Breaking: California Gov. Jerry Brown Cancels Official Reports About Australian Kangaroo Harvests!


Anybody who thinks California Gov. Jerry Brown is taking it easy in his second round as the Golden State's top official can suck on this:

California lawmakers won't be briefed any longer on kangaroo harvests in Australia under a plan to scrap more than 700 reports required by state law that GovernorJerry Brown unveiled on Tuesday.

Australia's annual kangaroo harvest report, which California's Department of Fish and Game is required to track and provide to lawmakers, is one of 718 "unnecessary bureaucratic" reports discovered in audits of state agencies and departments ordered by Brown in December, according to a statement from his office….

"It wastes a lot of time and money to write, track and file these reports," Brown said. "Government should be focused on providing information that is actually helpful to taxpayers, not on checking boxes to meet outdated bureaucratic requirements."

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Such bold action is surely a sign that the West Coast magic is back. Except for all those stories about California's—and especially Brown's—zealous devotion to money-wasting high-speed rail and so much more. Including spending $205,000 to move a $15 shrub. But I guess you have to crawl before you can walk before you can flush billions of dollars on really fast trains.

Hat Tip: Reason contributor Philippe Lacoude, who notes, "That there ever was a law to commit the California administration to produce a kangaroo harvest report is telling.  That the Schwarzenegger administration did not dismantle this provision is even more telling.  That a Democrat goes after it, definitely shows they are running out of money."