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  1. Step aside. Bona fide registered user coming through.

    1. I ain’t crossin’ the street for no one.

      1. Now that we’ve established you’re not Barack Obama’s grandmother…

      2. What the fuck is up with this registration bullshit anyway? When did it happen and what caused it?

        I come back to check in on your crazy fools and Reason has put a lockdown on the asylum. Lame.

        1. It really is not much of a lockdown. Stick around and you will see.

          1. Pfft.

            Freedom, yo. Yeah, it’s their site, but I don’t like it.

            I blame Welch for this…

            1. Welch is only the overlord of the paper magazine. Gillespie is the guy to blame.

              1. Blame?

                Blame for the absence of vile trolls?

                Yeah, give him all the “blame” for that.

                That does it! I’m doubling my subscriptions.

                1. How does one undrink?

                  1. Drink too much, and most of it will undrink automatically.

                    1. Isn’t that more like de-drinking?

                  2. You’ve never vomited?

                2. Come on, you know you miss them.

                3. Trolls are fun man! Well, good ones at least.

                  :blind, undeserved, and ignorant rage towards Matt Welch, Shatner style: WEEEEEEELLLLLLLLCCCCCCHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

                  1. We weren’t getting good trolls. We were getting trolls that the decent respectable troll community had kicked out from under the bridge. We were consigned the dregs of trollery – drooling, obsessive trolls that shit all over the living room, repeatedly. You wouldn’t miss that if you had been here the last year or so.

          2. *notices Suki is still around*

            You got that right.

            1. They let even you in here, Naga? For fuck’s sake.

              1. Warty, you ignorant slut. I’ve always been here. Websquirrel keeps accusing me of posting spam.

                1. You’re worse than spam. You’re potted meat food product. You disgust me.

                  1. Disgust you? I’ve done far worse than disgust you, I’ve trolled you. And I wish to go on trolling you. I shall leave you as you left me, as you left Dagny T. Marooned for all eternity, at the center of a dead blog. Buried alive ….

                2. So, Mr. Sadow! You are that lingering odor in here…this explains much!

          3. Maybe “Things were better before registration” will have to be added to the drinking game.

        2. They still allow TiggyFooo the spambot to post here just to make us feel at home, so ease up on them a bit.

          1. I like TiggyFooo. I remember Sasha Foo as a newscaster when I was wee lad.

            To say nothing of Wong Foo…

            1. TiggyFooo is a valuable contributor

              1. I never thought about it that way, dude.

                1. LOL

              2. You know TiggyFooo is the ultimate progressive thinker, it makes sense if you think about it.

            2. Dude! Sasha Foo is still on the air.

  2. lol, so why didnt I ever think of that?

    1. because you’re a cutely named burp of some huckster’s marketing strategy, and can’t think. But we love you all the same

  3. Hey Matt Welch, do you have any predictions for the MLB season before it gets underway (Pirates home opener is today so nothing counts before today)?

    1. Angels go all the way.




      4. CUBS!

        1. So, you think they’ll crush you spirit in August this year, or wait for October?

          1. the Phillies, dude…….

          2. Nah. I’ve learned to purge all knowledge of former expectations. Sad but utterly vital for me.

          3. Have you seen the Cubs’ roster? They’ll be out of it by May 1.

    2. Are you going to the opener?

      1. I’ll be there

    3. Lastros fight Pittsburgh for a lock on the basement in the NL Central by June.

      1. Also, when did the Marlins become the Miami Marlins? And dear Zod their logo is ugly.

        1. I think this is the first year of the revamp and the new stadium.

        2. They also “upgraded” their team song from

          1. Sadly, anything replacing a Scott Stapp song is an upgrade in my book.

        3. When less than 1,000 people showed up at their home games. I guess they wanted people in S. Florida to know they were local.

        4. At least they’ll suck in a pretty stadium (paid for by taxpayers that don’t give a shit about the team unless it’s in the World Series).

      2. The Astros have made a long term (like decade long) commitment to sucking at this point. It’s really depressing.

        1. Now, I may be showing my own age here, but weren’t they in the Series or at least the playoffs a few years ago? I’m sure it was after the D’Backs beat the Yankers in ’01.

          1. And yes, I know that was 11 years ago. I could swear that the Astros were relevant more recently though.

            1. I nominate the 01 D Backs and the 02 Giants as the all time steroid teams. Louis Gonzalez hitting more homeruns in a single year than Mantle or Maze ever did? Louis Gonzalez?

              1. Luis.

                I know your spelling sucks, but still.

                1. So you correct Luis but let Maze slide?? Are you White Indian?

                  1. Foiled by my own stupidity, as it should be.

                  2. It was so far off I completely missed it. Plus, he misspelled Luis twice.

          2. No, I mean they’ve, in the last few years, made a commitment to suck for the next decade.

          3. ’05 to the Series. The doper years. Clemens and Petite. Won the wildcard on the last day of the season. Before they decided to lose their best free agent pitcher every year as a cost saving measure.

            1. I think Caminetti took enough dope to make any year he was on any team a “doper year”. So the 1990s certainly count as those.

          4. They were in the World Series against the White Sox in 05, I believe.

          5. They made a cameo in the series in ’06, I think. They got swept, so it doesn’t really count.

        2. I find it enjoyable. Mainly because when the Astors suck, nobody is inclined to bore me by talking about baseball. When they get good, all the bandwagon fans crawl out of the woodwork and I have to hear about baseball all the fucking time.

          1. Ever since I quit my job bartending, my sports knowledge has dropped precipitously.

        3. Starting in 2013, they get to suck in the AL West.

    4. The Mets… continue to suck. God, we are awful. I wish Selig would do to the Wilpons what he did to the McCourts, but apparently, a lot of “baseball” people like the Wilpons.

      1. The Mets are awful. And their fans are just as bad. The majority are more concerned with how the Red Sox are faring in the AL East. Fuck, a good number root for the Phillies if the Yankees play them in the Series. Mets fans deserve what they get. 😉

        1. Hey now, don’t be pouring your bile onto Mets fans. The only reason they follow the Red Sox is because they hate the Yankees and their god-awful fans so much.

          No fans deserve the owners as incompetent as the Wilpons.

          1. Jets fans perhaps?

        2. Yes, because the Yankees are assholes. Just because they are also from New York does not mean I have to root and/or like them.

    5. Sure:

      AL Best: LAA-TEX-SEA-OAK
      Wilds: TEX-BOS
      Playoffs: LAA d TEX, TBR d DET, LAA

      Wilds: SFG-ATL
      Playoffs: MIA d ATL, CIN d COL, MIA d CIN
      Series: LAA d MIA

      1. This proves why relegation in soccer is such a good idea. Everyone knows the Padres have no reason to be in the Majors, but if they could be threatened with being dropped a level, the bastards might put out a little effort.

        1. The ‘Stros are basically a farm team for the Phillies at this point.

          1. Yep. Once August rolls around and the Astros are mathematically eliminated, the city of Houston starts rooting for the Phils.

        2. I sort of like the idea, but the minor league stadiums aren’t even close to being able to serve a major league audience. There’s also the hurdle of the minor league teams being talent pools for the major league teams. What happens when, say, Pawtucket gets called up to replace, say, the Orioles? Not to mention the fact that the minor league teams don’t have a real fan base except maybe where there’s no real home major team (Norfolk comes to mind).

      2. I toldja he’d call Angels all the way. And that’s a pretty amusing slip there, “AL Best”.

      3. In what universe do you think LA beats Texas?

        Haha, just kidding, I don’t follow baseball.

  4. “I cannot stand the thought of being responsible for someone being falsely accused and facing the death penalty,” Sen. Edith Prague, a one-time death penalty supporter said according to The Hartford Courant. “For me this is a moral issue…I don’t want to be part of a system that sends innocent people..to the death penalty.”

    Plus, SWAT teams are more efficient at it.

    1. No falsifiable accusations required.

      1. Bonus: SWAT teams trim the dog population.

  5. No lady, you ain’t good looking.

    Though John would fuck you.


