A.M. Links: Romney Ready for Obama, NBC Apologizes for Awful Editing of George Zimmerman Phone Call, How Ford Recovered Without a Bailout


  • Mitt Romney didn't even mention Rick Santorum in last night's victory speech, instead walloped on Barack Obama. 

  • Eighteen tornadoes ripped across Texas yesterday, damaging 650 homes
  • NBC apologizes for its awful, awful editing of the George Zimmerman 911 call.  
  • Feds say no more QE, dollar goes up.
  • California students pepper sprayed en masse while shouting "No cuts, no fees, education should be free" and trying to push their way into a board meeting. 
  • How Ford avoided a bailout and bankruptcy.  

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  1. April 4, 2012
    DC Trawler
    April 3, 2012
    NBC: We deeply regret our error that made George Zimmerman sound like a racist, and now you should leave us alone


    1. “During our investigation it became evident that there was an error made in the production process that we deeply regret,” NBC News representative Lauren Kapp said in a statement on Tuesday, in response to a query by Reuters. “We will be taking the necessary steps to prevent this from happening in the future and apologize to our viewers.”

      Harry Shearer does this thing on his radio show, “Le Show”, called “Apologies of the Week” that always cracks me up.

      He just reads official apologies exactly as they were released, one after the other without comment, and it quickly becomes hilarious seeing how inadequate the apology is.

      Gee, we’re really sorry we tampered with evidence and broadcast it nationally–so that all your potential jurors saw it. If you’ve been inundated with hate mail and death threats as a result, we here at So and So News would like to extend a heartfelt apology for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

      NBC didn’t even go that far. They’re not apologizing to Zimmerman. They’re apologizing to their viewers! How pathetic.

      1. One of my favorites is the whole “I am sorry if that offended you” apology. Not, “I am sorry I said that and it was wrong” but instead effectively “I am sorry you are sensitive you got angry about my otherwise wonderful statement”. That happens quite a lot.

        1. the infamous non-apology apology.

        2. Of course in many cases (no this one), that is about as much apology as they deserve. I occasionally feel bad for offending someone, even if what I said is perfectly correct and reasonable.

          1. I think manipulating evidence in what may likely become a criminal trial goes beyond even a real apology, by the way.

            I suspect the reason they apologized to the viewers rather than Zimmerman was because they didn’t want their apology used against them in a slander suit.

            And, “free speech” doesn’t protect fraud, violent threats during armed robberies, slander…

            This libertarian has no problems with a slander or libel suit here (whatever’s applicable).

            If Zimmerman had any space left on his voice mail, I suspect it’s all been taking up by attorneys offering to represent him in a slander suit by now.

        3. I’m sorry you feel that way, John.

        4. You’re entitled to your opinion, John.

        5. Sometimes that version is appropriate, though.

        6. “I am sorry if that offended you” apology.

          That apology should never be used. If you said something wrong you should apologize for the action itself. If someone is being too sensitive, you should either ignore them or reiterate your statement while calling them out for being too sensitive. No passive-aggressiveness, please.

    2. Isn’t April 4th also the day a prominent Black Republican was murdered in Memphis?

  2. Shorter NBC: “Sorry we got caught – we forgot that we can’t get away with that sort of thing in today’s climate of multiple media sources. If only this had been the good old days when we could pull this stuff regularly!”

    1. More reason why we need to license journalists and bring back the fairness doctrine.

      1. I wouldn’t go that far, John. In that world, would you be allowed to run a newsblog unless you had graduated from an accredited journalism school and passed a licensing examination?

        Besides, you’re doing a pretty good job taking them to task for this yourself, aren’t you?

        1. Sorry Ken. I forgot the sarcasm font on that.

          1. I probably would have missed the sarcasm anyway.

            I’m like that.

          2. Dammit, John, I went and composed a perfectly good reply for nothing.

            1. Maybe NBC and the rest of the MSM are just being sarcastic and I’m missing it.

      2. Sarcasm noted. But privately run “board certification” to distinguish journalists from commentators, is the remedy for the politically slanted spin machines we call the media.

        1. The media itself does a pretty good job of doing that themselves–if they care.

          How many journalists have we seen being forced to resign from this or that new organization because they violated their employer’s standards in some way?

          I hear Olbermann is unemployed again?

          The Weigel covering the “rat-fuckers”.

          That chick at the NYT, who was also a OWS protestor…

          The entrepreneurs gauge the value of “private certification” themselves just fine and act accordingly. And their customers are mostly getting what they want.

          1. How many journalists have we seen being forced to resign from this or that new organization because they violated their employer’s standards in some way?

            Yes, but it’s still the employer’s standards which are directly tied to the company’s bottom line and not necessarily to the truth.

            The media continuously touts its high ethical standards, with a nod and a wink. We tell you we’re ethical…and you should believe it…

            I still believe there is a market out there for the unbiased (realizing that’s never going to completely happen) truth.

            1. I think customers are already picking the news they want.

              And people who are picking The Today Show for their news? Aren’t really looking for the truth.

              They want entertainment. It’s more interesting, sometimes, when the entertainment is about something that really happened, and that often overlaps with the news. When the people who write dramas for TV want a racist murderer, they just dream him up. When the people who produce infotainment (for want of a better word) need a racist murderer in the news? I guess they sometimes do what NBC apparently did.

              Meanwhile, the real news coverage has splintered to serve various markets of people who really don’t want to hear a lot about things with which they disagree.

              We do a pretty good job of fact checking various news sources around here ourselves, don’t we? And the news organizations fact check each other periodically, too, as evidenced by Fox outing NBC in this instance.

              I don’t know. If you think there’s a business opportunity in fact checking news reports, then do a start up! But I think when most people are complaining about bias in the news, they’re mostly complaining about whatever news report not confirming their own preconceived biases.

              1. I think customers are already picking the news they want.

                Can you point to one unbiased news source on television (cable or network)? I can’t even find one on the interweb. I’m talking just the facts, no commentary.

                We do a pretty good job of fact checking various news sources around here ourselves, don’t we?

                Yes, but Reason isn’t an up to the minute news source. The things I read about here, I usually read about yesterday in one of the “mainstream” sites.

                If you think there’s a business opportunity in fact checking news reports, then do a start up!

                I’d love to. In between my “board certified” broadcasts, I’d run programming dedicated to pointing out the bias in other outlet’s material.

                1. Has there been news that wasn’t unbiased at any point?

                  1. There can be, but it’s only possible if I’m the one reporting it.

                    Everyone else is biased.

                  2. No, but I think a lot of people wouldn’t be so down on biased news is the news sources were honest about their biases.

                    1. IF the news sources were honest…


          2. I have heard there are some who say that David Weigel fucks sheep.

    2. Ed – repost the false rape story for people who miss the other thread

      1. Okey-dokey:

        Local girl lied about 2001 rape; father set free

        “[The prosecutor] said Cassandra Kennedy will not be prosecuted for her apparent lies about her father, partly because prosecutors do not want to discourage people in similar circumstances from coming forward….

        “”There should be no indictment of the system,” [the prosecutor] said.”


        1. So…they don’t want to discourage other daughters who might want to lie about their fathers having raped them? Huh.

          1. No. They don’t want to discourage other people who falsely accused people of rape from coming clean. Which sounds good to me. Better for guilty person to go free than an innocent person to stay in prison, I say.

        2. I will say this in their defense. If they throw the book at her, then some other crazy bitch who did this might not come forward. I am not sure that outweighs the deterrent effect. But I can understand their position.

          1. Hopefully, the prosecutor said something like: “If you sent someone to prison with false testimony, come forward and admit it, and we’ll forgive you – don’t be deterred from doing the right thing, however belatedly.”

            I’m still interested in the “no indictment of the system” thing. Prosecutors try to put people in prison for doing much less harm than was done to the guy.

            1. I’m still interested in the “no indictment of the system” thing.

              The phrase, “You don’t shit where you eat,” comes to mind.

            2. the “no indictment of the system” thing

              The system can do no wrong. All hail the glorious system!

        3. There was some pretty good discussion of this on Balko’s site yesterday. I think in this case, the prosecutor actually did the right thing. I question convicting anyone simply on a child’s (and an really fucked up one at that) testimony, but that is really on the jury. As a gut reaction, I’d like to see the girl punished, but I think that it is really better for her to be free than for other people to be discouraged from recanting false testimony that put innocent people in prison.

          1. I think that argues for an amnesty period but not so much for “Hey, it’s okay to falsely accuse to the point of conviction of a serious felony.” Because the desire to avoid a disincentive to recant simultaneously removes a disincentive to falsely accuse in the first place.

            1. Well, you can’t really blame her for the conviction. That was the court’s mistake.

              Her mistake was merely the lie itself.

          2. Its a tough call, but I can see why they don’t want to indict her.

            Personally, I would indict the hell out of her, and then announce an amnesty for anyone else who comes forward within a fixed period of time.

            Stick, then carrot, then stick. Por encourager les autres.

            1. In the Middle East, they would punish her with a raping.

              1. And? Every country has taxes.

                1. *rimshot*

        4. Cassandra said she got the idea of setting up her father from a friend whose stepfather was sent to prison for a child sex crime. “I thought that is what I would do to make my dad go away,” she told police in January.

          I wonder how many people still believe The Crucible is purely fiction and believe that children are honest.

    3. You don’t have to go “shorter”

      “During our investigation it became evident that there was an error made in the production process that we deeply regret,” “We will be taking the necessary steps to prevent this from happening in the future and apologize to our viewers.”

      Note that they don’t say what the error was, nor do they apologize to Zimmerman for trying to frame him as a racist. Just “an error in the production process”. Not quite “mistakes were made”, but pretty darn close.

      1. That may be a product of their lawyers telling them to avoid admitting fault. I think Zimmerman has a pretty open and shut case against them. Hard to saw this wasn’t done deliberately with malice. Even the public person exception is unlikely to save them.

        1. I don’t think anyone can win a libel (slander? which would be used for audio?) case in the US anymore against someone without a paper trail saying, “maliciously edit this to make the plantiff look guilty when we know he’s not.” But that shouldn’t stop Zimmerman for suing NBC and separately Al Sharpton.

          1. I agree. And didn’t NBC pretty much do that?

          2. And Richard Jewel won a big settlement. So it is possible.

          3. Call it defamation; it’s a broader umbrella. I don’t think you’d be able to show malice—absent Brett’s hypothetical memo—but defendant’s ‘reckless disregard for the truth’ in making the communication also gets you over the public figure hurdle.

