Justices Dubious of Challenges to Arizona Law, Durable Goods Orders Tank, G-Spot Discovered: P.M. Links


  • I did it all for science.

    Justices from across the Supreme Court's political spectrum expressed skepticism toward at least some of the arguments challenging Arizona's anti-immigration law.

  • Orders for durable goods, a category covering a range from toasters to aircraft, took a nosedive in March — the biggest drop in three years.
  • Overdue efforts by European governments to rein-in their spending sprees are running up against growing pressure to continue spending money they don't have.
  • Rather avoid encounters with the police? Too bad! The South Dakota Supreme Court says that it takes little more than avoiding a police roadblock to justify a roadside chat with your uniformed friends.
  • A disciplinary hearing of a New Jersey police officer facing firing for stopping a "beat down" by colleagues revealed that a captain who investigated her case apparently selectively chose testimony and altered her words to cast her in a bad light.
  • Secret Service agents caught up in the Colombian prostitution "scandal" say such behavior is common and generally tolerated by the agency.
  • After extensive  research, a scientist claims to have confirmed the existence and structure of the elusive "G-spot." Lucky, lucky scientist.

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  1. After extensive research, a scientist claims to have confirmed the existence and structure of the elusive “G-spot.”

    Label me a skeptic. Denier, even.

    1. I figured out everything I needed to know about it by 18. Where’s my grant?

      1. You’re a genius Auric. Also, I think you live less than a mile, maybe less than 1/2 a mile from me. Based on previous comments. Do you work at Raytheon?

    2. Is that link why there is a photo of the Hedgehog?

      I don’t recall him excavating for the G-spot too much at all.

      1. The rest of us were not examining his activities all that closely, bear lover.

        1. Leave Shriek to his Ursophelia, it’s all he’s got left.

        2. No one has the imagination to blot the Hedgehog out of sight. You have to turn the damn thing off and you know it.

    3. “It’s the female orgasm, that’s the myth!”

      1. I can tell you that after years of relationships with women, I have never found any such ‘g-spot’. My opinion? Doesn’t exist.

        1. It’s just like ROUSes.

    4. Lucky, lucky scientist.

      I didn’t read the article, but they wouldn’t have let him dissect that many, right?

  2. “In light of this line of case law, we join the Eighth Circuit in holding that avoidance of a checkpoint alone is insufficient to form a basis for reasonable suspicion,” Justice Lori S. Wilbur wrote for the court. “However, the Eighth Circuit was clear that checkpoint avoidance is indeed suspicious and thus our analysis does not end here.”

    “You don’t want to invite police into your home? That’s suspicious. GET THE BATTERING RAM.”

  3. Durable goods orders dropped 4.2 percent, the largest decline since January 2009 when the economy was nose-diving, Commerce Department data showed on Wednesday. Economists had expected a drop of just 1.7 percent.

    Proof that people need to start buying American again. Their foreign-made durable goods are just too durable.

    And apparently incorrect expectations are the fastest way for economists to make the news.

    1. The Fed also repeated its pledge to keep interest rates on hold until at least late 2014, and Chairman Ben Bernanke said the Fed “would not hesitate” to do more to stimulate the economy if necessary.

      It hasn’t worked so far, which just means they need to do it harder.

      1. Bernanke is just conducting research on the economy’s G-spot.

        1. He’d have a better chance if he wasn’t looking up an anus.

          1. The ‘G’ stands for Goofy, right?

            1. Gynormous

              1. +a billion

    2. The only group who get credited as experts for being wrong month after month.

      1. No, prognosticators of all sorts get similar treatment. And are usually wrong.

    3. I think part of the issue with the durable goods orders is the seasonal adjustment. We had an unseasonably warm and snow-free winter, which likely boosted consumption in January and February more than expected (and made the recovery look stronger than it was). However, the downside of that is that it shifted some of the March consumption away (making it look weaker than it actually was). If you look at the unadjusted YoY numbers March shipments are 6% higher and orders are 1% higher. Also, in support of the time-shifting hypothesis, YTD shipments and orders are up over 9% in 2012 vs. 2011


      1. I think you are right because the market didn’t give a fuck. Or maybe it was drafting on Apple’s incredible numbers and Bernanke’s comparatively sanguine outlook.

