A.M. Links: Allen West Finds WMDs, George Zimmerman Raises $200,000, Sun Bathing UFO


  • the media doesn't get him

    Congressman Allen West's onto the President. "President Obama seems determined to punish and wipe out economic success in this country, leveling tax weapons of mass destruction on all taxpayers," the Freshman Republican said on the House Floor last night. West previously said he'd consider serving as Mitt Romney's running mate, but would have to have a "sit down" with the candidate first.

  • A federal judge rejected a FOIA lawsuit seeking the release of the photos of the killing and burial of Osama bin Laden. "A picture may be worth a thousand words. And perhaps moving pictures bear an even higher value," Judge James Boasberg, an Obama appointee, wrote in his decision. "Yet, in this case, verbal descriptions of the death and burial of Usama Bin Laden will have to suffice".
  • Two corrections officers are among three minorities suing the U.S. Border Patrol for engaging in racial profiling in the Olympic Peninsula along the Canadian border. "The Border Patrol's actions have created a climate of fear and anxiety for many people living on the Olympic Peninsula," said Sarah Dunne of the ACLU, who is filing the lawsuit in federal court. The Border Patrol's presence on the Peninsula increased 1,300% in the last decade.
  • George Zimmerman's received about $200,000 in donations through his website. "You can really go through a lot of money on a case like this," said his defense attorney, Mark O'Mara.
  • Generational shift? Samsung reported record profits on the strength of Galaxy Note and SII sales while Nintendo reported record losses on the weakness of Wii and DS3 sales. Meanwhile, Apple profit moves markets.
  • The latest UFO sighting's on a NASA image of the sun, and probably a cosmic ray.

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  1. West previously said he’d consider serving as Mitt Romney’s running mate, but would have to have a “sit down” with the candidate first.

    Romney was hoping to do it by Twitter feed.

    1. Uhm, you mispelled fist.

      1. And no I wasn’t trying to be ironic, Firefox gave me the red squigglies on misspell but I figured it wanted a hyphen.

        1. The red squigglies are actually part of my name now. I’m being avant garde.

          1. Fist of Red Squigglies would also make a great band name.

            1. This made me retch. Have you ever seen the horrible red worms that live in a sewage treatment plant? Absolutely disgusting wriggling monstrosities.

              1. Deep fry away the squick factor and they are quite tasty. Also puts quite a bit of punch in jenkum.

              2. If you feel like reliving that, search YouTube for video of the pulsating masses of tubifex worms found in sewers.

                1. Haha. I try not to think about that when I feed them to my fish.

      2. Uhm, you mispelled fist.

        Uhm, you mispelled misspell..

          1. You’re batting a thousand this morning.

              1. LOL. You have been redeemed. Sorry, I hadn’t read that until after I posted the wisecrack.

                1. Like my emotional trauma can be dismissed so easily…

        1. He can pell it however he wants.

          1. He can pell it…

            I’ll grant you that.

  2. “You can really go through a lot of money on a case like this,” said his defense attorney, Mark O’Mara.

    …while sporting an obvious erection.

    1. About 10% more than the client can ever get his hands on, usually.

    2. At least $200K is my guess.

  3. Racist dish sponges (fucking hilarious)!


    1. The Unite Against Fascism general secretary Weyman Bennett said: [quote]What are we going to have next, toilet brushes like that?[quote]

      Oh, I hope so! But now I need one of those sponges to clean off my monitor ….

    2. Now if they came in Ginger, that would be funny.

      1. A Little Orphan Annie dish sponge would be hilarious. Sad thing is, if they’d gone that way instead of modeling them on black people, there wouldn’t have been a peep. Because fuck gingers, that’s why.

        1. Dennis Kucinich agrees with this.

    3. Hey Weyman Bennett, boo-fucking-hoo. Grow the fuck up.

    4. EVERYTHING is racist, sarc.

  4. British teens are butt-fugly!


    1. that’s putting it a bit strong, no? They’re just normal looking kids with some appalling boozing habits and awful friends

      1. Chavs are not normal.

        1. call that a chav? This is a chav

          1. Agreed. Those moppets are pre-Chav, then. Doesn’t take much to push towards the ole Council House facelift.

            1. I had to go and Google “chav”. Am I to understand a chav is English for trailer trash? NTTAWWT.

              1. Aren’t trailer trash generally content to dress cheap and look it? Chavs are trashy but want to look flashy. Burberry, 9-carat gold, expensive sweat pants, all on the never-never. Combined with drunken yobbish behaviour and a determination to reduce their glorious mother tongue to “innit”. God love ’em

                1. Burberry, 9-carat gold, expensive sweat pants, all on the never-never.

                  All faux, knock off stuff for the perfect fit. A steady diet of Mackey D’s is the required diet in addition to cheap booze. An irrational hatred of Goths is also standard.

                  1. Wait a minute…are you telling me that Chavs are just displaced teenagers from Queens and Long Island?

                    1. I was gonna say New Jersey but this works too.

                    2. But Goths are fun to hate! They’re like emo kids… you just wanna punch ’em.

    2. Like I was saying yesterday. White people , for the love of sweet Lucifer, FUCK MORE DARK PEOPLE. And Dark people, continue scaring the shit out of white people who can’t take Tabasco sauce let alone the thought of you and a gang of your peers using their daughter as a community bicycle.

      1. Mr. Paul Mooney? Is that you?

    3. They need to get off of that fucking island.

      I would of sworn that those girls were all siblings had I not browsed the article. Look at ’em and try to tell me they weren’t all sired by the same snaggle-toothed lorry driver.

    4. A better headline for that would have been “British Teeanagers Have 1st World Problems”. Most of the “problems” described are the same shit we all put up with (except maybe the serial texter). The only thing that’s really changed is the technology.

  5. Katharine McPhee is still good enough to eat!


  6. some monkeys for Urkobold


    1. “In a break from flinging poo and pillaging cars….”

  7. Moscow is engulfed in a green cloud!


    1. Oh god, someone cast Cloudkill.

      I can only hope they have high hit dice and good Fort saves.

      1. With the new rules changes that still only buys them a little more time. And sonofabitch that must have been one high level caster.

        1. You think Putin’s been staying in power all this time to NOT level up? Good help us all if he ever gets 25k gold worth of diamond dust and access to Wish.

