Brickbat: Playground Hijinks


Parents of some students at California's Albert Einstein Middle School are upset that  Sacramento sheriff's detectives pulled their children out of class and interviewed them and took DNA samples in a murder investigation without informing those parents.

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  1. “These are interviews, not interrogations,” Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Ramos told “They are all consensual.”

    My ass they are. I know kalifornia is a fucked up place, but c’mon. Kids can consent? A child is knowledgable enough about criminal procedure and the consequences of consenting to a police ‘interview’ without council or parent to consent ? In what alternate universe?

    Is there any chance that if the killer turns out to be one of these kids that all evidence against them acquired in this manner will be tossed out and the killer ends up walking?

    1. “I think the answer is, kids can consent, and if they consented and it was knowing and intelligent, [law enforcement] can do the search,”

      Apparently kids CAN consent.

      California: The Open Season on Jail-Bait State.

      1. Yeah, I think that particular slippery slope just turned into an giant slalom. Of course, they will argue that it is already illegal to engage in underage sex, but hey, if 13-year-olds can consent, it’s all good, right?

        1. “slippery slope”, 13 year olds….you dirty old bastard…

  2. Hey Cali lawyers, what happens with DNA samples there? Are they retained for the length of the investigation and then destroyed if of no relevance to the investigation? Kept forever?

  3. Kids under 18 can get abortions without informing or involving the parents so, yeah….why not accept their consent to search, access to personal data, including DNA, etc? Makes sense.

    It’s all part of The Plan?.

    You know who else had a “plan”….

    1. Hannibal Smith.

      1. They had a plan? Did anyone know what that plan was?
        1. Wipe out humanity
        2. ????
        3. Profit

    2. The layaway desk at KMart?

      1. Skynet?

    3. Harvey Dent?

  4. I’ve long argued that the age of a majority in a state should be the age of the youngest person that has ever been charged as an adult.

    1. Ooh, that’s a great idea.

      BTW, I got Dune loaded on my Nook. Thanks, man.

      1. Even if you love it, don’t read the other 5. Or, at least only read 2 and 3 and stop.

  5. Dude is not making a whole lot of sense man, Wow.

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