Tax Revolt Italian-Style, Ron Paul Urges Supporters To Play Nice, Marijuana Wins in Oregon AG Race: P.M. Links


  • This whole damn system works on a bluff, you know that. Once it's blown, we go back to a constitutional government. And you'll be selling shoes.

    Offices of Equitalia, Italy's version of the IRS, have been hit with attacks including firebombings. The government is considering deploying the army, which should certainly calm the opposition.

  • His eye on the Republican National Convention, Ron Paul urges his supporters to rein-in their contempt for the GOP establishment. Manners, kids.
  • With Greece floundering politically and economicallly, pundits have coined the amazingly awkward term "Grexit" to describe the country's anticipated departure from the eurozone. The Portuguese insist, no way, no how, will they be next.
  • In the disciplinary hearing of Regina Tasca, a New Jersey police officer suspended for intervening in the beating two colleagues were giving an emotionally disturbed man, one of the cops she pulled away described her actions as "assault." Despite her ordeal, Tasca doesn't regret her good deed.
  • The ACLU warned the State Department that firing Peter Van Buren, an employee suspended for criticizing reconstruction efforts in Iraq, would violate constitutional free-speech guarantees.
  • SpaceX's unmanned Dragon capsule received final approval to dock with the International Space Station after its scheduled Saturday launch.
  • Former Oregon Court of Appeals judge Ellen Rosenblum, a supporter of medical marijuana, won the Democratic primary race for attorney general of Oregon, in a race in which marijuana policy featured prominently.

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  1. If the Talmud were written today, would it look like Facebook?

    First, the rabbis of the Mishnaic period post a Jewish legal rule. Then, Talmudic sages weigh in with their comments, all pithy and lacking punctuation. Almost immediately, the comments grow far longer than the original post. Eventually, outside links to the Shulchan Aruch and Maimonides’ compendium of Jewish law appear on the right side.

    It may sound too cute by half, but if you look closely, the Talmud and Facebook actually share similar layout.….._20120515/

    1. I will blame my lack of enthusiasm for looking at either one, to know, or to care.

    2. That’s because Facebook and the Talmud are both binary inoculations against the Cult of Asherah, part of Enki’s nam-shub that created Babel/Infocalypse to protect mankind from viral degeneration.

      1. And all this time I believed facebook to only be a war zone for illiterate soccer moms who want to start turf wars over who’s really the daddy of little bobby… or who’s daughter has the coolest cell phone.

      2. I’ll add that to the list of things I didn’t know…

        1. C’mon, guys, do your homework.

      3. Also they were both made by Jews.


        1. I always pictured you with this tatooed on your forehead, Warty.

    3. cool story, bro

    4. That is fascinating, I’ll give that a look see later.

    5. “OMG did you get a look at the Babylonian chick?”

      “Yeah I’d like to *shiksha* all night long…which I won’t because such a thing would be an unholy abomination.”


        1. This just goes to show how obscure the Talmud really is. Scholars have long debated the meaning of this passage.

  2. rein-in their contempt for the GOP establishment.

    I am with you on most things, Dr. Paul, but on this one I must say… FUCK NO!

    1. The problem is that supporters of the 76-year-old politician aren’t shy about showing their disdain for the Republican party or its current standard bearer, Mitt Romney.

      The reverse it also true.

      1. At least Orrin Hatch loves us.

        1. Like a scorching case of herpes. Which reminds me, I wonder how Lugar is liking “retirement.”

          1. I have family in IN. They all voted against the old crony. I called them and congratulated them and shared in their jubilation. Whenever I see Lugar, I see Steny Hoyer, whom I equally detest.

          2. Since he’s still in office, I’d guess he finds it confusing.

    2. Thank goodness I’m not a Republican, so I don’t have to rein in my contempt for their establishment.

  3. Offices of Equitalia, Italy’s version of the IRS…

    Maybe people are just upset that the department is named after the kingdom from My Little Pony?

  4. Grexit. What’s the proper pronunciation?

    Portugal – really? Everyone knows your next, the only real question is will someone else beat you to it.

    1. Greece + Exit = …

      1. Santorum?

          1. Grace Slick?

        1. I’ll gladly supply the hemlock.

    2. Grexit, Portfuneral, Fireland, Spainkiller, Fintaly…

      1. This….is….THE SPAINKILLER


  5. …one of the cops she pulled away described her actions as “assault.”

    Proving local law enforcement’s often tenuous grasp on truth in testimony.

    1. “…one of the cops she pulled away described her actions as “assault.””

      In other news Detective Sgt. Joseph Rella is a giant pussy. He can beat up the mentally ill but can’t handle a woman. Hey Joe Rella! Fuck You!

      1. This is just a rumor, but I might have heard that Joseph Rella was seen running away naked from a sheep pen the other night.

      2. But, but no one TRAINED him how not to beat up the mentally ill!

  6. one of the cops she pulled away described her actions as “assault.”

    This is why, if you see two cops beating a homeless person, you should just shoot them both down right there.

    Its a good self-defense shoot, as you reasonably believed that they posed an imminent threat to another, and this way you don’t leave pesky witnesses to muddy up the waters later.

    1. The only problem, RC, is the other four police officers mocking the homeless person. They are armed too, and though not intervening on behalf of the hobo, will have no qualms making more holes in you. And it would be ruled justifiable force.

      Procedures, continuum of force, imminent danger, paid leave, and fried chicken.

      1. “Just another drug-dog-related shooting…”

      2. The only problem, RC, is the other four police officers

        Good point. Unfortunately, my high-capacity .45 is too bulky to carry.


    Wikileaks doomed Israeli Mossad agent.

    1. What I don’t get is this guy was supposedly a badass martial arts insrructor, admitted to trajning Mossad agents, and he still walked to his execution lile a good little sheep? In that situation you can bet I’d be trying to take a couple with me.

    2. The article does not support that assertion.

  8. Offices of Equitalia

    You have got to be shitting me!? You can’t write this kind of fiction!

    1. Someone’s never seen the final episode of MST3K, where the hero blows up all the tax buildings in the Europey country it takes place in.

      1. I’ll google that later, Tulpy Poo, thank you. I see someone didn’t put me on filter while on a Dimetapp and Peanut Butter binge.