        1. Everyone knows that each day, there’s one piece of news that explains why the market went up or down; conversely, from the fact that the market went up or down, one may infer the importance of a given piece of news.

      2. While not disagreeing with you, all reported durable goods orders are not equal…from the report:

        Inventories of manufactured durable goods in March, up twenty-seven consecutive months, increased $1.7 billion or 0.4 percent to $375.1 billion. This was at the highest level since the series was first published on a NAICS basis and followed a 0.3 percent February

        1. Higher inventories can be a good, bad or neutral sign. On one hand, it’s inventory, so it’s not being sold and could indicate that sales aren’t what was expected.

          On the other hand, inventories could be rising because of forecasted demand. It would be terrible if inventories were up and orders were down.

          On the third hand, a rise in inventories is going to be expected. In a steady state economy, inventory is going to be at a somewhat constant level relative to GDP. Granted, GDP is growing at ~3% and inventory grew at a 4.8% annualized rate, but that may be due to seasonal factors (gearing up for spring), sentiment factors (gearing up for recovery) or overestimating (gearing up for … awww fuck).

  4. During cross-examination, the attorney, Catherine Elston, accused Capt. James Sepp of misquoting Tasca and other witnesses, omitting statements that could exculpate Tasca and not interviewing key witnesses to an April 2011 incident at Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck.

    His report, [Sepp] said, did not necessarily include direct transcriptions of interviews, but rather a composite account based on interviews and the video footage of the incident.

    If he is as diligent in his other investigations, the taxpayers of the City of Bogota is getting its money’s worth from Captain James Sepp.

    1. I live in NJ and don’t understand any of this crap.

      Why would Ridgefield Park officers try to restrain a kid in Bogota? Do they have jurisdiction? If two cops from another town showed up in my front yard, I would tell them to piss-off too.

  5. After extensive research, a scientist claims to have confirmed the existence and structure of the elusive “G-spot.” Lucky, lucky scientist.

    Damn you 2Chilly, I had that one all lined up to go. Here’s the best part in my opinion:

    For his research, Ostrzenski examined the cadaver of an 83-year-old woman who had died from head trauma.

    I think I’d have said no thanks.

    1. I think I’d have said no thanks.

      You do what you’ve got to do in the name of science. Where would we be if Ben Franklin had cried like a little bitch because he was afraid of the mean old lightning? We’d be posting our comments by candlelight, I can tell you that!

    2. I just don’t see how one autopsy on one cadaver constitutes any significant scientific data.

      1. It doesn’t. From what I read, my opinion is that the mass of tissue is a histological anomaly. It’s remarkable, but hardly conclusive of any so-called “G-Spot”.

    3. A friend of mine went to Serbian medical school. They had to disect an old lady vagina. He said that as it was just floating there in the jar, it looked like a troll doll.

      1. They look more like a blob of moist pork rinds that were molded around an ice cream cone.

  6. I am so sick of these guys.

    Although the memorial has stood in the parking lot of the Woonsocket fire station for decades with no complaints, the Freedom from Religion Foundation is now calling for it to be stripped of the cross that sits atop it, claiming it violates the First Amendment’s freedom of religion clause. The group also wants the Woonsocket Fire Department to remove “The Firefighter’s Prayer” and a picture of an angel from its website.

    I’m an atheist and I wish every member of the Freedom from Religion Foundation would die in a fire.

  7. Once the sac is opened there is a white-colored membrane that serves like a “blanket,” and once Ostrzenski removed it, he discovered a very small “bluish grape-like” cluster that he says is the G-spot. The spot has three distinct regions, says Ostrzenski and includes a rope-like vessel structure that appears to be erectile tissue located between layers of the vaginal wall.

    That is so hot.

