Obama the Biggest Spender This Election, White House Has No Back-Up Plan if ObamaCare Gets the Boot, Autism Diagnoses Increasing: P.M. Links


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  1. Lucy, you scared the shit out of my posting PM links at 2:20. I thought I was way behind on what I need to get done for the day.

    1. Nothing else happened.

  2. The White House doesn't have any sort of sexy back-up plan ready in case of ObamaCare's official unconstitutionality.

    That will not, however, discourage the Administration from trying to implement said sexy back-up plan via executive order.

    1. The White House doesn't have any sort of sexy back-up plan ready in case of ObamaCare's official unconstitutionality.

      But do they have a butterface back-up plan and a large supply of paper bags? Cause that might do the trick.

      Or turn them, in my experience.

      1. What is the definition of butterface?

    2. The backup plan is "EVIL REPUBLICANS STOLE YOUR HEALTH CARE" campaign signs.

      1. This is correct. What Romney and the rest of the candidates (for other offices) should do is start thinking about a real plan, one involving massive deregulation and government's exit from the healthcare market. And offering that up as a solution.

          1. I know, but let's at least get the battle where it belongs--between the free market and socialism.

            And yes, I know, this isn't going to happen. The GOP is only slightly less statist and even socialist than the Democrats.

        1. In my more conspiratorial moments, I wonder if it was the intention all along for something to happen to Obamacare so they could beat up the GOP about it.

          1. Wondering and attempting to discern the gambits and political calculus leading to possible outcomes is hardly grounds for tin foil hattery, Commodore.

          2. Personally, I hold the view TEAM RED has little problem with ObamneyCare, they just don't want their political fingerprints on it. I maintain they want to use the political fallout to push states to adopt RomneyCare, NJ's FamilyCare, or Huntsman's Utah model.

            The Individual Mandate is largely disposable: what is key to the command and control aspect of centralized state health care delivery is the notion of the state based exchanges. As evidenced by Jan Brewer, who vetoed a bill in 2011 that would have permitted the purchase of health insurance policies across state line, and in OK, where the state legislature is STILL trying institute state exchanges as a "preemptive measure" should ObamneyCare be upheld in toto or sans The Individual Mandate, which is also why OK's suit only specifies opposition to The Individual Mandate and largely ignores the rest of ObamneyCare.

  3. Obama and Democrats had pushed it in an attempt to gain political advantage as rising gas prices continue to hurt and anger American voters in an election year.

    I admit I'm not sure the details of these "tax breaks" but I'm also not sure how increasing taxes on companies who can pass the burden along to consumers will help at the pump.

    1. I skimmed the article looking for the kinds of tax breaks and subsidies they were taking about but didn't find any useful info. Shocking.

      1. I think oil companies can depreciate assets based on the "natural life" of the asset - rather than the standard schedules available to other types of companies. How this is considered a "tax break" or "subsidy" is beyond me. I don't know of any other oil tax breaks - unless you pull a Kennedy and move the whole company to Fiji.

        I looked at Exxon's annual report and they paid a 41% income tax rate - albeit not all was U.S. taxes. They also expensed $billions in duties, tariffs, and other taxes.

        I hope somebody asks Obama what exactly these breaks are - the umms would be endless.

        1. I thought "Uncle Joe Kennedy" of Citgo fame was based out of Venezuela?

          1. That is Red Joe the younger. It's fun to be a commie when your offshore trust find is in the $ billions.

            The original Joe Kennedy owned 2 oil firms, Kenoil and Mokeen (owned the whole things not shares). He tired of paying his fair share under FDR and did something about it. He rolled Kenoil and Mokeen into the Arctic Royalty Limited Partnership and relocated them to Fiji where they pay no income taxes at all - only a 15% capital gains.

            Rules for thee, not for me.

  4. Obama has spent more than $135 million ? more than GOP challengers Romney and Rick Santorum combined ? on his re-election apparatus, according to an Associated Press analysis of Federal Election Commission records.

