Ron Paul

Ron Paul vs. Paul Krugman Cage Match on Bloomberg TV!


True story: Austrian-econ champeen Dr. No will square off mano-a-mano against Nobel-winning economist Paul Krugman, the doctor, at 4 PM today on Bloomberg TV. You can see the stream here, and consider this your open thread.

Reason on Ron Paul here, Paul Krugman here.

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  1. Forced!

  2. Fist!

  3. Way to blow the pre-commercial signoff TV lady. How hard is it to say Paul vs Paul?

  4. That’s goon be a really embarrassing program for the Nobel Committee.

  5. The Manchester derby is on too. It really is a day for the titans to clash

  6. Spoiler Alert:

    Paul is not the father of Krugman’s baby.

    1. But Dr. Paul did deliver the baby.

  7. well, since the smackdown hasn’t started, and Matt said open thread, here goes:

    Calif. Man Sues BMW For Persistent Erection

    1. Hahaha. Also, I forgot about this person.

      1. intriguing… so Whitney faked her death so she could sleep with Oprah?

    2. He hasn’t a chance. He replaced the factory seat with an after-market seat.

  8. “What’s the difference between you two?”

    “He’s a poopoo head.”

  9. Is it my stream or is Krugman’s beard made out of huge pixels?

    1. it’s actually made out of a host of grey parasites

      1. They seem to shimmer.

  10. I simply can’t stand it. If I watched another second of that moron Krugman, I would have to kill something. I really wish that stupid fuck would die in a fire.

  11. Ack, Ron Paul is cruising over a ton of information, e.g. “diluting the metal”.

  12. Uh, Ron Paul is an Austrian, not a Chicago school guy, dopey.

    1. Subtlety from a man who doesn’t even understand his mentor, Keynes, is not likely.

    2. Well in that case, let’s throw another chimp (Krugman) on the barby!

  13. Barter != a competing form of money. Ooh, I hope Krugman chokes on a powdered doughtnut tomorrow morning.

  14. Krugman’s certainly faster on his feet.

    1. He’s younger. Let him argue with 1980s Ron Paul and we’ll see.



  16. Anybody here ever do business in a country where the currency is pegged to the greenback?

  17. Sounds like they’re bringing in some other mug for the next installment. Maybe it’s Glass Joe.

  18. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a site that has more freaking javascript callouts than Bloomberg. It’s almost like Mike is trying to find out if I ate any fatty foods today by invading my computer.

  19. As long as our nation’s newswires run news from the DJIA during commercial breaks (where are the commercials?) our land will never be free.

  20. Did I just see that commercial state that the Math and Science Initiative raised AP scores by 138%? I’m guessing that means the average AP score was at maximum a 42%, assuming they get perfect scores now?

    1. Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

    2. When I took them, AP scores were on a scale of 1-5.

    3. Ok, looked it up and it says “The first cohort of 65 schools recorded a remarkable 154.6 percent increase in passing math, science, and English scores in two years among of African-Americans and Hispanics. There was an 107.3 percent increase in math, science and English AP exams passed among African-American and Hispanic students in the 75 schools in the second cohort.”

      That makes more sense.

  21. Blah, the lady’s question about risk missed the point, but Rep. Paul isn’t responding it properly either.

  22. I don’t want to hear anything special that passes as a “thought” in Krugman’s head.

  23. They’re giving Krugman last shot? Get ready for the strawmen.

  24. Why is Der Krugger a very special guest host and Ron Paul’s only a guest?

    1. Probably the only way to get Krugman to come down from his ivory tower and participate in a “debate” with an actual breathing person.

      1. Has Pauly Krugnuts faced off against Ken Rogoff since the ill-fated alien invasion appearance in ’11?

    2. Bloomberg rarely gives guest spots to gynecologists.

  25. Seriously, Mr. Mayor, where are the commercials?

  26. “The markets are not a manifestation of divine will.”

    Subtext – “The government is”

  27. Der Krugger: Market failures: pollution, depression.

  28. Hawk during the Bush years?

    I don’t recall him calling for cuts to entitlements. I do recall him calling for a housing bubble.

    1. He was a deficit hawk like Milton Friedman. The GOP became all Keynesian until Jan 2009 when they became deficit hawks after the Bushpigs ran the deficit up.

      Krugman’s best point was that Friedman would be considered Far Left by the wingnuttery today.

      1. The GOP was never “Keynesian”. They were/are a bunch of neoconservative, national greatness douchebags. Since the economy was rolling on a housing bubble, nobody outside of the real deficit hawks ever said anything. And the GOP Establishment is still devoid of deficit hawks, including Paul Ryan.

        And Friedman can rot in hell for helping to institute the withholding tax to personal incomes.

        1. The GOP are mercantilists and have been since they were founded by refugees from the mercantilist Whig party.

    2. Krugman gets a bum rap on “calling for a housing bubble.” His recorded comments I would if I were his flack define as predicting a housing bubble.

      I’m not Krugman’s flack, so I’d like to see one o yous prove that he called for a policy of inspiring a housing bubble.

      1. He did call for a real or makepretend alien invasion. But not a housing bubble. [cf. Philip K. Dick novel, living therein, etc.]

  29. Why didn’t they ask how $ is doing against gold?

    1. His answer “People (the dumb uninformed unenlightened people) have been bamboozled into believing that gold is a more stable investment.”

      I would be willing to bet that Krugabe would support restrictions on gold ownership similar to what FDR did.

    2. Taxes are way down (about 50%) priced in gold. Its like a huge tax cut!

  30. I thought Paul started out strong when he mentioned that inflation punishes people who save money. But things got very muddled, and I thought his “big government big spending” refrain was weak sauce. He should’ve stayed focused on rebutting particulars.

  31. I want to see Peter Schiff vs. Paul Krugman.

    Bill it “Robbing Peter to Pay Paul”

  32. Point in Der Krugger’s favor: The melt value of A nickel is way down.

    1. Or as I like to say in a mournful brogue, wee doon.

      1. Try that link again.

        1. Thanks. Fixt. If you can’t stand the suspense, the total metal value of a nickel right now is $0.0542154. Less than a year ago it was six and a half cents. (An immediate 30 percent return in a market where strong investments are few and far between!)

          The nickel is usually the coin whose metal content is closest to face value. Don’t know what the other denominations have been doing, but our five-cent piece is not indicating hyperinflation.

  33. There is no econ prize. That is not a Nobel prize — not a proper Nobel prize. It was created by the Central Bank of Sweden in 1968. It piggybacks on the Nobel prizes. Its formal name is “The Central Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel.”

  34. Krugman is a shitty debater. He listens to the bullshit like “the dollar is down 95%” crap.

    His response should have been “Rep Paul, you have been wrong on your prediction of hyperinflation for 25 years. And you are more wrong today than ever with falling prices and a low yields on Treasuries for years. Why are you clueless on inflation?”

    1. he was wrong about deflation in 2008-2009. Everyone where I work is griping about not getting 2% pay raise in the face of inflation.

    2. There is no hyperinflation because Russia, China and Japan are still buying up the debt. But the inflation potential is there, just look at this scary graph:…..s/EXCRESNS.

      1. I thought the Fed bought 61% of the debt in FY2011. That leaves 39% for rest of the world to buy. China’s been reducing holdings of U.S. Treasuries for half a year.

  35. Too bad Krugman didn’t take it up with Bob Murphy.

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