FDA May Ease Prescription Rules, Growing Support for Gay Marriage, Brits Battle EU Red Tape: P.M. Links


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  1. …the Chinese government promises to investigate the abuse of Chen Guangcheng.

    I envision that will take the form of the investigator repeatedly inquiring of Chen, “Why are you hitting yourself? Huh? Why are you hitting yourself?”

    1. I figured it would be an investigation into who failed to keep this stuff under wraps. I mean, you gotta shoot somebody, right?

      1. Namely the local government toadies who lost track of him and allowed him to make it to Bejing.

      2. yea, but this is the new open china.

        they no longer make your family pay for the bullet(s).

        they are “on the house”

    2. China’s great, isn’t it?

      1. That’s what Thomas L. Friedman thinks.

        1. I hope that it turns out that Tank Man wasn’t killed or imprisoned but escaped to the countryside. Then, finally, after years of trying, he escapes to the West. He works hard, anonymously, to raise the money to move from Vancouver to New York. He then goes up to Friedman and slugs him.

          1. I have the distinct feeling Tank Man became fertilizer years ago.

            1. I fear it is so, but there’s an outside possibility he escaped.

  2. According to a bill passed by the U.S. Senate, black-box recording devices are likely to be mandatory in U.S. vehicles by 2015.

    I thought we already had cell phones?

    1. A separate rulemaking would create a special warning if a driver turns off the automobile, but a passenger remains in the rear seat. According to the bill, such systems must “provide an alert to prevent hyperthermia and hypothermia that can result in death or severe injuries.”

      so much for teenagers making out in the back seat. Seriously, what the fuck does that even mean?

      1. It’s to prevent really dumb parents from forgeting their babies in carseats in the back of the car.

        1. All Bush’s fault.

        2. Which happens about once a year in AZ.

          1. I mean, it leads to a fatality at least once a year in AZ.

      2. How does it tell the difference between a human and other cargo tossed in the back seat?

        1. Using the biometric chips that will be inserted each citizen’s skin starting in 2014. Obviously.

        2. We have our ways.

        3. actually, i think in the era of TSA, there is no distinction between ‘human’ and ‘cargo’. except maybe cargo is treated with more dignity

          1. Airplane pilots have referred to passengers as self-loading cargo (SLC) since the beginning of commercial aviation.

            1. that ‘s funny. airplane pilots probably have the same polite disdain towards their customers that er doctors/nurses, cops, and medical personnel in general have.

              a little black humor goes a long way

              1. I don’t punch or taze my patients to death Dunphy; the only injury I inflict is iatrogenic and with their permission. I’ll thank you not lump me in with you. I noticed you were conspicuously absent on a certain extremely disturbing thread.

                I don’t have disdain for patients; I do get irritated with their behaviour sometimes. Big difference. Asshole.

                1. oh spare me. i know way too many docs, critical nurses etc. for you to play that game with me.

                  i’ll put our stats on unjustified shoots up with dr/nurse stats on iatrogenic deaths any day of the week.

                  you guys kill, often with good intent and proper process JUST LIKE COPS do, and sometimes you guys kill through recklessness or negligence, etc. just like cops

                  iow, shock i know… you are imperfect, operating in an imperfect system and if you are an ER doc, much like cop or a poker player, you are operating with limited information and taking calculated risks into account

                  so spare me your butthurt, asshole

                  1. i’ll put our stats on unjustified shoots up with dr/nurse stats on iatrogenic deaths any day of the week.

                    I’ll my put my record of favorable treatment people against yours any day of the week, and my profession is much more highly regarded then yours, Dunphy, and polls show this to be true. I don’t see stories every other day doctors shooting dogs. I never once made the claim that medical professionals are either perfect of incapable of making mistakes. I also call out bad doctors and bad policy when the thread presents itself.

                    It offends me that you equate the two.

                    1. Dunphy equates the two professions in order to elevate his self-esteem. It’s just what shit eating pigs do.

                  2. oh spare me. i know way too many docs, critical nurses etc. for you to play that game with me.