            Now, what constitutes reckless disregard, and did NBC meet it, I don’t know.

      2. You think that there is any chance they are going to admit that they tried to frame him as a racist?


        2. HAHAHA!!!!!

      3. Oooooh, there was an error made! That’s totally different from them intentionally deciding to edit and falsify potential evidence in order to keep the story going. Thanks for clearing that up for us, NBC.

        Fucking disingenuous pricks.

      4. I wonder what the error was. Maybe someone accidentally leaning on the “REMOVE EXCULPATORY VERBIAGE” button there on the editing console?

        1. The error was getting caught.

  3. You’re Financial Times link requires registration.

  4. My own Reason-Rupe study:

    I attended both Occupy Pittsburgh and Rick Santorum’s “Watch The Results With Me” event (last night near Pittsburgh) over the past year. I wore a Reason Free Minds Free Markets t-shirt to both of these events. Of the roughly 100 people at Occupy Pittsburgh, 7 or 8 people approached me because they recognized Reason. Of the roughly 500 people at the Santorum rally, 0 people approached me.

    1. Other Observations:
      – They had a cash bar
      – The bartender reported that Santorum supporters are just fine as tippers, but that they were expecting a larger turnout
      – Some people tried, and failed, several times to get a “USA!” chant going
      – “We Pick Rick” fared slightly better
      – The crowd laughed at an Etch-a-Sketch reference
      – I almost got interviewed by Bloomberg News but I identified myself as not being a Santorum supporter so the attractive young woman moved on

      1. I almost got interviewed by Bloomberg News but I identified myself as not being a Santorum supporter so the attractive young woman moved on

        And you didn’t ask her out? Turn in your top hat and monocle, good sir!

        1. And you didn’t ask her out?

          Why bother, Rick confiscated his birth control at the door.

        2. I thought as libertarians we were supposed to drug those wymyn’s, take them back to our place (a trailer in the woods/ginormous mansion-take your pick), tie them up and make them perform some weird slashpic/hentai Kochtopus tentacle sex scenes.

          Have I been doing it wrong all this time?

      2. What are good pick up lines at a Santorum event?

        “Hey, want to go to my place and challegnge our commitment to abstinence?”

        1. “Wanna do something worth confessing to the priest?”

      3. You could have had some fun with Bloomberg News, Rick Santorum and SoCons in general had you portrayed yourself as a supporter and then answered her questions truthfully. (And then later you could have had some fun with the reporter, if you know what I mean.)

    2. That’s interesting. I wouldn’t have figured so many at an Occupy event would have heard of Reason. I have the same t-shirt and I’ve only had it recognized twice ever, once in a picture on Facebook (where someone commented on my “intelligent threads” or something) and once in Home Depot.

      1. No information on their feelings toward Reason?
        I would recognize a Che or Daily Kos shirt – and instinctively despise the wearer.

        1. Yeah I should clarify, since I live in a university town, that they were both positive comments.

      2. At least at some of the earlier OWS thingies, there did seems to be some Ron Paul/Anti-Fed types and some an-caps. Not many, but he only said 7 or 8.

  5. followup from yesterday:

    The I’m so beautiful backlash: In yesterday’s Mail, Samantha Brick claimed other women loathe her for being too attractive. It provoked a worldwide internet storm. Here she says: This bile just proves I’m right

    1. wow, she’s nutty.

    2. Take the latest message I’ve just received, which is pretty mild ? but the intention is still to wound: ‘I am sorry to be the one to burst your arrogant and conceited bubble but I don’t find you attractive at all. You look a fool.’

      Or how about this one, who used her office email and signs herself as an admin executive: ‘You look a ridiculous fool, you make me ill’.

      I am at a loss as to understand what goes through someone’s mind before they press the ‘send’ button on a message like that.

      Let me speculate, dear Samantha, on what might go through their minds:

      “She’s a bit so-so and she’s acting like she’s Pippa Middleton’s left arse cheek. Better point it out to her, the daft cow”

      1. Hahahahaha.

    3. That’s one handsome woman.

    4. Her neighbors must be fugly.

    5. I speak with authority on this since I will fuck most anything. But honey, you are just not all that.

    6. Who the hell is Samantha Brick?

    7. This bile just proves I’m right

      No bitch, this bile proves that you’re a narcissistic piece of shit who thinks she’s all that. And your husband still looks like a date rapist.

    8. Man, I’m probably only a 5.5 – 6 and I wouldn’t hit that if she was throwing herself at me.

    9. http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix…..34×881.jpg

      The fuck am I looking at here?

  6. So, this is post-registration Reason…I hope this works and that it wasn’t the culture that was the problem…

    1. You’re just too pretty for us.

    2. I hope this works and that it wasn’t the culture that was the problem…,/i>

      Mote, beam, etc.

    3. Seems pretty good so far. Spoofing is a lot harder and the content free, obnoxious shit has been vastly reduced.

    4. “I hope this works and that it wasn’t the culture that was the problem…”

      Just shut the fuck up.

    5. Are you suffering from White Indian Derangement Syndrome or something? Your posting seems to have taken a distinct dip in quality.

  7. The Worst Economic Recovery in History
    Since the second half of 2009, the U.S. economy has grown at a rate of 2.4%, a full percentage point below average long-term growth.

    The current recovery began in the second half of 2009, but economic growth has been weak. Growth in 2010 was 3% and in 2011 it was 1.7%. Who knows what 2012 will bring, but the current growth rate looks to be about 2%, according to the consensus of economists recently polled by Blue Chip Economic Indicators. Sadly, we have never really recovered from the recession. The economy has not even returned to its long-term growth rate and is certainly not making up for lost ground. No doubt, there are favorable economic numbers to be found, but overall we continue to struggle.

    1. And the real growth rate is even worse, since the feds are obviously manipulating data to minimize reported inflation.

      With an inflation rate of 3-4% all of the growth completely vanishes.

      1. There is no inflation. Shrike, that genius of secular capitalsim, told me so on multiple occasions.

      2. There is no inflation. Shrike, that genius of secular capitalsim, told me so on multiple occasions.

      3. GDP “growth” has been primarily in the “G” (government spending) factor, not private consumption or either of the other factors.

        1. Actually, consumption has grown probably more than it ought (somewhat due to food and energy inflation, somewhat do to keeping up with the govt employed Jones’).

          What has cratered is savings and investment, which is sad because that is the greatest attribute you can have in an economy.

    2. Recovery Summer III will be better! Joe Biden said so!

      1. Recover Summer III: Recover Harder

        Coming soon to a depressed economy near you.

    3. Piggybacking:

      Actual unemployment is around 15%.

  8. Eric Holder costs the taxpayers $120,000 for trying to shut down free speech.


  9. Obama vs. Marbury v. Madison
    The President needs a remedial course in judicial review.

    Presidents are paid to be confident about their own laws, but what’s up with that “unprecedented”? In Marbury in 1803, Chief Justice John Marshall laid down the doctrine of judicial review. In the 209 years since, the Supreme Court has invalidated part or all of countless laws on grounds that they violated the Constitution. All of those laws were passed by a “democratically elected” legislature of some kind, either Congress or in one of the states. And no doubt many of them were passed by “strong” majorities.

    1. wasn’t he supposed to be a con law prof? or am I confused.

      1. As good a con-law prof as he is president.

        1. It’s becoming obvious that non STEM higher education actually makes people dumber.

          1. It depends. Here and there you can still pick up a classical liberal arts education. But its getting more and more difficult.

          2. y u sey thet? i good sikoloji stoodent

            1. channeling the spirit of O2/O3?

      2. Con law profs aren’t necessarily trained to be experts on the plain text of the constitution. What they are trained to do is to twist and distort the meaning of the text to justify pretty much any law anyone can dream up. By that standard he’s actually an excellent con law prof.

    2. http://www.greatfallstribune.c…..dyssey=tab|topnews|text|Frontpage

      Four of the six medical marijuana providers who are suing the U.S. government over last year’s raids of pot businesses across Montana have been arrested on federal drug charges, their lawyer in the civil lawsuit said Tuesday.

      So much for the word of our glorious leader.

      1. He believes he can play all of those supporters as battered wives. The disgusting part is he is right.

      2. If Obama doesn’t raid these businesses, it is a nod in the direction of federalism. And you know what he thinks of federalism.

    3. http://www.foxnews.com/politic…..on-health/

      A three-judge panel for the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday ordered the Justice Department to explain by Thursday whether the administration believes judges have the power to strike down a federal law.

  10. Forman’s sister ain’t aging very well.


    1. I saw that too… yikes!

      1. That looks like every meth addict’s mugshot.

        1. She looks like Andy Warhol and Gollum had a daughter.

          1. what? You don’t like bug eyes?

            1. Y’all are so cruel. Cruelly witty.

    2. She was never that hot. Maybe a butterface at best. She looks like a blond ewok in the before pic.

      1. Where the hell does “butterface” come from? I don’t think I have encountered that usage other than on H&R.

        1. I’ve heard the term before, but always associated it with the teenager – basically a still ‘unformed’ face that still has baby fat and minimal cheekbones.

        2. It’s a sort of portmanteau of “but her face”. I’m not sure where it came from but I’ve seen it around lots of places.

          1. For example: She has a smoking hot body, but her face looks like someone hit it with a shovel. Just sub in butterface for everything after the comma.

            1. Ah. That is kind of funny.

              1. or ‘but her face looks like it caught fire and her daddy beat it out with a rake’.

        3. Not sure where it originated but I’ve heard the term used for probably at least 10 years.

        4. It comes from an old joke. “She’s a butterface. Nice body, but her face…”

          1. Duh. But were did the joke come from originally?

        5. Butterface: She’s a nice looking woman but [for] her face.

          IOW nice fit body unattactive face.

          I’ve also heard Bengal. Great uniform ugly helmet. But butterface is the more widely used term on the intertubes.

          1. I’ve also heard Bengal. Great uniform ugly helmet.

            Huh, I’ve heard it as a “Cleveland Brown” for the same reason.


          2. I’ve heard “Penn State” in place of “Bengals” in the uni-helmet tag as well.

            Face it: PSU helmets are pretty durned ugly

    3. That mugshot is priceless. She looks batshit insane.

      1. Looks like those before and after meth pix.

    4. She’s 42? Wo. So she was playing a 20-year-old well into her thirties. Those Hollywood make artists are magicians.

      1. Wonder if Ashton was hitting that.

    5. Part of that’s just the lighting and photo quality.

    6. Why do H&R commentators hate her for being beautiful?

      You’re all just jealous. She’s a beautiful woman and you can’t cope with that.

