Justices Dubious of Challenges to Arizona Law, Durable Goods Orders Tank, G-Spot Discovered: P.M. Links


  • Justices from across the Supreme Court's political spectrum expressed skepticism toward at least some of the arguments challenging Arizona's anti-immigration law.

  • Orders for durable goods, a category covering a range from toasters to aircraft, took a nosedive in March — the biggest drop in three years.
  • Overdue efforts by European governments to rein-in their spending sprees are running up against growing pressure to continue spending money they don't have.
  • Rather avoid encounters with the police? Too bad! The South Dakota Supreme Court says that it takes little more than avoiding a police roadblock to justify a roadside chat with your uniformed friends.
  • A disciplinary hearing of a New Jersey police officer facing firing for stopping a "beat down" by colleagues revealed that a captain who investigated her case apparently selectively chose testimony and altered her words to cast her in a bad light.
  • Secret Service agents caught up in the Colombian prostitution "scandal" say such behavior is common and generally tolerated by the agency.
  • After extensive  research, a scientist claims to have confirmed the existence and structure of the elusive "G-spot." Lucky, lucky scientist.

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