    1. That is so hot.

      If you like that, and if you’re still a Doubting Thomas with regard to female ejaculation, then you should read up on the Skene’s gland. Good stuff.

      1. What’s so bad about clitoral ejaculation? Never had a problem stimulating one to bast off. BTW, male g-spot exist, so I’ve heard. I’ve also heard that if you get your partner to rub her panties up and down the area between your balls and your ass, there is a spot in that area that will make you cum. And I can’t state this enough, so I’ve heard.

        1. Never had a problem stimulating one to cause a bast off. I know exactly where the spurt comes from, and the first time I witnessed it, my mind was completely blown.

        2. the area between your balls and your ass

          It’s called the taint, or, alternatively, the grundle.

          1. It’s called the taint, or, alternatively, the grundle.

            I Googled that shit, and lo and behold, “grundle” is actually a bona fide medical term for that part of the body.

            1. Correct. It is also referred to as the perineum, and that is the most commonly used term.

  8. Second try:

    I wish these people would all just disappear.

    I’m an atheist/areligious and I think the Freedom from Religion Foundation should DIAF and be buried in a shallow grave.

    1. Yeah, fuck those guys.

    2. “We ask that you immediately remove the cross from the Fire Station parking lot and remove the prayer and angel from the Woonsocket Fire Department website,” the foundation’s senior staff attorney, Rebecca Market, wrote in a letter to Woonsocket officials.

      We ask that you immediately remove the sticks from your asses that makes you so fucking unbearable.

      And stop making the rest of us non-believers look bad.

    3. Seriously? What the fuck is wrong with those people? I agree that atheism isn’t a religion (pretty fucking stupid to say that if you ask me) but jesus tap dancing christ some of them act no better than Westborro.

      1. atheism isn’t a religion

        Atheism (not to be confused with agnosticism) is a matter of faith, you know. Atheists are claiming, with certainty, that there is no God. Since the existence or not of supreme being is not susceptible to proof (or disproof), anyone claiming to know for certain either way is taking a leap of faith.

        1. Militant agnosticism is the only answer

          1. I’m an ignostic – I can’t say whether or not I believe in God until you define what you mean by “God”. The word God is relatively meaningless without definition. If you define God as a dude up in the clouds judging us and smiting us, I’m an atheist. If you define God as the sum of natural law/the glue of the universe, or God as the Taoist vision of the “Way”, or maybe along the pantheistic idea of God as everything, I’m a theist. Because the interpretation is subjective, terms like atheist, theist and agnostic are relatively pointless.

            1. Well said, sir. I will subscribe to your newsletter.

          2. Militant agnosticism is the only answer


        2. Is not believing in unicorns, Santa Claus or Russell’s teapot a religion too? A default of disbelief does not make something a religion.

        3. Atheists are claiming, with certainty, that there is no God.

          Are you joking, RC?

        4. Atheists are claiming, with certainty, that there is no God.

          Unless it’s one of the goofy ones who insist on using “atheist” to mean simply “not a theist.”

        5. Atheists are claiming, with certainty, that there is no God


          As a strong atheist, I believe there is no God. But I am no more CERTAIN that there is no God than a believer KNOWS that there is one.

        6. What RC said

        7. Atheists are claiming, with certainty, that there is no God.

          You’re describing an anti-theist. Atheists claim, with certainty, that we don’t care if there is a god or not.

          1. Atheists claim, with certainty, that we don’t care if there is a god or not.

            Sounds more like apatheist to me.

        8. But do matters of faith == religion?

      2. Atheism is declaring that the G-spot is a myth. Agnosticism is saying it’s likely a myth, but you’re willing to do some research on the subject.

        1. Very nice application there.

          1. I’m willing to do a deep investigation of the issue involving a large population sample.

    4. I do like what my home town did with it’s nativity scene. It used to be displayed on the public library grounds in the center of town. When these lawsuits started coming through the city simply donated the scene to the community church which is located next door to the city hall.

