Syria Okays April 10 End to Fighting, Oakland Shooting Kills Six, North American Leaders Talk Jobs: P.M. Links


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  1. CNN – six dead, many wounded at religious school in NoCal.

    1. Were your whereabouts accounted for during this event?

      1. No, I avoid conservative terrorists – except in debate.

        No wingnut can debate me. I crush them like the fucking bugs they are.

        1. I would imagine the person who did this was anything but conservative. Probably wanted to kill a few Christfags.

          1. If you will notice I only said “six dead, many wounded” without assigning blame.

            I won’t blame the Christian Terrorists until its apparent.

        2. I crush them like the fucking bugs they are.

          Interesting thing to name your testicles.


      1. Is it really necessary for SWAT teams to dress in Multicam?

      2. Maybe he’ll claim self-defense.

        If all his victims die and there are no witnesses to the exact beginning of the incident, we’ll have to say there’s reasonable doubt and let him go.

        1. Maybe someone asked him who he was and what he was doing. In that case, he clearly had a right to attack them.

        2. It was self defense. It’s never too soon to start killing Christian Talibans.

  2. Under the new system, tornado warnings will be accompanied by stark language like, “mass devastation is highly likely, making the area unrecognizable to survivors,” according to the National Weather Service.

    Basically the same warning now on cigarette packages, just replacing “cancer” with “twister”.

    1. “Only your doctor knows if Tornado is right for you.”

    2. I don’t think they can scare us into not having tornados.

      Of course, I’m dubious the terror tactics they’ve used against smoking and drugs are all that successful either.

    3. Yeah. The real problem with the warnings is that they go off when the storm is a county away. I’m pretty sure that everybody in tornado alley is fully aware of what a tornado can do.

    4. Pretty much. It’s true those of us who live in Tornado Alley are desensitized to the warnings, but I don’t see verbal warnings making much of a difference. In fact, it could be worse. If a tornado is anything less than the “mass devastation” people might figure it’s nothing to get concerned about.

      But then, most everyone I know pays close attention to radar whenever a big storm rolls in so we know if something is headed our way, so I don’t care.

      1. Everyone knows the drill: If you hear the sirens, run outside and look at the approaching storm.

          1. Yinz goin to see the tornado? Wear your tennis shoes and bring your own pop.

        1. Bonus points if you remember to film it with your cell phone.

      2. “”It’s true those of us who live in Tornado Alley are desensitized to the warnings, but I don’t see verbal warnings making much of a difference. In fact, it could be worse. If a tornado is anything less than the “mass devastation” people might figure it’s nothing to get concerned about.””

        Exactly. It’s stupid, and dangerous.

      3. Kind of reminds me of the hype and reaction to hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico which are 500 miles away and probably won’t hit your town.

        1. They’re probably using the NWS warning about Hurricane Katrina as their success for these warnings. But cry wolf a few times, and nobody’s paying attention when an EF4 or EF5 tornado really is going to strike. Like most things government does, it’s completely counterproductive.

  3. NFL cheerleader/high school teacher is in deep kimchi for sleeping with one of her students. The article doesn’t list the “victim’s” age. She faces 10 years in prison, and in a very strange twist, her mom – a middle-school principal – faces 5 years for “tampering with evidence” in order to cover up the crime.

    1. I harken back to the “free pussy” reign in America. That is my only reactionary impulse.

      1. As if any woman on earth would ever give you any.

    2. Though the alleged victim’s family supports Sarah Jones, Jefferson County Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Sarah Farmer said the state would continue to prosecute the case against both Sarah and Cheryl Jones.

      The family is not angry. The victim is not angry. So lets pursue the case anyway. That is a great use of taxpayer dollars there.

      1. If ever there was a case screaming out for a little jury nullification, this is it.

        1. After seeing the video with the article, I’ve decided I’d be willing to vote to acquit…. with a little convincing.

          1. After seeing the video with the article, I’ve decided I’d be willing to vote to acquit…. with a little convincing.

            The kid is probably going to need multiple surgeries to wipe the grin off his face. Simply seeing him on the witness stand – he wouldn’t even need to speak – would be all the reason I’d need to acquit.

