Nick Gillespie & Kennedy Look at the Chaos of Government Run Escalators with John Stossel


Reason's Nick Gillespie and Kennedy appeared on Fox Business' Stossel show to discuss the latest video, D.C. Escalator Nightmare, and why switching from private contractors to governement mechanics is partially to blame for METRO's infastructure woes.

About 6 minutes

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  1. Seen it

  2. It was an overall good episode of Stossel, just wish some of the segments were longer.

  3. When do we get to see The Jacket eviscerate my girlfriend Katrina Vanden Heuvel again?

    I know it’s like shooting pidgeons with 12 gauge slugs, but that’s part of the fun.

    C’mon, Stossel – put ’em on together! The execrable Spitzer Shiner and Parker did.

    1. I don’t think it’s to hard to do that with someone who calls themselves a “liberal interventionalist,” whatever the hell that is.

      1. Twice the welfare state, and all of the warfare state of your average DC pol. The most expensive kind of politician.

      2. We could nickname them Jolts.

    2. my girlfriend Katrina Vanden Heuvel

      You need help. Serious, serious help.

      1. Katrina was pretty hot in her day. She had that aire about her that comes with great, unearned wealth.

        1. Quothe the Barfman:


          I wouldn’t touch KVH with Tony’s dick.

          1. I would. But only with Tony’s dick. KVH and Tony were clearly made for each other, and I think if I touched KVH with Tony’s dick it would be like Bene Gesserit sexual imprinting- she’d be completely under my control. I’d be writing Nation editorials within a week, and that would be a lot of fun, while it lasted.

  4. Ok, Kennedy has appeared with The Jacket. Great. Kenndy’s Bucket List is complete.

    May we drop her off a cliff now?

    1. The Reasonoids seem to be quite taken with her for some reason.

      1. I am smitten with her.

      2. Meh. If she can get the message to a new demographic…I’m fer it.

        1. Erm…aren’t the only ones that find her even the least bit interesting 30/40-somethings that grew up in the 80s and early 90s, probably a demographic Reason already has?

          1. Kennedy is mega stupid. Reason has been riding the stupid train ever since they started running Steve Chapman. It’s picking up speed.

    2. Speak for yourself. She’s the best thing to happen to since the Jefferson/Adams attack ads.

      1. If Thomas Jefferson wins murder, robbery, rape, adultury, and incest will be openly taught and practiced. The air will be rent with the cries of the distressed. The soil will be soaked with blood and the nation black with crime. Are you prepared to see your dwellings in flames? Female Chastity violated? Children writhing on a pike?

        I’m John Adams and I approve this message because Jefferson is the son of half-bread Indian squaw raised on hoecakes and Hamilton is a creole bastard brat of a Scottish peddler.

        1. Proving that if Jefferson was alive today he probably be a libertarian, they’re using the same attacks.

    3. Yeah I don’t get it either. Kurt Loder is OK, but we don’t really need another burned out MTVer.

      1. Jesus Christ, who fucking cares? She’s on your team – stop eating your own you fucking dipshit.

        1. So just because she’s a libertarian, I shouldn’t criticize her for being annoying?

          Fuck you!

  5. TEH ROADZ!!!

  6. OT Dr. Szasz is 92 today.…..QegsqYhuZE

    1. Happy birthday to, and God bless Dr Szasz.

  7. Would this be similar to Mussolini making the trains run on time?

    “If it weren’t for government, those escalators might run sideways!”


    1. It’s easy for Mussolini to make train on time. Adjust the train table to match reality.

      1. Sounds like Obama’s overall policy – just make the stats fit the narrative.

        /preemptive “fuck you shrike”

  8. watch this beautiful video and tell me that America isn’t the greatest nation in the world and why

  9. I wish natural born Americans could appreciate the government that was created and its original meaning

    1. What about cesarean birthed Americans?

    2. You never appreciate what you have until you have it no longer.

      1. You don’t miss your water until the well runs dry.

        1. Shit, linky didn’t work. What I get for trying a fancy Heroic Mulayto text embed. Shame on you for leading me astray!.

