Mitt and Barry Spar Over Free Markets, ACLU Sues Over Domestic Surveillance, Euro May Be All Over for Greece: P.M. Links


  • In the latest round of an almost-substantial exchange between Mitt and Barry, Romney charges that the incumbent is "attacking capitalism" and doesn't understand basic economic concepts — productivity, in particular.

  • The U.S. Department of Justice faces an ACLU lawsuit intended to force the government to release data about the domestic warrantless use of surveillance tools known as pen registers and trap and trace devices.
  • Targeting what they call "mean-spirited and baseless political attacks that add nothing to the real debate," a cabal of mostly Republican lawmakers in the Empire State want to ban anonymous online comments. The usual suspects (we know who they are) call the legislation unbelievably unconstitutional. (HT Eduard van Haalen)
  • Now that Americans Elect has broken your wishy-washy, centrist heart, you should know that Gary Johnson is polling at nine percent in Arizona and five percent in Wisconsin.
  • With Facebook's messy IPO sparking both chatter and legal inquires, the company may be considering a switch from the NASDAQ Stock Market to the New York Stock Exchange.
  • A second Missouri circuit court judge ruled that red-light cameras violate due-process rights, and so the tickets they issue are unenforceable. The ruling boosts the chances of the state's high court considering the issue. Meanwhile, a New Jersey state senator wants to reinstate his state's ban on the cameras, which was partially repealed in 2008.
  • Greece will leave the Eurozone in 2013, says a Citigroup senior economist, with an immediate 60 percent drop in the drachma likely to prove contagious, but also boosting the country's competitiveness.
  • Want to rein-in the stupid decisions? Try thinking things through in another language! Doing so improves the chances of rational decision-making and accepting greater risk, according to a study in the journal Psychological Science. Vraiment, très intéressant.

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