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Gary Johnson Takes Solid Lead In Libertarian Party "Token Tally"


Las Vegas – One of the key parts of the Libertarian Party's presidential nomination process is the debate/forum/purity fight that takes place the day before the actual voting. Convention delegates submit pieces of paper called "signature tokens" with the name of their preferred candidate for president and vice president. In order to participate in the debate a candidate needs to receive at least 10% of the support of the delegates through this voting process. These tokens play a part in the nomination process as well as candidates must receive at least 30 signature tokens from delegates in order to be considered for the party's nomination.

Tokens are provided to delegates only but they can be transferred to alternates if a delegate has to leave. If your token is unreadable or incomplete it will be discarded. Delegates that lose their tokens are out of luck as they cannot be replaced.

As of 4:15pm today the token tally showed former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson on top with 63, followed by editor Lee Wrights with 18. Jim Burns and Carl Person (pronounced peer-son) received two tokens each while a handful of others picked up just one.

All tokens must be in by 3:00pm tomorrow  for tallying. 

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  1. Gary Johnson is about as libertarian as Ron Paul. A big improvement from Bob Barr, although not as faithful to the platform as Harry Browne, Andre Marrou or Michael Badnarik. I hope he can break 1% this year.

    1. He’s more liberal on social issues, right? Truth be told I have never heard him speak, although I plan on voting for him if Ron Paul isn’t on the ballot in California come November.

      1. For reasons I don’t know, and he hasn’t answered, he dances around government recognition of SSMs. He’s willing to use the US military for causes he deems ‘protecting a population’ or some such.
        Perfect, he ain’t, by my values. Assuming he ends up the LP candidate, he’ll likely get my vote. Unless Paul ends up the RP candidate.

        1. Perfect? Not by a longshot.

          But he offers a true choice in the race, and has actually one an election of value in the past.

          If he’s on the ballot, he’ll get my vote. If he’s not, I expect I will write in Hayak’s corpse.

        2. I dunno, he seems OK on gay marriage to me. He advocates civil unions, not marriages, as the only government license, and that they be available regardless of gender.

          Of course, your hardcore gay activists don’t like this, because they don’t want the mere equality of civil unions for all. They want the societal sanction/approval of “marriage” to be mandated by law.

          1. I think that the best answer any candidate can give on the subject is that DOMA is unconstitutional and should go and everything else is up to states. Aside from whether or not he thinks the federal government should have anything to do with it, it doesn’t matter what the president thinks of gay marriage.

          2. His original position was advocating civil unions, for all marriages, but after realizing the thousands of lines of federal law that would have to be changed he changed his position to advocating marriage equality.


  2. As a member of the LNC in 2008, I advocated against the token system. Make the best case for liberty and let the chips fall where they may. Instead this exclusionary system designed to keep the riff-raff off the C-SPAN stage could theoretically backfire. Burns is a long time activist and Person a Harvard grad. What’s the point if Johnson is the only one to qualify?

    1. Wrights will probably qualify as well, but in general I agree with you

  3. Dude is not really making a lot of sense man, WOw.

  4. Congratulations to Gery Johnson. His win has been a foregone conclusion. It is the VP nomination that has everyone curious now and Judge Jim Gray will be a great one.

  5. Very good article.

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