A.M. Links: 11 Dead in Egypt Protests, Ukraine Facing Image Issues, Peter King Satisfied Prostitutes Just That


  • At least eleven protesters were killed in Cairo as demonstrations against military rule intensified. A presidential debate scheduled for tonight was postponed.

  • Blind Chinese dissident Chen Guancheng is gumming up the works for U.S.-Chinese talks set to start today. He now says he fears for his family's safety if he remains in China.
  • Ukraine is facing image issues over its treatment of former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko ahead of the Euro 2012 soccer tournament the country is co-hosting with Poland.
  • Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee Peter King is satisfied prostitutes hired in Colombia weren't part of a criminal or terrorist organization.
  • Gawker's Fox News Mole is trying to shop the idea of a book based on his displeasure at working at the cable news network.
  • Let's go to space.

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