Job Creation Sputters, Tucson Stuck With Michelle's Tab, Abusive Cops Tell Their Tale: P.M. Links


  • Only 115,000 new jobs were created in the U.S. in April — down from 154,000 in March. But the unemployment rate declined … because so many people gave up looking for work.

  • Not too fond of the TSA? Neither is Senator Rand Paul. He's asking the public to sign a petition supporting his bill to scrap the Transportation Security Administration.
  • Michelle Obama dropped into Tucson for a political fundraising visit, and all local taxpayers got was the hefty tab for her security detail.
  • Under pressure from lawmakers and the public, Facebook joined the Global Network Initiative, a politically favored group intended to help Internet companies doing business internationally deal with issues including privacy and free expression.
  • To win the presidency, Mitt Romney must thread a bit of an electoral needle, but his advisers insist it's do-able.
  • France's incumbent President Nicolas Sarkozy has closed the gap with his main rival, but is still expected to narrowly lose to Socialist challenger Francois Hollande. Meanwhile, Greece's conservatives are expected to win a small plurality in an election dominated by small parties, leaving the country's reaction to its economic plight up in the air.
  • In the disciplinary hearing of New Jersey police officer Regina Tasca, the officers she stopped from beating down an emotionally disturbed man were called to render their interesting version of events.

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