A.M. Links: War Crimes Tribunal Convicts Charles Taylor, Newt Gingrich to Drop Out, Property Rights in Space Preemptively Attacked


  • convicted

    Charles Taylor, the former Liberian president, was convicted by the International Criminal Court of aiding and abetting in war crimes and crimes against humanity in relation to his support for rebel groups involved in the region's blood diamond conflict.

  • Newt Gingrich is likely to finally put an end to his presidential campaign Tuesday in Washington. His campaign spokesperson said Mitt Romney's called to ask for Gingrich's support.
  • Rupert Murdoch told a British inquiry yesterday he panicked when he decided to close News of the World in response to a ballooning hacking scandal. The News Corp CEO also claimed he's spent millions of dollars cleaning up the company. "We are now a new company altogether," Murdoch told the inquiry
  • The Rutherford Institute blasted the Richmond Police Department's "Wake Up Call" initiative, a practice where police officers patrol neighborhoods late at night looking for valuables in cars, and waking up their owners to warn them about leaving valuables in their car. "The recent Trayvon Martin incident from Florida should serve as a stark warning of how the fear and misunderstanding of a homeowner can turn a benign situation into a tragedy involving loss of life," Rutherford Institute President John Whitehead wrote to the police department.
  • Private property rights in space are being preemptively attacked.
  • Hospital security video was released of police officers apparently punching Joseph Bryans, who is filing a lawsuit against the Meridian Connecticut police officers in relation to the incident. Bryans had exited the hospital to smoke a cigarette. Security told police Bryans had to be restrained, but the officers were actually responding to a different call.

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  2. His campaign spokesperson said Mitt Romney’s called to ask for Gingrich’s support.


    1. Yeah, especially now that Newt has him right where he wants him.

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    1. “They’re harassing people. This is totally misguided policy,” Dina’s father, Dr. Joshua Frank, told The Daily. “Yes, I understand that TSA is in charge of national security and there’s all these threats. [But] for her to be singled out, it’s crazy.”

      I don’t think she actually does understand.

      1. I understand that TSA is in charge of national security


        *Directed toward Dr. Joshua Frank, not Sparky.

    2. Just for chuckles I googled the phrase “TSA defends”

      Yep, it was as depressing as you’d think

    3. These stories get worse every day. And nothing changes. Government in action, making disabled girls cry. I continue to be amazed that (as far as I know) no TSA agent has yet been assaulted by an angry father. Probably goes to prove that the average citizen has much better judgment and self-control than the leeches employed by TSA.

  4. HAWT!

    Egypt’s National Council for Women (NCW) has appealed to the Islamist-dominated parliament not to approve two controversial laws on the minimum age of marriage and allowing a husband to have sex with his dead wife within six hours of her death according to a report in an Egyptian newspaper.

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    2. Let’s be honest, if it’s been less than six hours he might not even know the difference. I doubt Egyptian women are allowed to do anything but lay there anyway.

    3. It’s Egypt, Saccarin Man. The Land of Tut has a rich history of necrophelia.

      They are just getting back to basics.

      1. So that’s why they had all those mummies.


        1. They had to let the hot ones rot a bit before they gave them to the embalmers.

          1. Actually, they did do that: IIRC women were not turned over to the embalmers until they had ripened for a few days in order to prevent the embalmers from “enjoying” them while they were still juicy.


            1. “She’s not dead, she’s just sleeping.”

              “She’s not rotting, she just had a big lunch.”

              “Her legs didn’t just come off, she’s just really limber.”

              Fuck Superman and Batman, the indiscriminate penis and the rationalizing mind working together are the real World’s Best Team.

            2. I’m aware that it’s true. That’s why I said it.

          2. Herodotus reported this. Three days for the most comely/welthy women. After an incident.

    4. War Against Women continues even after their death. NC so it’s CORPSE RAPE!

    5. allowing a husband to have sex with his dead wife within six hours of her death

      I didn’t know there were that many Germans living in Egypt.

      1. 6.5 hours after she’s dead though… that’s just gross.

        1. You have to allow rigor mortis to set in. Otherwise, the corpse just flails all over the place. Or so I’m told by pathologists.

          1. I think the key would be to get the body in an advantageous position before RM set in…

            1. Details, details…

          2. You say that like it’s a bad thing. Some men actually like their women lively (so to speak).

            1. I hear Tasers help with that.

          3. Was that a dig at pathologists?

            1. Not at all. I’m currently supplementing my education with a comparative pathology course of study.

              It’s my Plan B escape plan, in case Plan A withers.

        2. Body Worlds = Egyptian Fantasy Park

    6. I suppose a wife must wait until rigor mortis sets in to have sex with her dead husband.

      1. Well, that was essentially what Jezebel said, so for once I guess we’re all on the Ewwww! page. It just goes to show that even Jezebel can be right twice a day.

    7. I’m reminded of a Louis C.K. bit…

    8. Islam, the religion of peace pederasty and necrophilia.

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      1. The comments…good SOD what a catty bunch. It’s all about them.

        MegSwan @Sarah
        No, it’s nuts. My parents let me spend about $100 on my dress and then about $50 to get my hair and nails done. Granted this was the 90s, but I’m now relatively successful and I wouldn’t spend $1K on a dress, shoes, flowers, and a ticket to a short event with my own money.

        No, dear, you’d sucker some beta male to do it for you.

        1. What’s with the rage Groovus? They’re doing what we do – go slightly off-topic – and they’re right, aren’t they? Or did you blow a grand on a purty dress?

          1. It was $1200 and it had shoddy workmanship. It ripped at precisely the wrong time. It still hounds me to this day. I’ll never forget that dance.