    7. Might we, as libertarian geeks, be setting the bar just a little too high?

      She’s just not made-up. Slap some foundation on that and you’re good to go.

      1. Slap some foundation Trowel some spackle on that and you’re good to go.


        1. Would looking like Tammy Faye really be an improvement?

      2. Too many Michelle Fields videos have us all desensitized.

  11. From Balkinization re: the Supreme Court’s recent strip search decision:

    “The Court embraced today a “police-state logic.” It is a logic that seeks to eliminate, to absolutely eradicate and purge any and all security risks, no matter how small they might be. It demands total suppression and erasure of risk. The police-state logic is about identifying, describing, cataloguing any and all possible security risks, no matter how trivial, and then effectively giving the state security apparatus free rein to adopt the most penetrating strategy to obliterate that risk.”

    1. I’d like to note that it was the court’s conservatives who ok’d the mass strip searches of those jailed even on the most minor charges and without probable cause to suspect them, and the court’s liberals who opposed it. Yes, Clarence “The Most Libertarian Justice” Thomas was there supporting the right of the government to strip you naked on the merest whim. Good thing we have justices like him standing between us and the government!

      1. Yes. They all suck in their own special ways. Tallest midget, etc.

      2. You win. There are zero libertarian judges instead of half a libertarian.

        Score one for Team Blue!

    2. It was a terrible decision. But the worse decision was the one a few years ago that allowed police to arrest people for really minor offenses. That combined with the widespread incompetance of many big police forces is a recipe for disaster.

      What is really depressing about that case is not that the plaintiff was strip searched but that he was in jail for six days on bogus charges and no one seems to care.

      1. Yeah, that was this case:


        Thomas was in on the majority on that one too!

        1. But, every libertarian knows that the SCOTUS is the defender of liberty.

        2. Oh, I get it! Since Thomas provided a shitty opinion, all of his opinions must suck. If you have ever said, “good libertarian position” about other Thomas opinions, this negates them and makes you a hypocritical fool. It also makes the other Justices libertarian by default.

  12. Democrats Resort to Magical Thinking on Obamacare

    Let’s say the court strikes down the entire law. The Democratic fantasy goes something like this: The public will still be upset about the number of Americans without insurance, rising premiums and the difficulty people with pre-existing conditions have getting insurance. Republicans will have no plan for achieving universal coverage. Sooner or later, single payer — which would probably be more popular than a mandate, and thus an easier sell to the public — will prevail.

    Reality-check time: When Obamacare became law, Democrats had more power in Washington than at any time since the Carter administration in the 1970s. They had the presidency and lopsided majorities in both houses of Congress. Because conservative Democrats have declined in numbers, it was probably the most liberal Congress since 1965-66. They were still barely able to pass the law. And that was with important medical industries either neutralized or in favor of the legislation, which they would not be in the case of single payer.

    1. Resort to?

      Magical thinking was their starting point.

    2. Are you serious? Are you serious?

  13. Now he’s really put his foot in it.

    “That has troubled a number of people who have read it as somehow a challenge to the federal courts or to their authority,” Smith said. “And that’s not a small matter.”

    Smith ordered a response from the department within 48 hours. The related letter from the court, obtained by Fox News, instructed the Justice Department to provide an explanation of “no less than three pages, single spaced” by noon on Thursday.

    1. I got a chuckle out of this. Our Constitutional Scholar President makes comments indicating that only elected officials should write laws and the courts exist only to convict people of violating the laws. What a warped view. I’m sure the authors of the constitution would have a somewhat different opinion on the merits of pure democracy vs. a constitutional republic.

    2. This is big.

      1. Yeah. I think he guaranteed Obamacare’s fall. The vote last weekend by SCOTUS was non-binding. No way are the justices going to take that shit off him. My optimistic case is they strike down Obamacare and three or four other borderline cases just to make sure the Executive Branch gets the message.

    3. I’m pretty sure that it was the Fifth Circuit that chewed the administration’s ass for ignoring/violating court orders on, if memory serves, drilling permits and moratoriums after BP.

      So they’ve had a gutful of this administration. Good for them.

    4. I’d have made him write out, 1000 times, “I will not sign legislation that violates the Constitution” and turn it in first thing in the morning.

  14. Blake Lively is still hot.


    1. Who? Meh.

      Let’s establish a rule here: If you’re 24, you should be hot. If you aren’t, don’t sweat it, but you’ve peaked unless you have some super-human MILF genes.

      1. But that flies in the face of the other rule here that your value as a human female diminishes progressively incrementally for each year of age you advance after 24. Or is it each pound of weight after 95 – I can never remember.

        1. Yes, those jeans do make you look fat.

        2. You men. You have no idea how horny and skilled women over 35 can be. I pity you foolish, foolish boys.

          1. Ease up, babe. I was mocking that sick attitude.

            1. I know you was bein’ facetious. I was just interatin’ for the dudes that actually think a 24-year-old is any good in the sack (well, comparatively).

          2. Oh yes, yes I do.

            When I was 23, a comely 34-year old took me under her wing on a semi-regular basis. The woman had knowledge and I was extremely grateful.

          3. Right. Any women under 30 are missing something.

        3. I don’t subscribe to this worldview. I am very sensitive to personality issues. I find myself much more attracted to a lady who just by her looks might be a 6 or 7, but has a great personality, is intelligent, has drive, has values that line up with my own. Conversely, if a woman is a 9 by her looks but I dislike her personailty, I won’t be attracted to her.

          It seems culture demands that men respond to this position by saying “if you value anything other than looks, you’re rationalizing dating fat girls”. I don’t understand this incomplete position. It seems very childish to me.

          1. I don’t get it either. The only reason I can think people would think that is that they never have actually caught a really attractive woman and realized how fucked up and nasty they can be.

            1. I figure that chubby chasers are just mad that no attractive women have ever given them the time of day.
              They then blame all attractive women for this, saying that they’re all bitches.
              Fact is, all women are “fucked up and nasty” in their own way.
              I would prefer that my “fucked up and nasty” woman be attractive than not.

              1. Actually, what you – erroneously – figure is that your notion of what constitutes attractiveness is a cosmic absolute.

                1. You folks are presenting a false dichotomy in the form of a choice between a physically attractive bitch or a physically unattractive woman with a great personality.

                  I choose a physically attractive woman with an awesome personality.

                  The best of both worlds!

                  Fuck you all!

                  1. Yup, go for hot and great personality…

                    ….then comes marriage and kids.

                    Those things can be taxing on both looks and personality. So basically you are screwed no matter what. Just sayin’

          2. Let’s be clear, I was only referring to aesthetics. Personality and sexual prowess are a far different matter.

            I was trying to fend off the “Hey look! another smoking-hawt 22-year old!” Pfffft.

            1. Someone needs to ride mopeds.

              Better you than me.

              1. You at least linked to a 30-year old with a kid. Not exactly a MILF in spirit, but one by definition.

                There’s hope for you.

  15. White Student elected president of selective high school’s black student union. Fainting ensues.


    1. Geez, when Whitey can suppress the black vote in a black student union, he’s really spiking the ball.

      1. It is the Thomas Jefferson School of Science and Mathematics. Apparently nerd unity trumps racial identity. What a great story.

        1. Thomas Jefferson. That explains it.

          1. Buncha oreos. They need some reeducation.

        2. Apparently nerd unity trumps racial identity.

          Seems appropriate.

    2. Black person elected President of majority-white country: victory for diversity and inclusiveness.

      White person elected president of majority-black organization: racism.

      1. shut your racist mouth you racistly racist whoreacist.

      2. also, this is exactly why obama needed the power to drop drones on citizens.

        keep it up, you megaracist.

      3. And yet a white guy representing a majority black district can’t join the CBC.

    3. just won the Princeton Prize in Race Relations

      I think he’s the dick who chewed out the grocery clerk, isn’t he?

    4. I lol’d.

      “they voted on the merits of my ideas,” said Wattendorf, 17, who spearheaded “

  16. Chubby chaser special!


    1. C’mon John, I put this one up just for you!

      1. They had a whole thread for you yesterday about the Miss Universe pageant.

        1. Can’t turn an X into a Y.

          1. Like that matters.

            1. You’re saying you’d tap that?

              1. No I am saying you would. You would see all that skin and bone and you couldn’t help yourself.

                1. Speak for yourself.

                  1. Ooh, all this antagonism between you two, it’s just so…. SEXY. A real turn on.

    2. Two Whole Cakes

      ‘nough said

      1. wait, no

        also, fried chicken.

  17. Conservative Anti-Romney Pundits Struggle to Embrace Mitt

    Conservative Anti-Romney Pundits Struggle to Embrace Mitt
    by Howard Kurtz Apr 2, 2012 1:00 AM EDT
    Will the hard-core anti-Romney pundits come around?

    Comments (94)

    Erick Erickson was out of patience, tired of reading about Mitt Romney as a paragon of conservative virtue, tired of hearing the callers to his Atlanta radio show praise Romney’s record.
    Romney 2012

    Romney could cause “the destruction of the conservative movement as we know it,” Erickson wrote., Emmanuel Dunand / AFP-Getty Images

    The founder of the red-meat blog RedState.com sat down last fall in his Macon home, beside a towering painting of Abraham Lincoln, and banged out an epic rant. Romney was “unprincipled,” he wrote, and yet certain to win the Republican presidential nomination?an outcome that would cause “the destruction of the conservative movement as we know it.”

    Time has not softened Erickson’s stance. The onetime Presbyterian church deacon turned CNN commentator now tells Newsweek: “There are a whole lot of conservatives who think Romney is not really a whole lot better than Obama.”

    1. Conservative Anti-Romney Pundits Struggle to Embrace Mitt

      This headline would strike me as upsetting Santorum for more than one reason…

    2. grrr… non-apology apology for the extra text.

    3. WTF? “Anti-Romney” pundits aren’t embracing Romney? Isn’t that obvious from the “Anti-Romney” part.

  18. Gerson: How Romney can overcome his shortcomings

    But by now it is clear that Romney is not a political natural ? as Barack Obama was and Rubio may be. Politics is Romney’s second language, and he often speaks it haltingly, in an awkward accent. His ploys are too obvious, his humor forced, his instincts unreliable.

