. RIP.
    I blame comment threading and registration.

    1. The man had a heart attack fighting with the reason spam filter.

      1. Don’t laugh, John. I think we all have been near that point at one time or another. And don’t get me started on that “50-character” stuff…

        Also, fried chicken.

        1. And that damned 1500 character limit. And my favorite is how text copied from Hit and Run itself, triggers the spam filter. Reason is slowly killing off its commentators.

          Hold it…

          1. The ampersand is essential to human life.

          2. They fixed the funky characters problem.

            1. I saw the ampersand problem just this morning. And I had it the other day. Not fixed.

              1. I used to have problems with quotation marks and apostrophes, where it would give the erroneous 50 character word message, but haven’t lately. The ampersand seems to be a different problem, where it just doesn’t show up at all. I didn’t know about it until now. Cuz ampersands go against nature.

                1. They work in in the name field but not the comment field.

          3. Of course, because then they can get away with whatever misleading headlines they want. But they subestimate my doggedness.

  4. RIP Mr. Fletcher. I recognize the name, yet I hardly knew ye.

    Tim, do you happen to have Mr. Fletcher’s last known post?

    1. RIP Mr. Fletcher. I recognize the name, yet I hardly knew ye.

      I echo this sentiment. RIP Douglas.

  5. Terribly sad.

    Bests to his friends and family.

  6. (whom I for some reason envisioned as tall, lanky redheads, and it looks like I got the hair color right)

    It must be one of those Irish things, eh Timmy C.? 🙂

  7. Condolences to the family.

  8. Well, this sucks.

  9. RIP. At least he now has true liberation.

  10. RIP dude.

    Re-reading the J sub D thread made me even more sad.

  11. What terrible news.

  12. RIP,

    Have you retired his dynamic IP address?

  13. It’s always nice to see the Ancient Ones come out and honor one of their own.

    Condolences to the Fletcher Family.

    1. Nice Lovecraft reference. Does that make Warty Cathulhu?

      1. Cathulhu meowtagn.

        1. We do have Nyarlathotep as a regular around here.

        2. “Ph’nglui meow’nafh Cathulhu R’owwr wgah’nagl fhtagn.”

  14. Bummer. It’s never the griefers, always the good ones.

    1. You probably never hear about troll deaths. I doubt there’s going to be a blog post when WI gambols into the great hereafter.

      1. I hope that when I go it is with a Hercule-esque supernova.

  15. Terrible news. On top of that, I am shocked that JsubD died a year ago and I somehow missed it. I guess I had assumed that he left this site with many others following the Obama election and the rise of the new crowd and its more rightward slant and its less thoughtful debate.

    I’ve been here for a long, long time, albeit mostly under a different pseudonym back when I had a daily blog of my own.

    1. Who on here besides me and maybe Wareagle can be described as right wing? Seriously. I have been on this site for 10 years and I don’t see it being anymore right or left than it ever was.

      This site is Libertarian and goes after the government. That means the team in charge of the government generally gets the most abuse.

      1. I guess it’s more right wing because the leftists have either left or vanished for long periods of time.

        joe, ChicagoTom, and then-Mr Nice Guy practically lived here from 2004-06.

        1. Chicago Tom comes on once in a while. But their absence is not the fault of the Right wingers. It is the result of the liberals being unable to defend Obama and not wanting to either admit how wrong they were or face the inevitable rhetorical beatings that were going to result from their defending the indefensible. It hasn’t been a rise of the right wing. It has been the cowardly retreat of the Democratic commentators.

          1. Bush was pretty indefensible too at the time. About the only defense I can think of is that at least he wasn’t Obama.

            1. But the right wing commentators never ran away. And Bush was better than just not Obama.

              I have no doubt that if Romney wins the lefties will crawl back in. You watch, Joe from Lowell will show back up. You may disagree with the righties but at least they try to be honest.

              1. Quiet, you two. The Science is Settled. There have been no good presidents since Sam Houston.

                1. Libertymike?

                  Oh wait, you didn’t say Jefferson Davis.

                  1. About once a quarter it is good to re fight the civil war with Liberty Mike.

              2. I don’t care about the righties so much as the food truck and red light camera wackos.

              3. Does LW count as right wing?

                Yeah, not a lot of consistent “Right Wingers” on this board. Really ever that I can recall. There are a few, other than yourself, who consistently defend power projection, but beyond that, usually an echo chamber.