    2. Office of Horse Genitals?

      1. That is what first popped into my mind. I blame Saccharin Man. And J.D. Tuccille too.

  9. Former Oregon Court of Appeals judge Ellen Rosenblum’s victory on Tuesday came with the help of marijuana activists who flexed their political muscles in a state with 55,000 registered pot users. She defeated former interim U.S. Attorney Dwight Holton, who has criticized Oregon’s medical marijuana law and had overseen raids on medical marijuana grows.

    It won’t mean much until she finds herself appointed the United States Attorney General.

    1. It’s a start. I do recall that only today, posters here were making the assumption that voters never vote based on the WOD.

      1. The vast majority never even consider the WOD when selecting who has the correct (Letter) beside their name. Oregon, Colorado and California might have a few exceptions.

        1. This was a Democratic primary, both Rosenblum Holton had D behind their names.

          MM had little to do with the actual race other than in national news and here on Reason. Rosenblum is the candidate of the political establishment and Holton is an associate of the current AG who (briefly) threatened that establishment. Rosenblum isn’t much of a supporter of MM but that doesn’t matter in comparison to Holton.

          Her campaign ad was a terrible combination of For Teh Children(tm) and claims that she would conduct prosecutions that the AG doesn’t do.

  10. The New Jersey case is interesting. Either the female cop is just running around randomly assaulting other officers or the Ridgefield police are a bunch of brutal assholes. You make the call.

    1. I’ll say, “Yes to both”

      1. I think the former is pretty unlikely.

        1. They can’t have a good cop around, it makes the rest of them look bad.

    2. I especially like the internal affairs investigator who says he hasn’t seen anything in the video that looks like excessive force. In his defense, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was wearing a blindfold while it was playing.

      1. I am sure he saw all of it. Now what exactly constitutes “excessive force” in this guy’s mind, is another issue.

  11. The Dragon capsule is filled with cargo to be delivered to the crew aboard the ISS. The 1,200 pounds of cargo includes 162 meals, a collection of student experiments, crew clothing, batteries and other items.

    One of those other items? Privatization!

    1. You know when they mention batteries followed by other items it’s because they didn’t want to mention the sex toys that the batteries are for.

      1. Sex toys in space. Libertarians need to include that in our platform. The we can attract more wimin folk.

        1. Definitely filing this under “Semen.”

        2. Sex toys in space would make a good porn site.

          1. Question: is there as much friction in space? And if not, what would be the likelihood that a mechanical sex toy could be set in motion and last long enough to, you know…well, you know…get a woman off.

            1. Friction isn’t a function of gravity you’re talking about tab A and slot B, so yes, there’s just a much. The problem would be holding still long enough to enjoy it.

              1. Yeah, each thrust of the machine would have a high potential of pushing the girl away – Newton’s Second and all. I was mostly in it for the tits.

                1. You would have to strap both the machine and the woman down to prevent the above effect.

    2. Again with the student experiments. Maybe I haven’t polished my monocle in a while, but I only see two possible reasons for launching student experiments into space. 1) High school students are so amazingly smart that they can design experiments which the government’s Top Men couldn’t have thought up, or, 2) it’s a feel-good exercise done at GREAT taxpayer expense to get some high school nerds, who were always going to become scientists anyway, more interested in science. Great Balls of Fire, I hope it’s the first one.

      1. Or 3) launching a partially full rocket is just as expensive as launching a full rocket, so if there’s space left over there’s no reason not to fill it with any crap you can find.

        1. Or risk mitigation. This launch is nowhere near the weight limit for the Dragon.

      2. They may be experiments for college students. I know they have sent up things done by various engineering disciplines from universities in the past. I think that there are even micro satellites that were put up by MIT.

      3. I was just thinking… not sure if this has been suggested/debated before. But what if Libertarians wore a monocle and a pirate eye patch over the other eye? Would that make us more scary, or just silly looking. I have to find an eye patch to test this…

        1. They’d find themselves in a roadside ditch.

        2. The eye patch would clash horribly with the top hat.

          1. I can’t see how this would clash with anything.

            While this, on the other hand, is just downright silly.

            1. I’m so glad this is “real.”

  12. Van Jones: Yeah, we enviros took a dive for Obama during the Gulf oil spill…..oil-spill/

    And so, I’m very tough on progressive movements and leaders, including myself, who did not stand on principle, based upon who we looked across and saw as President.

    But they will still be voting for Obama. They just won’t feel all hopey changey about it this time.

    1. And so, I’m very tough on progressive movements and leaders

      Me too, I despise every last one of them.

    2. But they will still be voting for Obama. They just won’t feel all hopey changey about it this time.

      What are they supposed to do? Vote for the people that are even more hostile to their agenda?

      I don’t understand this line of attack.

      OK, so let’s assume Obama was disappointing on a lot of issues that I personally care about, what am I supposed to do? Vote for the guy who believes the exact opposite of what I do, or vote for what I perceive the least worst option?

      Let’s also assume I feel that there is no one running that represents me well enough that I would feel comfortable saying “I support this person”. Is it somehow inherently irrational to then look at who is running in the context of “whats the lesser of two evils in my opinion?” rather than not voting at all?

      1. Vote a third party. Stay home. Run a primary challenger against him.

        All I ever heard in 2008 was how Republicans had to be punished for Bush. Well, why shouldn’t Democrats punish the party for Obama?

        Look Tom, you can vote for who you like. But after you vote for Obama just don’t claim that issues like civil rights and the environment are all that important to you. Clearly they are not. Clearly ensuring the other side doesn’t win is more important or you wouldn’t have voted for Obama.

        1. Can those of us who vote for Romney still claim to support civil rights and less-interventionist foreign policy?

          Just because you vote for someone doesn’t mean you agree with all their positions. It means that on the positions where the viable options differ you think one is better than the other.

          That said, BO is awful on the policies where he and Romney differ.

        2. Vote a third party. Stay home. Run a primary challenger against him.

          Lots of people did this in 2000 and they got 2 terms of Bush and regretted it.

          And why are those the only “valid” options?

          Don’t get me wrong. I dont disagree with voting for third parties or protest votes or sitting out elections. I have had plenty of people tell me I was crazy for “throwing away my vote” when I voted for a protest candidate. I just don’t think it’s irrational to not do that and do a political calculation as to who is the lesser of two evils.

          But after you vote for Obama just don’t claim that issues like civil rights and the environment are all that important to you

          I don’t think that’s fair. If I care about the environment, and one guy is claiming that he isn’t gonna do anything about the environment (or is silent about altogether), and the other guy is saying abolish the EPA and get rid of all environmental regulations, then it’s perfectly rational to vote against the guy I perceive as advocating to make things worse.