                    God you’re a fucking hypocrite. Make generalizations about everybody else’s professions, and have a conniption fit that the “isolated incident” threads don’t really show what cops are like in real life, even though such “isolated incidents” keep showing up.

                  3. Dunphy:

                    Another point in Groovus’ favor. If I’m dealing with an asshole doctor, I can tell him to go fuck himself and walk away. What happens when I tell an asshole cop to go fuck himself?

                  4. Of course doctors make mistakes, and in their line of work death can be the result. But it’s not intentional. You are ignoring the malice and contempt of cops for “civilians.”

                2. oh btw, i am not sure which thread i was “conspicuously” absent for, but i am not required to remark on every thread involving cops alleged misconduct.

                  i also just got out of surgery recently ( my doc is good), and thus you get the added benefit of my posting being enhanced by dilaudid!

                  1. This one, you fuck stick.

                    1. I’m pretty sure the last word you’ll use after viewing the thread Silver Fox cites is alleged.

      3. Holy shit, that’s stupid. And why cars are getting so expensive and crappy. I’m annoyed enough that I have to go through some silly process to turn off the damn seatbelt alarm. I wear my seatbelt, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to sit in the driver’s seat without the fucking thing dinging at you. If I pay good money for a car, I do not want that car telling me what to do.

        1. If I pay good money for a car, I do not want that car telling me what to do.

          Nanny state, nanny cars.

    2. Two years after enactment, transportation officials would initiate a rulemaking to expand the amount of data collected and require “an interoperable data access port to facilitate universal accessibility and analysis.”

      That doesn’t sound ominous at all.

      1. I’ll be fascinated to read how to disable the thing.

        Because mine will be. Oh yes, it will. The trick will be making it look accidental.

        Or maybe just pick up a busted one on the gray market and swap it out.

        1. our major accident guys LOVE the black boxes. it gives tons of info (in cars that have them) as to the driver’s speed, pedal positions etc. at time of and before the accident

          one area where i would support these black boxes is if people could have them installed in their minor children’s cars (you are paying their bills, etc, you have authority over their driving), and for people who could opt, through insurance companies to receive substantially lower insurance rates if they have such a chip in their car.

          because, in the eventuality of an accident, the insurance co could know how you were driving (speed-wise, acceleration wise) etc. and /or could do yearly or random checks on your driving patterns

          btw, if you have a GPS device in your car, you are already allowing for moment to moment tracking of your speed, position, etc. and if you con’t think ‘little brother’ shares that info, you are daft.

          i don’t even like having one in my cruiser (although i do). although we are going to a new system soon where our cars will be monitored as to location/speed/etc 24 hrs a day.

          it will, just like video, protect the innocent cops and help punish the guilty.

          the dept. has already ceded to the union that they will only use such data in response to an incident, and not ‘fish’ for violations

          NORMA RAE!!!

          1. for people who could opt, through insurance companies to receive substantially lower insurance rates if they have such a chip in their car.

            Isn’t Progressive’s Snapshot program the same thing? You give them access to your driving data, and they give you a break on insurance?

            1. Correct, T.

              1. that’s a great program imo… since it’s VOLUNTARY.

                iow, it should be about choice.

                i also like the program many areas have where they will register their plates with cops, giving the cops authority to make traffic stop w/o cause if their car is out after (for example) 1 am. the theory is that they don’t cruise around at such hours, and their kids arent suppose to, so if an officer sees their car at those hours, he should check and make sure it’s not a rolling stolen, or their kids joyriding or whatever

                again, since it’s a CHOICE, it’s not coercive and is a good option

        2. You just need to accidently fray some wire and short it out. It’s really easy to fry electronics.

        3. My sons will hammer a screwdriver into the data access port… b/c that’s what boys do. They are also known for following that up with an 18V hammer drill for good measure.

      2. an interoperable data access port to facilitate universal accessibility

        That sounds kind of sexy, though.

        Yes, yes, I know — this is why people don’t take us seriously.

          1. Hey, thanks, Fist! At least *someone* takes me seriously.

      3. “transportation officials would initiate a rulemaking”

        I doubt the words rule making are in the Constitution.