      1. Is this even possible? I remain skeptically coloured.

        1. not failure but low aim the crime

    1. Didn’t they do this yesterday?

    2. I saw that. And no, she is an above average looking 40 something mom. No one hates her because she is too beautiful. And yeah, sure I would fuck her. Why wouldn’t you? She is not that bad.

      1. Moped.

        1. Moped.

          Like the under-powered motorized bicycle? It’ll get you there, but nothing to get excited about?

            1. Better her than a certain Miss Universe contestant.

              1. Sorry, I’d have to disagree.

              2. Being a contestant in a beauty pageant is a human right.

          1. Nah, mopeds are fun to ride but you wouldn’t want your friends to see on one.

            1. “Nice legs, shame about the face.”

              1. NiLSAF, as my friends and I would say in college.

    3. she’s released exclusive shots from her French farm to prove conclusively she is super hot


      1. Nice flab roll on the one where she’s sitting by the hay.

        No, she’s not bad looking for her age, but I wouldn’t bother looking twice at her if I were sitting nearby. If she were actually a babe, I’d think her arrogance would be more understandable; the vitriolic reaction is because she’s obviously delusional.

      2. Is there some inside joke across the pond that we’re not getting? That woman is greasy, her grill is busted, and she’s lumpier than an old dirt road.

    4. Her ass needs to be bigger.

      1. This is true for most women. If you don’t have anything to grab and set your beer on, it’s just pointless.

        1. Don’t see why it had to turn into that.

          It’s just that when women ask me if their jeans make their ass look big, and I say “yeah”? That doesn’t mean I think she shouldn’t wear them.

          1. Well, I’m an asshole so that’s the reason. 🙂

            And I’m in full agreement with you. Mix-a-lot said it best, “I like big butts and I cannot lie.”

            1. Well, there are big butts, and there are toned, but shapely butts, aka the “bubble butts”. Those are outstanding.

    5. She has quite a gunt. She might have been all that 15 years ago, but she hasn’t aged very well.

      1. She has quite a gunt.

        We uppercrust, refined folk refer to it as a “stussy”.

    6. You guys would fuck her. I would fuck her. But I’d only grudge fuck her. I’ll give her a couple of pumps in honor of Warty.

      1. From what I’ve heard, a couple pumps is about all Warty is good for anyway.

      2. I wouldn’t. Even if I didn’t know about her “charming” personality.

    7. But is she built like the proverbial brick you-know-what?

      1. Shit house? No, but Shit? Yes, she’s built completely like shit.

    8. Now last night, I met a late-30s woman who actually was smoking hot. Like, easily 7, I’d give her an 8, but tight jeans and boots are a weakness of mine. Way, way better body and face than this “pretty” thing.

    9. On looks I’d rate her about a 3 now that I’ve seen even more photos. She somehow gets fuglier the more pictures you see. On personality I’d probably rate her a 0.01, as I do all women who think they’re hotter than they really are.

  6. I’m going to have a hearty laugh when Santorum loses his own state – again.

    1. It is sad. Even Newcular Titties won his home state. Talk about pouring salty ham tears into an open wound…

      BTW, whilst you’re guffawing, will you be laughing when RP loses Texas by…wait for it…Texas mile?

      1. It would be funnier if Paul had already lost his Congressional re-election campaign by several miles – then decided the thing to do was leverage that success into a Presidential campaign.

    2. Too bad Texas is so far back in the primaries. Paul might have had a better chance before Romney became the default choice.

  7. “The momentum in Pennsylvania is moving completely against Rick Santorum,” said Dean Debnam, president of PPP, a Democratic firm. “A home-state loss would be incredibly embarrassing for Santorum.”

    How do you think the Commonwealth feels? Electing him several times before.

    1. they only do it so they can then vote him out, the cruel bastards

    2. Maybe they still remember him selling them another Arlan Spector term. The nerve of that little bastard to endorse Spector at the expense of a actual conservative and then expect Republicans in PA to vote for him.

    3. Dirty, dirty. We feel dirty. I think but I don’t remember, I may have voted for the ass in 1995, based mostly on his pro-gun message in PA. Never again.

      1. well, 1994.

      2. He was running against Wofford then. Definitely a good choice.

    4. Could have told you he doesn’t stand a chance in PA. They hate him.

  8. Pensioner’s suicide stuns austerity-weary nation.

    Have they checked to see if the race of the shooter and the victim were different? That should kick this politicization of a tragedy into overdrive.

    1. Was listening to an NPR story on him. My blood boiled because they portrayed Greece’s trouble as a consequence of big bad European creditors demanding so much for their money, the bastards. They completely overlooked Greece is mostly the victim of its own state.

      1. Accountability, how does it work?

      2. How dare the Germans loan them billions of Euros, take a big haircut, and then reduce their credit line.

        Its, its, its inhumane!

        1. It was in the most concern-trolling tone of voice I’d ever heard.

          It didn’t help I began rereading “Economics in One Lesson” yesterday:
          “The art of economics consists in looking not merely at the immediate but at the longer effects of of any act or policy; it consists in tracing the consequences of that policy not merely for one group but for all groups.”

      3. They completely overlooked Greece is mostly the victim of its own state.

        The euro is working exactly as designed. Debt slavery was the goal, and the euro was managed to that end masterfully.

    2. If they can get a million more to do this, their financial troubles might start looking up.

  9. http://pjmedia.com/tatler/2012…..r-reports/

    Highest recent college graduate unemployment rate ever. I guess they will have lots of time to volunteer for the Obama campaign.

    1. Sounds like they are getting what they want, good and hard.

    2. along w women & hispanics.

      1. No, the Hispanics are all going back home where the jobs are.

          1. certainly not alabama…or let em eat cake heffe !

      2. “Highest recent college graduate unemployment rate ever; women and minorities hit hardest”

    3. My sister-in-law graduates from Penn next month, and she will most likely be unemployed when she graduates. At least she won’t be in debt, though, but I have to wonder if her parents think she should have gone to a state school now. She would most likely still be unemployed, but they could have saved like $100,000+ on tuition and housing. They could probably be retired now with that extra cash.

      1. What’s her major?

        1. My question too, I tried to interview a Penn Engineering / Finance Major once. She already had a job in March.

      2. Paying that kind of money for any undergrad degree is nuts. Go to state school and give her the money as a graduation gift if you really want to help her.

        1. Again, paying that kind of money for one of the big names like Harvard or Yale is totally worth it. You’ll be handed a six figure job with one of the big rent seekers upon graduation.

      3. When the economy failed to shape up, I took it upon myself to drop out of university and get a job so that I wouldn’t be in that situation. Book learnin’ is for chumps.

        1. Work first, school later. If you get a decent enough job they’ll even pay for school for you. Sure it might take a little longer to get a degree, but you’ve already proven you can do the job without one.

  10. Will Paul endorse Johnson?

    Should Ron Paul endorse the Libertarian Party’s nominee, it could pay huge dividends for not only the LP candidate, however the Libertarian Party as a whole. Paul’s large number of supporters around the country would be a natural fit to the Libertarian Party’s and its message of personal and economic freedom.

    Should Paul deep six the GOP? Or should his faction keep working to take over the internal machinery?

    1. He endorsed Baldwin in 2008 and there’s no more discernible bad blood as a consequence of it, and it will help Johnson, so Paul should go for it.

      1. True, but four years ago he wasn’t as influential as he is now. I think he’s got enough support to make the difference for Romney.

        1. At least they have to sort of pretend to play nice this time. As much as I don’t want to see 44 re-elected, I would love, love, love to watch Romney fall short because the GOP scorned Paul supporters.

          Honey attracts more than vinegar, but one can dream/lust, right?