          It’s not irrational to vote for step away from the ideal and vote for whoever you think is going to do the least damage to what you consider priorities. This calculation is made by all people of all ideologies.

          1. Then you can’t claim the Republicans who voted for Bush in 2004 don’t care about the budget deficit or small government. They voted for who they thought was the lesser of two evils.

            1. Then you can’t claim the Republicans who voted for Bush in 2004 don’t care about the budget deficit or small government

              I haven’t made that claim.

              I don’t think the voters are lying when they say they vote GOP because of concerns about smaller government or spending.

              I think they are naive in that I don’t think either party when they have power will shrink government or spend less (the parties have different spending priorities, but neither is truly going to spend less or bring less pork to their home districts). But I think the voters are absolutely truthful about their motivations.

              I can make the claim though that the GOP congress folks who voted for Medicare Part D without funding it don’t give a shit about defecits and smaller government unless it’s politically convenient. And I can say that it is hypocritical for GOP congressmen who didn’t care about the deficit while they were in power and W was in the to all of a sudden see the deficit as the end of the Republic.

              1. Will you also say it’s hypocritical of Democrat congress critters to say they care about minorities (black, gay, latino, women, whatever) when they consistently vote for things like the WoD, don’t do dick for “gay rights”, deport more “illegals” than the previous administration, and tell women that they have a right to choose, as long as they aren’t choosing to sell whatever part of their body they want?

              2. then tom, by using your own logic re: Repubs, you could apply it to Van Jones and his continued support for Obama. Hypocrisy does not exempt the Dems.

              3. [begin rant]

                I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, Tom, so I’ll choose my words carefully. Why don’t you go and fuck yourself for taking the easy way out and not voting for the candidate you want to win, as opposed to the lesser of two evils. There are a lot more than two options, asshole. And until we start voting like there are, en masse, we will be saddled with a two-party system that doesn’t give a fuck about us as long as we keep pulling the lever for them.

                Fuck Team Blue. Fuck Team Red. And fuck you for perpetuating a shitty system that will never, ever get us to a better place as a nation.

                [end rant]

                1. I’m glad you restrained yourself. I could see how that post might start to get angry-sounding otherwise.

          2. Lots of people did this in 2000 and they got 2 terms of Bush and regretted it.

            Unless you believe you have supernatural mind control powers such that changing your vote somehow magically forces thousands of other people to follow suit, you’re going to get the President you’re gonna get whether you vote for Obama, Romney, or the Man on the Moon.

          3. Even in 2000 Tom, from a liberal perspective, you killed off the DLC and got Pelosi as speaker in 2006. I think liberals did okay for themselves voting for Nader. It is not like a President Gore would have been that different than Bush. What do you think Gore wouldn’t have signed the Patriot Act or NCLB?

            1. What do you think Gore wouldn’t have signed the Patriot Act or NCLB?

              Obviously my alternate reality predicting powers aren’t infallible, but I don’t think we would have gone to war in Iraq, just Afghanistan, and I think with a Dem administration, the GOP would have raised hell over the patriot act and it wouldn’t have gotten passed.

              I also don’t think NCLB would have passed in it’s current form and a version that was supported by democrats wouldn’t work because the GOP would be complaining about Washington trying to take over local school.

              1. You’re insane if you think the Neocons wouldn’t have jumped all over the Patriot Act no matter who was president.

              2. No Iraq war? Maybe.

                Repubs opposing PATRIOT? Don’t make me laugh.

                1. Repubs opposing PATRIOT? Don’t make me laugh.

                  The financial/banking parts of PATRIOT were taken nearly verbatim from bills that the Clinton administration couldn’t get past the GOP Congress. John Ashcroft was a major opponent, ironically.

                  Basically the Patriot act was a grab bag of powers that the executive branch had craved going back decades, and finally saw the opportunity to push through.

              3. I don’t think we would have gone to war in Iraq, just Afghanistan

                Maybe, maybe not. The Clinton administration wasn’t exactly shy about using deadly force there.

                I think with a Dem administration, the GOP would have raised hell over the patriot act

                The patriot act happened right after 9/11. No way in hell would the GOP have voted against it–in fact, they probably would have been the ones to introduce the bill.

                I also don’t think NCLB would have passed in it’s current form and a version that was supported by democrats wouldn’t work because the GOP would be complaining about Washington trying to take over local school.

                This is a lot more likely. NCLB was largely a Ted Kennedy-crafted creature, and the left’s primary objection to it was that it was passed by a Republican.

      2. It depends on how much difference there is between the two viable “evils”.

        In ’08, I thought the advantage of McCain over BO was too slight to justify voting for him, so I voted for Barr. This year, I’m not terribly happy with Romney but he’s somewhat better than McCain and light years better than what BO has become.

        If you think BO is better than Romney by a significant amount, you either aren’t paying attention or you’re a commufascist.

        1. It depends on how much difference there is between the two viable “evils”.

          Agreed. It also depends on what each individual values and what they think is a priority.

          I’m pro-choice, but I could vote for a pro-life candidate if they aligned with me on other issues that I felt just strongly or stronger about.

          That doesn’t mean that I lose the right to say that I am pro-choice. It just means that the choices weren’t ideal.

          1. tom,
            let’s just put it in simplest terms: do you favor the continued degradation of the economy that four more years of Obama would bring, or do you believe conditions might include with Romney? Yes, I realize the wording is loaded, but I also believe Obama really is evil.

  13. Damn it I want my warp drive

    Antimatter Propulsion Engine Redesigned Using CERN’s Particle Physics Simulation Toolkit…../?p1=blogs

    1. Good Luck, John. We can’t even get our damn flying cars, and you are already hoping for a warp drive?

    2. I’m thinking you would love Pournelle if you ever get around to reading his work.

      1. I need to. I just have to stop reading history for a moment.

        1. You can stop. It doesn’t get better.

          1. No spoilers! He doesn’t know how it ends.

            1. According to the WH, it all ends with Obama glomming onto improving upon the inventions/policies/greatness of the men who came before him. And yes, that includes Jesus Christ.

  14. Oh TOOCHEELEE! Excellent alt-text!

    For those not in the know:

    Behold! Harry’s War.