        1. “Transportation officials would initiate a rulemaking”-
          So who are these “Transportation officials”? More feckless bureaucrats with the authority to make rules? I suppose we could pay for this mandate through appropriating a portion of congresses pension funds, trimming up public sector pensions are all the rage these days. You know?.the sauce for the goose, and all.

    3. What do you mean “We”?

  3. roll back excessibe regulation at home.

    The worst thing about excessibe regulation is how much of it there is.

    1. Fixed, oh editorially astute reader!

      1. You hear that Alack? He called you an ass. And I didn’t think he knew you that well.

        1. You gonna take that from him, Alack?

          1. Let’s call a spade, a spade; all of us here are asses. The sooner we accept this, the sooner we can go back to drinking blood of minor diamond miners out of cups encrusted with blood diamonds.

            1. RACIST!

            2. A racist metaphor and a significant advance in the field of heartless displays of wealth in the same response? Truly sir, tip of the tophat to you!

            3. I take offense to that. I’m not an ass, I’m a dick. You pussy.

              You may now launch into the speech from Team America in your head.

              1. I’m a pussy and you are a dick? I suppose there is some truth to the old phrase, “You are what you eat”.

                1. Touche, sir, touche. You dick.

                  1. It’s a double good win, considering the caloric content of either is pretty much nil.

  4. “The day of reckoning has arrived,” Emanuel said, saying taxpayers, retirees and employees want politicians to be honest and “level with them” about the problems.

    It helps the public unions identify who to have voted out next election.

    1. So Rahmbo is jumping on the “holy shitballs we’ve seriously got to do something about these outrageous public employee pensions before everything burns down forever” bandwagon. That must mean that the progressive cork soakers can’t continue calling us murderers for wanting to trim these expenditures, right? Right?

      1. Since it’s Rahm I doubt it’s the financial aspect that’s motivating him. More likely someone pissed him off. At least that’s what I got from the recent Atlantic fluff piece about him. He doesn’t want to reform things because it’s the right thing to do but because everything has to be done his way.

      2. It probably has something to do with trying to get Springfield to pay the Chicago pensions.

      3. No, when we do it, it’s because we are heartless monsters. When they do it, it’s with love.

      4. Hmmm, so I guess Rahm already knows how the Scott Walker recall effort is going to go?

  5. A couple of days old. But behold the greatest piece of schadenfreude this century; NYT staffers whining about their lowered pensions.


  6. Fuck automobile data recorders. I would rip that shit out, but I already prefer vehicles that are more analogue anyway.

  7. Montclair’s fiscal predicament is similar to those of other, less affluent cities. In the last decade, its debt has more than doubled, to $250 million, as it used short-term, low-interest loans to pay many operating expenses as well as to build or refurbish schools and athletic fields.

    Ultimately, those debts came due. The state, in its own hole, reduced aid to municipalities. Taxes here doubled over a decade.

    The debts coming due. That’s the minor detail they overlooked.

    1. The more you spend the more you save.

    2. Don’t be absurd. The good times will roll on forever, so why worry about paying debts back? It’s like you’re purposefully being obtuse. Like always.

      1. I don’t even understand any of the words you used there. It’s like your fingers started on the wrong home keys or something.


          1. Babelfish says that translates to “I shall be merciful and quick.”

            1. Wow, so they’ve improved Babelfish immensely, then. Because that’s almost spot on. But what it failed to translate was my mocking tone, which actually changes the meaning to “Your favorite show is Charles in Charge, isn’t it”.

              1. It translates Gorn? Wow, that is advanced.

                1. That wasn’t Gorn, you illiterate schmendrick. It was Horta, and required a mind meld to communicate it.

                  1. The Horta have no concept of a Scott Baio, you poor substitute for a lichen.

                    Who did the voice for the Gorn, anyway? I like his lizard-man tones.

                    1. The Horta have no concept of a Scott Baio

                      Yet they are the prototype for Willie Aames.

                    2. You’re confusing the Horta with the Tellarites.

                    3. Have you ever mind-melded with a Horta? Because if you haven’t, maybe you should shut up about whether they get Scott Baio. I have, and they are huge Joanie Loves Chachi fans.

                      The Gorn’s voice was done by Ted Cassidy.