          1. Honey attracts more than vinegar

            Fly lies are the worst lies

    2. I doubt Rand Paul would appreciate it – particularly if he is the VP Nominee.

      1. VP in 2012? Color me skeptical. I would be disappointed if Rand took the bait.

        1. He needs another 4 years of disruption in the Senate…AT LEAST…8 might be better, before running for Pres.

      2. I doubt Rand Paul would appreciate it – particularly if unicorns and fairydust.


    3. If Paul is sincere about his desire to “save the Republican Party” he keeps the work going. Given his rather Quixotic nature, this seems more likely than splitting his support off to the LP candidate (though many if not most of them may go that way on their own).

  11. Neanderthal Deniers To Be Extincted Again!

    A new, detailed record of past climate change provides compelling evidence that the last ice age was ended by a rise in temperature driven by an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide.

    The study covers the period in Earth history from roughly 20,000 to 10,000 years ago.

    “At the end of the last ice age, CO2 rose from about 180 parts per million (ppm) in the atmosphere to about 260; and today we’re at 392,” explained lead author Dr Jeremy Shakun. Rising CO2 at the end of the ice age had a huge effect on global climate.”

    This runs contrary to the record obtained solely from the analysis of Antarctic ice cores which had indicated the opposite.

    But Dr Shakun and colleagues argue that the Antarctic temperature record is just that – a record of what was happening only on the White Continent.

    This observation has frequently been used by some people who are sceptical of global warming to challenge its scientific underpinnings.

    This new data incorporates additional information contained in ices drilled from Greenland, and in sediments drilled from the ocean floor and from continental lakes.

    O3 notes the last melt was just 12,000 years ago?despite the earth being only 5,000 years old per conservative “science”.

    1. Everyone knows those damned neanderthals drove SUVS. The bastards.

      1. Yeah, they seem to ignore that this seems to indicate that rising temperatures cause an increase in CO2, as the warming oceans can not hold as much in solution as they can when colder (kind of like warm soda). But instead of admitting that warming temps cause rising CO2, they insist the opposite must be happening, and the rooster crowing causes the sun to rise.

        1. Rising temperatures can be both a cause of CO2 emissions and an effect of them. It may surprise you to learn that climate scientists have already considered the relationship.

          1. Damn Flintstones and their yabbadynamics.

    2. So tell me. Does the CO2 rise precede or follow the rise in temperatures?

      1. obviously I’m too lazy to read the article myself

      2. In some cores it precedes, in Antarctican cores it follows. However, some “other event” set off the melts that started the proposed feedback loop.

    3. At the end of the last ice age, CO2 rose from about 180 parts per million (ppm) in the atmosphere to about 260; and today we’re at 392,”

      So, we know that CO2 has risen (relatively) abruptly by more than 40% in the (relatively) recent past, in the absence of industrial civilization.

      And we know there is mixed data on whether the CO2 preceded, followed, or coincided with the increase in temperatures.

      And we don’t know why the CO2 increase occurred.

      Does that about sum it up?

      1. 6 iceages & 6 melts prove climate change the world over…except in the RW echo chamber which remains frozen.

        1. No one disputes that the climate changes, dingbat, the dispute is over the absence of proof that the current change is caused by man, and not just a part of the natural cycle.

          1. Yes but this doesn’t fit its narative, therefore irrelevent.

          2. if you stipulate climate change, the causes are irrevelant

            1. Not when you are using certain ’causes’ to justify imposing economic and political controls and hardships to allegedlay address the supposed ’cause’.

              1. so its irresponsible for the architects to be designing floating coastal cities? >since climate change is stipulated, & proven by geology, then imposing adaptative planning is foresight

                1. Architects are doing that because there is a market for it dude, not because the government is forcing them to.

            2. I stipulate climate does change.

              So are you going to stfu now?

        2. 6 iceages & 6 melts prove climate change the world over…except in the RW echo chamber

          Hey dumbass.

          It’s the socialist alGoreians that believe:

          1)The climate was perfect and stable before the evil white capitalists began making life better.

          2)Their evil activity is changing the climate (for the worse – duh), which has never happened before.

          3)With enough political power the priests of alGore can end climate change and restore paradise.

      2. That’s why I’ll never be convinced of man-made global warming, until someone can convince me that what was happening then is not still happening now.

        Again, long before man walked the earth, the climate changed drastically several times. But now that we’re here, it’s not supposed to fluctuate at all?

        1. no the RW argument must be that no amount of pollution has any effect otherwise ur arguing at the margins

          1. orrin is clearly referring to the RW argument in his head.

      3. The article explains the process. Why don’t you actually learn something, for a change?

  12. Rick Santorum’s top strategist is trying to quell speculation that Santorum’s four-day absence from the campaign trail means the former Pennsylvania senator might be considering leaving the GOP presidential race.

    On the advice of good friend and former colleague John McCain, Rick Santorum is suspending his campaign to return to Washington to get more lobby money.

  13. How did Orrin get in here? I thought we had a no-Morlock rule at the new club.

    1. If you’re not doing anything wrong an Eloi, you have nothing to fear.

      1. Eloi?

        On a serious note, did something specific happen to cause the registration? I’ve only been popping in over here sporadically.

        1. A serious griefer/troll infestation, sprinkled with violations of the spoofing rule, and the outing of at least one long-time anonymous commenter.

        2. Trollmageddon, poster’s real names and address tossed about, lawsuit threats, etc.

          Also, supposedly there will be some new features added in the near future.

          1. Damn.

            What the hell is wrong with people? I see most of the “regulars” so far which is good.

            I guess if I don’t have to read shit from rather or that dumb fuck from yesterday with all the self hate, then it’s worth it.

            1. The ongoing theory is that those two posters were the same person.

              1. “dumb fuck from yesterday”

                That could be several people, all of whom are liberal griefers.

        3. It was a long time coming. I think they have had it in the works since the White Indian explosion last fall, but the spoofing, outting, off-line stalking, and vileness really ramped up in the last month or so and they had to bring the hammer down.

          All we did was shed 250lbs of gibbering lunatic. I haz no sad.

          1. All we did was shed 250lbs of gibbering lunatic.

            I thought you were talking about Warty for a second until I realized that he is 350 lbs of gibbering lunatic.

          2. She lasted exactly a day under registration before she got stupid and they banned her. And apparently banned her somewhat effectively.

          3. All we did was shed 250lbs of gibbering lunatic. I haz no sad.

            i dunt nooo dude…orrinzz stel hear…gott be leest anuthr 2 hunddderrd fiddy pwnds….

            1. The Creature, for all her faults, at least knew what a shift key was.

              1. o3 noes wut shift ky is but no interstd in RW shift meme.

                it tries moar harder.

              2. dunphy will always be shiftless.

    1. It sounds like a nice “BOO!!” would work, too.

    2. Or, you know, running late.

      1. A nightmare come true. Even when you get dressed, it looks like you forgot.

    3. So is it like the old BUM Equipment shirts that changed color when you got warm, but turned out to only look like you were sweaty and disgusting?

      1. Generra Hypercolor FTW! The armpits changed color, as did the crotch on the shorts. Great idea, guys.

        1. Holy shit, I remember that fashion atrocity! It was exponentially worse on husky lads and fuller figured lassies.

    4. That won’t generate any anxiety at all

    5. so the argument that ‘she asked for it by what she was wearing’ makes a comeback?

    6. responds whenever the wearer gets excited or embarrassed

      I dont see any possible feedback problems there.

      1. It would always be opaque on Samantha Brick.


  14. http://www.breitbart.com/Big-P…..l-to-china

    Canada, we would rather sell oil to China.

    1. It’s part of Obama’s ‘All of the Above’ energy strategy.

    2. the china market is exactly what keystone said was always intended

      1. Which is why they were going to send it all the way to Texas via pipeline.. Right.

        1. because their unrefined tar sells at a discount in the chicago merc & the available refinery capacity is on the gulf. >fat & stupid on radio entertainment is no way to go thru life son

          1. So I suggest you go on a diet and listen to the radio less, orrin.

            1. I suspect Ed Schultz told him to say that.

              1. me luvs me sum ed

                1. AND LUVS ME SUM ED HED


      2. That is why they wanted to send the Oil to Texas rather than the West coast.

    3. The Keystone pipeline would take synthetic crude from Canada to the Gulf Coast, where it would be refined and sold on the world market to the highest bidder. The notion that America is “letting the tar sands oil get away!” is nonsense. The highest bidder gets the oil either way.

