ATTN, DC Reasonoids! Join John Stossel at Reason's DC HQ on Wednesday, April 11 at 6:30 p.m.!


Stossel No They Can't

In his new book, No, They Can't: Why Government Fails But Individuals Succeed, Fox Business Channel's John Stossel dissects the myth of government infallibility and the failure of the nanny state—and he offers a hopeful vision of the ways in which freedom empowers individuals to create a better world.

Join Stossel and Reason's DC-area staff on Wednesday, April 11 from 6:30 p.m.—9:00 p.m. for a reception in celebration of this exciting new book about how freedom lets individuals prosper.

  • What: Reception with John Stossel
  • When: Wednesday, April 11, 6:30 p.m.—9:00 p.m.
  • Where: Reason's DC HQ, 1747 Connecticut Ave. NW (Metro: Dupont Circle, Q Street exit)

Beer, wine, and light refreshments will be served.

RSVP by April 9 to Mary Toledo: or 310-391-2245.

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  1. I thought beer & wine were light refreshments.

  2. How come Stossel never gives talks in Great Falls MT?

    1. I believe you’ve answered your own question.

      1. Oh, come on. It’s nice here, compared to DC. Everybody has a gun, no crime and like 1/10000th the number of politicians.

        1. I bet there’s, like, lots of Asians coming in and opening dirty shops though. So it’s about an even trade, isn’t it?

          1. Here’s some context for that comment.

            The former mayor is just a gift that keeps on giving.

            1. Yeah, I heard Rush blabbering about it the other day.

            2. Another one for the Book of Sloopiticus.

          2. Come to think of it, there are like 3 Chinese restaurants and a Korean alterations shop.

            1. So much for your city having a stray pet problem…

              1. Where’s Reverend Al? He should be pulling a Freddy’s-style boycott there.

            2. Uh, what alterations do Koreans require?

              1. The Reverend Al arranged for them to get an attitude alteration, that’s for true…

    2. I was in Great Falls once, a couple years ago. It was the last place I ever expected to see a pink 80s Trans Am with a vanity plate reading “SLAVE”, I must admit.

    3. Dude, my mom is from there!

      Someday, someday I will open a Montana Reason HQ, this I swear. It may just be my unibomber cabin, though.

  3. Enjoy this. It feels like a nut massage, until they get squeezed really tight with the last paragraph.

    1. Where’s The Real Dunphy on this one?

  4. Someone just sent me this.…..-be-alive/


  5. Just want to let everyone know. John Stossel is not an economist. While from his shows one might infer that he leans towards Austrian Economics, it is impossible to know if he leans more towards Mises or towards Hayek. Thus we cannot know if he is sanctified or is an apostate. Hell, he might even lean towards that devil Friedman!!!

    Please folks, leave the political opinion to the professionals as LvMI. They know not only what you must think, but how you must think it.

    1. You’ve given me a great idea for a tv show: “The Economists” a dramodey about a group of economists from a famous, yet unknown economics department, whose madcap adventures never obscure the fact they are actually doing important work, work that ultimately saves minds. The lead character and his sidekick is always sticking it to the admininstration, in hilarious ways. Another character is perhaps the most brilliant economist the world has ever seen, yet is emotionally cold, perhaps autistic, perhaps saddled with downs syndrome. And yet one more is straight, but has been fooling the head of the department into thinking he’s gay in order to keep his office next to the co-ed dorm….but after pretending he’s gay for so long he actually does become confused….and so on…

      1. actually a better idea would be to have a special episode of “the price is right” where you take liberal economists and conservative economists and see who knows more about actual prices of actual goods that the rest of us have to buy.


        2. “actually a better idea would be to have a special episode of “the price is right” where you take liberal economists and conservative economists and see who knows more about actual prices of actual goods that the rest of us have to buy.”

          Not sure how that would work.
          Both would swear whatever the good was it “SHOULD COST X”.
          The lib might claim the cost should be zero for, say, healthcare, while the con would counter that it should cost more than that.
          Neither would admit to not knowing and finding out.

    2. He regularly felates Milton Friedman.

  6. Since we seem to be using this as an impromptu “PM Links” thread…

    Wearing a Monocle: Perception vs. Reality

    1. I see neither top hats nor spats, which would truly set off monocle-wearing.

  7. Already ordered for my library.

  8. Speaking of events, though I’m still officially in the Ron Paul camp, I just got home from Ft. Worth where I attended the Libertarian Presidential Candidates debate. All six candidates seem very sincere where it comes to defending the Constitution and free markets. While Gary Johnson remains my favorite among the LP candidates any one of them would get my vote over Obama and Romney.

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  10. He did a little special on Fox News recently, which overall was good, but then he ended it talking about how private enterprise is so much better at cleaning up an oil spill. The glaring omission was that it was private enterprise that caused the spill in the first place.

    1. or was it crony capitalism that let it happen in the first place ?!

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