                All the real leftists have walked.

                1. I think Lonewacko would count as right wing. But he left before Obama got elected.

  16. Yes, I Kahn OClast, only when threads slant leftward is the debate thoughtful. Enlighten me with some lefty wisdom. Pretty please. You’re my intellectual superior, now gimme some sugar!

    1. Fucking Christ, shut up with the bullshit TEAM garbage for once.

      1. Ignore it Warty. It is probably Mary. She is all over the Mitt Romney thread. She seems to be a on a register new names and troll binge.

        1. Are you saying that registration didn’t solve the fundamental problems?

          The world isn’t ready for such dangerous nonsense.

        2. Yeah, I forgot that this is one of her names. Regardless, it’s pretty tasteless for these two to try to hijack an RIP thread into another TEAM RED TEAM BLUE pissing match.

          1. It is both funny and scary. They told me in psychology class that you cannot fake insanity. That even the most skilled actor can’t do it. And you can always tell when she is posting. It has a certain style and cognitive dissonance to it that no one can mimic.

            1. I know, right? Creepy as hell. I feel sorry for Mary’s poor little daughters.

              1. You’re presuming that she hasn’t eaten at least one of them already.

  17. What TEAM are you referring to? You mean the team of Ron Paul fellators who lie, obfuscate and jerk the man off just to see him get 124 votes every 4 years. Yeah, I’m talking Ron Paul, whose voting record and religious conservatism make Rick Santorum and Sarah Palin his ideological comrades. Is that the team you’re referring to? Because that’s the only TEAM I ever see here on Reason.

    I’m on the limited government team. I’ve never actually seen you at practice, though.

    Oh, by the way, dipshit, one TEAM will win the election and they will govern as they see fit. If only I could be above it all just like you. Tell me, will Wartyland receive an Obamacare waiver? When your taxes go up, will you renounce your US citizenship in favor of your Warty’s Unicornville?

    If only I was smarter, why I could be above it all.

    So we all throwing money today at Gary Johnson’s campaign?

    1. John is right. It can’t be faked.

  18. Will be missed. Condolences to his friends and family.

    And thanks, Reason, for posting this.

    1. Is this the right thread to point out the inherent silliness of RIP (at least for Atheists)?

      OK, I’m just stirring up trouble. It’s not a real tribute thread without conflict.

      1. If you are an atheist the whole world is silly. Here we are living on this little rock that is compared to the universe as a whole about the size and significance of one of the protons in fabric of my shirt compared to me. Some day the earth will be engulfed by the sun and everything that ever existed will be destroyed without a trace. Given those facts, life and death is pretty absurd isn’t it? For some reason we, unlike the animals, have cursed ourselves with this knowledge.

        That is so depressing and absurd even Nietzsche couldn’t face it and invented the theory of infinite return in response.

        1. Nietzche was a pussy. Real men don’t need fairy tales to cope with the meaninglessness of existence, just alcohol and peanut butter.

          1. alcohol is for pussies, cutting is where its at.

            1. First you cut, then you pour the alcohol in, then you bate with the PB.

              1. I think Dounglas would be pleased with the turns this memorial post is taking.

        2. “ve are nihilists, ja, ve believe in nuzing”

          1. National Socialism ethos and all of that.

          2. “Ve cut off your Johnson, Lebowski!”

        3. That’s complete bullshit, and you know it. Being alive is nice whether you believe in a Sky Daddy or not.

          1. I didn’t say being alive isn’t nice. I said it was absurd.

              1. In some cases, more absurd than others.

          2. Who would bear the whips and scorns of time, the oppressor’s wrong, the proud man’s contumely, the pangs of despised love, the law’s delay, the insolence of office and the spurns that patient merit of the unworthy takes, when he himself might his quietus make with a bare bodkin? Who would fardels bear, to grunt and sweat under a weary life? Warty, because it’s nice.

        4. Given those facts, life and death is pretty absurd isn’t it?

          What makes it absurd? It’s only absurd if you think in some way your life has to be relative to those facts. It doesn’t. It is what it is. There’s no need for a relative comparison to the scope of everything.

          I’m neither humbled nor depressed by my existence. I exist. That’s good enough.

          What’s not good is that I want to look like Arnold, drink like Andre, and fuck like Hugh. Unrealistic desires are when the real depression sets in.