    It’s about a guy that takes a WWII tank to the IRS. This movie would be considered terrorist propaganda today.


      Don’t forget this one where the guy borrows a tank from the Army to get his son out of the paws of some corrupt sheriff.

      Like all James Garner movies it is pretty good.

      1. Ah, TANK! One of the greats, ole Rockfish is. I didn’t even have to click it, John. Yes, that would be considered treasonous and seditious material today. I wonder if Garner and Herrman regret these movies in light of that nutjob who crashed his plane into the IRS and other anti-authority movies in which they appeared. Garner is probably too old to care.

        1. Garner is madly underrated. The Great Escape was on the other day. What a great job he did in that movie. Please God never let Hollywood put their filthy paws on it and do a remake.

          1. Garner is madly underrated

            Seconded! To this day I still enjoy watching Rockford Files re-runs. That guy just has a smoothness about him that is quite endearing.

            1. And he was in all sorts of little known gems like They Only Kill Their Masters and Support Your Local Sheriff.

              1. Sorry, but They Only Kill Their Masters is not a gem.

              2. He also played the romantic interest of Audrey Hepburn (!) in The Children’s Hour.

                The plot, unfortunately, requires the viewer to posit that Hepburn might be a lesbian.

            2. Jim Garner, his Rockford character particularly, was my childhood hero.

              For all things Garner.

          2. Tim Burton’s “The Great Escape”–starring Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow as Capt Virgil Hilts.

            1. You really know to hurt a guy don’t you Red?

              1. With Keanu Reeves as the Kommandant.

                1. With Keanu Reeves as the Kommandant.

                  Thank you and fuck you, BP. That’s criminal.

                  1. Tom Cruise doing a bad British accent in the David Attenborough role.

                    1. Tom Cruise

                      Now, John, you are dead to me. DEAD!

            2. That’s…terrible RRR. To think I had a high opinion of you once. I like Johnny Depp, but I want him nowhere near The Great Excape, The Guns of Navarone, or Force Ten from Navarone.

              May you be forced to gouge out your own eyeballs and fist bang your resultant sockets.

              1. Three words Groovus, The Dirty Dozen.

                It is just a matter of time before Hollywood starts remaking the classic World War II movies. And just a matter of time after that that I strangle some 20 something after he tells me how hip and up to date they made them.

                1. The Dirty Dozen.

                  I think I just had a stroke. My departed father loved war movies and I grew up watching them with him whilst but a sprout. He loved horror flicks too. I hope Ridley Scott doesn’t remake Alien and Prometheus is as close to Gigeresque as he gets.

                  1. Prometheus looks pretty cool. And I love war movies too, especially the 1960s World War II variety.

                2. That’s nothing. I just watched the Chris Rock Movie Down to Earth. The blug said it was a remake of the 1978 film Heaven Can Wait (with Warren Beatty and Julie Christie). Well the 1978 version of Heaven Can Wait is a remake of the 1943 film Heaven Can Wait with Gene Tierney and Don Ameche.

                  1. blug = blurb, BTW

                  2. Hitchcock remade a couple of HIS OWN movies.

                  3. Well the 1978 version of Heaven Can Wait is a remake of the 1943 film Heaven Can Wait with Gene Tierney and Don Ameche.


                    The 1978 “Heaven Can Wait” was a re-make of the 1941 film Here Comes Mr. Jordan.

                    1. Dammit, you beat me by 20 mintues. 🙁

                      As I’ve mentioned before, Hollywood has been remaking movies since forever. Some classic movies are better known than the movies they remade: Who remembers Ricardo Cortez as Sam Spade?

                3. There is a hypothetically workable version of a remake of Dirty Dozen, at least. They could be hunting down a terrorist in Afghanistan or Pakistan.

                4. As long as they don’t remake The Cross of Iron, I am good. Otherwise, you might find me in anger management classes with John.

              2. That’s…terrible RRR. To think I had a high opinion of you once.

                Hey, I didn’t say I wanted it–just saying that’s how it would likely be remade.

            3. You know what’s really scary? It’s a Wonderful Life is in the public domain. And it’s perfect for an OWS-style “update” with Depp playing a borderline pedophile version of Clarence.

              1. Tulpa, given how many tv shows have done riffs on “It’s A Wonderful Life” would a remake even really be that bad, except for sharing the title?

                I just feel we have seen every version of that story we could.

              2. It’s a Wonderful Life was in the public domain, but I think it’s one of the movies that wound up back under copyright in one of the recent copyright law changes. That’s why only NBC shows it at Christmastime, and not TCM, who I’m sure would love love love to show it.

                (After further research, it’s actually because of the Stewart v. Abend Supreme Court decision dealing with copyrights of derivative works.)

            1. Don’t even SAY that!!!!

              1. Kelly’s Heroes could use a bit of freshening up, right?


  15. …pundits have coined the amazingly awkward term “Grexit” to describe the country’s anticipated departure from the eurozone.

    Would “Greescape” sound marginally better?

    1. Soylent Greece works for me.

    2. Greek-enomic withdrawal?

    3. What about “Hellen-No”?

      1. What about “Hellen-No”?

        As I greek, I like this one quite a bit.

  16. SpaceX’s unmanned Dragon capsule received final approval to dock with the International Space Station after its scheduled Saturday launch.

    Soon the day will come when government agency approval is no longer required for spacedockings.

    1. I see what you did there…pretty gross too, I might add.

  17. The ACLU warned the State Department that firing Peter Van Buren, an employee suspended for criticizing reconstruction efforts in Iraq, would violate constitutional free-speech guarantees.

    Extra constitutional rights for public employees, hooray!

    If I criticized my employer in the press I’d be out on my ass. But then I’m not paid from taxes, so it’s my own fault for poor career choice.

    1. Why did I read that at first as “porn career choice?”

      1. That too…

    2. I think that’s a tough call. At what point is “Conduct unbecoming of a party apparatchik” Constitutionally protected? One could easily argue that voting for the party not in power is “criticizing” and thus is a fireable offense.

      1. Except they don’t know who you voted for, and if they did they’d just find another way to justify the firing.

        1. You’re making my point. It’s not an easy line drawing exercise. As a public employee, at what point are my publicly expressed political opinions protected speech (i.e. speech in which retribution via dismissal is Constitutionally protected)?

          Or do we just accept at-will public employment and accept the fact that public employees have to toe the lion for the current political majority?