                    4. Really? I never realized that before. He also voiced Balok, I see.

                      You’re wrong about the Horta, though. They only watch human programming that involves lots of silicon-based life. Like Pamela Anderson.

    3. Seems Montclair fancy library is breaking them. I went the library website and followed the links to their logical conclusion.

      “Annual pension cost payments are assessed annually by the State and supplement the employers ongoing assessment in wage contributions. Annual assessment was $55,000 in 2006, $275,000 in 2011 and 254,000 in 2012.”

  8. half of polled Americans now support letting same-sex couples marry

    Next hurdle, polygamy.

    Only ’cause robots aren’t *quite* there yet.

    1. Why anyone would want more than one wife is beyond my cognitive capabilities.

      1. what’s the difference between polygamy and conventional marriage?

        they are both “one wife too many” (rimshot)

      2. The married group could be a tensome – five bisexual guys and five bisexual girls. Open, polyamorous nonexclusive and non-heteronormative.

      3. You’ll be holding out for the robot, then?

  9. If the FDA does make this change patients will be able to determine what medications they need by answering a series of questions at a kiosk inside pharmacies.

    So there it is. Big Kiosk is behind this move.

    1. The rent-seeking blood-letters guild is opposed to this.

      1. I have not a problem with this, provided patients tell me what they are taking before I have them on the table. Or are you one of the obstinate patient who expects their doctor to know your entire H&P by discernment? Or do you just drink colloidal silver and scarf down tumeric?

        1. pretty sure that just as i do not speak for all cops, or their unions, you don’t speak for all doctors. we are in many respects, most likely, outliers

        2. I doubt that many of us would have a problem with this, but speaking for myself, I get plenty of requests for prescriptions for Tylenol and Motrin, which are available over the counter and have been for decades, so I don’t know that it would matter.

          1. I will be very surprised if APAP doesn’t go the way of pseudoephedrine and become script only, but for different reasons, P.

        3. Aren’t you a DO from Canuckistan? The American Medical association is opposed to this ever so slight increase in property rights.

          1. New York is a Canadian province? News to me. I dropped my AMA membership shortly after completing residency (AMA membeship was required for application for a residency slot), and I am a member of FACS.

            DO and completed an MD surgical residency.

  10. http://pjmedia.com/blog/how-fb…..amed-nypd/

    According to court testimony, the FBI had difficulty keeping up with the suspect since he was driving fast and rarely stopped. A team from the FBI Denver office had to fly ahead to St. Louis to set up for the ongoing tail team. Zazi was later ticketed for speeding in Kentucky.

    As Zazi entered New York City on September 10, he was stopped in a prearranged ‘random’ drug checkpoint on the New Jersey side of the George Washington Bridge by the Port Authority of NY and NJ. This occurred at the request of the FBI.

    NPR counterterrorism reporter Dina Temple-Raston falsely attributed the stop to the NYPD in an interview segment titled “Facts and Fiction About Alleged Zazi Plot.” Her sources allegedly said the drug search was a “cowboy maneuver” by the NYPD. In fact, the search was done by the Port Authority, not the NYPD. It also took place on the New Jersey side of the bridge, where the NYPD has no jurisdiction. The search was conducted with the full knowledge and authorization of the FBI.

    Zazi consented to the search and a bomb-sniffing dog was brought in to check the car, but nothing was found. During his trial testimony against his accomplice, Zazi indicated that the trunk, where his suitcase containing the TATP was located, was not searched. That might be because a thorough search could not be conducted because authorities didn’t have a search warrant yet.

    1. How long before the FBI loses track of one of these clowns and they actually blow something up? They can’t even manage to tail a guy cross country.

      1. Isn’t there a regular who says that will never happen because they never let them get actual explosives?

        1. Apparently the FBI didn’t get that memo.

      2. Or make the dog bark at the trunk!

        1. Seriously, at this point the dog just looking at the trunk is probably the same thing as alerting on it.

      3. Why would they want to stop them all? Look how much funding went up after 911.

  11. According to a bill passed by the U.S. Senate, black-box recording devices are likely to be mandatory in U.S. vehicles by 2015.

