Ripping, Mixing, and Burning Arthur Conan Doyle


Here's Steven Moffat—co-creator of the excellent BBC show Sherlock, in which Sherlock Holmes solves mysteries in modern London—with a refreshing attitude about imitators:

[He] was also asked for his thoughts on the upcoming US version of a modernised Sherlock Holmes, called Elementary.

Steven said: 'CBS approached us about remaking our version of Sherlock Holmes and we said no, but they went ahead did their own version anyway. You can interpret what I think about that at your leisure. But I don't know. I don't own Sherlock Holmes, I don't even own modernising Sherlock Holmes.

'I want there to be lots of them. I love the Robert Downey Jr. films. I love House which is actually a modernisation of Sherlock Holmes. He's been around for over 100 years, there will never be one definitive version…'

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