Rand Paul Endorses Kentucky's Thomas Massie


Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has endorsed congressional candidate Thomas Massie, "the next Rand Paul." Reason profiled Massie, an MIT graduate, libertarian, and executive judge from North Kentucky, earlier this year.  

See Paul's video endorsement below: 

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  1. Some 21 year old kid from Texas sunk $500k+ into a superpac for Massie last week. Hopefully the ads are good.


  2. If he loves him so much, why doesn’t he marry him?

    1. I didn’t think Rand Paul could get any gayer.

      Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  3. “executive judge”? too lazy to research it.

    1. I think it’s related to “Executive Transvestite”.

    2. It is an elected position that is basically Kentucky’s version of a county commissioner. It would probably be more impressive if Kentucky didn’t have 120 counties.

      1. Pssh. Whatever. Who wants to live somewhere where the county seat is more than a half-day away by horseback?

        1. don’t you have that backwards?

          1. hssP. revetahW. ohW stnaw ot evil erehwemos erehw eht ytnuoc taes si erom naht a flah-yad yawa yb kcabesroh?

            No, I think my way made more sense.

    3. Lewis County is a county located in the U.S. state of Kentucky. As of 2010, the population was 13,870.


      Why does this County even have a zoning board???

      1. Because how else would they know where not to put RRROOOOOAAAADDDDZZZZZZ????

      2. My grandfather owns a place there. I used to go down there and stay during summer breaks from school and hike the pipeline trails. Very rural area of course, mountains, rednecks, and lots of MJ fields. Not that I would know, friend pointed that fact out to me. Haven’t been there since 1997, but I doubt that much has changed.

        I personally do not know who this guy is, but he sounds great on the issues. Hope he makes it to congress as the next LP leaning congress critter.

  4. Hm. I’ve received Massie flyers in my mailbox and my neighbor has a yard sign for him. The flyer completely turned me off, as most such flyers do.

    Guess I’ll go read the Reason profile and form a (slightly) more educated opinion on the man.

    1. “He’s also opposed to the PATRIOT Act, warrantless wiretapping, the police state, the drug war, and military adventurism. Massie’s views on civil liberties put a lot of daylight between him and his most well-known competitor for the GOP nomination, state legislator Alecia Webb-Edgington. A former member of the Kentucky State Police and the Department of Homeland Security, Webb-Edgington also helped launch Kentucky’s DHS-funded Fusion Center and told the crowd at a 2010 Lincoln Dinner, “We don’t need any more socialists, communists, or libertarians in the Republican Party.”

      Ok, see, if Massie’s flyer had said this instead of the standard Christian-pandering bullshit, I’d have been in his corner right off the bat.

      Thanks, Reason!

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