            1. There there. I am sure you looked lovely.

          2. What’s with the rage Groovus?

            No rage, spunky one. But I admit, I find the supposed “Ya Ya Sisterhood” mantra insufferable at times. What bugged me was the claims of “We gals stick together through thick and thin” and they barely address the article, which is the girl was being ostracized because she didn’t have a date.

            I just find the lack of self-awareness astounding. I hope I didn’t offend you.

            1. thanks for the explanation, no offence taken – and i’m sure you looked every sailor’s dream in your party frock, even after it ripped

              1. Captain IFH Bligh would hopefully swoon.

                1. Bligh? Low blow, my friend, low blow

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        2. I wouldn’t spend $1K on a dress, shoes, flowers, and a ticket to a short event with my own money.

          How much was/will be spent on her wedding dress and accoutrements?

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                  1. Thanks for the public othering. You Aussies have no shame do you? It’s probably part of your criminal background.

                2. What the hell did I do?

                  Nothing unusual. At worst, it’s preemptive.

                  1. At worst, it’s preemptive.


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                Be a man: fuck anything that moves.

              2. Vice versa? Like not fuck dark people?

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              “This bill came to renew my domain name. I felt poor, broke, offline”


              1. nope cancel that, I copied Sparky’s misspelling (damn you to hell!)

                Still lives, all good: http://www.microaggressions.com/

              2. http://www.microaggressions.com

                I feel embarrassed and Othered that I know this URL, as if my knowledge of useless trivia is somehow frivolous.

                1. I feel embarrassed and Othered that I know this URL, as if my knowledge of useless trivia is somehow frivolous.

                  There there. Only with Jezehellions would you be subjected to such derision.

                  MALE GAZE!

    2. Man gapes as Gwyneth Paltrow walks by. I wonder why?

      Thought it was Tom Petty?

  7. Does Asteroid Mining Violate Space Law?

    You can have my asteroid mine when you pry it from my cold, dead, space hands.

    1. The point [that no one can claim an asteroid] is proven by a 2001 court case, they said. In 2000, an American man named Gregory Nemitz registered a claim to the asteroid Eros. When NASA sent a satellite to investigate this asteroid soon after, Nemitz sent a letter to NASA telling the space agency to pay parking fees for landing the satellite on his property. “NASA declined and so did the U.S. Dept. of State,”

      That just proves that if you claim an asteroid without ever going to it no one will respect the claim.


      Art Dula, a space law professor at the University of Houston,


      1. I’m going to guess it will come down to who can get there first and defend their claim.

      2. I’m claiming the Sun right now. You all need to pay me for the light you use.

        1. The Feds beat you to it. Perhaps if Solyndra had adopted this strategy, they might have been profitable.

        2. First you’ve got to land on it. Then I’ll recognize your claim.

      3. …a spacy law professor…

      4. under whose legal jurisdiction, exactly, does space fall? Never heard of “space law” before. Have heard of Space Ghost.

        1. no-one’s and everyone’s. It’s a common, like the sea, so initially you get a free for all, and then everyone settles down and starts making rules between themselves

        2. Ming the Merciless.

      5. “Art Dula, a space law professor at the University of Houston,”

        If any university should have a space law program, it’s Houston. When you have a space problem, it’s Houston you notify.

        1. It must just be a course, because it isn’t a program there. It wasn’t even a course back in my day.

          1. OK, but technically I only said they *should* have a space law program, and I’m sticking with that.

      6. Go Coogs!

  8. More justice in poor Trayvon’s name.

    An black 18-year-old suspected of a violent attack on a white teen told Chicago police the beating was motivated by his anger over the Trayvon Martin case in Florida, MyFoxChicago reports.

    1. At what point did these tards decide randomly beating the shit out of strangers was going to help Martin get justice? I’m not just talking about the ethical problems there, I mean that if jurors are hearing about a spate of news stories where black people just up and beat the shit out of someone for being too light skinned, isn’t that going to make Zimmerman’s story sound even more credible?

      1. Dude, we aren’t talking about clear thinkers here.

        Not to mention that criminals have a very high proportion of ethically challenged people that will throw out multiple bullshit justifications for their malevolent actions in the hope that some of them will get them out of trouble.

      2. At what point did these tards decide randomly beating the shit out of strangers

        they are the US version of the Muslims who go nuts over cartoons. They do not require reasons for violence, just excuses. Illustrative since the nooz folks are hyperventilating about the Rodney King anniversary. What did we learn there? Two things:
        –some cops are raging idiots
        –a good chunk of certain communities will burn down its own neighborhood under the guise of protest.

        A similar incident happened in Mobile, AL this month..again, white kid set on by blacks who invoked Trayvon. This is not going to end well.

      3. “At what point did these tards decide randomly beating the shit out of strangers was going to help Martin get justice?”

        It makes sense, given that Martin randomly beat the shit out of Zimmerman.

    2. What a disgusting fucking circus. Fuck all the race-baiters and media shitheads for all of this.

      1. I suspect the good Revs Jesse and Al will be up there any minute now to denounce these atrocities.

    3. We need a new category: “ANGER crime”.

      1. JUSTICE crime.

        Or justicecrime.

        1. Close, but let’s warm it up.

          Just crime.

    4. So does that meet the bullshit hate crime standards?

      1. FTA:

        Hayes was charged with attempted robbery, aggravated battery and a hate crime, all felonies. His teenage comrade was referred to juvenile court.

    5. “It’s just this war trial, and that lying sonnavabich Johnson Zimmerman!”

      1. I’m nawt a smawt man, Jen-ney!

  9. TSA Screeners Allegedly Let Drug Couriers Through LAX for Cash

    The 40-page indictment details half a dozen incidents between January and July of 2011 in which the screeners allowed drug couriers or sources working with federal authorities to smuggle cocaine, methamphetamine or marijuana into airport terminals to be taken onto outbound flights. Also charged in the indictment are three suspected drug couriers who are accused of bribing the screeners.