          1. Kind of a push poll question, that. You’re assuming that at-will employment means lion towing will be a required part of the job.

            If the employee in question has useful skills then that’s unlikely. Otherwise the employee is probably just a political apparatchik anyway.

  18. A group of Democratic and Republican House members say it’s time to punish themselves if Congress keeps failing at its basic duty of passing an annual budget ? and they want to hit where it hurts: their own paychecks.

    Even though House Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor haven’t been keen on the idea in the past, Virginia Republican Scott Rigell and a bipartisan group of lawmakers urged them Wednesday to advance legislation suspending members’ pay if Congress doesn’t pass a budget on time.…

    1. Then they’ll just pass whatever bullshit they have lying around. I want it passed on time, and I want it balanced, before the thieves are paid. Better yet, let’s have a national lottery, with one winner from every federal voting district selected every day. That winner gets to fly to D.C. with a bullwhip and flog their elected representatives (for no longer than 24 hours) until the budget is balanced and passed.

      1. Then they’ll just pass whatever bullshit they have lying around.

        These are called “Omnibus Packages”.

      2. That winner gets to fly to D.C. with a bullwhip and flog their elected representatives (for no longer than 24 hours) until the budget is balanced and passed.

        Can we just get started now with some retroactive flogging?

    2. Unfortunately, things weren’t much better in the Bush years when they passed a budget.

    3. So they’ll have to live just on the money they make from bribes,corruption and insider trading? Oh no.

  19. And so it begins.

    Greeks withdraw $898 million in one day.…..banks?lite

    1. I was surprised this didn’t hit the morning links.

      1. The mourning links have been missing a lot recently. Nothing about Zimmerman, really?

        1. I mean seriously what the fuck are we paying these guys for?

    2. Catastrophe on the horizon as millions of selfish Gree-gomaniacs withdraw their funds from the Greek-onomy. With the money supply collapsing and credit drying up, how will we Greece the wheels of industry and Greek-indle prosperity?

      More on this at 11.

    3. Bank runz, bitchez!

    4. I wonder how many of the people hording euros are the same people who are out there protesting austerity.

      It would be an interesting study to see whether it’s better for these things to happen all at once or in slow motion. What’s the pluses and minuses?

      It’s taken them how long to circle the drain?

      I think I’d rather go to the guillotine than die the death of a thousand cuts. Some of those poor souls probably still think their politicians can do something about it.

    5. Greece has $898 million?

      Also, I am just waiting for someone to say that that amount of money proves the Greek government could be solvent, if only the greedy selfish people would give every cent they owned to the government.

  20. I am probably overthinking this, but this may have been the flaw in my romantic text: I sent it out with all the great evening stuff, but forgot to put the “We should go it again sometime” then sent that out four minutes later, which may have seemed to eager.

    Or not. Dating sucks, people. It really, really sucks.

    1. Too eager AND too ungrammatical.

    2. Damnit, that should “go out” not “go it”.

      Man, this is why I need friends. I moved to this place in January for work. I work all day, and don’t have roommates to give me a social outlets. I have a few work friends, but we don’t hang out too much outside of work, and I am bad at just going to bars and making friends (plus, I make shit money. Yay first job in politics!)

      I’m saying that the reason I am coming to you assholes is because, for better or for worse, you are the closest thing I have to friends.

      1. You can always count on me, anonymous Internet person.

        Truthfully you’re probably better off meeting people at church or a gun club than at a bar or most political orgs.

        1. Ah, and therin lies one part of the problem. I am living in Colorado Springs, but am not a church goer in a town full of church goers, and neither own nor shoot guns. I like guns and support gun rights, just didn’t grow up around them.

          1. Try My wife and I have gained several new friends by handing out with groups participating in activities we enjoy.

            1. Some of those meetups turn scary.

              The Ron Paul meetup I went to in 2008 was a real eye-opener (and nostril-closer).

              1. Yeah there was a group for mastiff owners my wife and I went to…once.

                On the other hand, our horror movie and pub crawl groups are full of great people, some of whom we became friends with outside of meetup. It’s a crapshoot, but no more so than trolling bars I think.

                1. Bars are definitely the worst.

                  Well, except for crackhouses maybe.

                  1. Depends on the bar. Something like 70% of my friends and casual acquaintances hang out in one particular one that I started going to because I knew the owner from his previous life as a developer. Have met several nice women there, and a number of good friends.

          2. *hanging out

          3. Then I guess you have some hard compromises to make. Sort of like when I realized lamoz classes were an A+ place to pick up chicks. (look for the ones without a partner)

          4. You’re in the Springs? Man, you’ve got the entire Denver-CS-Pueblo corridor to try and find chicks. Don’t sweat it if this one didn’t work out–honestly, they’re a dime a dozen out there and it probably wasn’t supposed to work out anyway.

            If you really have that hard of a time going up and talking to women, try some other dating sites besides just OkStupid, and start casting your line out. Eventually, you’ll get a few nibbles, which will lead to a few dates, and will hopefully lead to something serious down the road.

            Or, you could try going out with your work friends more often. You’re just as likely to meet someone through them as you are online.

          5. You’re in the Springs, Goldwater? I have a good friend down there you might get along with. He’s an atheist ancap accountant snowboarder who plays a lot of videogames. I’m up in Lakewood, but I’m gonna be down there to see him in the next couple of weekends. Email me and I’ll hit you up when I go down, we can hang out if you want. And Red’s right, chicks are not hard to come by in this region, although I’d stay out of Pueblo unless you’re into no-birth-control single moms on welfare.

            1. Where are these single moms at?

              1. The maternity wards and high schools are full of them in central California.

              2. Pueblo, Trinidad, La Junta, Rocky Ford, pretty much all of Southeast Colorado.

        2. “meeting people at church or a gun club”

          I like the idea of combining the two. You’d meet a great group of people there.

          1. The Free Church of Guns and G_d.

            1. isn’t that where you would find Obama’s bitter clingers? I don’t know; this guy says he’s in politics…not sure the friends of guns and jesus would be too welcoming to one of them revenuers.

      2. That’s…just awful, AuH20.

      3. I’m saying that the reason I am coming to you assholes is because, for better or for worse, you are the closest thing I have to friends.

        One more suggestion, Goldie, is, if you have the time to volunteer for a personal cause, but not related to what you do for a living, you can meet some pretty neat people with a guaranteed common interest. Plus, you get in indulge in some willing charity. Just a suggestion so you don’t waste time and money on tavern sinkholes. Tulpa’s right, bars are the worst for dating newbies (says the still unmarried fellow).