    This matters because Romney is engaged in an uphill communications battle ? a series of challenges that require effective language and strategy.

  19. Beware the single poll (gender gap edition)

    Liberals and other observers today have been running with an easy story line ? that a new USA Today/Gallup swing states poll showing a large gender gap in the presidential race ? confirms that Republicans have really damaged themselves with women thanks to GOP stances on contraception, abortion and other issues. That’s possible, but I’d urge caution for a few reasons.

    First, it’s never a good idea to put very much weight on a single poll, but it’s especially risky to trust the subsets of voters in a single poll. Remember, relatively large swings that are really just statistical noise are very possible in national polls ? and the smaller the subset of voters surveyed, the larger the chances for meaningless patterns to appear.

    1. As the male/female voter population is very close to 50/50, the gender gap goes both ways.

      If it is a problem for the GOP, the gap is an equivalent problem for the Dems.

    2. This all just liberal propaganda. Here’s the REAL story:Women Voters Can’t Help Fawning Over Sexist GOP

  20. Jessica Alba, MILF extraordinaire.


    1. ugh, what is up with the tat?

      1. Read the words under the picture.

        1. That is crazy talk? Read? WTF?

          Okay, its a temp, that makes me feel better, she can be hot again.

          1. She does have a standard issue tramp stamp though.

            1. I’m not really sure you can hold that against any girl in that age range.

    2. Some years ago there was a kerfuffle about Playboy photoshopping its logo onto her bikini top. A partner, special counsel and I spent the best part of 30 minutes examining her breasts to find it. This was not fun for me. Now, if it had been Jon Hamm’s underpants…

    3. Her daughter’s name is “Honor”? Obviously no one bothered to point out the obvious reason why that’s the worst name for a girl ever.

      Boy 1: “Did you get “Honor” [as in “on her”]?

      Boy 2: “Yeah, everyone’s gotten “Honor” ’cause she’s easy.”

      Think before settling on a name next time.

      1. My aunt named her son Mage. As in a spell caster. It makes me want to strangle her.

  21. Freedom of Speech Wanes in Britain

    When last month during an FA Cup quarter-final, the 23 year old Zaire-born former under-21 England international footballer, Fabrice Muamba, collapsed after a heart attack, a palpable wave of sympathy broke out for him among supporters of both teams at the north London stadium where the match was being played.

    Unfortunately, that wave of sympathy did not extend to one inebriated 21 year old British biology undergraduate who had been following the match. He promptly twittered a disgusting and highly abusive comment about the incident, followed by still more disgusting responses to those who twittered to him in protest at what he had written.


    For making those comments, the young man was swiftly given a two-month prison sentence, upheld on appeal last week.

    1. I was an Anglophile before I started paying attention to the modern UK.

      1. ja – I once had dreams of retiring to a village in Cornwall. Now? I was hoping for some sanity when the (haha) ‘conservatives’ took control, but that obviously did nothing to slow the descent into PC-madness.

        1. Indeed. Have you read Austerity Britain by any chance? I can only take a handful of pages at a time. The combination of how deep seated their fuckedupedness lies and the resemblance of postwar British planners and modern US ones is too much.

    2. That is fucked. Probably a harsher punishment than any of the little shits who were rioting and looting last summer got.

    3. Rule of thumb: if you want to know what America will be like in 20 years, look at Britain now.

  22. Ford didnt receive any federal assistance? Didnt they get money directly from the federal reserve?


    1. No wonder GM got pissed about the Ford “we didn’t take a bailout” ads.

      1. 1. While I don’t agree with the practice – there is a big difference between a government loan to a company that has since been paid back versus government becoming a shareholder in a company – which will probably never be repaid.

        2. You give GM too much credit (no pun intended), more likely their feelings were hurt.

      2. Yeah, Ford basically failed before anyone else, so they were already flush with borrowed cash when the economy broke.

        The question is whether that makes them a better auto company or a worse one.

        1. Ford also fixed themselves first. Chrysler has yet to start building decent cars, and GM is still bleeding from labor and pension costs.

  23. Coulple stick taxpayers with $620,000 for fixing up their gimpy dog. http://www.nbcwashington.com/n…..24945.html

    It’s also a Balko un-nut-punch.

    1. It’d be better if it came out of the pension fund.

    2. Here’s a crazy idea, how about everyone just stay the fuck out of everyone else’s (elses’?) house?

        1. Yeah, why don’t some spell checkers recognize “else’s”?

    3. It wasn’t the owners of the shot dog who screwed the taxpayers, it was the Frederick County Sheriff’s Dept. The couple are guilty of nothing more than wishing to be made whole after the govt shot their dog.

      And I know that you know the diff, Abby, but I feel that it’s important to get into the habit of framing this correctly.

      1. And the vet bills were only $2500. The rest of the money was for

        he Jenkins say Brooks and Deputy First Class Nathan Rector came into their home without a warrant or their permission. The officers were looking for the couple’s son to serve him a civil warrant.

        According to the complaint filed by the plaintiffs’ attorney, Cary Hansel, the dog was not acting aggressively or even facing Brooks when he shot her. The dog suffered injuries to the back of her shoulder that required surgery. The Jenkins turned down a $2,500 settlement offer to cover her veterinary bills.

        The proper headline is idiot cops violate people’s rights and cost taxpayers 600K.

      2. Tonio, the mis-directing headline was a joke.

  24. How come women’s ncaa basketball seems to involve one team dominating the entire rest of the nation?

    1. I mean, on the one hand dominant teams can draw attention to a league or sport, but one team beating up on everyone else can’t have but so much appeal I would think…Can’t the NCAA make more parity (should it)?

      1. Depends, do you look at each team as a business separate from the rest whose power should be maximized or do you look at the league as business whose path to success means competitive teams?

      2. “I mean, on the one hand dominant teams can draw attention to a league or sport, but one team beating up on everyone else can’t have but so much appeal I would think…Can’t the NCAA make more parity (should it)?”

        What do you suggest? A central planner that re-distributes the wealth (talent) so that all teams are equally mediocre?

        1. laffeaux

      3. I realized how bad it was when I saw UConn women this season (number 4 or 5) beat North Carolina (24) by more than 50 points. It was 40 something to 90 something.

        I am sorry, but the number 4 men’s team NEVER beats the 24 team that badly.

    2. Two reasons, fewer good players and no lucrative professional basketball league. If the WNBA paid what the NBA does, Britney Griner would have gone pro after her freshman year. Instead, women players generally stay all four years. That gives the big schools a big advantage.

      Then, there are just fewer division I level women basketball players than there are men. That means the gap between the elite and non elite teams is really large. Rarely is there more than six or eight teams who have any hope at getting to the final four much less winning the tournament.

      1. If title IX was working as it was meant to then WNBA would be popular. Congress should look into this, dammit!

        1. Stop giving them ideas!

          1. c’mon Zeb, It’s pretty obvious we’d all be happier if congress was preoccupied with womyns bball.

            1. Good point. Though I’d rather they just go home for 6-9 months of the year.

    3. If women’s basketball lags men’s basketball, maybe this is their UCLA phase. So it started out with parity since every girl was terrible but now basketball has enough interest that there are some highly skilled female players going to college. But not enough for that skill level to pan out across a lot of schools. And we’re still at a point where a freakish size (like Baylor) is nearly enough to dominate. If interest continues to rise, maybe we’ll start to see parity. Well, someone else will see, because I don’t find it very watchable.

      1. This is about the peak. The fact is women don’t like to play sports as much as men do. So there will always be a smaller pool of athletes.

        1. Careful John. You might be saying there’s actual differences between men and women. Look how that turned out for Larry Summers.

        2. “The fact is women don’t like to play sports as much as men do”

          I’m not entirely convinced that this is true. I think that it is true that fewer women want to play sports on a high level and put the level of commitment into it than men do, particularly in sports with high profile professional leagues. There are many possible reasons for this besides something inherent about the sexes (I’d guess it has more to do with the fact that people are less interested in watching women’s sports (tennis excepted)). In my experience in high school and college, there were just as many girl jocks as boys, though I didn’t go to a particularly athletically oriented college.
          Who knows? I don’t think it matters. Each person should do what he or she wants to and that’s it.

          1. I think there is always going to be an “interest gap” in women’s pro sports vs. men’s. There is always going to be some slice of a professional women’s sport league which will lose some amount of time to pregnancy. That time off will have a negative impact on their development as a player.

            For example, the NFL, NBA, MLB, etc would suffer if 1/4 of their athletes were to lose 9ish months of playing time during their mid-20s.

      2. Shallow talent pool, accumulating at a few big-name schools. No reason to expect that to change.

    4. You have no idea what you are talking about. Did Baylor win the title last year?

  25. The Freemarket Fonzie is on Fox & Friends as we speak. Ah, already over. That must have been a whole 90 seconds

    1. The important thing is that this proves he is part of the aristocracy.

    1. The best part is the dismissal of the cashier as a low knowledge voter. Bitch didn’t even have a BA in Lesbian Peace Studies.

      1. Well, to many a “compassionate liberal”, it is a tautology that being opposed to Democratic politicians means that they are voting against their own interest and must be corrected.

    2. I often feel bad when I see older people still working when, in a just society, they shouldn’t have to… “If you say one more fucking thing I’ll go find your manager and all three of us can discuss this.”

      At that, she suddenly deflated. Now the look in her eyes was fear. She looked down and meekly mumbled “Ok. Sorry sir.”

      I left then, proud of myself and still full of anger.

      All for her own good of course.

      1. Someone needs to stab that asshole.

      2. I didn’t follow the link. Is that an actual quote from the story? And this guy was proud of himself?

        1. Yep, all honest-to-God quotes. It’s pretty short and worth reading

          1. Just when you think the world could not possibly get any more ridiculous, some guy posts this stuff in an “online diary”, and he is proud of it. Absolutely remarkable!

    3. Her eyes flashed with anger and realization that I must be one of “those people”. She drew in a breath, about to say something and I said,
      “If you say one more fucking thing I’ll go find your manager and all three of us can discuss this.”
      At that, she suddenly deflated. Now the look in her eyes was fear. She looked down and meekly mumbled “Ok. Sorry sir.”
      I left then, proud of myself and still full of anger.

      He beat up an old lady working at a checkout counter. And he is proud of himself. What a fucking asshole. I hate to advocate violence. But that guy deserves a beating.