    2. Pass the word to Vlad “the food coloring worked great.”

    3. Better hope Nick wasn’t filming with Russia Today.

  8. The latest UFO sighting’s on a NASA image of the sun, and probably a cosmic ray.

    Looks like the odd part I had left over when I put my daughter’s laptop back together after I replaced the broken power jack.

    1. Looks like a pube got on the lens again. Pubes get everywhere.

      1. Pubes?
        In space?

        1. PUBES!!!



          1. Anybody remember “Constellation Urion”?

  9. In court papers, the Justice Department had said that the images of the deceased bin Laden are classified and are being withheld from the public to avoid inciting violence against Americans overseas and compromising secret systems and techniques used by the CIA and the military.

    The real reason for withholding the photos, however, is that none of them shows anyone urinating on bin Laden’s corpse.

    1. “The court declines plaintiff’s invitation to substitute its own judgment about the national-security risks inherent in releasing these records for that of the executive-branch officials who determined that they should be classified,”


      “In the end, while this may not be the result plaintiff or certain members of the public would prefer, the CIA’s explanation of the threat to our national security that the release of these records could cause passes muster,”

      These two statements don’t seem to say the same thing. The first sounds as if the judge is saying it isn’t his job to decide if CIA documents should be released under FOIA requirements, that the courts should defer to the CIA on the matter. (How else would he ‘decline to substitute’ his judgement unless his judgement was different than their judgement?)

      The second seems to suggest that he did not simply defer to the CIA but actually looked into the matter and agreed with the CIA. It suggests he was prepared to substitute his judgement if he disagreed with the CIA. Which I would think is kind of a judges job.

      I can’t find the opinion itself online, though. Maybe it’s not just me being an idiot, maybe the AP just did a poor job of reporting what the judge really said. (Not that those are mutually exclusive propositions.)

  10. …perhaps moving pictures bear an even higher value…

    For the Rush fans out there, the band is touring this fall.

      1. That was awful. At least, I beleive it was awful, I could only stand the first 37 seconds.

        1. I lived through the weeks that Moving Pictures were at Number 1 on the Australian charts. The living envied the dead. Thankfully the country awoke from its collective delusion and sent “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts to Number 1

        2. 18 seconds

        3. I just want to know where I can get a subscription to Schoolgirls Weekly that the girl at the counter is reading (at :27). Delivered discretely in a brown paper bag, of course.

          It’s for research I’m doing for a book.


      Gotta love anti-state anti-religion insane-science-fiction drug-induced rock. Too bad Geddy can’t hit notes induced by tight pants, youth, and cold Canadian weather anymore. Oh well. Where’s my bong and Farewell to Kings cassette?

    2. And new music to boot! New album due June 12!

      1. Yep, can’t wait. Snakes and Arrows blew me away, hope Clockwork Angels is just as good.

        1. I love “BU2B.” I hope we get more of the same from Neil on this album. It’d be nice to get back to some strongly libertarian themes.

  11. Chewbacca Michelle Obama wastes a half a mil in Spain (and nothing else happens)!


    1. This made me laugh: In addition, their food cost was $876.30, which included an American indulgence of $57.68 for four bottles of maple syrup and a package of pancake mix.

      Oh Shelly O. Ohhhhh.

      1. The only thing missing in the account were some syringes and needles to shoot the stuff straight up the bloodstream.

      2. *Four* bottles? Sheesh, how many months were they in Spain?

        1. No mention of all of this in my regular news sites, they are all still outraged by diversion-of-the-month “fed pencil-pushers meeting in Vegas was extravagant”. Of course, that cost a couple hundred thousand more, but involved >300 people rather than one entitled gal and her posse.

      3. Pancake mix?!? You’re going to drop half a million on a vacation and you’re going to eat that garbage?

        1. What, it’s not like you can get eggs, baking soda, flour and milk in Europe!

          1. Yeah, and the electrical sockets are different, so it’s not like she could toast the Eggo’s.

        2. Yeah, they go to a country that is famous for its cuisine, and eat that shit.

          1. You’d think churros y chocolate would be a sufficient replacement.

          2. Spain? Famous for its cuisine? When did that happen? (And, why?)

            1. Paella is spectacular. As are most of the pork dishes. And Manchego cheese.

              1. Of course paella is spectacular. Their pork dishes are nothing particularly out of the ordinary. Most countries have a unique and delicious cheese. Paella does not make their cuisine famous. Nor does it make it particularly exceptional – which it isn’t.

            2. Spain has become foodie heaven. No joke.

            3. a Spanish cafe near me does honey-glazed jamon. Don’t much care for honey coatings or jamon but this is teh awesome

            4. You never heard of elBulli?

              1. Of course. Again, that doesn’t make Spanish cuisine famous. And, el Bulli’s “experimental” cuisine was hardly typical Spanish cuisine.

                1. If you watched any of the networks about cooking or travel, you would know that Spanish cuisine is a big fat hairy deal right now.

                  I think it started with a tapas craze, but I could be wrong.

                  1. I’m an avid viewer of both. I’ve had lots of tapas and cervecitas in the Sunday morning bar crawls when I lived in Spain. They’re nice. Spanish cuisine is nice – well, actually somewhere between OK and nice. But Spanish cuisine “famous”? I don’t think so. French cuisine, Italian cuisine, Thai cuisine, Chinese cuisine – now you’re talking famous.

            5. Probably because they have very good food there.

            6. Soooo… a seafood risotto and a honey-ham are the shining exemplars of Spanish cuisine?

              1. tapas
                that insane fried calamari with salt
                various types of booze

                1. IFH, Spanish chorizo is boring as hell, at least compared to the stuff I grew up with in New Mexico, but I forgot about gazpacho, yeah that’s some awesome stuff.

              2. Drop the honey. The ham (or jamon if you want to be fancy) is the best thing to eat in the world. That alone is enough to make Spanish food notable.

            7. I agree actually, tapas are mostly bland as hell. But the seafood and pork make up for a lot.

              1. tapas are mostly bland as hell

                What about the seafood and pork tapas?

            8. What? Spanish food is great. One of my favorite restaurants in Tampa was Spanish (the owner shut it down because he was ninety-something). Lots of yummy options, and not just paella. One of my wife’s favorite dishes is pompano en papillote.

              I do think there are parts of the U.S. where Spanish food is unappreciated. For instance, when I lived in Minnesota and asked about good local Spanish restaurants, they recommended Casa Gallardo.