      1. I think the argument is actually that we’re letting the jobs get away.

  15. So, what happened to P Brooks?

    1. I’m way not in the useless-knowledge-of-H&R-esoterica loop but I seem to recall one of those who is suggesting the other day that he was a sock pup.

      The much greater question is what happened to that lovely shooting star, Charlotte?

      1. What if they are one and the same?

        The (non-existent) plot thickens…

        Knowing P Brooks and his stanch refusal to thread, it’s not a stretch to conclude he refused to register.

        It wouldn’t be inconsistent. If that is the case, I ,for one, will miss him.

        1. Pretty sure I saw him yesterday

          1. If it’s true, you are one Magnificent Spunky Sheila!

          2. er, actually perhaps i hallucinated him. It’s late at night and things get confusing…

            1. Doesn’t mean you’re still not a Spunky Sheila! 🙂

              1. [blushing furiously] *shucks*

        2. Chrome + Reasonable allows you to unthread them.

      2. Brooks was a guy who refused to ever respond on a threaded comment. I have no doubt he will refuse to register and we won’t see him again, which is a shame. But you have to respect him for it. I don’t think he was a sock puppet.

        1. Not a sockpuppet. I respect his obstinance.

          1. Yeah, really, there is some real courage of convictions! (guffaw)

        2. It really sucks for me, as he was the only alumni from my school(Colorado College) on here. Now who will I bitch about the horrid administration and revel in the excellent hockey with?

      3. Either that or he’s taken another principled stand as he did with threaded comments and refuses to register.

        1. Nose, say goodbye to face.

          1. Yeah, it’s kind of a funny place to act on principle. It was cool that the comments were totally open for so long, but it’s not like it’s a terribly onerous or privacy-invading registration.

    1. What does that mean? It already is. We have a right of free association. They can’t throw you in jail for joining a union.

      1. Agree. Paging the Department of Redundancy Department.

      2. Maybe it is one of them new fangeled rights. You know. The kind where they send The Man to your house to collect on dues.

        1. It’s the right that an employer cannot not hire someone in a union.

      3. The great thing about Slate is that they concentrate all the worst ideas possible in the world, in one place, so it makes it that much easier to destroy them in one fell swoop.

        Slate will always be there to remind us that we’ll never, ever, reach Peak Retard.

        1. Not for a lack of Team effort, JW.

    2. You could probably win a case if you tried to join a union where you qualified and they refused you membership. Oh wait, that’s not what they’re talking about.

    3. The link on the right is better: My stepdaughter hit on me after my wife’s death. What should I do?

      What should you do? You should crush that grieving poontang, you giant pussy.

      1. Reasons why they will never give me an internet advice column. There is only one answer to that. Do you have a picture of her?

        1. What should you do?

          Check expiration date on rubber stash.

      2. Elementary, my dear Warty.

        1. I hope to SOD that isn’t the educational level of the daughter.

      3. But you were married to her mother and that means you two can never have a romantic relationship.

        Oh Prudie, we will never trust your advice again.

        1. Prudie goes off the rails a bit sometimes. Mom, God bless her soul, is dead. Go for it. She is not your biological daughter.

          1. obiwan – the eeuuuwwwww factor is strong in this john

          2. Woody Allen concurs.

      4. I missed this place.

      5. Someone should do an advice column as Robert Heinlein.

        The column would probably have editorial writers across the land falling into their fainting couches as he said, ‘go for it!’ to some very twisted stuff. 🙂

        1. I dunno some people can’t take a joke. I hope this girl gets a job at the Onion.


          1. Yet another data-point as to what a uncivilized, backward place Massachusetts is.

        2. Widowed? See, this wouldn’t be a problem if everyone had a clan marriage.

        3. Prudie’s bestest problem was the male twins who asked if they should come out. Oh, and they were lovers. She was pretty relaxed about it (as indeed i am, and I daresay most people here would be too) but she did advise them to keep quiet, if only to ensure a peaceful Christmas dinner

          1. Would she advise two gay lovers to keep quiet?

            Or is there a difference between the gay stuff and two brothers taking the “fraternal love” thing a bit too literally?

      6. I think that it matters how long he has been her stepfather and how parental his relationship was to her. If she is only 5 years younger than he is, then I can’t imagine it was a very parental sort of relationship. So do it, dude.

        1. Yeah, in a case where there was a >20 year age difference, and there was a concept that one actually saw each other in a parent-daughter relationship I’d agree it would be weird and very unwise.

          But in this particular circumstance, I can’t imagine how anyone would consider a 5 year age difference a father-daughter relationship (especially not compared to the original age difference with his wife). If it makes you happy, go for it.

        2. Gentleman’s rule: Half your age plus 7.

          1. What the heck? I put “polishes monacle” after that. Can I not polish my monacle anymore? I put in in [try square brackets]

          2. Oh…I see. Forgive me. Less than and greater than does not work. I thought it did…

          3. …and I misspelled monocle.

            I should just ban myself.

    4. Well, it’s from Slate. What did you expect from the retarded monkeys? Shakespeare?

    5. What should be protected is the right to force your colleagues to join your union or else.

    6. By contrast, we’ve lost ground on reaching the goal of economic justice, as inequality has reached record heights.

      So economic “justice” is somehow forcing Person X to make less or giving Person Y more than he earns on his own so as to reduce the difference?

      1. I don’t think “economic justice” means anything but that. It’s just another dog whistle in the “poor people are never poor because of any choice they made” playbook.

        1. ^^this^^ If you want to watch cognitive dissonance in action, grab yourself a leftie all wound up about income/wealth inequality and give them the set-up: inequality is bad, right? Then pick something you know they can relate to, say tennis, and ask them why it is okay for Nadal to be so rich? When they don’t have an anonymous corporate fat-cat as a target, they melt down.

      2. I would have thought economic justice would be achieved by maximizing opportunity, reducing barriers to entry, reducing rent-seeking, and reducing redistribution via coercion/taxation.

        Apparently, though, that’s just me.

        1. You can change the meaning of the word ‘justice’ to its complete opposite by placing any other word in front of it: ‘social’, ‘economic’, ‘racial’, etc.

        2. I don’t know where people get the idea that “justice” means everyone is the same or should be equal or whatever the idea is behind “economic justice”. Seems to me that justice is people getting what they deserve, not what they think they should have.

        3. I know RC. You’re such a bigoted hatemonger. Actually relying on the creativity, character and ingenuity of your fellows and assuming most can rise far above their station in life. You really are a sunovabitch elitist.

        4. reducing barriers to entry

          You got a permit for that lemonade stand little girl?

          1. “You aren’t following the food labeling guidelines. Also, we need to see your wash station.”

            1. And you probably need a $100000 commercial kitchen to mix the lemonade in.

        5. How do you get justice without a gun to somebody’s head?

          DOES. NOT. COMPUTE.

          1. Or health care.



            1. no that’s the free-money trees which evidently grow in ER’s to cover unreimbursed costs to treat the uninsured. >it hatez it sum gop indiv mandate



    7. Terrible Idea of The Year: Make Being In A Union A Civil Right

      Terrible? I say it’s a stellar idea! In fact, I think it should be coupled with making joblessness illegal. We’ll have full employment in no time!

  16. So much for the Orin Shrike theory that women are going to save the Obamasiah.

    Brown’s continued strength in Massachusetts should alarm Democrats banking on demonizing those on the right as complicit in a “war on women.” Even many voters in the bluest-of-blue state of Massachusetts aren’t buying this line.


    If it won’t sell there, it won’t sell anywhere.

    1. the state level gop war on women continues to provide missles for obama’s drones

      1. And what, pray tell, does this ‘war’ consist of, orrin?

        1. most recently, an unfunded mandate for ultrasounds regardless of any doctors advice to the contrary.