  9. First person nabbed in Alabama beating.

    Owens and the suspect have had an ongoing feud dating back to 2009, according to Chad Tucker, a spokesman for the Mobile County District Attorney’s Office.

  10. Secret Service agents caught up in the Colombian prostitution “scandal” say such behavior is common and generally tolerated by the agency.

    And some female supervisor had to go and spoil it for everyone.

  11. “After extensive research, a scientist claims to have confirmed the existence and structure of the elusive “G-spot.” Lucky, lucky scientist.”

    Oh it exists alright. Just go to vulavelvet.org and watch for yourself.

  12. Adam Sandler needs to do a song about Jews in porn.

    1. That is a good idea. Who are they? (female please)

      Name changes deprive one of the usual method of determination.

      1. I don’t know. That’s why I want a song to tell me.

      2. Kelly Klein is the only one I can think of. I’m sure that there are many others who decided to use a less Jewish sounding name.

        1. I know of a Kelly Kline. She is hot as hell.

        2. Naomi Russell.

      3. Why don’t you go do some “research” on youporn like a normal person.

      4. Many seem to be listed on this weird page. Don’t know how accurate it is. http://jewishfaces.com/porn.html

        1. Person who wrote that page is one fucked up weirdo who insists on non standard terms. ‘Porn prostitute’ instead of porn actor. Every chick who has done girl on girl is a ‘promoter of lesbianism’, etc. .

          1. Yeah, I noticed that. But it was the best list I could find quickly.

      5. Joanna Angel.

        Went to school with her sister. Who is…breathtaking.

    2. I have a suspicion most Jews in porn are more involved in producing than actually atarring. I would say producing/ writing, but we all know there’s no writing involved.

    3. Don’t forget Ron Jeremy.

  13. “Justice Dubious”.

    What court does he sit in?

    1. Sounds like Judge Dredd’s new partner.

    2. Think marsupial.

    3. Is his ideological counterpart Justice Anal?

    1. And then gets charged with wiretapping. (Just a guess).

    2. Yes but the school follow personnel follow procedures? Because that is what counts.

      1. Fucking squirrels

  14. From the “Everything everywhere is a War on Women” files:
    Legalized Egyptian necrophilia.

    1. Why do you think everyone’s so eager to break into the Pharaohs’ tombs?

      1. I may as well be the first to make a “mummy dearest” joke.

  15. I just missed comment 69!

  16. OT: On the trip down, I managed to pull ~28mpg (27.95 actually) with a 4.6L V8, 4-speed automatic, and 2.73 gears on a Marquis with two more passengers and a load of luggage. Not bad for a big ol’ boat with no techno-wiz gadgets (cylinder drop, direct injection, 5/6/8-spd tranny, etc).

    1. “Tranny” for transmission always makes me laugh. Like when my father-in-law, a retired electrician, calls wire cutters “dikes.”

      1. Short for diagonal cutters, I believe. I asked for a pair of dikes at work once and the old farts there got into a wildly inappropriate discussion whilest I commenced to do my work. Not that I was in any way offended (amused, actually) but there were plenty of women in earshot.

        1. Yes, I believe that’s the derivation. The first few times I heard him use the term, I thought it was some kind of he-man crack on lesbians. But then I heard Paul Newman use the term in The Towering Inferno, and I realized that it’s a “real” word.

  17. Why is Ron Paul still treating Mitt Romney with kid gloves? It made sense to go after Santorum and Gingrich hard so he could attract the “Not-Romney” vote, but now that they are non-factors, he still seems to be shying away from directly criticizing Governor Forehead. When asked about the problem with Romney in a recent question and answer session, he only said, “I think the system is the problem” or something like that. So, is he planning on taking off the gloves? If not, why not?

  18. “Your comment contains a word that is too long (50 characters).”

    Why is this appearing? Not even supercalifragilisticexpialidocious has 50 characters.

    1. If you’re cutting and pasting, go through your text and replace any “smart” characters with ASCII ones (quotation marks, dashes, etc.).

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