Buffett Rule Dies, Online Illicit-Drug Retailer Taken Down, Canadians Won't Trade Liberty for (Promised) Security: P.M. Links


  • Say "goodbye" to at least one tax hike. The so-called "Buffett rule" failed to gather enough votes to break a Senate filibuster.

  • Tax freedom day — when Americans are done working just to pay for government — falls on April 17 this year. With taxmageddon approaching at the end of 2012, tax cuts are set to expire, pushing Americans to labor for government for another month.
  • Police working in several countries busted a sophisticated online retailer of your finer illicit intoxicants. Using the privacy-shielding Tor network, the business had catered to thousands of customers since 2006.
  • Jurors being screened for the perjury trial of Roger Clemens repeatedly challenged the wisdom of the congressional hearing at which Clemens allegedly lied, as well as the expense of prosecuting the baseball pitcher.
  • Escape-clause-laden their 30-year-old Charter of Rights and Freedoms may be, but Canadians in a recent poll voiced strong disagreement with the idea that they should sacrifice civil liberties in the name of the war on terror.
  • Former reporter alleges Albuquerque police seized a camera and deleted evidence of police brutality.

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