          1. How exactly is that a devastating battle tactic? Other than the stupidity of not finding a way to pay for it, ultrasounds are pretty standard practice by now.

            1. standard if doctors, not politicans recommend them.

              1. I’m not fond of politicians mandating it, either, but terming a relative irrelevancy like that as a “war” is rather hyperbolic. Ultrasounds are not exclusively paid for by women, you know.

              2. Ultrasounds are non-invasive, cost next to nothing to administer, and provide full information regarding pregnancy. Patients are all about complete disclosure WRT to their medical conditions, right? Besides, it lower malpractice rates OB/GYN.

                PP, before shaking down Komen, got 438 million USD; I think they can afford to kick in a few pennies.

                If health care is a right, we certainly can’t skimp on procedure. Right?

          2. The ultimate bullshit about that controversy is that an ultrasound is part of the standard prep procedure for a surgical abortion anyway.

      2. the state level gop war on women continues to provide missles for obama’s drones

        Couldn’t have put it better myself

    2. It’s very important to keep in mind that Massachusetts is a very backward state.

      Most of the populace are socially conservative economically socialist populists with a low level of education.

      They are ruled by a class of egalitarian socialists that very adeptly demagogue the masses into supporting them.

      Pure egalitarianism only sells in a few towns within the state… Brown’s populism with so-con and right-wing socialist elements sells pretty well here.

      If he had a (D) after his name, Elizabeth Warren would have gotten 5% in the primary.

      Most of the Catholics in MA would die before voting Republican, even though they are populist republicans by inclination.

      1. That is changing I think. I bet most Catholics vote for Brown. Obama really shot himself in the foot with the birth control thing.

        1. True. The Catholic alliance with the Democratic party is collapsing.

          From my perspective, I am loving how both the Republcians and the Democrats are in a race to piss off as many people as possible; it gives me hope for the future.

      2. +lots. It important to remember that an (R) from Mass is pretty much a (D) from any other state.

  17. Let’s see of Bok can top this:


    1. But what does the crown represent??? Needs moar labels.

      1. He refuses to put on the dunce cap because it would mean taking off the dictator’s crown.

        Or he just got back from Burger King.

      2. Needs less “art”.

    2. Judge Napolitano made a good point last night. A few months ago Obama was telling Congress to fuck themselves that he could rule by decree. Now he is telling the Courts the same thing. And that is not a dictatorship how?

      1. People like a strong leader. Why can’t you understand that?

        1. Strength is a virtue. Subtlety, even moreso.

      2. The fact that many, many more people are not outright enraged over this is baffling.

        1. People like a strong leader. Why can’t you understand that?

          1. I understand it well. I just despise it because it robs people from becoming stronger themselves.

            1. People don’t want to be strong, that’s what Obama’s saying when he condemns the “on your own society”. He’s inviting them to join his pack.

              1. The wolf pack.

          2. What happened to the strength of “leading from behind”?

        2. It boils down to “it is okay when our side does it” or “no matter what he does it is better than “them” taking over”.

          1. Yeah, it’s OK because Obama is hip.

      3. A few months ago Obama was telling Congress to fuck themselves that he could rule by decree. Now he is telling the Courts the same thing.

        I’ve been reading about the governing styles of Augustus and Caesar recently, and the thing that stands out is how the Senate happily gave Augustus all the powers that their predecessors had killed Caesar over, because everyone was so worn out from decades of civil war. The difference was that Augustus was cunning enough to make it look publically as if the Senate was still in charge of things, even as he consolidated his power.

        Obama isn’t nearly that subtle because he doesn’t have enough reserves of self-control to sublimate his trash-talking instincts when he gets frustrated.

      4. It amazes me that no one has told Obama to go fuck himself.

        He’s not a dictator, just a gas bag that everyone defers to, for some mystifying reason.

        1. He can’t have pictures of THAT many people nekkid with goats.

        2. He’s not a dictator, just a gas bag that everyone defers to, for some mystifying reason.

          It’s not really mystifying. He’s black, and not defering to a black person is RACIST. So why do you hate black people so much?

    3. So, Obama is the new Burger King mascot?

      1. Damn you.

      2. The King is a lot cooler than that douchebag.

        1. Far less creepy however.

      3. You just gave me an idea for my next Halloween costume: Oburgerbama King.

  18. I know, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth w/o my posts. But I’m here now, after getting out of a Honda meeting.

    Strategic Vision conducted a major study of new automobile buyers, including party affiliation. For what it’s worth, a new car buyer is more likely to be a Republican than a Democrat, by 37% to 31%. Strategic Vision identified the five “most popular models” for Democrats and Republicans. The results look like a parody, but they aren’t:


    1. Honda Civic Hybrid
    2. Volvo C30
    3. Nissan Leaf
    4. Acura TSX Wagon
    5. Ford Fiesta sedan


    1. Ford Mustang Convertible
    2. Audi A8
    3. Mercedes GL
    4. Ford Expedition
    5. Ford F-??150


    1. WHat no Toyota Pius?

    2. Looks like it tracks urban v. rural as much as Donk v. Dolt.

      1. The Chevy Dolt?

      2. There is nothing rural about and A8 or a Merc GL. Those cars would last about a week on any hardscrabble road.

        1. The GL is the Mercedes SUV. I’m guessing it would be fine on just about any road that saw a grader occasionally.

          The A8, sure, but more of a highway car than an urban car.

    3. Damn, no joke on the parody comment.

      So does this mean we libertarians hotrod, customize, and build from the ground up? Or are we stuck with a Stanza since mom upped the rent for basement repairs?

      1. I ordered an F-150. Does this mean I’m turing into a republican?

        1. In the Chapman religio-poli thread, apparently there is this expired, Jewish carpenter that builds custom hotrods.

          Perhaps you should check there.

          1. wait – i thought hesus was a mason?…or was that morphed at nicaea as well?

            1. “He was a carpenter. Apparently, however, he wasn’t a very good carpenter.”

              1. cause of all the forests in the desert mid-east?

                1. cause of all the forests in the desert mid-east?

                  Umm, they weren’t too far from a seaport and the importation of wood was not unheard of, to say the least.

                  Some translations attribute “carpenter” and “stone cutter” as synonymous.

                  hurr durr!

                2. cause of all the forests in the desert mid-east?

                  The massive deforestation and increasing desertification of that part of the world occurred after the passing of The Lord Jesus Christ.

              2. Actually, I have heard that a more accurate translation from the Greek is that he was a handyman.

            2. Dude, with the long hair and facial hair, you know he’s a greasemonkey. He’s probably got some nice ink under the robes too and got caught banging the register girl when his old lady dropped by because their kid broke his collar bone falling off of the high chair.

          2. I don’t think I want to be party to that love affair.

        2. It depends. Do you have an actual use for a truck that size?

          1. Yeah. Between lumber, motorcycles, and everything else, a truck is a necessity.

          2. * rolls eyes*

            I know you probably didn’t mean it that way, and I’m not bashing you personally, but nothing pisses me off more then when people say

            “Why do you need that?”

            “that” is usually my guns, but has included everything imaginable. Funniest was when I was enjoying some crazy 18% ABV stout and some prissy girly man was wondering why exact I couldn’t just drink lite beer like everyone else.

            Someone explain this to me please. Because I can’t remember ever saying “Oh my god, why does he need that big a truck/ that many guns/ that loud a stereo/ that much food”

            Why are there so many people concerned with my stuff?

            1. Hipster douche translator: “Why do need ____________?” = “I am awesome and everyone should like what I like, behave the same way I behave, and most importantly, think the same things I think, so why do you insist on acting like an individual instead of breying it up with the rest of the herd?”

      2. Libertarians don’t drive cars, we ride in rickshaws pulled by a team of slaves while polishing our monocles and ashing our cigars into the mouths of Cambodian orphans.

    4. That is about as damning an indictment of Democrats I have ever seen. Every car on the Democrats’ list, sans the C30 which is okay in a quirky way, is a completely ridiculous and retarded choice.