              Anyway, Spanish cuisine is pretty well respected, and the fact that some people here don’t get that changes nothing. My usual response to “What’s your favorite food?” is “Mediterranean.” That includes Spanish.

              1. I appreciate and respect Spanish food. I merely refuted the notion that Spain is particularly “famous” for its cuisine. And it isn’t – most certainly not in the way that France, Italy, et al are.

                1. I’d say it’s in the top ten. No, it’s not Italian. Then again, what is?

              2. My experience with Spanish food is from a couple of vacations in Barcelona.

                In general I found the food to be bland, especially the much-vaunted tapas places, I don’t remember very many interesting tapas. Tortillas were also bland, but I’m not a huge fan of omelets either.

                The seafood and jamon were great. And we had plenty of gazpacho which we bought in the supermarket in milk-like containers and drank from the box (shhh, at least I did).

                I wouldn’t be surprised if Spanish restaurants in the States were better than Spanish food in Spain, or at least Barcelona, which is the only place I’ve spent any time in.

                There might be a lot of trendy high end restaurants along the lines of elBulli in Spain these days, but that’s not really the same thing.

                1. And I agree with Ice Nine, Spanish aren’t famous their food which was the basic point.

                  Hell, I can get some pretty nice food here in Prague if I try, and Czechs are most certainly not famous for their cuisine.

                  1. IIRC, from Anthony Bourdain, none of the Czechs remember what they ate before the Russians invaded. Their cuisine was completely destroyed.

                    Im guessing it was unimpressive to begin with.

                    1. gotta say, that just set off my BS detector big time. 10 million people don’t suddenly how they like their pork. And lo, it turns out they eat pretty standard central European food (my neighbours were Czech refugees from the Communists, and this is what they ate)

                    2. Don’t know about its history but Czech food now is nothing to write home about. I mean, its good in a meat and potatoes sort of way but that’s about all. It’s very similar to German food – meat, potatoes, dumplings and gravy and…fairly boring. The Czechs have a modicum more talent with seasonings than the Germans do but that still leaves their food not all that interesting.

                2. It’s very regional, so you can expect variation in quality.

                  1. Yeah but Barcelona, the jewel of the Mediterranean. Beautiful place, I really love it, but I somewhat underwhelmed by the food. Also they speak Spanish with a funny accent, not at all like I learned it in New Mexico. Sometimes they even call it Catalan.

                    1. A lot of people in Catalonia would rather you speak English to them than Spanish.

                3. I recall a very famous restaurant in Barcelona where the signature dish was a pig’s knee, complete with cartilage. Saw others eating it but couldn’t quite muster the courage.

                  1. I’ve had rabo encendido, which is oxtail. About as weird as I’ve gone with Spanish food, though I was tricked into eating calves’ brains once.

                    1. Cervelles (brains) properly prepared, as they are most places in France and at really fine restaurants here, are exquisite. Give ’em a try.

                    2. I did. They were good. No more brains for me, though.

                  2. Pig knee is actually a classic Czech dish. It shouldn’t require any courage. Admittedly it is often the shank served rather than the knee. This is how it is typically presented.

                  3. I recall a very famous restaurant in Barcelona where the signature dish was a pig’s knee, complete with cartilage. Saw others eating it but couldn’t quite muster the courage.

                    I ordered blind off a menu that I didn’t understand at a restaurant out in Galicia years ago. Out came this weird-looking thing with hairs sticking out of it. When I cut into it there was a lot of gristle and not much meat. The “gristle” turned out to be cartilage and the dish turned out to be pig ear. I picked what meat there was off it and ate it. It was OK.

                    1. The hairs sticking out actually do freak me out a bit.

                  4. Did you try the fried pig’s ears? They taste great, but I do not enjoy chewing on cartilage.

        3. America’s First Family has about as much class as school at five in the morning.

          1. yea they dont know mitten’s europe…or rick stevens

            1. Make that three in the morning.

        4. I was going to post this and sarcastically imply that they don’t have pancakes in Spain, but suddenly:

          They are made from flour, milk, and eggs (sometimes they also use blood).

          Soooo… I might have picked the mix over that too.

        5. Kids are fussy.

      4. Please tell me it was Aunt Jemima.

    2. It is good to be Queen.

      1. Let them eat cake!

        1. Let them eat pancake!

  12. “Yet, in this case, verbal descriptions of the death and burial of Usama Bin Laden will have to suffice”

    Paging SugarFree ….

    1. I’m thinking he should work Egypt’s “farewell intercourse” law into it.

  13. For each plaintiff, the complaint accused the Border Patrol of conducting the stop because the individual was “a person of color based on his complexion and hair color.”

    What criteria do Border Patrol agents claim to usually use in determining who to stop and question?

    1. Possession of a tour bus.

    2. a person of color based on his complexion and hair color

      Talk about stereotyping!

    3. They’re patrolling the Canadian border. What complexion and hair color are they profiling for?

      1. None. They’re profiling for flapping heads.

  14. Yes, Radley Balko’s tweets continue his assault on libertarian testicles:

    Cops shoot a man dead, then arrest his parents for getting upset about it. http://www.ajc.com/news/gwinne…..26816.html

    1. Those parents are lucky the cops didn’t kill them as well.

    2. Wait…that’s not an Onion headline? Why do my balls feel like they’ve been stiletto stomped by a goth dominatrix again…(NTTAWWT)?

      1. Balko went Goth?

        1. That explains why my rates went up. I thought she was balder and and huskier than usual. Once I get out of the E.R., I will have to cancel the payments.

          1. Don’t you have to ask permission first? Wait…what I meant to say was ‘I wouldn’t know and there is nothing wrong with that but don’t you have to ask permission first?’.

      2. This is what you get when you forget the safety word.

    3. I don’t know… seems like it might be suicide by cop to me.
      They were called out there because someone was suicidal (they don’t confirm that it was him). And anyone with an ounce of self-preservation would set down their firearm if the police are aiming at him.

    4. “Woman kills man by squeezing his testicles over parking dispute:


    5. “There came a time when the officers felt threatened,” Smith said.

      That would have been the first second of the first minute of the first day on the job.

      1. Officers were threatened, mistakes weren’t made.

        1. But were procedures followed?

      2. “There came a time when the officers felt threatened,” Smith said.

        Reads like a fairy tale.

        1. No kidding.

          “Once upon a time, there was this biiiiig, tough thug with a gun and a badge, who wet his pants at the sight the widdlest dog or the tiniest of items in hands…”

    6. …and the officer was awarded a medal and promoted (after a vaid vacation).