      2. Why would the victim be angry? He’s banged an NFL cheerleader. That’s something most men dream of happening ever, let alone before they graduate high school.

      3. “”The victim is not angry””

        What victim?

    3. Anyone know how old the student was? TFA doesn’t say.

      1. Anyone know how old the student was? TFA doesn’t say.

        Strange detail to omit, isn’t it?

        If he’s old enough to have sex, he’s old enough to be ecstatic for the rest of his life that he banged an NFL cheerlaeder.

        1. He’s probably getting that tattooed on his chest.

          1. The only downside is that he’s already peaked. Unless he’s some sort of stud, or becomes really successful, it’ll never get that good again. So in that small way, this is actually a bit of a curse.

      2. I think I read somewhere else that he was 18. It was definitely over that state’s AOC.

    4. Terrible mugshot photo, damn near Lohan-ian in its skeeviness. Too much boozing and tanning does tend to cure one like leather.

      At least the kid can brag that he’s accomplished what (allegedly) the entire Bengals lockerroom has. Aside from being the Steelers’ bitches.

    5. Weird, they never say how old the kid was or if he was still her student while the alleged affair was happening. In fact, the whole stry is oddly slight on any real details at all.

    6. Student was 16yo apparently.…..-year-old/

  4. The University of California, Los Angeles is floating the idea of asking incoming students to disclose their sexual orientation on a survey.
    Some members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender (LGBT) community think that results from the question would show that their numbers are larger than the university realizes.

    Well, that’s different; that’s a great reason to do it.

    Also, sheepfucker category or forget about it.

    1. This is right up there with government surveys asking people if they do drugs for dumb ideas.

    2. “All of the above”

      1. I think the proper term for that is “Roman”, meaning fuck anything that doesn’t fuck you.

        And what about the man raping Sasquatch community? Do they not get a block?

        1. We need an “omnisexual” category. I mean, at least for Warty’s sake, let alone STEVE SMITH.

          1. Yeah sure ghettoize the Sasquatch community with Warty. You are just a monster.

            1. They ghettoized themselves with their “NO HAIR NO CARE” campaign.

              1. You wouldn’t believe the hatred directed against those of us who are gentrifying Sasquatch neighborhoods. It’s a terrible untold story.

      2. So then, you’re sympathetic to the many LGBTSF people out there?

        1. Of course. I realize, Ice, that overcoming your attraction to sheep has been very hard for you, and I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the progress you’ve made. The suggestions Warty gave you have helped, then?

    3. Binary fissionist.

    4. It’s now GLBTIQ. No lie: Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Intersexed and Questioning.

  5. Today in great chants: protesters in Oakland yelled “DEA, go away” at feds raiding Oaksterdam University.

    I’ll be impressed when governors order state troopers to arrest federal agents who trespass on private property, seize legal pot, and arrest people complying with state law.

    1. So will I. But I from a town where a certain activist group used to chant “no more robots in our town, bring CMU down.” I am impressed when people notice that the drug war is terrible even if chanting is literally all they do.

      Low standards!

      1. CMU still the leader in robotics? Because they need to be nuked before they kill us all.

      2. I’m sure any governor who ordered the arrest of federal agents under this sort of scenario would be risking federal prison. I can’t think of a single one of them that would be willing to risk his/her own hide to uphold state law.

    2. I’ll be impressed when governors order state troopers to arrest federal agents who trespass on private property, seize legal pot, and arrest people complying with state law.

      Medical marijuana today, medical marijuana tomorrow, medical marijuana forever.

  6. Expecting reading teachers to be able to read.…..-test.html

    1. That article does not seem to correspond to your summary.

    2. I’m in involved in that academic debate. From what I’ve seen, phonics is absolutely necessary for literacy. The push against it is due purely to ideology. That is, Deweyism or Progressive Education.

      Yes, skill and drill phonics is boring, anything skilled and drilled is boring. It’s your job as an educator to make your lessons interesting. Of course, that would require, you know, work.