    1. Authorities filed trafficking and bribery charges against four current and former TSA screeners

      Serious question: Why aren’t these clowns being charged with whatever the “Underwear Bomber” and “Shoe Bomber” were charged with?

      1. Probably the lack of explosives. Unless they were bringing a meth lab on the plane…

        1. I was reading the Texas statutes on drug paraphernalia a while back. The list of things outlawed in combination gives you a great deal of insight as to why meth labs blow up.

        2. Probably the lack of explosives.

          OK, I’ll rephrase: Why aren’t these clowns being charged with whatever the “the public was never in any danger” FBI-stingees were charged with?

  10. “I am pleased to say that the American people and the corporations they form are presently free to conduct mining operations in outer space for commercial purposes, as this activity has not been made either illegal or regulated by the federal government or the several states,” Dula said.

    And just like that an invitation is sent to drooling members of the United States Congress.

  11. Regarding the whole space and property debate, why not simply hold an auction on earth and sell sections of the asteroids to the highest bidder ?

    1. But who has the right to make these sales? You can’t sell something you don’t own.

      1. Essentially, the government thinks it has the “right” to murder you for trying to get off this rock…so it will basically run an extortion/protection kind of racket charging those with enough cajones to mine the belt. If you obey, you may be granted corporate protection. If not, you’ll be blown up on the way out or the way back or you will be incarcerated upon your return and raped by hordes of once-non-violent drug offenders. Business as usual.

      2. Get all the space companies interested in opening space operations to create an Asteroid mining title deeds office. Nobody owns the asteroid yet, that should not imply that therefore it can ever be owned in the future. You have to start somewhere.

        1. See Auric’s comment below.

          1. I guess it would have to be something like a FIFA, a global organisation that makes the rules asteroid property rights (yes I know that FIFA is corrupt).

            The problem with squatter rights is that many of these operations will not even involve humans, if a robot lands on mars and starts to draw huge lines on the planet claiming it as theirs, is that land now all the property of the robots owner ?

            1. I don’t really see that as a problem.

              1. Ditto.

                I dont typically buy the Lockean “mix your labor with the land” argument, but when it comes to asteroid mining, seems pretty reasonable to me.

            2. That would be like a king or queen sending drones to make claims for them via proxy and we certainly wouldn’t ever allow something like that.

    2. And who gets the proceeds from the auction?

      The best option seems to be the style used in Ben Bova’s books: basically squatter’s rights.

      1. It’s not like there’s some shortage of rocks to mine in space. The asteroid belt is effing huge.

        First company to land on a particular rock gets to claim whatever portion of that rock they start extracting mineral wealth from. It’s not that hard to figure out, and it’s not like there’s any shortage of stuff to mine at this point.

    3. Can I hold the auction. ‘Cause if I get to hold the auction (and resultant cash) I got no problem with that.

    4. One big problem would be to decide who gets the money from the sales. And that needs some agreement on who actually owns the asteroids and what rights the new owners or leasers will get.

    5. That is brilliant. With the taxes we can pay off the National Debt! Let the good times roll!

    6. Such men dare take what they want.

    7. The asteroids are going to be owned by those that can defend their claim. Not much else is going to matter in the long run.

      Of course, Congress will imagine their powers extending into the far reaches of the galaxy. So they will probably concoct some stupid bullshit saying that all claims must be vetted by the US government.

      1. It where they launch from.

      2. The asteroids are going to be owned by those that can defend their claim.

        Yep. We can discuss the theories of Locke or George or whoever, but in reality, when it comes to property, might makes right.

        And if the eventual defenders of the claim organize into some sort of structure and start issuing deeds, then that is the government overseeing that land.

        But as none of the current governments can come close to defending them, they get no say.

      3. Officer, can I gambol freely across the asteroid?

        1. For the love of god stop.

          1. Its going to be really funny in a few years when newbies have no clue what that is refering to.

            1. The White Indian left his/her mark on H&R culture and then gamboled on.

    8. I don’t like the idea of an auction for the reasons everyone else already mentioned. No one owns it now, so no one is in a position to sell it.
      I think that the only way to deal with it is something like squatters’ rights. If you are there and making use of it (not just landing and making a claim), then it’s yours. Unless government really hobbles private space exploration, I think that this is how it will end up in any case.

      1. I’m quite concerned that if the private sector actually does start commercializing celestial bodies, the government is going to intervene and intervene big. Probably on “national security” grounds.

        1. I would say there is NO chance that the government won’t try to intervene to get a piece of the action. It will be Europe and the New World all over again.

          1. Except, the New World had actual people living on it — and it was a tiny place compared to THE REST OF THE FUCKING UNIVERSE.

            If you can get to these resources that are currently not being used at all and bring them home where they have some value, good on ya.

        2. I’m positive they will try. I’m fairly certain they will fail.

          1. The Moon is a harsh mistress.

          2. They woudl probably fail at actually stopping people from mining asteroids or other celestial bodies, but assuming it still needs to be returned to earth to be used, governments could make things very difficult.

          3. Pretty much this. The fact they control large chunks of one planet does not give them any right to control others. There are knherent disadvantages to being at the bottom of such a deep gravity well. If you want to overcome them, spend your own effort to get out of it, but don’t think that some concept of sovereignty grants you the power to steal someone else’s efforts in order to gather more power and territory to yourself.

  12. Victoria’s Secret circa 1979.


    1. That was before PhotoShop and excessive use of depilatories when lace meant something.

      1. Damn, they look much more interesting, fun and approachable that the CGI girls they have now.

    2. Wash the makeup off of them and bring them to me.

    3. Forget the lack of photoshop, it’s also completely different underwear than it is now. The 1979 stuff looks more like Agent Provocateur today than like VS.

