A.M. Links: Ireland votes on EU treaty, Syrian rebels threaten to withdraw from ceasefire agreement, Romney neck-a-neck with Obama in swing states, SpaceX due for splashdown, Ron Paul fans plan a party


  • The Irish are voting today in a referendum on the ratification of the EU's Fiscal Stability Treaty that would introduce restrictions on the budget deficits of member states.  The treaty has already been rejected by the British and Czech governments.
  • Rebels in Syria have threatened to withdraw from a ceasefire agreement unless the government does not begin observing the truce within 48 hours.
  • A day after claiming victory in his bid for the GOP nomination Romney is tied with Obama in swing-state polls.
  • Security professionals have suggested that the "Flame" virus found in Iranian government computers is the most complex ever discovered.
  • The SpaceX Dragon capsule is on course to splashdown in the Pacific today off the coast of California.
  • Ron Paul fans are planning a three-day festival just before the Republican National Convention to conclude the Congressman's White House run.

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