      1. Don’t worry John, he is being punished; he’s living in a United States ruled by his political philosophy.

        The fact that the rest of us have to endure his punishment, on the other hand… 🙂

        1. “proud of myself and still full of anger”

          Is there anyone with a Kos account who doesn’t feel that way?

          1. Daily Kos is the liberal nerd’s “Letters to Penthouse”…

          2. Yeah, I would say his outlook is typical of a “progressive”.

            1. Comment #1: “Hey, you have to roll that way, sometimes.”

              Comment #2: “Agreed.”

              Liberal compassion means “Have compassion on us!” In other words, spineless cowardice.

      2. “I stopped at Meijer which is a big box store; yes, I know. But Meijer is Michigan owned, is unionized and has a very respectable selection of organic produce as well as locally baked breads. Lately they’ve been expanding their gluten-free line of products too.
        I’m a very political person. ”

        No shit? SOunds like self parody.

        1. One of these days, the equivalent of Alan Sokal will post one of these things – how I flogged the maid for criticizing the President – just to see how many people approve his misconduct. Then, like Sokal, he’ll expose the fraud and explain that he was astonished that people would praise such brazen misconduct.

          1. Misconduct in defense of the Obamassiah is no vice.

        2. The union of Meijer – which I used to be part of waay back – was the biggest POS. 1) They were pretty much in bed with the corporation. 2) required union dues for part-time teenage workers, which led to some interesting $20 paychecks 3) had no good messaging for why or who was doing what for us warehouse workers

          but hey, I got a free turkey from them on Thanksgiving.

          1. Really? The union gave you a free turkey? UPS at least ponied up and gave us the turkey without the teamsters acting as middlemen when I worked there.

          2. That was my first lesson on unions – when I was a 14 year old working at a supermarket. $20 of initiation fees for the first 6 or 8 weeks on top of your regular dues (I was making $4.50 an hour in those days). And for what? A mandatory 15 minute break every four hours? Fuck that, I’d rather have the money.

            1. Working. For Money.

              You’re a disgusting piece of unwashed illiterate filth. You monster.

            2. false consciousness Ska

      3. Kind of hard to imagine after reading this:

        I stopped at Meijer which is a big box store; yes, I know. But Meijer is Michigan owned, is unionized and has a very respectable selection of organic produce as well as locally baked breads. Lately they’ve been expanding their gluten-free line of products too.
        I’m a very political person. I spend a lot of time here (although this is my first ever attempt at a diary), I read the Nation and Mother Jones, I listen to progressive talk in my truck all day at work and I keep up with the important events shaping our world. I hear and read Obama bashing every day and I try not to let it get to me. I just wasn’t prepared for the anti-Obama diatribe I heard from the cashier as I was checking out.

        that he keeps his fucking mouth shut about politics at work as he demands of this lady.

        1. unionized
          gluten-free line
          Nation and Mother Jones
          I listen to progressive talk in my truck all day

          That’s a dipshit homerun, right there.

          1. Grand slam.

            1. Leave Denny’s out of this, old man.

              1. Denny’s grand slam dipshit, union made and now with an extra side of smug.

          2. FWIW, gluten-free isn’t a dietary fad. There are a number of digestive diseases, ie Crohn’s, which are made worse by consuming gluten.

            1. Yes, but there’s also a number of people who have latched on to it for bizarre reasons of their own. For every one person who has a legitimate medical condition, there’s 5 more who think it will cleanse the impurities out of their colon or some such twaddle.

              They also make gluten-free beer, which I have tried out of curiosity.

            2. What T said. It’s not that it isn’t real, it’s just the Lactose Intolerance of the 20teens.

            3. Didn’t know that, but not surprised. Thanks for the info, T.

              1. Folks with celiac’s get really fucked up from gluten.

        2. How can he be a good little lefty if he in his truck all day? Isn’t he thinking of all the carbon dioxide he’s spewing into the atmosphere?

        3. WTF does this guy care about Meijer’s grocery selection? His head is so far up his own ass he can probably eat his own predigested food.

      4. Why can’t I ever be the next customer in line behind asshats like that?

        [as he turns to walk away]

        Me: “If he’s here who’s running hell?” [spoken loud enough for him to here it]

        Me: [thinking to myself] Please stop and take a swing at me. Come on, give me an excuse, please.

    4. And there is a cat 5 smug storm in the comments. God these people are loathsome. The people who post on KOS are not just silly and ignorant. They are just bad people.

      1. And yet even joe is ridiculed there.

        1. Really? IS that because Joe is just that much worse or because they are so bad even Joe comes across as a human being?

          1. What I’m thinking of

            But it looks like my memory had overestimated the number of comments making fun of him. God, what a horrible place. No wonder he went there.

      2. They are just bad people.

        They are people who use government, the organization whose sole legitimate duty is to react to the initiation of force and fraud, as an initiator of force and fraud.

        They’re not just “bad people”, they’re criminals.

    5. Browbeating and saying fuck to an old woman. Brave man. I wish I had been in line behind him.

      1. And it’s bookended with this godawful sanctimony – she shouldn’t have to work and she’s so ignorant, the poor old dear. Classist, sexist, ageist, othering, smug bullying asshole.

        1. “in a just society she wouldn’t have to work”
          Yeah, or a 1950’s one.

          1. Well I doubt he was referring to a 2030s one where the free market created a grocery-bagging robot.

            1. Robots will be programmable

              1. In my store, they will be programmed to slag the President to every customer.

                1. c’mon, there’s enough politicians to slag, mix it up!

                2. In my store, they will be programmed to slag the President to every customer.

                  Holy crap. I can honestly say that I’ve never been compelled by marketing gimmicks to shop, but you may have very well conceived the lone exception.

                  1. There is dire need for an Xtranormal video of this (presidential robo-bagger slag), but I am hardly the man to do it.

          2. In a just society she could have called her manager over who would have thrown the customer out of the store for being an asshole.

        2. Yeah, he says he thinks she shouldn’t have to work, but moments later he’s threatening her job to get her to stop saying things he doesn’t like.

          What she said wasn’t that bad anyway. I imagine the manager would have told her to go back to work and not say anything political from now on.

          1. Has she said the same thing of Bush the author would have applauded her.

            It’s not what she said that mattered, it’s who she said it about.

        3. Classist, sexist, ageist, othering, smug bullying asshole.

          Don’t be ridiculous – progressives just aren’t capable of such bigotry.

      2. So would I. I am not living well enough for God to give me that kind of pleasure.

        1. I have a pretty slow fuse, but if anything could set me off, it’s a smug fucking righteous prick dressing down some stranger who’s powerless to stand up for herself. I’d hate to see what that guy would be like if he got a little bit of power. What a prick.

          1. It is like a little training ground for budding Robespierres and Lenins.

          2. Powerless? She’s in a union fer crissakes!

        2. I think it would be more fun to be behind Warty behind this asshole. In my fantasy, Warty rips the guy’s arm off and shoves it up his ass.

          1. That last sentence — it’s ambiguous.

      3. You’d never overcome his Arugula fueled gluten free biceps…

        1. Warty eats whole steers…I’ll put my money on Wartington’s protein jacked delts and traps.

          1. No one ever threatens me in public. 🙁

            1. Possibly because they’re afraid of what you’ll do to them in private?

              1. 🙁 🙁 🙁

    6. Right out of the gate, the writer has to apologize for shopping at a big box store. I’m Catholic and even I can’t imagine living with such perpetual guilt.

      1. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

        1. By which I mean political correctness is a religion.

      2. No kidding. As a Catholic you just have to feel bad about what? Jerking off? Not giving the bum on the corner a dollar today?

        You can at least go to a store and not worry about God’s righteous vengeance being visited upon you.

        1. Nope, Catholics got that covered too


          1. That is just the commie Jesuits. They get the guilt they deserve.

            1. Jesuits are mostly ok in my book. I went to a Jesuit HS and had a Jesuit that actively encouraged me to explore alternative and Eastern philosophies when I came to realize that Catholicism was a big crock. We did hold annual memorials for liberation theologists murdered by Central American governments and the priests were generally Left wing, but they are by far the most openminded of the Catholic orders in my experience.

              1. It’s best to cut martyrs some slack. They probably weren’t assassinated for their unfamiliarity with Austrian economics but for ordering soldiers to stop killing and torturing civilians (like Abp. Romero, or I should say the *late* Abp. Romero)

              2. Jesuit = Vatican Warlock Assasin = Vicarivus Filii Dei = 1+100+1+5+1+50+1+1+500+1 = 666 = Cvte pvrpLe Dinosavr = Barney is the Beast of Revelation 13.

                There’s some king of connection, there.

                I’m just sayin’.

          2. Wish it were. I got this over 12 years of (non-Jesuit) Catholic education and weekly mass until I was 14

      3. +1. But his guilt is because he should be getting his organic produce via a CSA farm, and not a big box store. C’mon.

        1. CSA?!?! RAAAAACIST!!!

      4. I have friends who do this too every time they hit up Wal-Mart. They have to mention something about how they never shop at Wal-Mart and it’s just so icky, but they keep going, because it’s open 24 hours.

      5. I love posting on Facebook how I bought this or that item at Walmart. Seeing the synchronized head assplosions gives me such a sense of triumph.

    7. Serious question. What produces people like this? Is this really the inevitable product of liberal indoctrination and self esteem building in schools?

      1. A belief in the righteousness of his TEAM, the evil of the other TEAM, and believing that the ends justify the means. That, and having a tiny little pecker.

      2. One of the requirements is that you have to be absolutely sure that you’re right.

        Once you’ve got that down, you have to lose whatever reluctance you have to inflict your righteous will on other people.

        1. I don’t read the right wing blogs. I don’t read Red State or Free Republic. I read instapundit and here and sometimes Althouse and that is about it.

          Is there this kind of just personal asshole behavior on this blogs? Do people on Free Republic brag about beating down some liberal college student working as a clerk at the grocery store?

          Just wondering.

          1. People tend to assume the extremes.

            If you believe that anybody in the Tea Party movement is necessarily a full fledged supporter of the Westboro Baptist Church, then, yeah, people act like that. They treat Tea Party people with utter and complete disdain because of what they’ve heard about intelligent design and opposition to Gay Marriage.

            I think the inertia behind that sort of thing tends to move back and forth between conservatives and liberals depending on whichever party is in the White House at the moment.