  15. The latest UFO sighting’s on a NASA image of the sun

    What sighting possess? I learn Englishi. I am confuse.

    1. short for is

      1. It sure looks to me like it’s a smear of a cosmic ray or rays scattered from a single point.

        1. Personally I thought it was a Reaper.

          1. Still fucking pissed off about that ending.


            Your choices matter, except they don’t really because there can be no peace between synthetic and organic. I mean, except for the peace you brokered. And, sure, I guess if you downloaded From the Ashes, the Prothean says that they found peace with their synthetics. And, of course, if you want to know who found this inevitable conflict such a big deal, enough to build the Reapers… uh, fuck you, that’s why.

            That game needed a Commander Sherridan (of B5) option of, “Now get the hell out of my galaxy!”

          2. So the end of the world is nigh and, ultimately, a waste of time wrapped in fucking bullshit? Good to know.

            1. Pretty much, although in response a surprise fan backlash they’re coming out with a free DLC this summer that will supposedly explain their “inspiring and uplifting” “artistic vision” of an ending.

              1. Okay, can we just officially declare EA evil and just stop fucking handing them money?

                Bioware, Maxis, Westwood, Origin… those studios used to be titans, and they all went into the shitter post-EA.

                1. Well we all love capitalism here, and it’s our fault EA keeps thriving. Unfortunately, they put out good or half-good Trojan horse products that our manchild brains keep buying. In theory, if we stop buying bad games, they’ll stop making bad games. But … ME3 wasn’t really bad until the end. The gameplay was solid, RPG elements could have been better but meh…I’m getting too old to pay attention to stats, and the story was solid until they slipped us a mickey and left us in tub full of ice sans both kidneys. Fuckers.

        2. Is it just me or does it look like a disembodied hand and forearm that is giving us the finger?

        3. You’d think that no one has ever seen a Fithp ramscoop before.

      2. What about it is Cthuluesque?

        1. That thing on the end? That is a cluster of tentacles.

            1. You know, I really do think a Cthulhu plushie would be an awesome gift. Cthulhu I should get one for my kid.

    1. cos kids don’t have enough opportunities to develop food issues

  16. Driving tests are hard!

    Also, am I to understand from my understanding of Bringlish that he has propane cylinders strapped to himself?

    1. When they say gas i think gas phase since gasoline seems to be petrol to those weirdos.

  17. Kylie Minogue is a heavily tattooed lesbian. NTTAWWT.


  18. Today in Beatles You Never Thought You’d Cheer For:
    Paul McCartney Slaps Alec Baldwin Across the Face.

    1. I ShuggaFree’d it.

    2. McCartney’s cameo was a one-time only affair. He joined the cast for the East Coast live broadcast, but was replaced by none other than reality TV star Kim Kardashian for the West Coast audience a few hours later.

      I would say from the sublime to the ridiculous, but an aging dyed moptop with a scheming one-legged ex-wife is pretty ridiculous too

      1. Whenever someone is introduced as “none other than”, you know they’re not going to be exciting in their own right.

        1. Much like “funnyman _____” is 100% guaranteed not to be funny.

          1. “Tubby funster”, on the other hand…

  19. Tasty jumbo shrimp invade the Gulf. What can we possibly do?!

    1. Do they have eyes?

      1. Eyes of the tiger. That’s why they’re tiger shrimp.

      2. A thousand eyes!

    2. Release the human predators!

  20. Teen in Ok suspended for Confederate flag on truck. ACLU intervenes.

    I can’t leave soon enough. The comments are priceless.

    I also can’t post any quotes, even with robc’s sagely wisdom. I went through an replaced every punctuation mark with ASCII characters and still got the dreaded (50 characters) comment.

    1. We weren’t the United States yet,

      Words fail me. No wonder our country is fucked.


      1. Fuck you, you little cyber rodentia!!! You took away musical notes, you sebum swilling, cellulite scarfing little shitweasels!!!

        1. What? They took away ? and ??

          1. Where can I get a list of the HTML codes?

            1. I’m not sure, I use the ASCII codes.

              This site has a list of ASCII.

              1. Thanks, always trying to expand my knowledge.?

    3. Conservatives despise the ACLU (which I support) and especially the Deep South rednecks. Some of which post here.

      1. Where are you posting from, ol’ shrike-o?

        1. Ha. Georgia. But race doesn’t permeate my worldview. I don’t hate people based on their race.

          Every Republican I know considers the GOP the “white party”.

          1. “old white males + menopausal women”


          2. This is fucking fascinating.

          3. The voices in your head don’t count, shriek. They aren’t really registered as Republicans, because they aren’t real people.

            1. I smell shrikecunt.

      2. Needz moar Paul Robesonz.

      3. Cool story, shriek.

      4. I hope you don’t blindly support the ACLU – Nat Hentoff is a better voice for free speech. He famously had a difference of opinion with the ACLU over their decision not to further pursue the Skokie case after they lost a lot of support for initially defending the Nazi’s right to march.

        This story seems to be a question of whether or not the kid is flying the flag because he making a statement about his freedoms (which is ok to say) or because he hates black people (which is not okay to say). The fact is, it shouldn’t matter. Freedom of speech means the freedom to say things people don’t like or it means nothing.

        Yes, I am in Georgia as well, and I hold enough opinions that some are bound to be not pc in just about any crowd.

        1. I agree. It doesn’t matter how the speech is offensive, it’s protected. That’s obviously not universally true (obscenity, anyone?), but it has been true with political statements. Which either of those is, whether we agree or not.

    4. Doc,

      Have you tried pasting the text into Notepad (not Wordpad) to remove the special chars? This always works for me, but others here have reported problems.

      Also, a quick googly search found something called PlainTextClipboard from Extrabit. Sounds like this would do the trick, but I’m relying solely on their description and have no experience with this product.


      1. He’s a doctor man! He doesn’t have time to be screwing around with computery stuff.

      2. Thank you Tonio! I have tried this and even tried the Notepad and the Extrabit you suggested. I found another site that converts Unicode to ASCII characters and still didn’t like it.

        So, It’s a trial and error with sites. I wish the squirrelz were a bit more consistent. I guess Reason hates me too (and I suspect not the only ones who do).

        But it’s the thought that counts. Thank you, my friend.