      What kind of a retard buys and Acura Wagon? Go buy a Hyundi Santa Fe for half the price and get just as good of millage and more room. And the Leaf is a great idea, provided you don’t have to drive more than 30 miles and you have no need for a heater. That is just pathetic. And while the Civic is a great car, it already gets great gas millage. It makes no sense to buy the hybrid version of it.

      1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Acura wagon, or at least it didn’t register. I do like the sedan TL though.

        1. Acuras are Japan’s answer to BMW. If you want a luxury Sedan that runs like a scalded cat, they are a good choice. But a wagon? Really?

          1. Seems like putting a sidecar on your Italian superbike.

            1. Pretty much. BMW and Audi each make a 500+ horsepower wagon (or estate car as they are known in Europe). In some weird way I would like to own one of them just so I can go blow some dumb ass kid in his rice rocket off the road with it.

              1. Even Porsche had one for a while. That thing was weird.

              2. I don’t think you fully grasp how fast rice rockets are. Far sub 4 second 0-60 with a normal-sized and -skilled rider on the open class bikes.

                A moderately skilled rider on an open class rice rocket could leave a 500hp wagon far behind without going below 4th gear on all but the twistiest of roads and on those would leave the wagon as a dot in the mirror using all gears.

                1. I’m not sure, but I don’t think John’s refering to japanese sport bikes as “rice rockets” above, but the tuner shits in their mom’s old Honda Civics with a catback exhaust and a shitty body kit.

                  I’ve heard the term used for both though.

                  1. Fair enough. That didn’t even occur to me but you are probably right.

              3. I had an Audi S4 Avant (wagon) for a few years, and I enjoyed very much blowing people away off the line. Especially kids in rice burners. Good times.

            2. The Acura TSX is thee European Accord. It’s actually a pretty sweet ride, if you want a wagon.

              The new Santa Fe was released at the NY Auto Show yesterday. Not too bad, even though it’s sporting their turbo 4-banger.

          2. Exactly. I have a TL and it’s the best vehicle I’ve owned.

            I’m sure the TSX Wagon is a great car, but it’s an Acura Wagon. That’s like, a living abortion.

            1. If you’re gonna go Volvo *and* wagon, best to go retro:


              Though I think the C30 is a cool update, if a bit stunted, proportion-wise…

              Volvos, IMO, are similar to Toyotas, in that it’s damned hard to tear them up, and if you don’t get 300K+ miles out of one… you bought a rare lemon.

              I wouldn’t have a Leaf if Barry Himself put a gun to my head, though.

      2. And while the Civic is a great car, it already gets great gas millage. It makes no sense to buy the hybrid version of it.

        C’mon, Silly, you don’t buy it for the mileage – you buy it for that little chrome “hybrid” doodad on the back. It is precisely the lefty analog of that chromed, circled three-point star.

        1. actually, I bought mine because I liked the idea of having some actual, you know, experience, with the technology. Rather than reading about other people’s beliefs. I don;t think anyone I know would call me a lefty—or a righty. I’m ambilitical.

          1. I have yet to see how the math on a hybrid works out. It never pays for itself. Go buy a high gas mileage car or one of the new high end diesels. Hybrids just don’t make any sense economically.

            1. Honestly I bet my Honda Fit, which I usually get about 32mpg from, is far less resource-intensive than a Prius.

              And it cost a heck of a lot less.

            2. John, while agree with you ‘in general’, the math on my hybrid works out ok at net zero with gas at $4 over 9 years. Additionally, my maintenance costs are somewhat lower given a greater service interval. Of course, beyond that, not all economic decisions are, um, economic…like I said, I wanted to explore the technology. I have a hybrid toyota too that works fundamentally differently than the honda civic. the toyota has a 3.5L v6 and is superior for start and stop. The civic for highway…all imho of course.

              1. I’m interested in electric cars too – but in a more geek-tech point of view. Heck, I could probably drive one for my city commute, but economically-speaking, it doesn’t make sense to insure 2 cars (one for highway, one for short distance) for myself, on top of my next project car.

                1. When I inquired about adding another car to my current policy, it would have added like 20 bucks a month. Once you tip over into having more cars than drivers, each additional car is change. Hell, replacing my 11 year old truck will add like 15 bucks over 6 months to the policy.

                  1. so yeah – 4 cars (3 for me and 1 for my wife). I’ll need a bigger garage for sure! ;0

            3. I think a Civic Hybrid starts making up lost ground when gas is somewhere north of $4.00/gallon.

              A lot depends on where you drive it, of course. Lots of highway miles mean you are mostly just hauling around hybrid technology.

              I have a suspicion that maintenance costs will be higher on hybrids, too, just because they’ve a whole ‘nother system that can need maintenance.

              1. My brother has a Civic hybrid which gave up on him after roughly 6 years. Because it cost too much to repair he went and bought a new car. He still has the Civic, he’s just waiting until he can afford to have it fixed so he can give it to his daughter.

            4. Precisely. Diesel is a proven technology, the first passenger cars were diesel in fact. Diesels have a fuel cost almost as low with a tech known to work and very long service intervals. Also, the newer Merc E350 V6 diesels scoot when you get on em.

              Hybrids have heavy, expensive battery packs that are supposed to come down in price as more people adopt them. I’m still skeptical.

              1. I still don’t understand why we don’t have a viable diesel-electric car. it would scream, with the right set up. Best of all the worlds and you don’t have to lug 300 lbs of battery around.

                Can any of our resident engineers shed any light on that?

                1. Mechanical engineer here…currently the diesels require a complicated urea injection after-treatment to meet emission standards, that combined with the turbocharger every diesel needs to make any power would make a hybrid diesel the most complicated machine on the market. So there is no real issue except cost although, there is a hybrid diesel Peugeot over in Europe.

              2. back in the early 80s, my old man had a Diesel Olds 98 – yeah, the one that killed off U.S. thoughts of diesel for awhile.

                He drove ~40k miles a year for his job and loved the comfort and almost 30mpg he got on the highway. Too bad the engine grenaded at 75k or so miles. It was also the gutless wonder, but he never cared about performance.

          2. I’m ambilitical.

            You’re a fetus?

            Call me a statist bastard, but I don’t think fetuses should be driving, especially with the position their mother’s would have to be in order for them to see out so they can drive.

            1. You’re a fetus?

              Aren’t we all, always full of…potential? 😉

      3. The Festiva seems like a pretty decent and sensible car and can get 40 MPG without the hybrid bullshit.

        1. I think you mean the Fiesta. I owned a Festiva for my first car, and the mileage was great (about 35 mpg overall) until I hit 100K miles.

          And it all depends on what you’re looking for. A Prius has better mileage and space overall than a Fiesta, and costs about the same as a Fusion. But you could probably buy a Jetta TDI and get slightly lower combined mileage in exchange for better torque and slightly higher fuel costs. The comment above about the Prius not really being worth it if you drive mostly on the highway is accurate; it’s good, but other cars get pretty much the same thing for cheaper. If you’re doing mostly city driving, though, going over 300 miles on half a tank is pretty sweet.

      4. Curiously, Chevrolet – whose Volt many progressives seem to be bleating incessantly about as of late – doesn’t even make the list. I would imagine that Government Motors products would top the heap as a matter of principle.

    5. From the indications around here libertarians are mostly into muscle cars and luxury brands.

      Of course, few of us seem to buy new cars.

      1. I sure as hayell don’t.

      2. The last time I needed a car a few years back I bought a new Toyota 4-Runner. Not sure what that means on the political scale.

        1. It means you like reliable cars.

          1. Yup – reliable, useful cars. Good in the snow, can carry a lot of stuff, very reliable, etc.

      3. Of course, few of us seem to buy new cars.

        What a shitty investment! Besides, a classic 1973 mustang Mach I fastback with C6 351 Cleveland does not just drop out of the sky. (Candy apple red, too!)

        1. Well, cars are not an investiment, they’re a mode of transportation for goods and people. I buy new cars, but I drive them until they completely die before I get another one.