        1. Go volunteer at an organization that works with homeless kids. I did this out of a desire to help homeless kids, a very vulnerable population, and I learned that you will get more social worker ass than you ever dreamed possible and the women not working in that field will drench their panties when you tell them you work with homeless kids.

      4. lots a fish in the ocean, cast your line, don’t over think.

    3. Goldie: Don’t sweat it too much. If it doesn’t work out, then fuck it- no sense worrying about what-if scenarios. That said, don’t assume it’s a foregone conclusion if you don’t hear back in 24 hours. Play it cool, take it easy, and the rest will come.

      1. I know, I know. I am planning on studying the works of Zen Budhism to deal with this whole dating thing. No attachment sounds like a good policy.

        1. Or, roofies.

        2. I tell you this much. You’ll go crazy beating yourself up over the little shit. Did you really like her? Do you find her really attractive? If so, then call her tonight, tell her your going to the Avengers this weekend, ask her if she wants to come with. If not move on. If she says no or that she doesn’t like action movies or is busy this weekend than move on.

        3. It takes time to not stress over this kind of thing, and it takes getting to know the right kind of person.

          My first relationship’s most lasting legacy was a lie about a peppermint allergy that I kept going for 3 fucking years after we broke up because I didn’t want her to know I lied on our first “let’s get coffee” proto-date.

          You’ll get the hang of it, and until you do you can complain on the internet.

          1. You’ll get the hang of it, and until you do you can complain on the internet.

            This is true. And we’ll always be here to give you some more advice that isn’t working.

      2. I agree with Alack, and not just because he is the Retard Whisperer.

        I also second Gojira’s suggestion about It doesn’t have to be for political activities– they have all sorts of clubs for those of us who are nerdishly inclined. Maybe check out some for some of your hobbies. I know you like games and gaming, anime, etc. I bet there are local clubs for those and other things as well.

    4. Your little tale reminds me of past-me very much. I hated dating, because I can’t do that casually. (Are you an INTJ?) I’d take it all way too seriously, and I’d overthink, and take offense, and get easily hurt, and do some godawful embarrassing things. I’m going to give you some advice, which I feel fully-justified in doing because I’m sure you’re going to ignore it anyway.

      You are definitely overthinking this. If you’re not sure how it went, then she’s not into you, or else she’s insecure enough to think she has to follow special rules or play special games. Either way, MOVE ON. NEXT.

      1. +100

        All I would add is that you should absolutely make sure you don’t date anyone you’re going to have to be around if it doesn’t work out. ie, no one from work or neighbors or friend of friend, etc.

        1. Thanks, Tulpa. YOU ALL RIGHT.

      2. INTP, but really close. And left handed, which according to the source of all internet knowledge ( means I overthink shit.

        1. It also means you’re going to die 7 years sooner and be injured more often. Be sure and add that to your dating profile.

          1. Life insurance bitches!!! That should attract someone moderately attractive, at least.

            1. On a scale of Warty to 10, where does moderately attractive lie?

              1. A pulse.

        2. Plus it means you’re of the devil. So there’s that.

          1. Hmm. I wonder if he has red hair as well.

            1. Gingers sirens rawk, Demonica Archiva. I see you made it out of the Trope rabbit hole.

              1. Yes, but we are soulless.

                TV Tropes is entertaining, but evil and addictive, like dark, dark chocolate. I always end up reading new stuff.

        3. INTPs unite!

          1. Am I the only one who has absolutely no idea what that means?

            1. Yeah, because I’d be willing to bet the majority of libertarians are INTPs, myself included.

              1. I am INTP!

                1. Wow, me too.

                  1. I must say, this is a lot more Ps than I expected. I think this means we are in fact not autistic–or at least not as much as we thought.

        4. Actually, that was kind of a sucker’s bet, since like 90% of the people here are INTsomething.

          1. I’ll bet you’re right, and that’s some pretty serious self-selection going on here. According to my extensive research on Google for 2 minutes, INTJs and INTPs combined make up 6.9% of the population.

            1. We’re all unique little flowers.

          2. I was an XNXP. Split dead even on two of the metrics and almost missed doing the same with the other two by just a point or two.

        5. Oh Goldwater, I am INTJ verging on P and boy do I feel your pain. I must say I suspect that, as a guy, you will fare better, at least if you listen to these guys’ advice and learn to just get less attached and move on/get over it right away. If you saw my pathetic sob story who-remembers-how-many months ago, you can’t even imagine how much more pathetic an update would be.

          But anyway, you are a dude, so you can be all “I have a dick! Come at me, bro.” You will pull through.

          1. I just took a test for the first time in my life. It said I am an ENTP. Meh, whatever that means.

            Analysis, please?

            1. You’re like the rest of us, but you like parties.

            2. There supposed to give you an explaination with the results. You could prolly find it on google though. I took it years ago. Don’t remember what I came back as but I do remember that the description of me using those results were freakishly on point. Be interesting to see if it’s changed in the last 10 years or so.

            3. Well, you are an extrovert, and I’m not terribly surprised there are some Es around. They are the majority of the population in general.

              The rest basically means that you prefer gathering abstract or theoretical information to gathering information from your senses, that you then follow logical/rational rather than emotional/empathetic thought processes to make decisions, and that you are more likely to exhibit outwardly the information-gathering part of your personality than the decision-making part.

              I assume your test gave you a little rundown like that, but the Wikipedia page is brief and good too. Anyway it’s all probably stuff you knew about yourself already.

      3. or else she’s insecure enough to think she has to follow special rules or play special games. Either way, MOVE ON. NEXT.

        Bad advice. Who gives a shit if she’s insecure? If the dude was swimming in pussy enough to cull based on shit like that, he wouldn’t be asking dating advice on HR. And it absolutely doesn’t mean she’s insecure. If she’s even moderately attractive, she’s had to come up with screening techniques. Look, here’s a few basics:

        Never respond back immediately. Wait awhile (but not the same amount of time every time, cause that’s super obvious).

        Less is more. If she likes you even a little, she’ll read whatever she wants to into a short text to your advantage.

        Don’t use emoticons. Ever.

        1. If he’s just looking to get laid, yes. For a real relationship, playing games with insecure women is a dead end every time.