      1. But it all comes off in the end. Isn’t that the most important thing here?

        MALE GAZE!

      2. Back in the day, they sold very nice women’s suits and sweaters and stuff, not just bras and panties.

        1. They sell that stuff now, too, though not sure about “very nice.” Nice enough. I’m more thinking of the comment about “when lace meant something”–it meant something when everything lacy wasn’t also lined and/or molded-cup…totally stupid and pointless.

          I mean, unless you go with Groovus’s view (shared by many here, based on AM links a while back). But I disagree. The real shit looks awesome.

  13. Paul Larsen, a space law expert and adjunct professor at Georgetown Law School, both interpret the OST as meaning that no one can claim title to an asteroid

    “Space law expert”, my asses.

    1. So if no one can have title to an asteroid it also means that no one can stop someone from mining an asteroid.

    2. That’s nonsense. There’s nothing directly saying that in the OST, and there’s hardly any interpretative guidance on this subject. The reference to the joker making remote claims is totally irrelevant and an absurd reach. Of course no one is going to recognize property claims that are simply asserted, with no actual possession or legal title. By that token, I could claim Andromeda. And I do, but that’s another matter.

      1. I’ve claimed the Milky Way (minus Earth), so I’m filing suit against you for encroaching on my territory.

        1. Andromeda isnt in the Milky Way.

          Wow, extreme fail.

          1. I went to get a link to show you how bad your fail was, but didn’t even have to go that far. I typed “andromeda milky” into Google and it offered this as the first autocomplete suggestion: “andromeda milky way collision”

            1. In 3 to 5 billion years.

              1. And what’s a couple billion years between neighbors?

                1. Think how long intergalactic lawsuits will take.

              2. In 3 to 5 billion years.

                So you’re not going to admit that your criticism was an extreme fail?

            2. Under intergalactic law, the owner of the bigger galaxy owns any galaxies that dare collide with his property. In a billion years or so, I’ll seek a declaratory judgment. Until then, enjoy your pipsqueak “galaxy.”

              1. I’m not colliding with your galaxy. I’m just sitting here still, and your galaxy is viciously attacking mine. Also, you slept with Triangulum’s wife and I’m pretty sure I can get him as the judge for the case.

                1. My lawyers employ xenomorphs, so I’d back the hell off.

                  1. That’s why I always have some Predators on retainer.

    3. Yeah. I don’t trust any so called space lawyer who doesn’t understand Brannigan’s Law.

      1. It’s just like his love.

        1. EROTIC!

      2. Which law?

  14. NY Post has a good profile of Zimmerman.

    … a more nuanced portrait of Zimmerman has emerged from a Reuters investigation into Zimmerman’s past and a series of incidents in the community in the months preceding the Martin shooting….

    The 28-year-old insurance-fraud investigator comes from a deeply Catholic background and was taught in his early years to do right by those less fortunate. He was raised in a racially integrated household and himself has black roots through an Afro-Peruvian great-grandfather – the father of the maternal grandmother who helped raise him….

    1. This sounds like Reuters trying to redeem the guy because his background seems to fit their liberal values. He’s into “social justice” and might be multi-racial? Well, we’re all turned around on this thing then!

      1. What’s fairly interesting to me is the whole “white Hispanic” thing, because pictures of Zimmerman show someone who in any other circumstance would be considered a “brown person.” The dude looks Latino. The only reason anyone would describe him as white anything is for sheer race-baiting purposes. (I know, preaching to the choir here, but I do wonder how whoever came up with “White Hispanic” can look at themselves in the mirror.)

          1. But…Ortiz may be just a regular black guy woman in drag.

            Exhibit A

            and Exhibit B.

            You make the call…

            1. Best separated at birth photos ever Sloop!

        1. “White Hispanic” is a perfectly valid term. Vincente Fox is another example.

          Hispanics can be mostly Spanish (or other European), mostly American Indian, mostly black, and any proportion of all of them. In general, in Mexico the upper class has had more people who have a high percentage of Spanish blood.

          However, my recollection is that previously the New York Times avoided using that term, leaving it to the more race obsessed like Steve Sailer.

          1. the more race obsessed like Steve Sailer

            a/k/a He Who Shall Not Be Named

      2. I think this is so maybe less riots?

      3. Well, then, it’s clear it was the gun’s fault all along!

    2. “…has black roots through an Afro-Peruvian great-grandfather

      so he’s a white-black Hispanic. Who the hell does Z think he is, Soledad O’Brien? And how in the hell does Afro-Peruvian even happen?

  15. Drone strikes in Yemen approved against people who we don’t know their name, but CIA and DoD is certain from SIGINT and other info that they’re high value targets. No approval to target large groups of low-level soldiers yet, though they asked for it.

    Not that firing missiles on large groups of low-level soldiers would be a “war” or anything.

    1. It’s a kinetic military action.

    2. Drone strikes in Yemen approved against people who we don’t know their name

      You want to be where everybody knows your name.

      1. And they’re always glad you came.

        1. At least the troubles are all the same.

    3. Remember when that drone accidentally strayed into Iranian airspace and the Iranians accidentally shot it down?

      I’ve always wondered why we didn’t accidentally send in another drone to accidentally Hellfire missile the crash site.

      Of all the things I’ve seen the Obama Administration do, asking the Iranians to return the drone was probably the most pansy thing of all.

      1. I’ve always wondered why we didn’t accidentally send in another drone to accidentally Hellfire missile the crash site.

        all depends on how accidental you believe the straying and shoot-down were.

    4. They all look alike (shrugs).

    5. Honestly, this is the problem with drone warfare. If you remove the human cost of war, why the hell not fight constant war?