    Well, at least the good news is that since they’ll be mandatory they’ll be free to the buyers. There’s no way the government would let manufacturers bury the device cost in the vehicle cost.

    1. Back-up cams are already mandatory.

  12. http://www.breitbart.com/Big-G…..l-of-Tears

    Elizabeth Warren Ancestor Rounded Up Cherokees For Trail of Tears

    She is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

    1. Now, we shouldn’t hold people accountable for the sins of their fathers. But, by the same token, shit like this is hilarious.

      1. Hey, if they’re going to cash in on their ancestors, they should have to take the whole package.

      2. “Now, we shouldn’t hold people accountable for the sins of their fathers. But, by the same token, shit like this is hilarious.” –
        What are you talking about? The whole concept of white guilt is predicated on this. Warren, being a product of white facist imperialism and genocide, just cannot not feel guilty enough, just ask her.

    2. What a truly insipid story this is. Still, scandals, no matter how insipid, distract politicians and other scum from fucking with us, so they’re always preferable.

      1. They only way to deal with people like Warren is through ridicule. You can’t engage her in real debate. She will just reduce you to her level and beat you with experience overwhelming you with stupidity and cliches. But the one thing self important assholes like her cannot take is ridicule.

        1. She doesn’t belong to the Cherokee tribe; she belongs to the Sioux tribe.

          (get it – she’s at Harvard Law School…oh, well…)

      2. I love it when a member of the Concerned Brigade gets bitten in the butt like this.

    3. Top Ten Elizabeth Warren Indian Names

      10. Little Pantsonfire

      9. Woman Who Loves Eater of Dogs

      8. Lie-a-watha

      7. Hoarder of Feathers Who Hates Feather Hoarders

      6. Sitting Bullsh*t

      5. Hunts at Whole Foods

      4. Running Joke

      3. Taxagawea

      2. Dances With Occupiers

      And the number one Elizabeth Warren Indian name:

      1. Fauxcahontas

      1. Give yourself ten shiny internetz!!! Well done! LOLOL

      2. You have done well today.

      3. I think Mark Steyn gets credit for “Fauxcahontas” and he also coined “Crockagawea”.

        1. They were pulled from Facebook and Twitter. I didn’t write them. But thanks anyway.

      4. The way I heard the joke, the name was “Two Dogs Fucking.”

    4. White woman speaks with forked tongue.

  13. Hearing in Ottawa today to probe Visa, MasterCard fees described as world’s highest

    Didn’t the US go through this exercise, pass some laws and made things a lot worse?

    I also find it distressing that such a thing as a federal Competition Bureau exists at all.

    1. You should start a rival bureau.

      1. Perhaps I should complain to the Competition Bureau that there isn’t enough competition in the Competition Bureau industry.

      2. I see what you did there…

    1. My favorite part

      Risk varies a bit, but all of us and a variety of other living things monkeys, rats, and mice can become addicted if exposed to addictive substances in sufficient concentrations, frequently enough, and over a sufficient amount of time. It is beyond question that more people using drugs, more frequently, will result in more addiction.

      Apparently we are all automatically exposed to any legal drug. We have no choice but to consume it and become an addict.

      1. Notice the slide from “addictive substances” to “drugs”.

        Notice, also, the use of “can” in the first sentence, rendering it virtually meaningless.

        1. And the endless weasel clauses “in sufficient concentrations”, “frequently enough”, “over a sufficient amount of time”.

          It shows how weak their case is getting when even clowns like this has to resort to weasel words rather than just pointing to the self evident fact that anyone who touches drugs is doomed.

      2. Apparently we are all automatically exposed to any legal drug. We have no choice but to consume it and become an addict.

        Hey, buddy. Wanna buy some Prozac? Ritalin? Real cheap.

      3. It is beyond question that more people using drugs, more frequently, will result in more addiction.

        that certainly explains the reduced number of people still taking in nicotine and the fact that not every American is either an alcoholic or hooked on prescription meds. So these guys think “substances exist, therefore we’re doomed” passes for science?