          1. Yes, but like I said, screening dates based upon previous patterns of texting is common and rational on her part. It has nothing to do with insecurity.

        2. Fine for you. He’s not you.

          1. There’s more wrong with your advice than just that. As I’ve already said several times, screening dates based upon their texting habits is both common and rational. Your entire premise is false.

            1. Just do the male to female equivalent of this. It’ll work out fine, I swear.

    5. The single greatest resource for text messaging is the SPLC endorsed Roosh. Dude spent years throwing different shit against the wall to see what sticks. Won’t help anything else that much, but you will no longer fuck up the text messaging stuff.

    6. You’re overthinking it, a ton. Sending a second text a few minutes later is No Big Deal. Now, pounding on her door at 2am saying, “I hope that second text didn’t scare you off!” might be crossing some lines.

    7. Isn’t your heart already steeled from rejection by years and years of people telling you that you just want to kill babies/Grandma because you don’t want a cradle-to-grave authoritarian welfare state?

  21. Too eager AND too ungrammatical.

  22. OWS RIP

    Wait, you mean being a bunch of finger wiggling assholes doesn’t change public opinion?

    1. He is a city planner. There is a good chance that is his handywork.

      1. Yeah, I read the article and thought what bliss he would have if he had a hand in this.

      2. Let’s go to Balloon Jizz and see what he has to say in his defense.

      3. Really?! I didn’t know that, John. I thought MNG was the central planner with a Ph Doctorate in Miscellaneous Bullshit.

        Joe made some incredibly outrageous and outright insanely dishonest claims.

        1. I always thought he claimed to be a city planner. But it has been a while. So maybe I am mistaken.

          1. joe was definitely a city planner. Not sure if Groovus was around here back then.

            1. I caught the tail end of joe’s reign of stupidity, Tulpa. Epi ran him off like two weeks later. Then came threaded comments.

              1. joe actually wasn’t that bad during the Bush years. He was still a raging leftist but not terribly dishonest, probably because he didn’t have to be.

                1. Joe would go on and on about how Kelo was decided correctly, though he personally thought taking those homes was a shame. He really wanted to convince us that “public use” meant pretty much anything the public ever set foot on, but I still think he was mostly trying to convince himself. Gotta justify that city planner bullshit somehow.

          2. Yup Joe = City Planner

            MNG Ph.D in Poli-sci, IIRC.

            BTW, where is that ignorant fuck?

    2. The park’s popular ice-cream stand was unexpectedly shut down by state officials over the weekend, after the stand’s operator made building improvements at the site without getting permission first.

      Mark Duffy, who has operated the dairy farm at the state-owned park for 26 years and has a lease with the state to run the stand, said armed Environmental Police officers showed up at stand on Friday evening and stood guard throughout the weekend, turning away customers craving delectable sundaes and frappes.

      words fail.

      1. armed Environmental Police officers

        The end times, they are here.

        1. In Lowell, Massachusetts, a third rate bedroom community. I wonder if they have a SWAT team and a tank.

          1. lowell mass is a tough town, and i don’t know what you mean by ‘third rate’ bedroom community. sounds like typical elitist claptrap.

            and who gives a flying fuck that they were ARMED?

            omg, ARMED EPO’s?

            they are officers. officers tend to be … armed.

            heres some actual facts about lowell (from wiki). sorry, if it’s only a “third rate” bedroom community (with a substantially higher than average crime and violent crime rate i might add

            n 2008, the Violent crime Rate for Lowell was 1,126.3 per 100,000 of the population, ranking it the 7th most violent city in Massachusetts right ahead of Boston with 1,104 per 100,000.[26]

            Since 1990, Lowell has averaged about 5 homicides per year with the highest being 13 homicides in 2006. As of 2008, the crime index rating was 446.8. The national average was 320.9. Lowell has been locally notorious over the years for being a place of high drug trafficking and gang activity. The Lowell Police Department has made positive progress in bringing the crime rates down in recent years. In the years from 1994 to 1999, crime dropped 50 percent, the highest rate of decrease for any city in America with over 100,000 residents.[27] In 2009, Lowell was ranked as the 139th most dangerous city of over 75,000 residents in the United States, out of 393 communities. Out of Massachusetts cities, nine are larger than 75,000 residents, and Lowell was fifth most dangerous

            1. Lowell sucks, but it’s better than Lawrence.

            2. And nobody’s more dangerous than someone trying to sell or buy ice cream.

              1. dunphy is playing a slick little game, conflating state EPA agents with WDFW cops. Yes, one group are out there fighting poachers and *gasp* people fishing without a license. The others are going in armed when someone adds onto their own structure without a permit.

                Fuck him. They’re all scum, but the EPA goon squad going after someone for adding on to his ice cream stand is a far cry from someone making sure that people aren’t poaching deer out of season.

                But any chance to back his fellow officers…

        2. “armed Environmental Police officers

          The end times, they are here.”

          Just think of Will Ferrell in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

      2. armed Environmental Police officers

        Is it just me, or is there something really terribly wrong with the image that those words invoke? When seemingly visionary authors penned dystopian works, such as 1984, they really fell short of the horror which was to come.

        1. I read a very good dystopian scifi novel with enviro-cops being the good and bad guys. Very good – four stars. I’ll be reading some of his other books.

        2. a couple of my good friends are WA environmental (yes, they are armed … so what?) cops.

          apart from their participation in the WOD (and yea, the video on the following page plays it up, because that’s what makes it “sexy” for a lot of applicants), they are out there doing god’s work. i pay for my geoduck license and i respect fishery limits, and environmental cops do valuable work

          it’s also a great career for those interested in law enforcement with very outdoors oriented interests. you get to patrol fisheries, forests, etc.

          i have a lot of respect for the DFW officers. they are extremely knowledgeable and they do a lot of good work.

          they get made fun of, we call them “clam cops”, etc. but they do great work

          1. oh, btw their entry criteria are generally more selective than most police agencies.

          2. apart from their participation in the WOD (and yea, the video on the following page plays it up, because that’s what makes it “sexy” for a lot of applicants), they are out there doing god’s work.

            You could say the same about pedophilic priests. Apart from diddling kiddies, they’re out there doing god’s work. They’re still pieces of shit.

