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They Can't Just Fire the Shitty Teachers


how far can a hundred million go?

The Newark public schools have too many teachers and a shrinking student population, according to the new superintendent, Cami Anderson. Newark was the recipient of a $100 million donation from Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg last year, and CBS News reports Newark leaders are considering buying out some teachers with the Facebook donation. From CBS News:

"If we could fire the 300 or 400 lowest-performing teachers, she wouldn't have a financial crisis," Booker said, speaking of the schools superintendent. "But her crisis right now is based on the fact that she can't get rid of teachers that way."

Booker said Anderson has been trying to avoid layoffs because she would be hamstrung by tenure rules requiring them to be based on seniority.

The superintendent is "finding every way to hold off on laying off hundreds of teachers that could be the best quality teachers," Booker said.

"If we can't figure that out, Newark will lose," he said.

What's keeping Newark from doing what any business looking to remain productive would do and just fire the teachers that suck? The teachers' union, naturally. It's the same story across the public sector; teachers, cops, even tax-dodging federal employees who ought to be fired are protected by union rules that simply wouldn't fly in the private sector because any business saddled with so many un-fireable employees couldn't survive. Not without lots of bailout money anyway.

NEXT: Years of Absurd Outcomes (and Maybe Real Competition?) Prompt Reconsideration of "Zero Tolerance" School Policies

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  1. “What’s keeping Newark from doing what any business looking to remain productive would do and just fire the teachers that suck? The teachers’ union, naturally.”
    …and mgmt who agreed to the contract provisions which would include their own preferences naturally.

    1. Void the agreement on the grounds of impossibility. The government literally cannot perform these contracts.

      1. Why not? There’s still rich people to soak, are there not?
        The mere fact that they are rich is proof that they don’t pay their fair share!
        Tax the rich! Tax the rich! Tax the rich!

        1. In fact, you’re completely right. The great, fair-minded man elected to lead France, Hollande the Red, has exactly the idea we should be discussing here in America — 75% on “the rich”. And once THAT becomes insufficient to finance all the exquisite and terrific things government wants to do, just up it further.

          1. Soon to be followed by means testing, and once there is a government mechanism in place to calculate everyone’s wealth, a wealth tax.

        2. In all seriousness, if the voters refuse to permit an additional levy, then I think my point stands.

          1. That’s a big “if”, especially since it would be sold “in the name of the childrenz!!!111!1”

        3. Yes, Tax the rich. That always works:)


      2. Don’t respond to Mary, dude. Everyone loses, especially Warty. And your mom.

        1. Orrin isn’t Mary.

          1. Yes it is.

            1. Well he used to be Ohio Orrin and Mary’s from Texas. Unless were just gonna say every troll is Mary, which is fine with me.

              1. I always thought he was a separate, albeit annoying, progressive. Mary or not, he (or her persona) is a vapid liberal, so it’s all the same shit.

        2. mary’s not union

    2. Easy solution, fire everyone, and then re-hire the good teachers.

  2. Wait for the contract to expire, then fire their asses.

    1. Or declare bankruptcy and discharge the obligation in the proceedings.

  3. Wouldn’t it have been more productive to, say, keep the $100,000,000 and wipe your ass with 100-dollar bills for the rest of your life? Or burn it for fun?

    Or donate it to Paul’s presidential campaign. Maybe that would have been smarter.

    1. wipe your ass with 100-dollar bills

      The sheer magnitude of residual cocaine deposits may send you into cardiac arrest were you to follow that course of action.

      Moreso if the $100 bills were sent directly from Facebook employees and management.

      1. At least it would spare me the agony of having to deal with a DEA dog-obliteration squad with automatic rifles breaking into my house and arresting me for possession of drug paraphernalia.

  4. “Psst. Get. Out. Now. They’re going to be coming after you soon. I can’t tell you anymore, or they’ll be coming after me, too.”

  5. I’m doing God’s work. For the children. We can’t endure anymore austerity schemes in our education budget. I have eight years of college and continuing education requirements to prove my competency. I’m underpaid in comparison to my private sector counterparts.

    1. Well since you are so awesome UFT you won’t have any problem competing in a voucher system will you?

      1. “Competing” “voucher system”

        Sorry, does not compute.

  6. that Booker is turning out to be a real corporatist sonofabitch.

    1. Jersey politican confuses you, I see.

  7. Offer the union bosses a $50 million bonus for letting management fire any 400 teachers they see fit.

    1. Yeah, giving the union bosses a $50 million warchest to get rid of Cory Booker and any other politician who doesn’t let them rehire the 400 teachers and impose even more onerous rules favoring the teacher’s union.

      That. Will. Turn. Out. Well.


  8. We are millions ‘n’ millions
    We’re coming to get you
    We’re protected by unions
    So don’t let it upset you
    Can’t escape the conclusion
    It’s probably God’s Will
    That civilization
    Will grind to a standstill
    And we are the people
    Who will make it all happen
    While yer children is sleepin’,
    Yer puppy is crappin’
    You might call us Flakes
    Or something else you might coin us
    But we know you’re so greedy
    That you’ll probably join us
    We’re comin’ to get you, we’re comin’ to get you
    We’re comin’ to get you, we’re comin’ to get you
    We’re comin’ to get you, we’re comin’ to get you
    We’re comin’ to get you, we’re comin’ to get you

  9. Ed:

    Tax-dodging federal employees are not protected by public service unions, as the federal government is not allowed to be unionized.

  10. Cato noted the following mega-article in the NYT which could be summarized as,

    “people spending their own money on education is best characterized as ‘stealing public money'”

    The headline = “Public Money Finds Back Door to Private Schools”

    “The difficulty of getting at this thing from a constitutional point of view is that there are private dollars coming from a private individual and going to a private foundation. It drives the N.E.A. completely off the wall because they can’t say this is government funding,” Mr. Franks said, referring to the National Education Association

    Seriously. The article goes through some ridiculous contortions to characterize people *spending their own money on education* as some kind of evil tax-evasion scheme… oh, and the evil private schools are sometimes religious, which is EVEN WORSE

  11. So the first thing this government program does when it gets a voluntary cash infusion is to throw some of it at the least functional part of the system.

    That is pure awesomeness. If Ayn Rand wrote that in one of her novels people would give her a hard time about how the bad guys are just a bunch of two-dimensional strawmen figments of her imagination.

    1. So the first thing this government program does when it gets a voluntary cash infusion is to throw some of it at the least functional part of the system

      Why would you throw money at the most functional part of the system? It’s already working.

      But I get what you mean. They should be throwing something at the least functional part of the system, but it ain’t money.

      1. Let me clarify my comment by way of analogy:

        It’d be like you had a really crapy old car. And then you win a scratch off ticket. You know the problem with the car is that the engine sucks. So you just throw money at the engine. And by that I don’t mean you buy a new engine. I mean you convert your winnings into small bills, and lift up the hood, and throw all the money right at the engine.

        That’s kind of like what they are doing.

        1. That’s why I clarified with my last sentence. I personally think they should be throwing angry cats at the least functional part of the system.

    2. That is pure awesomeness.

      Seriously. One can understand the utter doom of facebook stock when you realize this idiots idea of Return on Invested Capital is to *give money away….to fucking *NEWARK*.

      Next, he should build a monorail in detroit. That’ll get the economy jump started!

  12. “If we can’t figure that out, Newark will lose,” he said.

    Newark has already lost.

  13. Those guys really do know what is going on wow.


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