Nick Gillespie on Red Eye w Greg Gutfeld Talking Elizabeth Warren, Mitt Romney, & Less


I was on Fox News' Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld, along with former Bush press secretary (and current The Five Host) Dana Perino, Vice mag co-founder Gavin McInnes, and regulars Bill Schulz and Andy Levy.

We lived, laffed, and loved for an hour while talking about Elizabeth Warren's dubious claims to native American heritage, Will Smith's walk-back on paying more in taxes, and whether Mitt Romney can beat Barack Obama by talking about non-events from like a thousand years ago.

Click above to watch or go here for more.

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  1. ...and whether Mitt Romney can beat Barack Obama by talking about non-events from like a thousand years ago.

    I have yet to hear an actual logical reason why vetting this damn president, a man most people still know absolutely nothing about, is completely off-limits. Every other elected president in the modern media era has been properly vetted, except for this one. Are people really that terrified of being called a racist or something?

    In any event, Romney has already made it pretty clear that he's going to run another McCain-like, milquetoast campaign.

    I think it's a mistake on his part. Obama and his brownshirts are thugs who are a going to run a vicious and deeply negative campaign, and I think that a soft-shoe approach is just going to get Romney run over. When your enemy brings a knife, you don't bring a pillow.

    1. While you may be right about the lack of vetting, I wonder if Nick's ultimate point is questioning whether you want to defeat obama or whether you want to defeat his ideology.

  2. So I turn on Direct TV's "News Mix" channel. I normally try to not look in the lower left box (MSNBC). But a quick glance yields a familiar face...but something's not right. It looks like Nick Gillespie, but his armor, while the correct color, is made from some unknown material. And then I see the same thing on Red Eye.

    Who is this impostor?

  3. Poor Bill, never got his point in.

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