    5. This is a test:

      Then, on April 2, a THS administrator told him he needed to be “more street-smart,” Newcomb said.

      1. Works for me. Had to strip out a couple of smart quotes.

        1. I DID strip out the smert quotes!!! I have followed your directions to. the. letter. robc. I blame The Fates. Atropos is laughing at me.

          1. It’s also because you keep cursing the Squirrels and have hurt their feeling.

            1. I have been moody lately. I recently quit smoking. Had to go cold turkey; Chantix didn’t agree with me.

              1. The fates ? and ?? at your obvious discomfort.

              2. I recently quit smoking


              3. Ouch. I have heard that the Chantix is rough but it will help you if you stick with it. (In my case, the doc said I couldn’t take it because it would tend to cause the body to lose the ability to regulate its’ temperature and waking up at room temperature is not the best way to quit smoking, even if it is extremely effective.)

              4. Good for you on the smoking cessation, GM. I’m cutting down preparatory to going cold turkey. Blech.

              5. So did I, but for procreation related reasons. Speaking of which, sloopy will only let me eat scrambled eggs 🙁
                What is your doctory opinion on lightly cooked eggs? I can handle the fatigue, never ending bloating, and lack of alcohol and cigarettes. But taking away yolky awesomeness goes too far!

                1. What is your doctory opinion on lightly cooked eggs?

                  Depends on the amount. Two to three eggs grade A or Double A eggs should be okay (keeping in mind I don’t have you H&P in front of me). The yolky probably isn’t the best for early pregnancy because of the risk (low, but there is risk) of salmonella poisoning to the fetus. I would suggest poached eggs to temp personally and also follow up with your OB/GYN if you have concerns, as well as checking expecting mom websites.

                  The key is cook the yolk to proper temp, and I would moreso recommend scrambled, even lightly scrambled.

              6. I have been thinking about trying chantix. What are the side effects?

                1. More on Chantix.

                  The worst, for me anyway, were psychiatric. Could. Not. Handle.

                  1. I have been doing the nicotine gum thing, and it mostly works.

                    Nicotine addiction is “odd”; that is the only way I can think to describe it. I have no physical withdrawal symptoms: no head aches, trouble sleeping, etc.

                    My problem is I just get an irrational compulsion to have a smoke. The urge seems to relate to certain situations. I like to sit on my back porch and relax and smoke a cigarette. I can beat this thing though, it’s just a matter of waiting out the demon.

          2. There are lots of dashes in that article, did you strip out the smart dashes too?

            1. And apostrophes. Smart apostrophes will do it to. Fucking punctuation, bane of reason posts.

            2. I know it’s gauche to quote myself, but:

              I went through an replaced every punctuation mark with ASCII characters

              Yes. I did.

              1. Then you just suck and squirrels hate you. And you probably deserve it.

                1. And you probably deserve it.

                  Cripes, what did I do now? 🙁

  21. “Yet, in this case, verbal descriptions of the death and burial of Usama Bin Laden will have to suffice”./i>

    Can it at least be the long-form descriptions?

    1. … he stressed, unnecessarily.

  22. O’Mara told Cooper that the account contained $200,000 and $204,000.

    Asked by Cooper whether a higher bond might have been set for Zimmerman if that amount had been known, O’Mara said “maybe.” He added that he would let the court know officially about the money.

    They means test bail? I didn’t know that.

  23. Holy fuck. Grab and twist can be fatal.

    “During the fight, the middle aged woman managed to grab the man’s testicles, and squeezed them till he finally collapsed on the ground.

    The man was immediately rushed to the hospital, but unfortunately died. “


      Get on the wire, tell them how to bring those sons of bitches down.

    2. Fun medical fact: Yep, testicular torsion can be lethal.

      The man probably threw a clot and died from that, or the event precipitated a cardiac arrest.

      1. I’ll be donning my cup before exiting my domicile for a couple months.

        1. this only effects single guys.

          married men had their nutz nailed up above the mantle long ago.

        2. I’ll be donning my cup before entering my domicile for a couple months.

  24. Future Oklahoma police officers show off their skills.


    1. That statement is more accurate than you know.

    2. Looking on the bright side, at least he won’t get suspended for standing up for himself.

      The attack at Longfellow Middle School was ‘a hate/bias incident’ according to the campus police report.

      I wonder what the attacker’s race was? For some reason they don’t say, but since the victim was white, and it’s being called a “hate/bias incident”… kind of makes you wonder.

  25. 6 Old Comics for traumatizing kids

    I think the boy soldiers have to be my favorite. Totally get it in the context of the period (“Hey, kids, don’t you wish you could be just like your old man, fighting the hun and the dirty nips on the front line?”) but with utterly horrific implications.

    1. Have you read this? The Great Comic Book Heroes I honestly credit reading that book (in hardcover) as a kid for my love of comics. The comics are wonderfully goofy, and Feiffer’s commentary is really interesting as well.

  26. Good ole Marion Barry gave the world a line that will never get old.

    The bitch set me up!

    The 36-year-old reality television personality made the allegations in an interview on Good Morning America, saying: ‘I think maybe me and my kids were set up. We were set up.’

  27. So, can I say I am getting tired of The Economist when they talk about how much Germany has pushed for too much austerity and needs to be more “growth” (read: government spending) oriented focus?

    I mean, I get Europe is an addict coming off a major bender, and it might need to do some methadone rather than go cold turkey, but to not realize that too damn much government spending/intervention is a major problem in Europe seems obtuse.

    1. But GoldWater, the Germans/Europeans deserve 4 months of vacation a year, free nose jobs and vaginaplastys, and retirements at 45. Otherwise, they’d be living in the dystopian backwards antebellum hellhole know as ‘Merica where children are used as fuel for the polluting 19th century trains(which Biden, in his unending wisdom, refuses to ride) and old people’s bones are used to repair the failing infrastructure.

      1. I had a co-worker who voted for Obama b/c Biden rides the train. She had some sort of justification beyond that, but it stared with the train and I stopped listening.

        1. guess who else doesnt like trains?

          1. That girl from that one night at our fraternity house?

          2. Everybody who isn’t Hitler and Mussolini ?

        2. Hopefully she was at least hot. Sometimes, that’s all dumb people have going for them. It’s natures way of keeping some of their genes around at least…

    2. What’s amazing to me is that so many supposedly smart people buy into that nonsense. I thinkg the only reason (drink!) they do is because it expands government power, and government is only a force for good. Which of course is a beleif you can only have if you’ve been mis- or under-educated. It’s either that or they are just lazy, or stupid.