            I remember when Bush was in the White House, and I was denouncing the morality of torturing people, people would come here to the site and argue that torture was perfectly appropriate. There’s always this tendency to say that what the other side is criticizing isn’t just okay–it’s what everyone should do, and they should do it more often!

            I’ve seen people do the same thing with the Zimmerman thing. It’s not enough for some people to say that there probably wasn’t enough evidence for a trial. They have to say the shooting was justified; they have to say terrible stuff about black kids in hoodies generally; they have to criticize black people for complaining about racism…

            It’s the same thing this person did to the cashier. It’s just that this person with the cashier was on the left, and instead of doing it on a blog somewhere, this person did it to the cashier face to face.

            But it’s all the same thing.

            1. If you believe that anybody in the Tea Party movement is necessarily a full fledged supporter of the Westboro Baptist Church

              Despite what people claim, there aren’t really that many Democrats in the Tea Party, so the Westboro folks probably wouldn’t be there.

          2. I am in the same boat – almost exclusively I get my news from Instapundit, Drudge, and Reason. But mostly Reason. So I feel kind of grossed out checking out Daily Kos.

            1. I get all my news from Twitter. It’s very comprehensive. For example, apparently Justin Bieber has a boyfriend

          3. There are some crazy people at freerepublic, dude.

            I mean capital C crazy. Hercule crazy.

            The people at Kos we call crazy are really just douchebags and pinkos. That’s not entirely the same thing.

            1. I have no doubt there is a lot of crazy at those sites. But is there the level of personal douchbaery that lefty sites seem to have.

              1. Two entirely different brands. While both ultimately preach total subservience to their respective masters, the nature of each is diametrically opposed to that of the other.

                The lefty feels a part of the machine he supports; it is literally him, along with other right-minded members of society, who comprise its very body. This necessarily produces in him an air of condescension — it is him, personally, as a function of his being, that is Right, whereas his opponent is Wrong. For him to be wrong, reality itself would have to be wrong as well.

                The righty, on the other hand, feels apart from the machine he supports — he doesn’t question that when properly implemented, it is perfectly Right, but it is ultimately something other to himself, handed down from god or antiquity, much like the ten commandments. This produces in him the strange combination of his simultaneously being somewhat individualist, and yet very apt to bootlicking, when the rightness of his chosen system is questioned.

      3. I think certain qualities, for example respect for authority or hatred of unearned or misplaced authority, self reliance vs. reliance on friends and family, are innate and contribute to one’s political alignment.

        1. So, I don’t think he was “produced” by lefty indoctrination but rather gravitated toward it.

        2. Yeah but are we talking about behaviour that springs from political alignment or just shitty behaviour? It’s not as if libertarians have a monopoly on sweetly reasonable discourse (does that merit a drink? I forget.)

        3. I disagree. Earlier in life, I was pretty far left. I gravitated away as life went on, further and further. So did I unlearn innate traits? Or did I learn to admire traits that were not aligned with the political system I started out with? (My parents & family are lifelong democrat & union voters. My older sister and I have gravitated away. I will say that I went further left than my family initially, and thought I would stay that way for years, sanctimonious battle after sanctimonious battle.)

        4. “I think certain qualities, for example respect for authority or hatred of unearned or misplaced authority, self reliance vs. reliance on friends and family, are innate and contribute to one’s political alignment.”

          Funny you should say that – I’ve been reading Haidt’s *The Righteous Mind,* who is quite fair-minded but makes the interesting claim that respect for hierarchy and authority is distinctively associated with the conservative mindset.

          From this standpoint, it would be *conservatives* who get upset when some employee doesn’t know her place, upsets customers, is (possibly) insubordinate to her boss, and disrespects the head of state (“my president”).

          Is Mr. Douchenozzle a closeted conservative?

    8. I often feel bad when I see older people still working when, in a just society, they shouldn’t have to.

      Concern troll is truly, deeply, passionately concerned.

      1. As if seniors are too addled by age or dementia to decide that hey, they kinda want to remain part of the work force even after 70.

    9. I love the ending:

      “I will never be able to understand people who do that kind of thing for a living.
      I know around here people always say we progressives shouldn’t be afraid to speak up
      and I’m glad I did. I just wonder if I went too far.
      I guess that kind of defines the liberal quandary in a nutshell doesn’t it?”

      You know, I guess it does.

      On the one hand, I could take out my self-righteousness on some overtalkative poor person, and on the other hand, I could avoid acting like a dick. What to do, what to do?

      1. I know! You have to impart your wisdom to them before you leave. Every “battle” is worth fighting, especially if you can one-up the person by saying “I’ll get your manager.”

      2. That sums up the entire progressive experience from 1789 right up through today. We mean well and we don’t want to have to imprison and kill these people but we have to.

      3. If I find myself politically disagreeing with a clerk, cashier, etc, I just politely nod my head and don’t say much. That’s usually enough warning for them not to continue their blathering.

      4. What you won’t see on microaggressions.com, part 5,306

        I was working at the checkout and got talking with a customer about the power structure in Washington and how our millionaire President is out of touch doesn’t understand the concerns of people like me. All of a sudden the customer snarled “If you say one more fucking thing I’ll go find your manager and all three of us can discuss this.” I later discovered that he felt kind bad about this, but still thought my opinions were not my own, and that I was only repeating something I heard “Rush or Sean or whoever spout off about”.

        I felt shocked, humiliated, and diminished – like I was too stupid to have opinions, and those opinions didn’t count. And terrified of losing my minimum wage job.

      5. Roll this sort of scenario back 4-8 years and instead of being chewed up for critising a president she’d get a “testify!” instead.

      6. I think the fucking dipshit wants kudos for “bravery” when he publicly humiliated someone who couldn’t fight back. “Ooh you’re so courageous in your battle to advance glorious progressivism!”

        I suppose it might seem like “bravery” to people whose daily lives revolve around seeking all-powerful government that will create a perfectly safe Nerf world.

        But it’s what I call a coward.

    10. “Today I gave one person a taste of Liberal Tolerance?. It was sweet.”

    11. I guess there aren’t as many people as I thought who understand what KOS stands for (and I’m pretty sure why the website was started). It really looks like the people who frequent that place don’t understand that KOS is the acronym for Kill On Sight. I could swear the site started as a place for the author to put a picture of someone in government he didn’t like. Much like Keith Olbermann’s Worst Person in the World rants.

      1. No kidding? Any link to that?

        1. I thought it was the guy’s name.

        2. http://www.internetslang.com/K…..nition.asp

          After looking it up some it looks like the website is from the guy’s name but I’m pretty sure I saw somewhere that it was a bit of a play on the slang as well. Unfortunately I can’t find anything that confirms that so it’s probably not true. I did find some commentary on Free Republic tying Daily Kos to the slang KOS so maybe a rumor just grew from there.

          1. I thought you were making a Loughner smear joke.

      2. I’m not sure how serious you are being, but I’m pretty sure it is named for a shortened for of the founder’s first name, Markos. Maybe it’s both. I’ve never been able to look at the site for more than about 30 seconds.

        1. I believe it was a joke, Z.

    12. At that, she suddenly deflated. Now the look in her eyes was fear. She looked down and meekly mumbled “Ok. Sorry sir.”

      I left then, proud of myself and still full of anger.


    13. “The President of the United States probably doesn’t buy his own groceries” = trashing the president.

      I also read last night that Mitt Romney calling the President out of touch is a lie. Not the pot calling the kettle black or anything, but straight-up lying.

  26. OT: some friends are moving to China to teach at an international school. I view this as a sociology experiment. They’re both public school teachers and good little socially conscious democrats, and he’s an annoying atheist. I am curious to see what, if any, effect this has on their outlook.

    1. Why would living in China make you more likely to believe in God?

    2. I’m sure they’ll come back with glowing reviews about how “great” China is and how much better the USA would be if we just embraced the wisdom of China’s noble progressive vision for a perfect society.

    3. It won’t have any effect, because they will not live like the majority of Chinese people and they will not be exposed to the rigors of everyday life that the majority of Chinese people face. But the sad thing is, they think they will be getting a taste of the “real China”.

      1. I’ll agree with this.

  27. That NBC audio editing is a terrible thing, and was totally unnecessary. It just shows that government isn’t the only freedom-limiter out there.

    1. Wrong.

      It shows that we need a minimalist government so that libel cases can be adjudicated.

      1. Well, not necessarily wrong. I mean, a murderer takes away someones freedom, but I dont think anyone is arguing the opposite side of that.

        NAR is wrong, ignoring the strawman he is trying to create.

    1. Why was 69ing seeded so low? And why did you avoid quoting the best part?

      As one commenter noted:

      You know, no matter how boring the sex, it will probably always be better than eating just a brownie. Brownies just don’t satisfy everything.

      To which another replied:

      Girlfriend, you are eating the WRONG brownies.

      And someone else declared:

      Brownies: always a pleasure, even with a UTI.

      But for some, the Missionary vs. Brownies battle was a wash:

      What the what? I think a life alone with my cats sounds more fulfilling.

      1. Do you have to ask? A man having an orgasm in a woman’s mouth or on her face is the ultimate act of the patriarchy. That is unless he is really cute and he is like a one night stand or an affair. But never a b/f or husband.

        1. I thought the doggie style was the ultimate position of patriarchy. Yanno, Clan of the Cave Bear type stuff?

          Dominance from behind and all that.

          1. another thing that is never done with b/fs or husbands.

            1. She doesn’t let you give it to her doggie style in the shower?

              Poor you.

              1. My wife is not a member of jezebelle. So that is not a problem for me.

      2. 69ing involves having to put a penis in your mouth. Which is the patriarchy humiliating a woman and a way to keep her from eating up to her Goddess-given weight of 300 pounds. Which is totally because of her PCOS and not the pounds of food she shovels into her face all day long.

        1. Brownies? The secret is in the batter…

        2. The whole PCOS thing pisses me off. I have an ex who went through that and yeah, she ballooned up to about 200 lbs before she finally got diagnosed. Then she got on a Taubesian diet, exercised every day and is probably under 140 now. She’ll never be skinny, but she’s not fat. Fucking discipline, it works.

        3. But lapping the bearded clam is A-OK.

          I like Bill Hicks’s take on the subject.

    2. You’re always a pleasure, SugarFree, even with a UTI.

      1. Why thank you. I have my yeast infection moments as well.

        1. I told you to lift your panniculus, but noooooo, you paid me no mind! Those moments are totally preventable.

        2. Ever since I learned that Candida was the name of the genus of fungus that causes yeast infections, I could never listen to the Tony Orlando song in the same way again.

