Jobless Claims Hit Three-Month High, Jury Activist Freed, Happy 420!: P.M. Links


Actually, I was looking forwarded to pitching a jury of my peers.
  • Senate Republicans want their House colleagues to curb their enthusiasm for reining in the cost of government.
  • Free speech is all right and good, unless you disagree with Greenpeace about climate change, the organization helpfully explains.
  • A medical alert device belonging to a man killed by White Plains, New York, police recorded an officer yelling a racial slur before the fatal shot. That officer and the actual shooter face unrelated brutality lawsuits.
  • Jury nullification activist Julian Heicklen is now no less free than the rest of usnow that a judge has dismissed charges against him for distributing literature outside a courthouse. (HT Karl Hungus)
  • With unemployment claims at a three-month high and home sales down, economists are turning a bit dour on the economy's prospects.
  • With the fate of their healthcare law up in the air, some Democrats suggest the Obama administration should have spent more of its time on proposals less likely to be eviscerated by the Supreme Court.
  • Today is the day to get your 420 on. That is all.

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