      1. The Economist has become the official mouthpiece of the European Union.

      2. Meh, plenty of smart people built V-2 rockets and designed gas chambers (YES, I WENT THERE). Just saying.

        Start drinking bitches.

        1. not to mention the mutha-fuckin’ GATLING GUN! Not for nuthin’ but that must have blown people away…

    3. Please. The Economist was completely colonised by Eurocrat worshipping cradle-to-grave statists sometime around the turn of the century. Before that it used to make sense. Now it just rah-rahs the EU.

      1. It should at least have the courtesy to change its name to Keynseian Monthly.

      2. Yes. I used to enjoy it, but they might as well hire Krugman at this point. They’re gone.


    Rebuilt classic race bikes, rockabilly, & pin-up babes!

    What’s NOT to like


  29. Should have chosen “F.OBAMA”


    1. Or “F.DMV”. *Nobody* would object to that.

    2. F.OBAMA sounds like a dangerous kind of bacterial species.

      1. You’re flirting with fact, man.

        1. It is Gram negative.

          1. Yes, and the michelle sub species is a fusiform.

            1. Anaerobic as well.

  30. Another reason to avoid Portland.


    1. Outside of finance, is there any other business that is a better example of regulatory capture than the taxi systems?

  31. Sandra Fluke engaged

    See, now the whole birth control thing makes even less sense, because she’ll just be barefoot and pregnant the whole time.

    Tell ’em Banjos (Congratulations by the way!)!

    1. Those are some serious man hands.

    2. I’m sure they’ll have very sturdy children.

      1. I guarantee you Mr. Fluke has been safely clipped. Those things are reversible.

        1. Or sometimes don’t work properly, as a friend of mine discovered. SURPRISE!

          1. That may be true; however, almost every single case has involved having unprotected sex too early after the procedure and I’d bet my left testicle that this is the case here, as the residual sperm can survive in the vas deferens for weeks. Of course, every patient is different and can account for that, ahem, vast difference.

            Spermatazoa are hardy little fuckers for a reason.

            1. It is entirely possible they didn’t wait long enough; I didn’t inquire into the gory details so I can’t comment about that. They were extremely fertile before that though, so it might very well be a case where he had super-sperm or something that survived longer than expected. They took it in stride (although, like I said… SURPRISE!!) and today have an adorable 5 year old.

              1. I didn’t inquire into the gory details so I can’t comment about that.

                You didn’t?! Turn in your monocle and top hat and any other libertarian effects, Demonica Archiva.

                On a serious note, I am glad they handled it so well. Gives me some hope.

    3. I wonder if her fiance’ knows she’s a slut.

      1. More likely he knows a gravy train when he sees one.

    4. Thanks goldwater! Not only am I barefoot and pregnant, but am also chasing chickens around in my backyard. Living the dream!

      /no sarc

    1. My question is: what rock has this guy been living under for the past 10.5 years?

      1. True, but when did saying or doing something idiotic become a crime in and of itself? Doesn’t there have to be, I don’t know, a credible or realistic threat for it to e criminal?

        And wouldn’t it be unlawful to charge someone for making a threat like this under the Equal Protection clause? (Follow me for a minute) If we all are equal in the eyes of the law, how come making a statement like this only applies if it’s made against the President? If I made a list like this and replaced BHO with some dude named John Smith, there would not be a criminal charge. Therefore, this law is unconstitutional.

        Lawyers? Am I right or wrong? Has this ever been challenged on these grounds?

        1. It is unconstitutional. They can certainly investigate someone who says things that sound suspicious–they can and do do that for non-presidential situations–but criminalizing that speech and prosecuting without something more than some hyperbolic words is clearly and unquestionably unconstitutional. Naturally, that doesn’t matter.

        2. “e criminal”… That has a nice ring to it. DHS needs to work that into the rule books.

  32. he’s stopped doing morning links but Riggs is still bringing it via Twitter

    Visiting IHOP is racist, according to Jezebel: http://ow.ly/ayB9i #iamnotshittingyou

    1. Gone but not forgotten.
      R.I.P. Riggs

    2. We have seen the enemy du jour…and it is Jezebel.

    3. Fuck, my son and I LOVE IHOP. Where am I gonna find an awesome breakfast for cheap now?

      1. Cheap is for racists and people who are too dumb to take care of themselves. Now get in the FEMA truck that will take you to the deat…I mean paradise lodge…where…you’ll be fed organically grown alfalfa spouts twice a week as you exercise in the salt…I mean, happiness mines. Yeah…that’s what I meant. NOW GET IN THE TRUCK.

        1. + death panels !

          1. They are called, umm…er…Bliss Boards (Yeah, that will win over those flyover country fucks) in New Camelot. NOW GET IN THE TRUCK.

      2. Denny’s.

        1. *barf*

          1. It’s hard to screw up bacon, eggs, toast, waffles and pancakes. Denny’s breakfasts are as good as anyone’s, and cheap.

            1. Nobody makes better pancakes than IHOP. Nobody.

              1. I agree. Then again, it should.

            2. It’s hard to screw up bacon, eggs, toast, waffles and pancakes.

              Yet Denny’s has done so enough times that I stopped going there about ten years ago.

      3. IHOP isn’t slumming. Waffle House is slumming.

        1. You haven’t slummed til you’ve sat down in a booth at a Huddle House, with the vinyl/duct tape seat that has half of the springs missing.

          Sobering up in one of those reminds me of what the people are going through when they open the door for what they think is their final interview on Intervention.

          1. Funny. I think exactly the same of Waffle House. They built a brand new one a mile from me and the seats were shot three months later.

            1. They built a brand new one a mile from me

              You lucky, lucky bastard. I’ve got 700+ miles to the closest one. Fortunately, it’s in Banjos’s old hometown, so I’m always an easy excuse from some country ham and eggs (with a side of hash browns scattered, smothered, covered and chunked).

            2. They built a brand new one a mile from me and the seats were shot three months later.

              Gee, I wonder why… /sarc

          2. In Gainesville, they used to have a great place for sobering up–Skeeter’s. Live music, hearty. massive breakfast food.

            Unfortunately, it did have one flaw: Full metal liquor license.

        2. Two Words. Golden Corral.

          1. Word.

          2. aka The Trough.