      Honestly, it is also probably the reason why we got into so many wars post-Vietnam: With no draft, and the end of large scale volunteerism for wars, we reduced the human cost down to a much smaller segment of society, and war became much less taxing to the “average” person (of course, I guess technically the same could be said of the Indian wars we fought during the 1800s, which rarely get counted. What the hell did some dockworker care if some calvarly man got killed out on the frontier?)

  16. The Richmond Police Department’s practice of knocking on doors late at night to warn residents about car break-ins is a misguided effort that will alienate residents and infringe on their rights, a civil-liberties group charged Wednesday.

    John W. Whitehead, president of the Charlottesville-based Rutherford Institute, warned Police Chief Bryan T. Norwood in a letter Wednesday that the department’s initiative poses serious threats to the privacy and safety of residents. The late-night knocks could alarm residents and make them fear a criminal intruder is outside, Whitehead wrote.

    To answer what Norwood interprets as Whitehead’s concern for officer safety, the early morning knocks will now be no-knock raids conducted by members of SWAT.

    1. Yes, I would think that civil liberties groups would have more important police practices to object to. Regular uniformed officers knocking on a door to warn people of break-ins seems tame.

      1. It is being used as a pretense to look inside residences without a warrant. That is the whole purpose.

        A few years ago in Hartford they did the same thing except instead of knocking on doors they would leave a bright yellow note on the windshield. This practice was stopped when (surprise!) criminals were using the notes as markers to know exactly which cars were worth their time.

        1. Hmm, I guess that’s a plausible objection I hadn’t thought of. Do you really think that’s “the whole purpose?”

    2. this just seems ridiculous. Criminal intruders are not going to know on doors to be let in. And what the hell is wrong with a cop suggesting you get your valuables out of the car? This is as close to crime prevention as law enforcement can get.

      1. Yeah, I’m sure you’d feel the same after being jolted out of bed at 2am because you left your $15 MP3 player on your seat.

        1. I would be more jolted by finding out that my morning starts with a call to a glass replacement shop.

          1. my favorite are the stolen car reports where the person ‘just left the engine running for a minute while i ran into starbux’

            we had some very successful auto thiefs who would wait until big cold snaps and drive around the neighborhood in a van. every time they saw a car ‘warming up’ unoccupied in a driveway, one would jump out and steal the car.

            they stole a dozen in less than a square mile area in under an hour


            and only a histrionic moron would claim that cops knocking on doors to warn about valuables left on cars is in any way related to civil rights violations

            jesus christ. talk about outrage w/o cause

  17. Classy!

    Ke$ha tweets photo of herself peeing in the street.

    1. Oh, like you haven’t.

      1. I put my public urination photos on Facebook, like a respectable person.

        1. I’m surprised she didn’t use MySpace for an extra ironic laugh.

    2. She’s 25? Those are some hard years.

      1. 25 in dog years, not human years. Given that, she looks pretty good for someone born in 1837.

    3. The funny thing from that link is the photo of her at Coachella, where she’s sitting on that guy’s shoulders…

      What’s going on with that chick standing behind her in gold, with her hand’s on Ke$ha’s ass? Is that her job, keepin’ Ke$ha upright for the cameras? She looks like she’s enjoyin’ the hell out of her job!


      Talk about a photo bomb. She’s look’s lookin’ at Ke$ha’s ass like it’s made of doughnuts.

      1. Stevie Nicks is supposed to have employed someone to blow coke up her arse, so keeping Ke$ha upright for the cameras is relatively dignified

        1. She had to. Lindsey Buckingham had better things to do.

          1. Keeping a well-stock larder of eyeliner, for one.

          2. Come on, doc. Have you ever listened to Tusk?

            1. No. And I’m not inclined to either.

                1. Philistines, the both of you!

      2. It looks to me like she got a dose of Joker smile gas and knowing she is near death, is sacrificing herself to keep Ke$ha’s weaponized STDs from destroying the crowd.

        1. The fact that she’s removed the hood of her HAZMAT suit, tells me that you’re onto something, Sug.

      3. It is made out of doughnuts, Ken. It’s why she has a history of attracting police attention.

    4. I think it’s really funny that this comment, from an American, appears in the Daily Mail:
      “Sorry Brits. I swear we’re not all this trashy over here.”
      Unless he meant that we’re not all as trashy as the Daily Mail.

      1. Don’t apologize to the *British* for being trashy! Apologize for not being up to their demanding standards of tasteless and antisocial behavior.

        1. Apparently, you are not acquainted with Chavs and Posh Spice.

          1. That’s exactly what I was alluding to – their high standards of bad behavior. They’re everything the Victorians tried to prevent.

    1. Speciest.

      1. Male spiders STILL cheat – even after their penises snap off (if their cannibal wives don’t eat them)

        Penis fractures, penis fractures, penis fractures – that’s all you guys talk about here anymore!

    2. It’s not impossible if we lived and died like ancient humans. An average life span of 35 years plus a limited ability to travel and sparse populations do limit the opportunities to give your wife a reason to chop your dick off in the middle of the.

      Oh fuck…that almost sounded like White Indian… TO clarify, it’s not impossible but I like my internet, and my internet porn and not freezing to death in the winter. So …sorry future and former spouses of the Destroyer. I’ll probably bang 20-something sluts when the opportunity arises. Pun intended.

      1. Middle of the night. I’ll blame the squirrels for that one…yeah, it’s their fault.

      2. Ancient humans had long lifespans if they made it to maturity. Presumably, it was the difficulty in knapping the obsidian adzes that saved so many prehistoric penises.

        1. Well I’ve read both possibilities. Some fossil findings suggest “cavemen” could live into their 70s barring death by accident/predator. It’s not until agriculture kicks in that the lifespan “inexplicably” drops. Something about gluten does not agree with a lot of people. That and more organized city-state government approved religion-fueled war probably had something to do with it. Meh, like I really give a shit.