    2. And evil…

      QUOTE Are the calls for legalization merely superficial silly background noise in the context of more fundamental problems? Does this talk make any difference? Well, suppose someone you know said, Crack and heroin and meth are great, and I am going to give them to my brothers and sisters, my children and my grandchildren. If you find that statement absurd, irresponsible, or obscene, then at some level you appreciate that drugs cannot be accepted in civilized society. Those who talk of legalization do not speak about giving drugs to their families of course; they seem to expect drugs to victimize someone else’s family ENDQUOTE

      1. The reason three entire generations of my family are all raging alcoholics are because of that bastard Granddad. Fuck that guy.

      2. Now that I think about it, that heroin totally injected itself…

        1. And the only way we can keep you from being victimized is to throw you in prison for the rest of your adult life.

          1. John, it’s for their own good.

            Well, and for teh childrunz, too. Of course. It goes without saying.

      3. Orgasms are great, and I am going to give them to my brothers and sisters, my children and my grandchildren. If you find that statement absurd, irresponsible, or obscene, then at some level you appreciate that orgasms cannot be accepted in civilized society.

          1. I can absolutely confirm that my name is not Mistie, thank heavens.

            1. Indeed. Celebrate this fact with Epic Sax.

              1. Needs more cowbell

  14. black-box recording devices are likely to be mandatory

    And renamed.

    1. Honky boxes?

      1. No. Those are claxons.

        Now I’m wondering … Can a black box record white noise?

        1. nice

  15. That picture looks oddly familiar.

  16. House Democrats said Tuesday they will offer an amendment to push to overturn stand-your-ground self-defense laws in states like Florida.

    Federal money shouldn’t be spent supporting states with laws that endanger their own people

    So… outlawing self-defence makes everyone safer?

    1. i’m not sure how the feds could outlaw stand your ground. no constitutional authority.

      ok, granted, that hasn’t stopped them before in many cases, but…

      stand your ground laws are merely an EXPANSION of rights. it is implicit in the constitution that any state can (and most do) recognize expanded rights vis a vis speech, gunz, search and seizure etc.

      i think this is house democrats kneejerking “we need a new law” due to trayvon martin hysteria.

      “hey, we did SOMETHING” (unconstutional that will be overturned , but… SOMETHING

      1. They aren’t outlawing anything, just withholding some funds until the states play ball.

        1. ah, reminds me of the old ‘team 55’ days…

          1. We’re still in the ‘team 21’ days…

      2. stand your ground laws are merely an EXPANSION of rights.

        come on, now. You have practically answered the question yourself. Such laws expand individual rights; House Dems have a problem with that. Some House Repubs, too, no doubt but sticking with the story, attempts to expand individual rights will not be tolerated. It’s for your own good.

    2. Federal money shouldn’t be spent supporting states with laws that endanger their own people

      “We take their money and we use it to make them do our bidding! That’s federalism according to OUR book!”

  17. push to overturn stand-your-ground

    Sounds like an uphill battle.

    1. Uphill battles remind me of this

      1. One of my teachers in high school (biology) had that prominently displayed in his classroom. If you did something stupid, especially because you didn’t read instructions, he’d point to it and mock you. He was a good teacher.

        1. That is fucking AWESOME! My HS Chem teacher always buttoned his top button on his oxford-cloth shirt – despite not wearing a tie – and had a sign that said, “What Have You Done for Heaven’s Sake?” I know for a fact he did not read “The Far Side” nor “Bloom County.”

          Despite that, he was a really good Chem teacher…

  18. Republicans shoot down bill that would have stopped the interest rate on student loans from doubling–because it would have included higher payroll taxes.

    Senate Republicans, however, object to the way the Democratic bill proposes to pay for the extension. That bill, put forth by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and backed by the White House, would require some privately owned companies to pay higher payroll taxes for Social Security and Medicare.


    Chalk one point up for the stinkin’ Republicans.

  19. we are getting bbox recording devices in our cruisers soon. yup, the union agreed to it, given that they cannot be used to ‘fish’ but given a complaint, the data can be accessed, or a major incident (collision, etc.)

    they will know now 24/7 where our cruisers are, which they now don’t.

    officers stopping off at their local 10-3’s for a little on shift “personal maintenance” be aware

    1. they cannot be used to ‘fish’

      Right, and your SSN can’t be used for identification, and seat belt laws aren’t a primary traffic offense, and the income tax will just be 1% on a very few individuals and will never go up.