          1. I see my fingers missed a ‘t’ and hit the ‘y’. So embarrassed.

        2. Best cut on the album. Parsons rhythm guitar really holds it all together.


  10. Roger Gary 2012

  11. Sid the Twit loses his cool, and the Yinzers go down three games to none!

  12. Here’s a fun challenge for a Sunday afternoon:

    See if you can write an op-ed about the Trayvon Martin case. You must confine your views on the tragedy to the argument that it was solely about race. You are not allowed to use any of the documented facts in the case beyond what you would overhear of a typical water-cooler conversation, e.g. “he was shot for wearing a hoodie,” “the only thing he did suspicious was be black,” “the police wouldn’t charge the shooter because the victim was black,” and “the shooter was an armed vigilante.”

    The incident must be held up as substantial evidence of no improvement in race relations since the Civil War; bonus points if you can mention both Plessy v. Ferguson and four hundred years of oppression.

    You must ask if Zimmerman wood have shot Martin if he were white and hoodless, then say that the answer to the question is “obviously no”.

    Finally, you must somewhere in your article state “the hoodie is the wolf whistle of the 21st century.”

    Limit: 400 words.

    Done? Good. See if you did better than this guy’s piece from today’s paper:…

    1. …Zimmerman wood have shot…

      What kind of ammo was he shooting? I thought this was a murder issue, not sexual assault? Is there new evidence?

    2. As an extra fun challenge, read the linked essay and then guess the author’s race.

    3. Would Zimmerman have thought twice if Martin were white and hoodless? That the answer to each question is obviously “no” tells us how much remains to be overcome if racism is ever to be truly put in our past.

      Today I learned that hoodies make you black.

      Really, does anyone not own at least one hoodie?

      1. Does a rain jacket with a hood count? If not, then I don’t.

      2. Does a rain jacket with a hood count? If not, then I don’t.

    4. Nothing about how the Stand Your Ground law is central to this case?

      1. I am disapoint.

        1. 32% of Americans believe in strict limitations for civilian ownership of weapons. 68% of Americans are seriously armed.

  13. Socialism(n.)-a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.

  14. You are all assuming that having escalators that run well is even a remote goal of the government. The point is in order to preserve the shrinking middle class, we must unionize as many jobs as possible. Since most unionized jobs are government jobs, moving these jobs into the public sector will therefore mean they are unionized and the workers are therefore guaranteed a middle class life with nice perks. The quality of the escalators does not even factor into the equation. To decry this phenomenon means you care not for the disappearing middle class.

    1. Len Bias, you are dead to me. DEAD.

      1. Yes, but look at the legacy of drug war hysteria I left behind.

        1. Could of been a contender. Now lets foreshorten the lives of millions of young men and women by throwing them in prison so your death was not in vain, Mr. Bias.

    2. Len Bias|4.15.12 @ 10:08PM|#
      “You are all assuming that having escalators that run well is even a remote goal of the government….”
      VERY good point.
      This is a ‘jobs’ program for those politically-connected. If it happens to deliver working escalators, so much the better, but that is peripheral at best.
      See, oh, any city bus service; you get a ride? Well, that’s nice, but the aim is to employ the driver and the service people; they’re the ‘customers’. Your ride is irrelevant.

      1. See also the whole “green jobs” racket. Now, if only the companies involved would stop going belly-up, we could get this thing off the ground, regardless of the supposed benefit to the environment or the actual effect on the economy.

        1. “Now, if only the companies involved would stop going belly-up,”
          Therein lies the problem.
          The damn things don’t make any money!

          1. But, but, green jobs!!

  15. “It’s really irritating when you’re wearing heels and rushing to work.” Well, then don’t wear heels, idiot.

  16. They do indeed seem to know what he deal is. WOw.

  17. They’re about to increase the Metro fares, too.


    The full Metro board is expected to vote at its April 26 meeting on whether to raise fares. Metro officials said it takes about 60 days to update and test the computer systems, and crews need time to make and install new signs.

    How much do the signs cost? Better increase fares to keep up.

  18. They’re about to increase the Metro fares, too.


    The full Metro board is expected to vote at its April 26 meeting on whether to raise fares. Metro officials said it takes about 60 days to update and test the computer systems, and crews need time to make and install new signs.

    How much do the signs cost? Better increase fares to keep up.

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