          1. It’s not until agriculture kicks in that the lifespan “inexplicably” drops.

            The Albino Amerind approves this post.

            1. The Albino Amerind approves this post.

              There were nuggets of facts within her insanity.

              She ignored the fact that the industrial revolution pushed us back across the pre-ag life span.

              Think of it as annealing the human race. Sometimes you have to go back up to a higher energy state to find the global minima instead of just a local minima.

            2. White Indian can go to hell and suck Sisyphus’s dick for all I care. And frankly, I don’t want to live past 40 and if agriculture or technology or whatever “sin” committed by humans against nature is the cause, so fucking be it. Life fucking sucks.

              1. There are medications that might help.

                1. Like I have money for that, trying to save for retirement while fighting the depreciation of everything I can get my hands on. Medication can wait.

              2. And frankly, I don’t want to live past 40

                Give it a few years. You will change your mind.

                40 will start looking YOUNG.

  18. Barack Obama flip flops again, saying, “If I had a son, he’d look just like Joel Ward


    1. Drudge has a picture of Zimmerman as a 13-year old, and my first thought was how much he truly looked like he could be Obama’s son. Their faces are very similar. Ironic, I guess.

  19. Swiss woman dies after attempting to live on sunlight

    prosecutors haven’t opened a criminal investigation over the woman’s death.

    Who ya gonna charge?

    1. Whomever sold the video of the guru.

    2. Apparently arrant stupidity is everyone’s fault but stupid person’s.

    3. Now that is worthy of a Darwin Award.

    4. Who ya gonna charge?

      The sun, obviously

      1. Good call, furry. And who claimed the sun upthread? Yes — the answer is to charge Zeb.

        1. Crap. It seemed like such a good plan.

          1. Good job Zeb, now thanks to the handy asset forfeiture rules it is now government property.

              1. I’m pretty sure Sean Connery is another guy who’s going to have a religion after he dies. Similar to the Shat. The Conn’s and the Shatties will probably be the great religious confilct of the 24th century.

                1. At least until the churches merge and form the new religion of Shatconnery.

    5. Who ya gonna charge?

      Jasmuheen or maybe just the Catholic Church.

      1. Jasmuheen has also stated that she has not yet mastered the ability to be fluid-free for more than short periods.

        So she’s covered her skinny ass.

      2. Stupid is as stupid does

    6. “Even the gods struggle in vain with stupidity.”

    7. Ra, natch.

  20. COPS: TSA screeners let drug-filled luggage through LAX for cash


    1. so they can do some things right

    2. At least they didn’t do it just for fun.

    3. It’s a good thing terrorists don’t have access to cash.

      1. And that our fine noble TSA agents, high protectors of air travel, who are incorruptible paragons of virtue, could never be swayed into dereliction of duty by promises of petty money.

        OK, I might have put it on a little thick there…

    4. Graft, the fine honoured tradtion of law enforement. TSA jus’ keepin’ it REELZ y’all!

  21. Mulatto-Hispanic George Zimmerman:


    1. Wouldn’t he be a Mestizo-Caucasian? Or was he the new Spider-Man I’ve been hearing so much about?

      1. The article says he had “an Afro-Peruvian great-grandfather – the father of the maternal grandmother who helped raise him.”

        Under what other set of circumstances would the media have described someone with a black great-grandfather as white?

        1. Under what other set of circumstances would the media have described someone with a black great-grandfather as white?

          They would if that person was a member of the GOP running against Barack Obama.

  22. “Hospital security video was released of police officers apparently punching Joseph Bryans, who is filing a lawsuit against the Meridian Connecticut police officers in relation to the incident. Bryans had exited the hospital to smoke a cigarette. Security told police Bryans had to be restrained, but the officers were actually responding to a different call.”

    You left out the best parts: this is the third such complaint against the officer in the past year (the second caught on video) who just happens (I’m sure) to be the police chief’s son.

    Nothing to see here.

    1. Wonder if the do-gooder nurse who called the cops because she worried that he would hurt himself (because he was drunk) questions her judgement now?

      I’m sure he is better off now that he has been beaten, tasered and charged with various crimes.

      1. no more than the person who brought somebody to the hospital for a medical emergency, who then died from preventable iatrogenic death would question their judgment

        the issue is the bad cop, not calling the cops

        1. No, the issue is the cops that will cover for the bad cop, or look the other way.

          1. except as i have repeatedly documented and cited, time after time, cops routinely turn in other cops for bad behavior.

            a substantial %age of disciplinary and criminal cases germinate from cops doing so

            i realize that some (evidence averse) morons still think this is the serpico years

            not to mention that OF COURSE no medical professional would EVER cover up for mal or misfeasance on a coworkers part at a hospital

            nope, that never happens

            here’s a hint, compare the stats on iatrogenic vs. cop caused deaths and get back to me

            and the former aren’t usually convicted felon fucksticks who brought it on themselves

  23. Art Dula, a space law professor at the University of Houston, believes private companies absolutely have the right to mine an asteroid. … Thus, because the billionaires are American and forming their company in the United States, the U.S. government is charged with giving the go-ahead to the billionaires’ bold new project, he said, and the Constitution ensures it will do so. The 10th Amendment … means that the right to mine an asteroid belongs to the people.

    He actually believes the government gives a shit about following the constitution? How quaint.

    “We have to have some sort of system that allows people to develop wealth,” he said.

    OMG CAPITULIZM!!!!111!!!!! We don’t need wealth, my marxist humanities profs told me so, and they’re TOP. MEN.

    1. The problem is that the US constitution does not apply to an asteroid in space, I don’t know much about the US constitution, but even I know that somewhere in it there is a clause stating what territory it applies to. How can this guy be called a “space professor” if he does not even know that ?