    3. That wasn’t just another euphemism for carpet-munching?

      1. I think “eating a brownie” happens a little way away from the “carpet-munching” of which you speak, just over The Straits of Taintmus.

          1. This squeamishness is why your aren’t fit to be Vice Moderator under Count Warty. It’s a job that takes a strong stomach.

      2. It’s called muff diving, and if you can’t say it right, don’t say it at all.

        1. Carpet-munching has always had a more lesbian connotation in my mind.

          And I prefer hard-wood floors anyway,

          1. I have no idea what that’s supposed to be a euphemism for.

          2. SF loves going to town on some hard wood.


    4. Sometime stereotypes are true.

      Which one? That Jezzies are cold, immobile corpses in the sack?

      1. It’s not their fault you can’t please them.

      2. That’s not fair. I’m sure a few of them are warm.

        1. past 300lbs, you can’t help but emit a fair amount of heat.

      3. There is a place for that.

    5. Michael: My mom is very stressed out, and she needs something I can’t give her, um… maybe a little “afternoon delight”.
      Narrator: Oscar thought that Michael was referring to a particular brand of cannabis named Afternoon Deelite, a strain famous for slowing behavior.
      Oscar: Well sure, my question is, which way do I try to get it in her?
      Michael: I don’t need any details.
      Oscar: Maybe I’ll put it in her brownie
      Michael: Hey!

    6. Missionary sucks. And not in a good way. I don’t know WTF these women are thinking. Maybe they’ve never tried anything else?

  28. New York Police Department spokesman Paul Browne says an overseas, Arab-language Internet site posted the graphic on its “artwork and design” page. He says the NYPD has been monitoring the site.

    See? They were totally justified in spying on Muslim college students. Who knows what else they may be photoshopping!

    1. Err, forgot the link.

    2. We are very luck in our enemies. If the Iranians and Al Quada were smart, they could do just send people out taking pictures in New York. It would drive the NYPD nuts. Then do a internet campaign like this. Put posters like this up on the subway. They could terrorize the NYPD and distract them from real work without firing a single shot.

  29. “During our investigation it became evident that there was an error made in the production process that we deeply regret,”

    …right, they didn’t deliberately edit the tape to make Zimmerman come off as a racist. NBC would never do something like that. It was an “error made in the production process”.

    “I’ll believe that when me shit turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbert.”

    “We will be taking the necessary steps to prevent this from happening in the future and apologize to our viewers.”

    You don’t want to, I don’t know; apologize to Zimmerman for making him look like a racist and tainting the jury pool, thus enshuring that he has no chance of getting a fair trial? Maybe? Or apologize to the community for the inevitable race riots that will likely break out any day now? Nahhhhh….

    NBC: Assholes.

  30. Another thread ruined because we haven’t had the Moderator election yet. How much longer do you people want to wait?

    Even a dangerous lunatic like my esteemed opponent JW would be better than this.


    1. I’m throwing my hat in the ring. Warty For Moderator: Crush Our Enemies.


      1. Reason needs a reign of terror.

        1. I thought registration was the solution to the sans culottes taking over?

          1. No, no, no.

            First, registration. Then, ghettos. Then, concentration camps.

            C’mon, its not like we have to re-invent the wheel here.

            1. So we’re on our way to a “final solution” for the trolls? Does that autogodwinate the whole site?

              1. If elected, I can make the process as humane as possible for the shit asshole as bleeding-hearts such as yourself think it needs to be.


            2. Hmm. You’re advocating a final solution to the troll problem?

            3. You are right. Warty takes over after Sugar Free fails miserably. We need someone who can make a plan work!!

              1. Then we should look for a democrat with access to drones. Alas, I don’t think any of them comment here.

              2. Vote Warty, Man of Action. Whatever kind of action you like, I’ve got it.


      2. JW promised ponies, ice cream and dingo repellant. Mr Free is a bad man who would hurt my pony and that’s meant to be an inducement to vote for him. What are you offering?

        1. He’s offering to crush your enemies so that you may see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.

        2. I am offering what T said, and what’s more, I offer to not crush you if you vote for me.

          1. An enticing offer. But you should either make us love you or crush us utterly. Your promise to not crush me, coupled with a failure to bribe me lavishly, is disappointingly half-hearted. On current form, JW for the win.

            1. My offer is now rescinded. You, all your relatives, and six generations of your descendants shall live and die in the agony of my torturecamps.

              The rest of you: Vote Warty, Spare Yourselves.


          2. Bide your time. When Sugar Free “mysteriously” falls into that diabetic coma and chaos breaks out, the board will scream for a man of action to take control.

            1. the kind of man who eats entire steers whole.

        3. I’m just gonna vote for the baldest, broadest-chested and tree-trunkiest legged. Being women, we just base all of our voting decisions on sexiness, amirite?

          1. You’re a Warty woman, Kristen.


          2. KK, you appeal to me more and more. Your comment in a past thread about your ex boyfriend lapsing into alcohol induced coma just before you threw him out really got the ole juices flowing!

            1. Yeah, baby, it’s totally hot that I stayed with a drunk until it got so bad he seized on my couch wearing footie pajamas! ZEXY!

      3. What will you give me if I vote for you? NutraSweet has promised me ProL’s head. What can you offer?

        1. His dried asshole on a necklace made of his wife’s grief.

        2. For you, I offer a swift end to your suffering. A clean death is all that such as you deserve.


      4. Watcha offering? I could be bribed. So far, I’m backing JW, who hath promised me the office of Moderator of Vice.

        1. I offer screams in the night and trolls quivering fear of my barest attentions. I offer you their curses, their rage, their pain.

          And I’ll send some more of those snapshots of Warty you liked so much last time.

          1. My interest in those pictures was purely professional curiosity and enlightenment.

            As for the rest of the your offer, I can withold anaesthesia and proceed in the OR to get the same indulgence.

            Try again.

        2. You may have the position of Grand Arbiter of Whores. Do not abuse the position.


          1. I have nursing staff under my supervision.

            Try again.

            1. Fool! You shall rue your insolence when I have you stuffed inside the Bedpan of Woe.


      5. I’m with Warty – together, we shall rule the Wasteland!

        1. Vote Warty: Just Walk Away.


          1. Fool! The Aussie Horde has pledged its allegiance to me.

            If anyone will do the walking away, it is not I.

    2. What’s your slogan? I need to confuse the people following me on twitter with that tag.

      1. SugarFree: An Immoderate Man for Moderate Times


    3. Anyone fighting to become the moderator shouldn’t be in that position. We need someone who would only take up the mantle reluctantly then gladly put it down when it is no longer needed.

      I could only, with clear conscience, vote for the best of us. I’ll throw a hat in the ring in MNG’s name.

      1. I have a built-in term limit: My pancreas.

        1. A beta-cell transplant for Office of Moderator of Vice? Sound like a fair trade?

          Of course, I would have to be instilled in office first.

          1. One day after registration and already alliances are forming. How delicious.

          2. I know how cronyism works. I want a whole new pancreas, and not just one out of some skinny poor kid. I want top-notch product.

            Moderator of Vice and Guest Mod status if Fistie or I fall down on our sacred duties.

            1. We got three in stock right now;

              -celebrity drowned in bathtub after night of drugs and drinking.

              – teenager rolled car after a night of drugs and drinking.

              -politician had heart attack after a night of drugs and drinking.

              1. So each pancreas comes pre-damaged? That will save SugarFree some time and effort

                1. Hey if it weren’t for musicians, motorcycles and Kennedys there wouldn’t be any donor organs at all.

              2. What were the drugs? What are the BALs? And extent of injuries on the teenager?

                Get my a tox screen, stat!

    4. AHHA!

      Registration was just a ruse to deliver power to you or Warty’s hands. How could we have been so blind?

      Truly the living will envy the dead by the time the bloodbath that is moderator elections are finished.

  31. I’ve been coming here long enough to know that none of you should be trusted with power. You’ll ban everyone but yourselves and Lucy so you can have long flirtatous conversations with her free from distraction.

    1. I know this is heresy but I would even ban Lucy if the need arose. There is one, but only one, who would be spared A Groovy Banhammer under A Glorious Groovy Regime of Moderation.

    2. Some of us are straight females with no interest in flirting with Lucy. Mind you, Tim Cavanaugh doing his heroic wonk pose on the beach … hmmm…

      1. Where’s barfman when you need him.

        1. “-Nonsense! Dogs are idiots! Think about it, Smithers. If I came into your house and started sniffing at your crotch and slobbering all over you, what would you say?

          1. “If you did it sir?”

      2. right there with you, IFH.

    3. Except me. I would ban every one but Mangu Ward.

      1. BZZT! KMW in AGB-able.

      2. What about Emily? *drool*

    4. I would never ban Lucy or burn down the world to be with her, but don’t you think a failsafe should be in place in case she, or any of the others, are corrupted?

      Do you think the somnolent JW or the pervert Warty has the strength of character to do what must be done if the unthinkable happens?

      1. As Moderator of Vice under JW, I would be his Rock of Groove-braltar. I can prescribe meds for somnolence. And much cheaper than your fancy grade insulin.

        You’re a money sink, SF.

        However, if one of Tim’s inventory proves viable, beta-cell city, Saccharin Man! Then, Groovus: Moderator of Vice.

      2. Do you think the somnolent JW or the pervert Warty has the strength of character to do what must be done if the unthinkable happens?

        You silly man, I am the Mr. Rourke of our illustrious community. You, like Ted Knight, only seek to spread ruinous disharmony among the inhabitants to sew your path to true destruction. You are entropy with a bad pancreas.

        I will slay our opponents with fatal irony and brutal self-awareness that can only come from a personal journey of discovery.

        Smiles, everyone!


      3. POE?

        Signed, Lt. Mandrake.

    5. Silence!


  32. My mother wishes me to let Lord Eddard join the Night’s Watch. Stripped of all titles and powers he would serve the realm in permanent exile. And my lady Sansa has begged mercy for her father. But they have the soft hearts of women! So long as I am your King, treason shall never go unpunished. Ser Ilyn, bring me his head!

  33. We apologize for using some artistic license to reflect the deep-seated racism Zimmerman was obviously motivated by as a typical Latino Southern white man.