            1. Have you seen the Chocolate Waterfall at one of these horror factories? These cesspools (in the literal sense) are filled with floating chunks of discarded shrimp cells, assorted salad bar offerings, gestating viruses spawned of of sneezes, flicked burgers, and (YES I SHIT YOU NOT) PUBES. This is it. We’ve found hell. (Takes of glasses). We are through the looking glass people.

      4. Still IHOP, I would assume.

        1. You know, you’re right. Fuck those people. I’m going to keep going to IHOP and lording my rich whiteness over the poor oppressed blacks.

          1. It’s the bizarro version of Tiger Woods at a Perkins!

      5. Perkins, baby.

    4. Doesn’t anyone at Jezebel have access to a dictionary? Or is looking up the word “racism” too tough for them?

      1. Um. I think I would know what most people think about my race.

        No. You would be the last person to know.

        But racism, like sexism and homophobia, is anything that suggests all people might not be exactly alike. Which is why Larry Summers lost his job for suggesting that maybe there is a reason a neurosurgeon looking at an MRI can tell if the subject is male or female.

        1. The stoopid is strong at Jezebel, as at all other liberal enclaves, then.

          All is normal, in other words.

    5. They say IHOP is “ghetto?” My local IHOP isn’t in any ghetto – black people eat there, but being black doesn’t make you ghetto unless you’re a RACIST.

      I hope nobody finds out that I actually like fried chicken.

    6. Race is one of the least complicated issues that there is, because it’s made up. It’s arbitrary. […] What’s actually complicated is our country’s relationship with race, and our utter ineptitude at talking about it.

      So does it exist or not?

    7. I made it as far as Modern racism lives in entrenched de facto inequalities, in coded language about “work ethic” and “states’ rights,” and couldn’t take any more stupid. Holy shit, what a retard.

  33. Pat Buchanan exposes Marco Rubio as a Neoconservative Douchebag

    “I always start,” said Rubio, “by reminding people that what happens all over the world is our business. … The security of our cities is connected to the security of small hamlets in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.”

    1. Given the source, I’d like to see the full quote in context. Ellipses can be very tricky.

      1. The context is him calling for the US to involve itself militarily in every country in the world.

        The ellipsed part reads:

        Every aspect of lives is directly impacted by global events.

      2. I always start by reminding people that what happens all over the world is our business. Every aspect of lives is directly impacted by global events. The security of our cities is connected to the security of small hamlets in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. Our cost of living, the safety of our food , and the value of the things we invent, make and sell are just a few examples of everyday aspects of our lives that are direcly related to events abroad and make it impossible for us to focus only on our issues here are home.

      3. The full speech given at the Brookings Institution.

        As a side note, Rubio was accompanied by none other than Joe Lieberman, everyone’s favorite non-interventionist.

      4. Actually, foreign affairs is the issue that Buchanan is the most level-headed on.

    2. So is anyone actually surprised that Rubio is a fucking piece of shit? Anyone? Come on, anyone at all? John?

      God, I’m jaded.

      1. I was a little surprised at first, but then I just reminded myself that the Republican Party would not have been promoting him so heavily if he weren’t an imperialist dressed up like a samaritan.


        1. Indeed. Anyone being hyped that hard as the Next Big Thing couldn’t be that good.

        2. Speaking of hyped Republicans, did anyone else see that add where Fred Thompson is flogging reverse mortgages?

    3. I’m not entirely surprised. My conservative Cuban friends are all gung-ho patriots wanting to export American virtue by force worldwide. I guess it’s a desire to stomp out any hint of what happened in Cuba.

    1. Die, blasphemer! The Clint is The Truth!

    2. He never has to pay for it.

  34. DS3?

  35. Somebody posted this on the Friday Drawing thread. It’s a really good and simple questionnaire to see which candidates you most closely align with and where your politics stand on a pretty broad spectrum.

    Definitely worth a looksie.

    1. Not surprising results, except for the Green part. WTF?:


      1. Well, they’re against the drug war, and pretty good on civil liberties.

      2. Paul 91%
        Wrights 87%
        Johnson 76%

        Obama 7%*

        *I guess they’re rating his immigration policy on his 2008 campaign instead of how he’s governed. Otherwise, I’d have ended up at 0% for the piece of shit.

        95% Libertarian
        35% Republican
        34% Green
        7% Democratic

      3. 92% Libertarian
        62% Republican
        15% Green
        0% Democratic

      4. 86%

        1. John (estimated)
          97% Republican
          96% Democratic
          3% Green
          2% Libertarian

          1. So would that make Bizzaro-John (i.e. MNG):
            97% Democratic
            96% Republican
            3% Green
            2% Libertarian

            1. I would think so.

              On a side note, MiNGe is a casualty of registration I wish would come back. I actually enjoyed his commentary. He was a pretty smart liberal, IMO.

              1. You’re joking, right? MNG is a thoroughly average man who has an overpowering need to be recognized as the smartest guy in the room.

                1. I think MNG was a bright guy who came here to argue in good faith, hoping to engage in spirited debate that would lead to his inevitable victory over the well-meaning but misguided folks who promote libertarianism as a serious political philosophy.

                  My take on it is that he didn’t expect to lose so many arguments, and he faced the choice of changing his views and abandoning team blue, walking away, and going full retard with logical fallacies.

                  Early MNG, who was bright and full-of-hope was fun to debate and a gracious interlocutor. Late MNG was a bitter shell of his former self.

              2. Except that he rarely argued honestly.

                1. A midget will punch you in the balls every time if you try to fight him fair, JW.

      5. How many of us answered straight yes/no vs “take another stance?”

        I took another stance on about half, I would guess.

        1. I only got my 1% agreement with Obama because I answered “Yes” to the stem cell question, since there wasn’t a “dismantle all federal funding of research” option. I thought that was pretty funny.

          1. I “chose another answer” for the stem cell question and wrote exactly that. I think I came in line with Obama 7% because of my immigration answers, which as we all know may have been his platform but are nowhere near what his policies have been since the election.

    2. Wow!

      What I find fascinating is that a belief in freedom will get one 44% alignment with the Republicans and 1% alignment with the Democrats.

      I also am curious as to what they mean by the phrase “access to Health Care”… Apparently Ron Paul is supposed to be agin’ it for immigrants, and I doubt he’d refuse to treat an illegal immigrant based; it would be inconsistent with other stuff he’s done.