      1. I probably left out a bit too much with the ellipses. What he was saying, and I’m paraphrazing here, is that the Outer Space Treaty forbids governments who signed it from claiming territory in space, but private citizens are governed by their nation’s laws, and that’s where the 10th ammend. comes in, etc.

        Basically the article states, in a nutshell, that property rights in space are a gray area and needs to be worked out in the near future. Personally I’m not very sanguine on the probablity of private property rights winning the day. Which pretty much would doom the human race to being a one planet species out of sheer stupidity.

      2. Not sure if serious.

  24. Jezebel would like you to know that guns are icky and weird.

    And if you are a member of the site who happens to carry, you just want to murder people. No, seriously, one person says that:

    Why are you at the range? Why do you need to practice shooting things? For when you ACTUALLY shoot things? When are you going to shoot things? When you want to kill them?

    Sorry, but if you support carrying around weapons specifically designed to kill things, I am going to treat you like you support carrying around weapons specifically designed to kill things. Call that a generalization if you will.

    1. That person probably thought that that was a brilliant take down of gun rights supporters. No one ever pointed out to them that guns are designed to kill things.

      1. As far as I can tell, my gun was designed to put holes in pieces of paper.

        1. What if you use your pistol as a can opener, and it just happens to come in handy if someone assaults you?

      2. No one ever pointed out to them that guns are designed to kill things.

        Or that people who carry might be okay with being treated like…people who carry.

    2. You would think that- in a world filled with Heteronormative, Patriarchal, Male-Gazing Rapists- a woman owning a gun to defend herself against assault would be seen as a good thing.

      1. Nope, because they rant about women learning any sort of self-defense. They argue that learning to defend yourself furthers rape culture by presenting rape as something inevitable and part of the natural order of things.

        1. So, better to just let yourself be raped than acknowledge reality.

          1. Yup, magical thinking is the only thing you need.

            Of course, if I wanted to be really nasty about it, I would point out that more rape means more support for Jezebellian-feminism. But that would be just mean.

            1. But that would be just mean.

              And sadly, very true. It’s a vicious and unnecessary cycle, and totally endorsed, if sometimes unconsciously, by that crowd.

        2. And also that women shouldn’t HAVE to learn to defend themselves, because it is submitting to the Patriarchy and Rape Culture to do so. Because we all, especially Jezebellians, live in a world where ideals trump reality.

        3. Yeah, but guns specifically are worse. From the same person:

          Why are you at the range? Why do you need to practice shooting things? For when you ACTUALLY shoot things? When are you going to shoot things? When you want to kill them?

          Sorry, but if you support carrying around weapons specifically designed to kill things, I am going to treat you like you support carrying around weapons specifically designed to kill things. Call that a generalization if you will.

          Also, concealed carry is like rape, because I did not consent to have a gun near me. From a different person:

          It disgusts me that concealed weapon carriers believe that their right to carry a gun trumps my right to choose to get away from them (people with guns). By carrying a concealed weapon in my presence without my knowledge you are violating my right to choose to get away from someone carrrying a deadly weapon. I don’t know you from a serial killer. You don’t get to choose for me whether to trust you.

          1. Oh, damn, double posted the same stupid. Here is the part where you learn guns are more icky, because they kill:

            I’m having trouble making the connection between “I need to feel safe in case of an attack” and “I need to be able to kill someone in case of an attack.” What about pepper spray? A taser? A stun gun? Are those less effective in warding off rapists than a killing weapon?

            I feel that these are the kind of people who think that the Castle Doctrine is just nuts.

            1. I’d like the right to concealed carry, because the only non-gun way to fight off a rapist is to drive your thumb into the eye socket until you hit brain, and i don’t want to break a nail

              1. You could also drive your hand into their windpipe (using an everyday object such as your cell phone works too), that works pretty well. Grabbing the nutsack and ripping and tearing works too. Point being, there’s all kinds of weak spots on the human body one could expoit to their advantage.

                1. Also biting the nose or face, if at all possible, can distract an attacker.

            2. out of curiosity, how difficult would it be for the average person to get a taser or stun gun? I could be wrong, but they don’t seem like the type items easily accessible by the common folk.

              1. I think it’s pretty easy to get the kind of stun gun that doesn’t shoot projectiles. Probably varies by state.

              2. like all kinds of stuff, it varies by state. in my state, they are just as available to the average joe. in fact, the ‘civilian’ version is in many respects more powerful (longer pulse time, etc.

            3. Are those less effective in warding off rapists than a killing weapon?

              Well, yes, they are. Tasers are one-shot deals, and can be foiled by heavy clothing. Pepper spray only works at relatively short distances, and you better hope the wind isn’t blowing in the wrong direction. Stun guns are basically hand-to-hand weapons.

              1. yes. part of why the morons who claim that cops should only be using tasers as alternatives to deadly force are… morons.

                guns are , simply put, … better

            4. Nothing wrong with this person that a bullet wouldn’t cure.

        4. Perhaps they’d feel more comfortable with the idea of finding a nice strong man to defend them instead…

        5. It’s extremely logical if counterintuitive – the more women that get raped without being able to defend themselves, the more converts to feminism – and the more victims to proclaim their arguments about the unstoppable violence of the patriarchy. Of course that’s not how how most of us would define “feminism” (the actual empowerment of females). Sounds more like traditional victimism.

          1. this is how it works in both the domestic violence industry and the sex assault industry

            define deviancy up, use bogus polls that define rape broadly (so as to make it seem more prevalent than it is), do the same for domestic violence (pamphlets describe harsh words as ‘domestic violence’ for example) and continue…

            gender feminists WANT victims. heck, the morons at feministing to this day (i argued extensively with them at the beginning of the duke case that there were strong issues with the accuser’s ‘story’) to some extent consider mangum a victim. she was recently arrested for murder iirc btw.

