Earlybirds Arise: Nick Gillespie on Fox & Friends around 8.50 AM


I'll be on Fox & Friends this morning to discuss my piece about school bullying that ran over the weekend in the Wall Street Journal.

For info on Fox & Friends, go here.

To read my WSJ article (no sub required), go here.

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  1. Sometimes you really just have to wonder man.


  2. Good thing y’all went to registration.
    Really keeps those spammers away.

    1. Personally, I don’t mind the anon-bots. The griefers OTOH…

    2. + 1 Groovus. Anonbots have some great names, and weirdly pithy and relevant comments. That is so crazy LOL

      1. Indeed, whatever became of Jack Beeno? “Yeah, that never works out! LOL”

  3. That picture looks like a whitemare version of ?Despierta Am?rica!

    1. The women on the far left is at least pleasant looking. Gretchen Carlson on the other hand is a nightmare. God that women gets on my nerves.

      1. I would suggest an eye exam.

        1. She is not hot. But she is not ugly either. Looking at her doesn’t get on my nerves.

          1. Meh, I do think there is something odd about her face but more damning is her personality. And that show is simply unwatchable.

            1. Carlson or the other women? The other women doesn’t get on my nerves just Carlson.

  4. GAwd I hate that morning show crap. Even with the airplane skirts.

  5. Didn’t you guys like write a book or something?

  6. One of the most useless morning “news” shows. I’d be willing to bet Nick gets railroaded and talked over as much as possible. That’s the kind of treatment they usually give Stossel when he stops by.

    1. The name crack me up cos it reminds me of this

    2. Aren’t they all pretty useless? My wife watches The Today Show some mornings and it is mostly celebrities, propaganda for Obama and the latest missing white girl. The weekend is a little better. At least the women on the weekends are younger and better looking. Amy Robach, raowww!!

      1. I avid watch The Today Show every day. It’s a great way to keep track of what the lowest common denominator is going to be told what to think.

        1. My mom watches Good Morning America but at least she calls me to find out what I think about whatever nonsense they have been talking about.

        2. That’s pretty much why I watch F&F every morning. I have to say, sometimes I’m shocked to hear that exact words repeated that I heard that morning.

    3. You lose.

  7. Nick referenced GOVERNMENT STATISTICS. I want my money back.

    1. and totally ignored how the schools themselves do more to perpetuate bullying than anyone else through zero tolerance policies that treat a victim who fights back as harshly as the perpetrator. In this regard, schools have failed children; life has conflict and learning how to deal with it is an important lesson. But, removing self-defense as an option, or going to the aid of a person being harassed, teaches bad lessons.

  8. I simply cannot watch the Fox morning show. They are all so tense, so knotted up trying to spew out their talking points, that it makes me tense. The spectacle of bubble-brained pretty people with delusions of being knowledgable and authoritative is just more than I can take.

    For morning background noise, I prefer the Today show. The early Today show especially has some real cuties.

    1. The weekends. Jenna Wolf and Amy Robach. Jenna is the nice workout fiend Jewish girl who needs a husband. She is just so damned cute.

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