      1. Oh! and
        93% Libertarian
        44% Republican
        27% Green
        1% Democratic

      2. I also am curious as to what they mean by the phrase “access to Health Care”

        If someone else isn’t paying for it, then you don’t have access to it.

        IOW free shit

        1. Amazing. I was in a very long argument about that very subject yesterday and that little fact seemed to escape that person.

          1. The narrative has turned ‘health care’ and ‘health insurance’ into synonyms, when they are in fact two distinctly different things.

            1. Added to the fact that health care =/= medical care.

              Health care is what the patient does on a daily, even hourly basis and is the patient’s responsibility. Also known as health maintenance.

              Medical care requires product intervention, and administered by a doctor, nurse, allied health person, or even a family member.

              1. good point

    3. Interesting:
      Gary Johnson – 82%
      Ron Paul – 77%
      R. Lee Wrights (whoever that is) – 70%
      Willard Mit Romney – 61%

      1. Oh, and:
        79% Libertarian
        43% Green
        23% Republican
        20% Democrat

        1. Where is the Constitution Party option?

          They just nominated former Republican (and former Democrat) Congressman Virgil Goode:


          1. Constitution Party platform:


      2. I do not side with Newt Gingrich on any major issues.
        I do not side with Jimmy McMillan on any major issues

        Thank God I’m doing something right…

      3. R Lee Wrights is another LP candidate.

    4. 97% Ron Paul. I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.
      1% Barack Obama. I am…still Jack’s complete lack of surprise.

  36. Taxes of Mass Destruction (TMD). I likee.

    Governments of Mass Destruction (GMD), too.

    1. WTF? That seems illegal somehow.

      1. Obama has the power of Fuck You, That’s Why on his side, Pro. So, it’s legal if He say it is.

        1. That’s some power, Catch Fuck-You.

          1. Make that Catch Fuck-You-Too.

            1. Catch Fuck-You-Too, Che World…are you taking smart pills lately?

              1. How’s Euro Che coming along?

                1. I think the Urkobold has ordered BP to draw up plans.

              2. It’s the free association of the entirely catatonic.

      2. It’s not illegal.

        It is, however, more evidence of what an intellectually-bankrupt, incompetent, petulant, ill-mannered, irrational piece of shit Obama is.

        1. Should be. Of course, I say that about most actions not listed in the Constitution somewhere.

          1. The president of the United States retains the right to freedom of speech just like anyone else.

            That means he can set up a web-site calling all of us out for our evil unmutuality if he wants.

            1. Not when he’s acting in his official capacity. Then he’s limited by the Constitution.

              1. Which is IIRC absolutely silent on the question of the President making an ass of himself by saying nasty things about his political opponents.

                Of course, I missed the bit where the Constitution permits the feds to outlaw drugs, so I could be wrong.

                1. I suppose if the threats were impossible to carry out, it would be one thing, but since he can do just about anything, they aren’t.

    2. Of course he does. The only thing that TEAM BLUE didn’t like about Nixon was that he played for the wrong team.

      1. I’ve been hedging on affixing the “Worst Modern President” label to Obama because of Nixon. Aside from Nixon’s corruption, law-breaking, and meanness, there is also his price fixing and other regulatory nonsense.

        1. Dude… Under Obama the FCC has been trying to seize control of the Internet and essentially shut-down energy production.

          Nixon was playing John the Baptist to Obama’s Jesus.

          1. I’m just trying to be fair about applying historical labels for all time. To be sure, Obama is standing on the shoulders of power-grabbing pygmies, which enhances his awfulness simply because he has much more power than Nixon did.

            However, I’m confident that Obama’s legacy of awfulness is quite secure. Given all of the scandals going on, I fully expect him to get nailed for something extremely unethical if not illegal. He’s too immersed in corruption for that not to happen.

            1. Don’t all your presidents get stuff named after them, even if it’s just a toilet block in a municipal park? What will his monument look like?

              1. Anything short of The Colossus of Rhodes will no doubt be labelled as racist and nefarious.

              2. Dunno. Something that combines corruption, ineptitude, and anger with the shattered hopes, dreams, and blind faith in an empty suit. Maybe a tie floating in mid air, with a giant, very loud fan blowing underneath? On the tie, of course, would be unicorns and rainbows.

            2. Of course he’s incredibly corrupt, but what makes you think he’ll ever get nailed for it? Don’t try to frighten us with your rule-of-law-orous ways, Lord Libertate. Your sad devotion to that ancient legal religion has not helped you conjure up the stolen data tapes, or given you enough clairvoyance to find the rebels’ hidden fortress…

              1. He find your lack of faith disturbing. Trouble breathing?

              2. Ahem

                Don’t try to frighten us with your legalistic ways, Lord Libertate. Your sad devotion to that ancient political doctrine has not helped you conjure up articles of impeachment, or given you enough clairvoyance to find evidence of his crime the media would be unwilling to suppress and ignore …

                Dude, put some effort into it.

                1. That’s what your whore mom tells me. And I ignore her, too.

                  1. Dude, my mom isn’t the smelly gym-sock you keep stuffed between the cushions of your chouch…

              3. I’ve felt a disturbance in the Farce, Warty.

  37. If anyone wants to e-mail the Senate about CISPA, here’s a handy dandy link.

  38. Interesting thing added to Google. In the search box, type “zerg rush” and have some fun.

    1. Wow, it’s supremely meta to see a bunch of links describing what’s happening as you do it.

    2. LOL. That’s awesome.

    1. I like Trick the Bucket best.

  39. Orwell is prescient today.

    We are all drowning in filth. When I talk to anyone or read the writings of anyone who has any axe to grind, I feel that intellectual honesty and balanced judgement have simply disappeared from the face of the earth.

  40. the Olympic Peninsula along the Canadian border.

    Such a thing is geographically impossible.

  41. Did you hear the one about the homeless Jewish guy begging for change?

    Apparently neither did Delmon Young.*

    *Who plays for the Detroit (Michigan) Tigers, btw.

  42. Nintendo reported record losses on the weakness of Wii and DS3 sales.

    I remember when the “next gen” of systems came out in 05 and 06 that the Wii was a fucking printing press of cash for Nintendo. Weird how shit changes once the novelty of crappy gimmickry wears off.

    1. once the novelty of crappy gimmickry wears off.

      Yeah, seven fucking years later, the novelty wore off. If only every electronic device had that shelf life.

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