            1. Shorter Dunphy: I used to beat on Morgan Fairchild.

            2. See, I don’t agree that these victimists are feminists. Unless feminism is redefined as “supporting the disempowerment of women and backhandedly preserving and strengthening the patriarchy.”

              In my mind true feminists would have to inherently support gun rights and any means of self-defense to make up for the general biological imbalance of physical power between women and men and prevent rapes, abuse and general victimization. Men will inherently be politer to women packing heat, even though men should be polite to women regardless.

              1. Unless feminism is redefined as “supporting the disempowerment of women and backhandedly preserving and strengthening the patriarchy.”

                Since feminism is a grievance industry that generates revenue for its apparatchiks precisely in proportion to the disempowerment of women and the strength of the patriarchy, well, then I would say that is, in fact, the correct definition.

              2. this is basically camille paglia’s argument. i happen to agree with it, although i don’t want to devolve into a semantical wank.

                the difference is between jezebellian ‘gender’ feminists and paglian ‘equity feminists’

              3. this is basically camille paglia’s argument. i happen to agree with it, although i don’t want to devolve into a semantical wank.

                the difference is between jezebellian ‘gender’ feminists and paglian ‘equity feminists’

              4. this is basically camille paglia’s argument. i happen to agree with it, although i don’t want to devolve into a semantical wank.

                the difference is between jezebellian ‘gender’ feminists and paglian ‘equity feminists’

      2. Feminists are the most illogical creatures ever.

    3. Gun rights are women rights, do these women seriously support waiting 20 minutes for the police to arrive to deal with the man raping them, instead of just shooting him right away ?

      1. No, they support castration so men will never consider rape in the first place.

    4. Why on earth (or asteroid…in keeping with the theme of this thread) would you care for an instant what Lezebel has to say about anything?

      1. “‘Nuke the whales?’ You don’t really believe that, do you?”

        “I dunno. Gotta nuke something.”

        1. Nice unsweetened assist Mr. Muntz!

    5. So…as suspected, the Jezebelesbian is probably okay with women getting raped to death instead of shooting the bastards in defense. Good to know.

      1. Victimists aren’t feminist.
        Victimists aren’t progressive.
        Victimists aren’t for racial equality.

        They simply want to let their audience know that they are victims and always will be to attract attention, gain power and influence and incite anger at their aggressors.

        Actual progress toward social, economic, sexual and racial equality harms the effectiveness of their message, so they vilify the tools of true equality and the people advocating for them.

    6. OK, I normally don’t actually bother reading Jezebel stories, but I did this time. The stupid is strong with that one. Holy shit.

      1. Is there any fanfiction about a romance between a Hit and Runner and a Jezebellian? That would be really interesting.

        1. Is there any fanfiction about a romance between a Hit and Runner and a Jezebellian?

          That’s what every thread where someone argued all day with Mary Stack was.

        2. Is there any fanfiction about a romance between a Hit and Runner and a Jezebellian?

          It would prolly have to involve a lot of angry sex, duct taping her whore mouth shut, and role-playing rape.

          You know, a typical date with my GF.

          1. Oh now you’re just showing off and being mean to the stag cyber virgins, really.

            Why don’t you tell them about the rp schoolgirl sodomy and blowjob instructions while you’re at it? hrm? or the multi-orgasmic slamming your cock all the way in me, I’ve done years of yoga sessions, eh?

            I mean… jeeez.


            :F !! !

  25. Too bad General Butt Naked isn’t here. I’d like to hear his take on the Charles Taylor trial.

    1. I find his shoes abominable.

    1. I see dead people…is the topic du jure. You do know that dead people vote in this country? Or are you denying the deceased their rights, spunkiest of sheilas?

      1. are you denying the deceased their rights

        Given the discussion up-thread, I wouldn’t even dare deny them H&R lovin’

      2. Now it’s all making sense. You have to sex up the dead ones to have a shot at that fat pension check. “[Dead] chicks need love too. But they gotta pay.”

      3. Did you mean de jure: according to law? or du jour: of the day?

        And yes, I’m sure that Rayz law or whatever it’s called applies to this post and it will be littered with errors. It’s just not everyday one gets to correct an MD on his Latin. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

        1. Good catch! It was deliberate pun dealing with legal issues of death “according to the law” and “of the day”.

          Not an RC’z law.:-)

    2. About time Plato and Socrates got off the government dole.

      1. Are you kidding me? Plato practically invented the concept.

        Read Plato’s Republic.

    3. This kind of austerity is what is causing all the problems in Greece, if they keep on spending money on these pensions the aggregate demand will improve and thus the economy.

    4. The dead will rise up from their graves and march on Athens to demand their guaranteed pensions. Don’t they realize that denying the dead their “rights” is going to lead to the zombie apocalypse?

  26. n a shocking development in the Operation Fast and Furious investigation, documents show Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents allowed grenade parts to walk in addition to guns.

    The emails also show Obama administration officials acknowledging that they may lose track of grenades but would still be able to accomplish their original objective even if the grenades explode.


    1. The grenade parts are old news, but I don’t know about the emails. Regardless, I’m fine with repackaging it as new until people start to get some notion of just how vile the DOJ is.

    2. I still go with… “Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms — Should be the name of a convenience store, not a government agency.”

  27. Whale Wars is returning tomorrow. I, for one, will be rooting for whomever they are annoying.

    1. Fuck you whayres!!!! And fuck you darphins!!!!!

      1. Haha! Great minds think alike.

  28. Enthusiastic Obama Supporter

    Failed to get her number
    Blames obstructionist Republicans

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