            1. no, they are in general good men and women doing good work

              any # of jobs require you to participate in the WOD, and heck if you pay taxes, you are…

              this is the same specist argument rehashed.

              they are out there protecting resources, locking up poachers, etc. and that is damn important work

              like i said, most drug cases i get in patrol come from doctors and pharmacists.

              so, i guess dr’s and pharmacists are pieces of shit. because they are the ones calling in the majority of MY drug cases in patrol

              1. any # of jobs require you to participate in the WOD, and heck if you pay taxes, you are…

                That’s total bullshit and you know it. That reasoning can be used to justify anything. If you mine lead, you’re not responsible for someone shooting another person. I know it helps you sleep better to absolve cops of the responsibility of their actions, but quit spewing that bullshit all over here. No one is buying it.

                so, i guess dr’s and pharmacists are pieces of shit. because they are the ones calling in the majority of MY drug cases in patrol

                So you’re telling me that you or your compatriots won’t show up at their doorstep with a gun if they get caught not calling one in? That’s news to me.

  23. Did anyone see the most recent episode of Family Guy? Seth MacFarlane really is a moron, the episode satirizes the Tea Party by showing that they are anarchists and that in the absence of a local government society would fall apart.

    1. If they would just make a spinofff about Stewey and the Brian, I would watch it. But every other character on that show is unwatchable.

        1. Couldn’t carry a show on his own. There’s only so much “giggity” and “geshmoygen” you can mine.

          1. Have you ever seen The Cleaveland Show?

            Honestly, that shows continued existence mystifies me.

            1. I eschew the teevee, Goldster. I remember that, and remember it was pretty awful.

            2. I’m convinced it’s because McFarlane paid Fox oodles of dollars.

              Or he’s holding the President’s kid hostage.

    2. I have a sense of taste, so no, I no longer watch Family Guy. Seriously, when in the last 4 years have they had a good episode?

      Bob’s Burgers is pretty solid.

      1. See, this is why you don’t have any friends. Bob’s Burgers is terrible.

        That’s not an opinion, btw. It’s straight from God’s mouth to my ear.

        1. It’s straight from God’s mouth to my ear.

          I see you drew the short straw for caboose placement on the Human Centipede hierarchy.

        2. It’s straight from God’s mouth to my ear.

          I see you drew the short straw for caboose placement on the Human Centipede hierarchy.

          1. Pfft, aside from being the front person, the rear is the best, because you’ll either, 1) die first, or 2) stand the second best chance of tearing yourself away (the first best being the front person).

            Some doctor you are.

            1. Humph! You weren’t bitching about my DRE technique. Besides, every surgeon knows that the caboose segment of the Huma-pede requires: 1) extra suture at the site of anastomosis 2) the healthiest coprophile with the most spastic colon.

              Which, dear Jimbo, is you-ski, my dear fellow Amerikanskoe.

              1. *sigh* Pravda, ti goloboi (there’s a little slang for you; it’s actually something you should know before moving there).

                1. Thanks Jimbo. Learned that one there. I’m working on the mat everyday.

                  I’m pretty fluent in Russk, but my transliteration is not the greatest. I prefer the Cyrillic alphabet over phonetical.

        3. Uh, I’m pretty sure H. Jon Benjamen’s presence means that it can’t, by definition, be terrible.

          1. Everyone is capable of making a stinker. I loved Dr. Katz, and even Home Movies, but I haven’t cracked a single smile while watching Burgers.

            Archer is great though.

      2. Nothing on Fox’s sunday lineup is very funny. I like H. Jon Benjamin, but Archer is the only show he does right now that is consistently funny. Bob’s Burgers is pretty meh, though it is better than Family Guy.

      3. Don’t feel bad Goldwater, I like Bob’s Burgers too.

        Family Guy can be funny when he’s not trying to be all political and shit.

    3. The only current TV shows I’ve watched in the last year have been Mythbusters, Hell’s Kitchen, and Celebrity Apprentice.

      Oh yeah, one episode of Terra Nova *barf*.

      1. Metalocalypse is the best thing I’ve seen in a long time.

        1. Special persons invite club! That is what I’m talking about!

          1. i found this new show grimm, and found it to be pretty entertaining, and generally i don’t watch drama (or comedy).

            with the disclaimer that said viewing was drug altered (post surgical kind). it’s ridiculous, but entertaining

    4. family guy sucks. a lot of people i know (and work with) like it. i tried three seperate times and couldn’t even make it through a full episode.

      i thought mcfarlane’s speech at harvard (it’s on youtube) is hilarious, and he probably has some talent, but family guy is just mass suckitude.

  24. Police were called to the home of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in New York after his wife Mary Kennedy was found dead Wednesday, has learned exclusively.…..ays-source

    1. Why’d they call the cops? Everybody knows the Kennedys all get one dead female for free.

      1. To get rid of the evidence.

    2. Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: “How many times do I have to say those blue pills aren’t multi-vitamins.”

      1. Oh, they weren’t living together anymore. My bad for not reading The National Enquirer.

    1. Is that a reenactment of LBJ answering questions about the Vietnam War?

  25. I just got the scope for my new .22 today. Going to have fun at the range tomorrow.

  26. I’ve been watching gold and silver prices drop since the elections in Greece and France. This is counter-intuitive to me. I thunk the metals would have increased in price as the Greeks and French with some money tried to find a safe harbor. I have some cash in a metals account, but I’m not a serious player and I don’t know when to buy.

    Yeah, I want some money for doing nothing, George Soros style please. But I’ll go to work tomorrow.

    1. buy when everybody hates it

      i started buying gold (through midas fund) in the late 90’s

      everybody said “no, no!” buy stocks!

      the same greater fool theories have applied throughout history.

      the time to invest in gold was at 200-400 an ounce, primarily.


      i’d certainly daytrade or maybe swing trade the futures

    2. I wasn’t able to (or even interested in) buying metal in the 90’s. I have some $900 gold and that’s still a keeper. Is $1541 a keeper? I don’t know.

      1. nobody knows. that’s why , in general as an investor (vs. when i day trade), i am a contrarian when it comes to stuff like that.

        i don’t chase markets and i don’t play greater fool … that’s for suckers suckers make the market so investors can make money

        1. With all the bad cop stories out there on HR, I figure you would have gotten into defending your brothers in blue as opposed to pretending to be E.F. fucking Hutton today, dunphy.

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  28. Your tax dollars at work.

    CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Nobody told Hurricane librarian Rebecca Elliot that the $22,600 Internet router in the branch library’s storage closet was powerful enough to serve an entire college campus.

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