  7. Another student said that there should be a dorm floor for LGBT students, as there is for Latino, African American and science-interested students.

    Compartmentalization efforts backfire when freshman DeShaun “Shauna” Rodriguez, marine biology major, is forced by university housing to choose his dominant, defining characteristic.

    1. Science-interested students? Is that some new euphemism I’m not familiar with?

      1. Junk science.

      2. Are nerds a protected class now?

        1. You know this goes in your permanent record?

          “We were just experimenting!”

        2. No. The people in administration want to pretend we are, though. Even as they pour money that could be going into something useful into sports programs.

      3. The school I went to had a dorm just for science students. If you wanted to hang out with a bunch of people interested in the same subject, it would be pretty cool, I guess.

    2. So how do they categorize the l.u.g.s.?

  8. You can’t just be a human being who happens to be gay or whatever. No, you must be labeled and your sexuality must define your entire existence. Otherwise, the victim trade might suffer.

  9. Let’s see…. as an paid, armed, officious sort of fellow, either bureaucratically comfortable or uniformed and entrusted with the state’s supposed monopoly over legitimate violence, I could do dangerous stuff like protecting the peaceful subjects from violent criminals and despoilers and thieves of property, or I can stamp out the evil scourge of pencil-necked pot smokers, of prostitution and of the insidious copying of dvds.

    Hmmmm…..not a tough call.

    1. Um, what? It’s pretty much the opposite of judicial activism.

    2. You are a fucking idiot. The right wing court IS activist! They are killing legislation repeatedly.

      Now whether that is good or bad is subjective, of course.

      1. You are an idiot who doesn’t know what the term “activist” means. It doesn’t mean striking down laws. It means reading things into the Constitution that are not there. It has nothing to do with deference to the Congress.

        1. Bullshit – as a classic liberal I support Privacy Rights!

          Conservatives do not!

          Privacy is hard-wired into the Constitution! Conservatives hate personal privacy in order to squelch freedom. Asshole!

          1. So you’ll be protesting the annual invasion of privacy on April 16th?

      2. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

      3. Fuck off, slaver!

        Killing unconstitutional legislation isn’t activist , you fucking moron!

      4. Seriously. The opposite of activist is not doormat, it’s constitutionalist.

      5. Silly me, I thought the Court’s main role was determining whether laws were Constitutional or Unconstitutional. They have been doing that since the court was created. Why would now ruling as such be “activism”? That sounds more like when some judges create legal interpretations out of the blue, not determining constitutionality.

    3. I take a shot every time I hear Obama speak.

  10. Steve DeAngelo, CEO of Oakland’s Harborside Health Center, received an email about the raid early Monday and came to the scene. He said four locations associated with Lee had been raided.

    “This is one more skirmish in a 40-year war that we’re destined to win,” he said, sporting a small cannabis pin on the lapel of his black wool sportcoat.

    Destined to win, eh? DeAngelo, as I recall, was going to vote Republican in the California primary for the candidate who was going to respect state medical marijuana laws. He must know something about Ron Paul’s chances that the rest of us don’t know if he’s confident he’s going to win this.

    1. He didn’t say “soon.”

  11. THE war on drugs has failed according to a new report calling for a national debate on the controversial topic of decriminalising drugs.

    The report, released today, urges politicians to face the taboo subject. It says a massive re-think is needed to tackle the illegal drug trade that allows organised crime to flourish and is “killing our children”.

    So it looks like the Aussies have their own version of Walter Cronkite, and down under he comes in report form.

  12. You just never know now days whats gonna drive someone to go all “Postal” on ya!

  13. Black is beautiful

  14. What’s the status on registration for comments? I miss John.

    1. Talk to Charlotte…she may be the salve for your hurt.

  15. This is sad. It’s like someone wiped their ass with a rare tropical flower:…..s-top.html

  16. I take a shot every time I hear Obama speak.

    You’ll be dead soon.

    Sweet, silent, peaceful death…

  17. Where’s John?

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