          1. I hears ya WTF. My daily driver is decidedly the equivalent of a frumpy, reliable spouse.

        2. Besides, a classic 1973 mustang Mach I fastback with C6 351 Cleveland does not just drop out of the sky. (Candy apple red, too!)

          The ’71 to ’73 Mustangs are some of the most underappreciated cars I can think of. One of my old rides was a ’73 Grande with a 351 Cleveland and that weird FMX three speed. I will always miss that car.

          1. It’s value has held up well and the 73’s Mach 1’s were not produced in mass numbers. It’s starting garner collectable status.

            I didn’t like the back of the body on the Grandes, but much easier to see out of. Admittedly, backing up in a 71-73 fastback is a bit of a trick. More of a gymnastic feat.

            1. I recall once reading that the reasoning behind the design of the ’71-’73s -the impossibly long hood and the nearly horizontal rear glass was to pit the Mustang against the Italian cars of the era. It’s a really bizarre marketing strategy if true, but it sure yielded a gorgeous car.

      4. You can all call me a middle aged lesbian if you want to, but I like my Subaru a lot. Though the ’92 one that I had until two years ago was better in every way than the 2007 I have now. I fucking hate new cars.

        1. Mrs. Dean had a Subaru WRX awhile back. Frickin’ rocket car, it was. Only got rid of it when we moved to Texas, because the air conditioner sucked.

          When we move to Santa Fe, I feel sure she will get another one. They are great on semi-sketchy roads, snow, that kind of thing.

          1. I know several guys with the WRX. You’re right, it’s really a little rocket car, especially after a little work.

          2. I wanted a WRX but was constrained by finances and ended up with a Legacy. The AWD is a nice feature up here in the northeast. For some reason though, I get called a hippy for owning it.

          3. I’ve got an ’04 WRX STi (WRX with a 2.5L engine and bigger turbo and a few other higher performance goodies as well). Fast as hell but still good on snow. I would strongly consider buying a new one.

            Not sure why anyone would think a hippie would drive a WRX. They usually drive older Outbacks and “vanilla” Imprezas or Legacys (or at least the ones in CO do).

    6. funny, I’m eying a Mustang GT (hardtop) for my next car.

      Barring that, it’s DIY project time again. I still want my 383 2dr Caprice with a 150 shot of spray. 3.08 rear, TH400, etc.

      Too bad my current circumstances have stopped me from following this dream. I have to wait until my wife is out of school and the next house is bought.

    7. and this sums up a major issue in how many try to assign group identities to individuals…in politics and advertising. So if I don;t fit the profile, am I supposed to switch cars?

    8. I don’t see a ’96 Suburban on there.

      I can’t identify myself!

    9. I have a hard time believing the Leaf made the list. I admit that I do live in “The Big Three” valley (aka, Michigan), but I’ve never seen a Leaf on the roads here. Volt? One or Two.

      There are certainly no shortage of Democrats here.

    10. Acura


      1. Ford


  19. President Obama tones down attack on the high court

    As could have been predicted, Mr. Obama’s less-than-careful comments were matched by less-than-careful criticism. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) accused the president of trying to bully the court: “This president’s attempt to intimidate the Supreme Court falls well beyond distasteful politics; it demonstrates a fundamental lack of respect for our system of checks and balances.”

    This bit of presidential mind-reading ? how, exactly, does Mr. McConnell know that the president is trying to cow the court? ? overstates the problem. The best thing, now that the case has been submitted, would be for both sides to settle down and let the justices do their serious work.

    now that’s a douchebag editorial.

    1. This bit of presidential mind-reading ?


      Apparently believing what the president says means that you think you can read his mind making you a partisan hack.

  20. The Virtues of the Super PAC

    An extended primary season, which has featured competitive races in dozens of states instead of just a few, hasn’t necessarily been good for the Republican Party’s general election prospects. But it has produced a far more small-d democratic outcome than the alternative universe where Adelson and Friess stayed on the sidelines and Romney wrapped things up early. Because of their donations, the frontrunner has had to confront actual voters day after day and week after week, in Wisconsin and Nevada and Alabama and everywhere in between. The results haven’t necessarily been pretty, but they’ve supplied a campaign ? as the historian Gil Troy suggested last fall ? whose “length and fury are proportional to the electorate’s size and the presidency’s importance.” If this is a subversion of the democratic process, it’s taking a pretty unusual form.

    1. B-b-but .. buying elections!!

      1. romney – done deal hoss

        1. He struggled more than a lot of people thought he would. This is no coronation.

          1. Coronation does not imply causation?

            1. LULZ!

      2. Buying elections by keeping the rich, well funded guy from winning quickly. That makes sense.

  21. Kagan: Al Qaeda Allies Remain Strong

    Military pressure has kept Al Qaeda and the Taliban from re-emerging in Afghanistan. The Taliban tried to return to their Afghan strongholds after 2005. By 2009, it controlled districts around Kandahar City and poppy-rich Helmand Province. The surge of forces and change of strategy President Obama ordered in 2009 shattered Taliban influence and command structures in the south. The leaders fled back to Pakistan, fractured from their followers. American forces have fought alongside organized, trained and determined Afghan troops who are preparing to hold the gains. Breaking the southern Taliban has marginalized one group whose return would bring safety to Al Qaeda.

    1. but but didnt obama surrender to his fellow terrorist muslims?…or was that an alliance? confusing memes

    2. Jesus Christ, does anyone actually believe this crap? The Taliban have been laying low because we’ve announced when we will be leaving, in essence. What’s the point in sticking their necks out?

      Of course, some of the more militant ones will keep killing Infidel invaders just for the hell of it. We’ll see how this Spring goes

  22. An uncivil income tax system

    Our tax code’s lack of clarity – and the flood of special-interest giveaways and preferences that make it so cumbersome – has turned innumerable taxpayers into cynics. Americans conclude that the whole setup is rigged, and that only a sucker doesn’t bend the rules in order to pay less or finagle a bigger refund. How many people who wouldn’t think of ripping off a local charity or business don’t hesitate to cheat on their taxes? In such an environment, it isn’t only compliance rates that suffer. Some of the civic virtue so important to a healthy society is lost as well. Jimmy Carter was right in 1976 when he called the US income tax “a disgrace to the human race.” Thirty-six years later, it’s more disgraceful – and maddening – than ever.

    1. How many people who wouldn’t think of ripping off a local charity or business don’t hesitate to cheat on their taxes?

      So the feds are the equivalent of a local charity now?

      1. And how is not paying your taxes “ripping off” anybody? Isn’t it just you getting ripped off a little less?

  23. From the Greek suicide article:

    “The politicians in parliament who brought us here should be punished for this,” said Anastassia Karanika, a 60-year-old pensioner.

    I think I see a problem right there.

    1. Who has been on a pension for probably 18 years. And I doubt he understood the irony of saying that and then shooting himself.

      1. It wasn’t the actual suicide who said that, just some lady on the street. He was 77, so who knows how long he’d been on a pension? At minimum 17 years, if the other lady’s any indication.

    2. And she’s probably been on a pension for 10 years already.

      School until 30, retire at 50. Greece, it’s Europe’s California.

      1. The first time I was in Greece was for about two weeks. There was, I shit you not, a strike every 3-4 days; completely shut Athens down. I asked several Greeks what the unions were striking for. The answers were the same, “To show that they can.” They were serious.

        1. Hahaha, I visited some family over there a few years ago and when we went to catch our train from Athens the train wasn’t running that day because the train people went on strike. I was there about a week and there were at least 3 other strikes.

    1. Should it be illegal? No, I don’t think so. I suppose you could argue it’s sexual assault, but you get into really tricky territory there when it comes to disputes of whether someone just made a mistake or was being deceptive. Ultimately, I’m not sure it’s the kind of issue that’s worth putting people in jail over.

      Tricking someone into 18 years of involuntary servitude with fraud and using the legal system as a cudgel is nothing to put people in jail over? I bet she thinks false rape allegations never happen either.