    1. Do they have to wear badges? I had to wear a badge when I was there.

      1. The parents have to register them.

        Young enough to be killed in the womb, old enough to be on the WH visitor list.

        1. I don’t get this. If they are “unpersons” and merely blobs of extraneous tissue, do tumors, moles, and other growths have to be registered as well? What about boobs, teeth and hair?

          1. LEAVE MY MOOBS OUT OF THIS!!!

            1. YOU’RE CHUCK SCHUMER???

          2. Silence, heretic!

          3. What about my sperm?

            That’s millions of potential people who would like to go to the whitehouse too.

      2. Badges? BADGES? We don’t need no steenkeen BADGES!

        It had to be said.

      3. Not badges per se. I think they get tiny microchips implanted.

        1. Is that before or after they’re torn to shreds with the forceps?

          Too soon?

      4. Fuck around and get killed.

    2. As a non-pro-lifer, the most fucked up thing about this to me is:

      we’ll ask you to update it at the time of birth

      Why the fuck should the White House have a record of me visiting it, including SSN, just because my mom decided to go there when she was knocked up?

    3. It’s because of the prophesy of the child who will one day slay King Obama.

  20. OMG, that weed would be SO good right now.

    I look forward to a future in which my company has an Herb Lounge for relaxing between stressful meetings. The future’s going to be AWESOME!

    1. I was just told that we only have 3 more weeks on Earth and that fossils were just something the Jews buried in 1924.

      1. I don’t think I want any of that person’s weed.

        1. I sure do!

          1. JOOZ!!

  21. Just wanted to give a big ol’ “thanks” to everyone for all the book suggestions yesterday. I look forward to judging you based on your recommendations as they are read.

    1. That’s better than judging the book by its covered, so I’ll allow it.

      1. PS I judge my typing skills to be deficient. Good thing I’m not a typist in real life.

    2. So the first one you’re going to start on will be Eat, Pray, Love, then?

      1. I thought he’d be diving in to “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”.


        1. Fifty Shades of Grey is first up, actually. Steamy!

        2. Maybe Mein Kampf. Or its functional equivalent, A Separate Peace.

          1. True fact: I almost picked up Mein Kampf at some weird bookstore in NY, just because they were selling it. But I figured I’m probably already on some weird government database, so no sense giving any reason for suspicion.

            1. Turner Diaries gets you on all the watch lists since McVeigh. Good thing I got my copy before then.

    3. I tried to give you one but the Reason squirrells wouldn’t let me.

      Read Simon Schima’s Citizens. It will debunk every myth you were ever taught about the French Revolution. And it will also show you how the lefty mob hasn’t changed since the terror.

      1. Groovy, I’ll check it out. Gracias.

        As an aside, is it you who was constantly talking about some book on Catherine the Great a while back? It sounded interesting, but I can’t remember what it was called.

        1. “Catherine and the Great Horse Myth”

    4. Let me add another suggestion: The Dragon in the Sea by Frank Herbert. It’s a submarine psychological thriller set in a cold war where the U.S has to steal oil using enormous undersea towed bladders because the enemy has control of most of the world’s oil fields.

      1. It’s also known as Under Pressure, and it’s quite good. Short too.

    5. Did anyone mention Heinlein’s Time Enough for Love?


      … Hobbit

  22. Looks like they are really trying to be the worst of two evils. Democrats laid low on this jackshittery for a long time after getting their asses handed to them in the polls over gun rights. What’s the deal, did they forget that? They really think they have an issue that resonates beyond the hopelessly stupid?


    House Democrats said Tuesday they will offer an amendment to push to overturn stand-your-ground self-defense laws in states like Florida.

    The amendment, which would withhold some grants from states that have such laws, will come as part of the House’s debate on the Commerce Department spending bill.