          1. What makes it absurd?

            Everything. It is the most self evidently absurd and funny thing imaginable. It makes everything around you completely without weight or significance. Joseph Heller had it right

            We exist because life is absurd. And in order to keep existing we need to stop being absurd. But if we stop being absurd we cease to exist, so we have to remain absurd in order to exist.

            1. That assumes that things around you require meaning outside of their relative value to your own existence.

              You construct your own rules for interpreting existence. They aren’t imposed on you. So if you want to walk around being awed, be my guest.

              But it’s not a given.

              1. Yes, you make your own rules. All you are left with is your will.

                I have made that point any number of times on here much to the outrage of the resident atheists.

                1. It’s not a point, so much as your opinion, John. I’m sure some atheists somewhere agree with you, but that’s not a common POV among the atheists I know.

                  And it’s annoying (to us) and embarrassing (to you) because you presume to speak to the needs and thought processes of a group of which you are not a member.

                  1. No Tonio, I just pointing out the logical conclusion of your beliefs. Saying “I am doing this because I know it is right” is no different and requires no less faith than saying “I do this because of (insert God here).”

                    I am laughing at you Tonio.

                  2. Sure most atheists don’t believe that Tonio. That is the whole point. It is called nihilism without the abyss. And nearly all of the resident atheists on here practice it without a hint of self awareness.

                    1. Meaning and morals are not interdependent.

          2. So did Kundera.

            the myth of eternal return states that a life which disappears once and for all, which does not return, is like a shadow, without weight, dead in advance, and whether it was horrible, beautiful, or sublime, its horror, sublimity, and beauty mean nothing.

            1. So make your own meaning. What’s so hard about this? There’s no fixed frame of reference in space, either.

              1. Exactly what we humans do – create meaning. Of course we mostly do that by claiming that it doesn’t originate with us, cause that wouldn’t count.

        5. Neitzsche was a pussy.
          Facing it or not facing it doesnt change anything.
          What matters is what matters to you, now, here. Are you a credit to the world or not? A credit to the people that matter to you? To your country? True to your ideals? Who cares if it is all dust in the wind, it matters to me now.

      2. No, it’s not silly. But “Rest in Peace” is traditional, solemn, and sounds better than “Sayanora Sucker”, “Adios Motherfucker”, or “Good Riddance, you bastard”.

        1. Better you than me.

        2. Sure it is silly. Just like saying Bless You.

          In my view, people say a lot of things reflexively, out of cultural norms or habits, without actually considering what they are saying.

          R.I.P. He’s not resting. He’s not at peace. He’s dead. In SQL terms, he’s NULL.

        3. In my family, the traditional thing to do is yell, “Eat shit in hell, you stupid dead fuck!” while firing pistols in the air.

          1. Ah, and here I am thinking it was fireworks….

          2. Jeeeez Warty, all this time and I didnt know we were related!

        4. WIGITAYFWM should replace RIP.

          1. WIGITAYFWM shold replace RIP.

            Okay, but which syllable is the accent on?

          2. With Its Glove In The Ass, You Fuck What Moves?

            1. When I Go, I’m Taking All You Fuckers With Me.

              1. My way is more fun.

                1. But it isn’t very sportsmanlike.

          3. Editing my will…now.

        5. I used RIP until very recently because it was traditional and there was nothing equivalent. I’m now using “will be missed” because it’s more atheist-friendly (without being in-your-face), and more honestly expresses my feelings.

      3. What’s wrong with RIP? You can’t get more peaceful or resting than than dead.

  19. That’s quite sad. My condolences to Todd and his family.

  20. Wow so so sad, what a loss, prayers to his friends and families.


  21. RIP Doug Fletcher. Too young to go.

  22. Thanks so much for this, Tim and everyone. Doug’s gotta be smiling at it all!

  23. Godspeed!!! Love to family and friends.

  24. RIP, Douglas Fletcher. You were a cool dude to chill out with on the internet.

    I would comment here more often, but threaded comments suck.

  25. Tim, I am Doug’s other brother Brian. Thanks for your kinds words for Doug and our family. I have been a reader for a few years but have never contributed. I got an account set up tonight. I can’t promise you that I will be as witty or sarcastic as Doug but I will try to keep the family tradition going. You would have loved the kitchen table discussions we had with Doug! It was amazing how quickly he could come up with an opinion on an issue and be able to throw in a few witty insults. -Brian

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