    Anyways…and now, for a special report, here’s Chuck Todd asking “Is Trayvon Martin the Medgar Evers of this generation?”

    1. “Fake but accurate.”

  34. Factions have been established. I can’t be expected to remember who is in what camp, so at some point you must declare your allegiances.

    There’s Team SugarFree.

    There’s Team JW.

    And somehow now there’s Team Warty, who himself was the subject of the voter fears and would-be moderators’ assurances of containment.

    I don’t know if the other two have chosen running mates, but they can’t possibly hope to top SugarFree’s lieutenant, yours truly. (And yes, that doubles as a gay reference.) Even if I do plan to speed his pancreas along to Stovokor at the first sign of weakness. (Don’t tell him that.)

    In the game of moderating, you moderate or you die.

    1. I’m writing in Ron Paul

    2. As a small ‘l’ libertarian I choose not to ally myself with either team.

    3. There is no TEAM WARTY. It’s a false flag attempt by JW to distract from the glorious campaign of NutraSweet, who will rule with disdain and composure.


      1. I have noted this comment.


        1. Note away, pretender to the throne. You shall never attain the ascendancy. Your large snakes and human sacrifices will not help you.

          1. It is not a throne, it is a pile of the corpses of our enemies, upon which I rest my enormous buttocks.

            Vote Warty: Increase the Volume of the Pile of Our Enemies’ Corpses


            1. Weaksauce.

              Two words:


              Vote JW!


              1. More like: JW for #ZZZMOD.

                1. Your Campaign of Smear will fail, and fail miserably…you inspire no loyalty!

                  Where is Fist again? Oh, that’s right: Look behind you Saccharin Man…

                  1. Again, I don’t think I care for the gay innuendo. (Although you did correctly guess my favorite position somehow.) I am 100% loyal until he shows a hint of weakness, which I have every confidence will not happen. For a while.

    4. Abstain

    5. If Suge promises weekly slashfilth, he (it?) has my vote.

      1. I will promise a great many things.

        1. Good enough for me!

        2. And fail so miserably to deliver, Mr. “I swill blue pills.” Impotent pretender is impotent.

          1. Your lust for the sweet and boyish loins of JW is well-known. Do not turn the Most High And Sacred Moderator position into just another incident of your boy-whore obsession.

            1. “Bring me two young boys, a pumpkin, and the schnauzer–after this, I shall wish to be depraved.”

              Baron Hardchagrin, Doon

    6. A vote for TEAM MNG is the only vote that should be considered by fair minded commentators if you really stop to think about it. Only MNG has a sufficiently advanced intellect to lead this disgusting mob into a bright new future where there is plenty of concern to go around.

      1. Vote Warty: Even Though He Has Not Considered the Actuarial Tables


      2. Tony

    7. HA! I formally announce being JW’s Lt. Moderator of Vice. That’s right I’ll be his second in command. Though others have offered to buy my allegiance, JW is the most pure of heart, the one who most eschews power for power’s sake.

      And Fist, I’ll drop you faster that 3rd period French. (clutches syringe)



      1. You know the difference between a pitbull and me? Lipstick.

        And if you saw what I had to do to get the lipstick on that pitbull, you wouldn’t be so quick to challenge me. Actually, maybe it was lip balm and a labrador retriever. I forget. That was a wild party.

        Anyway, we don’t really need to battle until either or both of our captains fall first. Personally, I plan to sit back and wait for SugarFree to faceplant on the fail pavement and swoop in as his loyal second to firebomb all you dumb sons of bitches for sullying my pristine comment board. (But don’t anyone.) Until then, it’s chillax time.

        1. You are my insurance against assassination.

          1. Anything to help the team.

    8. I plan to wait until the dust settles, and then lead a popular insurrection against the winner. I can’t help but think the power will corrupt swiftly.

      1. That’s why you must vote Warty. He is already corrupt.


        1. How can you trust the already corrupt? JW has international support from Aussies! His appeal is broad!

          Two Words:

          HAAGEN DAAZ!

          Vote JW!


    9. I realize it’s all in good fun, but frankly all this power-seeking behavior regarding a hypothetical Moderaror position is really off-putting.

    10. I’m TEAM URKOBOLD. My taint is secure–what about yours?

  35. I bring a gift for my puny future subjects. Behold! Moving images of a female!


    1. I will store this in my sack for future digestion.

      1. Despite his blood-lust and ignorance, Warty has brought us joy.

        1. Curses! He plays very dirty, this Warty. His pernicious evil is like a flame to a moth.

    2. You’ve got my vote.

      1. RON PAUL!!!!!!!!!

  36. Feds say no more QE, dollar goes up.

    Yeah, and stock market plunges.

    Focusing on inflation only may be great if you’re a retiree on fixed income or a government worker with no change of losing your job (or getting a pay cut), but what about the rest of us?

    1. What good does having a job do if the money it pays you isn’t worth anything? I will gladly take another downturn if it means putting the dollar back on a firm ground and avoiding inflation.

      1. You miss the notion that stock prices will naturally go up under inflationary conditions, pricing in future inflation.

        Removing fears of future inflation might just cause that forward-looking pricing to be adjusted downward.

        Unless, of course, I were to invest accordingly. Then it would do the opposite. Because I personally control the universe. I have made entire companies go belly up merely by purchasing their stock. I can also make a checkout line freeze up by merely taking a place at the end of the line.

    2. There’s more QE coming, have no doubt.

      If the Fed gets out of the business of buying Treasuries, interest goes up, and both the budget and the economy tank.

      If the Fed stops underwriting Euro sovereign debt, the Eurozone tanks.

      The Fed is trapped. It can’t stop QE without wrecking the economy and the budget. Continuing with QE will result in the loss of reserve currency status (already underway), and eventual inflation, which will wreck the economy and the budget.

      And forget about the Fed “contracting” the money supply. It does that by selling its assets (mostly Treasuries). Guess what that will do? Yup – drive up interest, wrecking the economy and the budget.

      1. the Eurozone tanks

        Is that a bad thing?

        Sure, it hurts exports, but helps the consumer, as we can get cheap Euro imports. Also cheap European vacations.

        1. Is that a bad thing?

          I think it is, yes. Aside from the social disruption (and ensuing economic destruction), if the Eurozone goes into a nasty recession, it will take us with it.

          And, if the Eurozone tanks, then there’s a whole lot of sovereign debt (and miscellaneous derivatives) that go down, probably taking our money center banks with them.

          1. ensuing economic destruction

            I think there is a Schumpeter upside to that.

          2. Again, is that a bad thing? I refuse to shit bricks over bank failures.

            I’ll lose purchasing power either way. Central banking and propping up bad banks are steps 1 and 2 of creating a welfare state.

            And if the welfare state fails, I don’t see a downside. I can have my property rights violated by private citizens or by the government and its assigns. Either way, it’s a wash.

      2. It reminds me of what my pilot friends call the ‘coffin corner’.

        1. Reduce power and descend.

  37. SugarFree: The Middle Path Between Indifference and Spite


  38. JW: Firm, But Fair!

    Two words:


    Vote JW!


    1. We need a moderator not a Dom.

      1. JW’s campaign has broad appeal and his big tent has room for all!

        JW: He Pitches The Biggest Tent!

        Two Words:


        Vote JW!


  39. JW is nothing but a front for the international Canuck conspiracy. Do you fools really think anyone but Dagny T is behind this whole farce of a campaign?

    1. Dagny is on my side. I have purged her of her Canadian ways with the cleansing fire of college basketball.

      1. I provide Dagny’s fun drugs. Checkmate.

        1. … and the dominoes fall like a stack of cards.

          1. Checkmate.

      2. That is what she wants you to think.

    2. Fool. She has already agreed to become my High Minister of Pulchritude.

      Vote Warty: A Bedslave in Every Pot


      1. Is Dagny the Mata Hari of Reason?

        1. Almost, except that she bewitches men with poutine.

          1. So that’s how they spell up there, eh?

    3. When I am Moderator and my Aussie Horde has finished with you, only then will you have my pity, John.

      Groovus! More happiness for everyone!


    4. HHHMMM. They are both subjects of the Queen.

  40. The disgusting pandering of these candidates for moderator almost make a part of me long for the days of Mary Stack drowned out everyone with her cyberbullying screeds.


    1. tarran: Troll fellow-traveler or just another JW false flag operation?

      1. Guards are already moving to seize him and convey him to the darkest horrorcell in the Ministry of Torture. We will learn whatever answers we wish to learn from him.


      2. I was going to vote for you until this last comment.

        I had hoped to enjoy the entertainment of people’s helplessness in the face of your disgusting erotic political fan-fic polluting the threads – with no moderator willing to cleanse them.

        But now you insult….

        Holy cow! I have become a troll fellow traveler. You bastards!

        runs off sobbing

    2. Excellent work tarran. You have distracted my foes long enough for my forces to slip in behind them.

      It’s the tarran surprise! And won’t they be surprised, and not in a good way.


      1. JW: Scourge of Griefers High and Low!

        Two Words:


        Vote JW!


      2. Excellent work tarran. You have distracted my foes long enough for my forces to slip in behind them.


    3. Which is why you should vote for MNG. You don’t see him turning the comment areas to slagged heaps on spittle flecked rage. Heck, I had to throw his hat into the ring because he was too reluctant to do it himself. TEAM MNG is what’s Right with Reason.

  41. If you’re anything like me, you often find yourself wondering, “When will William Bennett finally weigh in on post-feminist bondage erotica?”


    1. Bondage bad.

      Blowing your kids’ college money on the ponies, that is just an American value.

      God I hate Bennett.

  42. The moderator crap was funny for a while, but it’s jumped the shark. Like all “good” libertarians, I will be staying home on election night.

    1. Nihilist.

      [insert Big Lebowski joke]

      1. Fucking Fascist.

    2. I saw all the comments here, and I figured something exciting must be happening. Little did I realize…little did I realize…

    3. I saw all the comments here, and I figured something exciting must be happening. Little did I realize…little did I realize…

  43. Hooray! My first squirrel attack. My vote is for whomever rids us of squirrels.

    1. I will destroy all rodents, semi-arboreal or otherwise.


  44. If that is all it takes to win this rabble over, consider my hat officially thrown into the ring.

    I present all who would join me against the tyranny and abject horror of these miscreant would-be moderators with this bit of deliciousness:


    1. Doesn’t hold a candle to underwear tennis.

  45. I’ll be amazed if this thread doesn’t get me fired.

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