  23. I never do gratuitous equal time because fuck you if you don’t like how I feel like tilting, but I just spotted this — Romney, the dumb fuck Keynesian:


    Speaking Monday at a town hall style-meeting event in Cleveland, presumptive GOP presidential Mitt Romney plunged a fork into the idea that he could come around to embracing Mr. Paul’s call for deep cuts in federal spending.

    “My job is to get America back on track to have a balanced budget. Now I’m not going to cut $1 trillion in the first year,” he said, distancing himself from Mr. Paul’s plan to slice more than a quarter of the estimated $3.8 trillion being spent by the the federal government.

    Why not, someone in the crowd apparently asked, sparking a response from the former Massachusetts governor.

    “The reason,” he explained, “is taking a trillion dollars out of a $15 trillion economy would cause our economy to shrink [and] would put a lot of people out of work.”

    1. Ok, so the bidding has started. Not a trillion in cuts. How much then? If the goal is a balanced budget, that will mean real numbers. Put out a number, even a ballpark number.

      1. $50?

      2. He’ll drastically cut the federal budget by only increasing it 20% in his first year.

    2. Forgetting the fact that the trillion dollars either got taken from people in the first place, or we borrowed it. Goddamn, there goes the idea that Mitt the businessman understands economics any better than his predecessor.

    3. “My job is to get America back on track to have a balanced budget. Now I’m not going to cut $1 trillion in the first year,”

      Well, with $1.5 trillion deficits, you either cut spending and/or raise taxes. The fact that we can’t go back to 2003 levels of spending to get an instant surplus is embarrassing.

      “The reason,” he explained, “is taking a trillion dollars out of a $15 trillion economy would cause our economy to shrink [and] would put a lot of people out of work.”

      That statement pretty much encapsulates the problem right there. Americans don’t want to be told that the economy is going to HAVE to shrink to get us back to solvency, and no President or candidate wants to tell them that. No one wants to deal with the fact that the pain is inevitable, it’s just the degree to which we’ll be subjected. But we can’t run 8-12% of our GDP in deficits to get 1-2% in growth forever, no matter what Mittens or Ostumblebum say to the contrary. The math is against them.

  24. While people remain as sharply divided as the administration, half of polled Americans now support letting same-sex couples marry, while 48% oppose the practice.

    I support same-sex shotgun weddings.

    1. But wait, Old Mex…ah, I see what you did there!

  25. Looks like old Dick Loogie is going to lose tonight, barring a miracle. Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say. Worthless go-along-to-get-along cream puffs like him are a big part of the reason we’re in the mess that we’re in.

    1. And you did your part. Nice when a vote goes your way. Thanks for helping to rid us of Establishment vermin.

      1. I’m looking forward to hearing all the usual suspects in the garbage media crying about how awful it is that such a wonderful man is getting the heave-ho.

  26. What meritocracy?


    Higher education perpetuates privilege and inequality, says Richard Wolin, and it’s a distinctly American badge of shame

    1. One one hand: Phaggot Striver Poor takes out $40K in student loans over 5 years to get degree in Grievance Studies, half of which goes towards booze and a backpacking trip in Europe the summer after the second year. Ends up working in various minimum-wage jobs for two years after graduation, then goes back to get an MA in Social Work that adds another $40K in debt. Wonders why she can’t find a good job that pays her $80K a year, blames the patriarchy.

      On the other hand: Blue-collar high school grad spends 2 years at a trade school and then the next 4 as a plumber’s apprentice, while living at home during school to save money. Uses connections to work odd jobs on the side, and has a built-in customer base when he starts his own business upon reaching journeyman status. Makes $80K a year and has no student loan payments.

      Who’s smarter?

      1. Notice how that dumbshit Nando found a way to equate higher education with the dreaded capitalistic Satan-fellating idea of bettering yourself and making a decent living.

        Fucking anti-capitalists. How do they work?

  27. So, uh, what happened to the comments thread on the Chronicle of Higher Ed thing from this afternoon? Or does that break the Fight Club Rules…

    1. I think mthey were having system issues and lost some comments.

  28. Al Qaeda bomber was CIA informant


  29. According to a bill passed by the U.S. Senate, black-box recording devices are likely to be mandatory in U.S. vehicles by 2015.

    I am so going to fuck mine up.

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