      1. SF, get with the program. All hetro sex is rape.

      2. Re: SugarFree,

        Tricking someone into 18 years of involuntary servitude with fraud and using the legal system as a cudgel is nothing to put people in jail over?

        SugarFree: Mommy, what does “adoption” mean?
        SugarFree’s Mommy: Don’t you use that language on my housel young man! Go to that corner and stay there until you’re ready to say “I’m sorry, mommy!”

      3. I clicked on the link, but all I kept getting was a brewers vat of bat-shit crazy and shitty, shitty prose that I couldn’t read to save my life. Do you have the link to the article?

    2. Pregnancy by deceit? A child’s welfare!?

      I learned long ago thanks to SugarFree that I don’t click links from Jezebel if I want to keep my sanity. Unless I’m thinking this wrong, there would be no “child’s welfare” to talk about if some lying twat didn’t con some dumbass in to knocking her up…

      Fuck! I don’t even know where to go with this one.

      1. If you really want to piss off a Jezebel-type, suggest that abortion should be legal at all stages of pregnancy ONLY if the father won’t be financially liable for any children that are born.

        Watching these “YOU DON’T NEED A MAN TO RAISE A CHILD” goons sputter in response is priceless, as they realize they may not need a man, but they sure do need his money.

        1. I lost a friend because of a discussion we got into at dinner about a month ago.

          She’s pro-choice and is also fine with a woman being able to give up a baby for adoption. She also said that the fact that the man can only give up his ability to see the kid, but not the responsibilities to pay for it is “the way it should be.” Finally, she said that the guy “has his choice when he made the decision to have sex.”

          TLDR: Pro-choice, but the guy already made his decision by agreeing to sex.

          1. And we’re back to all hetero-sex is rape, seeing how he made a choice, but she didn’t.

            I wouldn’t mourn the loss of that friend too much.

            1. I didn’t say I was upset about it. I was upset at the fact that I was about 100 miles from my apartment and was driven there by a third friend so I couldn’t just go home immediately.

              She also called me a liar when I brought up instances of women lying about who the father was. She said I was just making it up because I wanted to be right.

              1. The second paragraph is supposed to be showing part of the reason I was ok with the end of the friendship.

  24. Also from Jezebel:

    It’s incredibly unfair that some people are willing to work harder than me.

    Way too enforce the patriarchy by putting the nose to the grindstone, men.

    1. Didn’t read the link, but as far as work/life balance goes, I’ve seen people lose marriages, friends, and even their lives to their overwork. I spent a few years as a dedicated workaholic in a high stress industry, and let me tell you, when you have been that person, you appreciate an employer that takes work/life balance seriously.

      1. Certainly, but then it always boils down the the question of what the right family balance is. Jezebel commenters believe in a world where they can live like men without bearing the same responsibilities that men have dealt with for thousands of years.

        Now that they’ve devoted their worldview to overturning traditinal gender roles and become the men they wanted to be, they still can’t understand why their lives are so fucking miserable.

    2. “People who work longer hours are more valuable to the company, and thus get paid more! WAHHHH!!!”

      1. Also didn’t read the link but: wasn’t a vast majority of the widely reported “70 cents on the dollar” that women make determined to be due to women taking more time off with stuff like maternity leave?

        1. You also have to look at the breakdowns in education/training. There are more male STEM people. STEM people make more money than English majors.

          This is clearly the fault of the patriarchy.

          1. This is clearly the fault of the patriarchy.

            Was it the patriarchy that chased Larry Summers out of Harvard?

    3. And apparently successful businesswomen “are forced to describe, over and over again, how they’ve possibly managed such a feat”. That’s right. They have no choice but to answer stupid questions for magazine interviews.

  25. There are no good guys in this whole Greek debacle, the politicians are slimy (which countries are different though) and have ruined the country. Yet the people protesting have voted in these socialists for a long time.

    Greece is really a good example of the saying: “A goverment that gives you everything is also a government that can take everything away”.

    1. Also a good example of how people get the government they deserve. Good and hard.

  26. from Twitter:

    Lucy Steigerwald ? @LucyStag
    “You’re worse than spam. You’re potted meat food product. You disgust me.” I love Hit and Run commenters. Sometimes.


      1. I remember you said the same thing when you vanquished LoneWacko. I must say, I am impressed. Perhaps you’re Mod Material after all…

        1. Finally, the coveted Groovus Maxiumus endorsement. Vote Warty: In Your Heart, You Know it’s Inevitable


    2. Her tweets say “sometimes” but her eyes say “endlessly”.

    3. Way to other all the rest of us Lucy. Thanks for nothing.

      1. Now you can see why I’ve always hated that bitch.

      2. I thought the Kahn “keep on trolling you” line was much better.

    4. don’t get too cocky – she is displeased:

      Lucy Steigerwald ? @LucyStag ? Open
      On another note, I swear A.M. Links used to occasionally include useful links, not just rampant and (sometimes) hilarious sexism. Just me?
      1h Leah C. ? @lakeline ? Open
      @LucyStag that’s pretty much how I feel about how the comments used to be . Now it’s more rampant sexism and a very rare hilarious sexism.
      Lucy Steigerwald ? @LucyStag Close
      @lakeline It’s more that there’s still hilariousness and then there’s sexism. By the same people, but the funny is not so the latter. Lazy!
      Hide conversation
      12:22 AM – 6 Apr 12 via web ? Details
      Reply Retweet Favorite
      1h Leah C. ? @lakeline ? Open
      @LucyStag True, plus many unfunny people trying to be funny by copying the assholery but missing and just being assholes.
      1h Russ ? @BvrlyBrewmaster ? Open
      @lakeline @LucyStag Hey now… I may be unfunny and I may be an asshole, but… ah, shit. I forgot where I was going with this.
      1h Leah C. ? @lakeline ? Open
      @BvrlyBrewmaster @LucyStag You are funny, and you have been known to limit your assholerly. I count that as a win.

      1. I’m just sayin’ — maybe there’s a reason hat tips have been in short supply recently.

        1. Challenge accepted!

        2. I thought that was just budget cuts.

  27. Rick Santorum takes break from the campaign trail.

    I’m sure it’s too much to hope that it’s permanent.

  28. Major League baseball schedules games on Good Friday and Passover:

    head of Catholic League: “It’s time baseball Commissioner Bud Selig took a page from the communists and exercised some prudence: there should be no games on Good Friday.”

    Archbishop of Milwaukee: “As much as we love the Brewers, unlike Jesus, they didn’t die for your sins. With regard to beer and brats on Good Friday: let’s just say that’s why God created the three-game series.”

      1. “Christians and Jews celebrate sacred holidays – Major League Baseball hardest hit.”

  29. So Zimmerman’s probably not a mouthfoaming racist, exactly as I’ve been guessing all along.


    1. You can’t derail the narrative that easily!

      If they can’t catch him saying a racial slur, then they’ll say he cleverly concealed his racism until he killed a black kid in cold blood while the kid was on the way to volunteering at the Home for the Blind.

      If that doesn’t work, they’ll hold a “national conversation” about “systemic racism.” You know, the unconscious kind of racism which permeates society at all levels so that it can’t be noticed except by perceptive intellectuals.

      1. When in Vegas, betting against Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson’s accuracy is usually a good idea.

    2. Obama’s going to condemn this racist attack any minute now, right?


    3. Does anyone under the age of 70 say “coon” anymore?

  30. My gawd it is great to see a 500 comment thread without troll-shit all over the place.

    However, how did I reach the end with no comment on the brilliant poster? That was the awesome.

    1. Registration seems to have had an effect. She griefed for the first two days, but has been gone since yesterday.

  31. He was running against Wofford then. Definitely a good choice.

    That’s not saying much about Santorum.

    I voted Libertarian in that election.

    Santorum and Singel (Singel was the Democrat candidate for PA governor that year) are both Penn State graduates. They showed up far too often at the University Park campus. Each time I’d see their pictures in the student newspaper on a story about them visiting the campus, I’d think “Go the fuck away assholes”. If anything, their visits made me want to vote for them less.

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    1. I can live with anonbot, but not this.

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