    And that's not even counting the jet fuel for Air Force One.

    Also, don't follow Lady Steigerwald's "sepia-toned" link unless you enjoy the simulated effects of ipecac.

    1. Fat Bastard: It did sound a little wet, there didn't it? Right at the end! Oooh! Heh heh heh. Let's have a smell, all right? Oh, everyone likes their own brand, don't they? Oh, this is magic! Hmmm, wafting, wafting. Ok, analysis. Ooh, smells like carrots in throw-up! Oh that could gag a maggot! It smells like hot sick ass in a dead carcass! Even stink would say that stinks! You know when you go into an apartment building and you smell the other people's cooking on each floor and you go "What are they cookin'?" That, plus crap!

    2. I played a muted 3 seconds of it and that was enough to start me dry-heaving.

    3. Money buys elections, but only when the other guys are doing it!

    4. It amazes me that more people aren't creeped out by the Obama campaign's mastery of propaganda.

      Actually, on second thought, it doesn't surprise me at all.

    5. The first time I saw the obama 2008 posters I thought it was his opposition painting a parody of him as a totalitarian. When I realized it was not and that his posters were a hit, that his campaign was gaining momentum, I honestly did feel sick to my stomach.

      1. If it makes you feel any better, it appears the shine is off that apple for most of the once rabid throngs. Interesting how that works with a blank slate that it turns out wasn't all that blank.

        1. Now it is about keeping the evil Republicans out of power.

    6. When EVERY comment is upvoted, with most in the double digits, there is SOMETHING VERY WRONG. NO video should have that level of uncritical enthusiasm. One person even commented, "a chill ran up my leg." You might want to get that checked out, buddy.

    7. I threw up in my mouth a little.

  5. "They do so at their own peril because I can't imagine that the federal government is going to allow marijuana selling for any purpose right in their backyard," said Kevin Sabet, a former senior adviser to the president's drug czar and a fellow at the University of Pennsylvania's Center for Substance Abuse Solutions.

    "Whether it's D.C. or all the way out in California, the government's been pretty clear that medical marijuana doesn't pass the giggle test."

    Oh, yeah. The United States Attorney General has been crystal fucking clear.

    1. Why does DC get a "Walmart of pot" but they won't let a real Walmart open there?

    2. Don't you just love that shit, eh?

      Sure you can marry my daughter. It's ok with me. But you do so at your own peril. Her ex-boyfriend is a violent dick.

  6. Meanwhile, Democrats and Republicans across the spectrum are thinking about how they might react when the Supreme Court hands down its health care decision, probably in June.

    Most of the thinking deals with political campaigns. It's hard to imagine that the existing Congress -- divided between a Republican House and a Democratic Senate -- could agree on any kind of health care legislation before the Nov. 6 election.

    You know what would be great to have factored into that thinking somewhere? The American people and maybe the United States fucking Constitution.

  7. Canadian Federal Budget is tabled.

    Highlights so far:

    - The penny is to be axed.
    - $5 billion in cuts over 3 years.
    - 19200 federal public sector jobs cut over three years.

    More here.

    1. Why do Canadians hate children so very, very much?

      1. They get in the way of the TV when we're watching hockey, eh?

    2. I have 2 4L pails full of pennies.

      1. Please use the standard system. If it was good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for you.

      2. Is that anything close to 2 1-gallon buckets?

      3. I still have 17 pottles of ha'pennies. What am I suppose to do with those now?

        1. They're worthless. Forget about 'em. Go have a tankard of ale.

        2. So, that's like 8 or 9 bottles of pennies?

      4. 1996 & prior, they're worth about 3 cents each.

        1. This is for US pennies, but I don't think it would be far off for pre-1997 Canadian pennies. Note: melting US coins is punishable by a $10,000 fine and 5 years in prison. Of course.

    3. Not really a small government type of budget still.
      Also a highlight: Retirement age to bump to 67

    4. I'm somewhat ambivalent on the penny thing (as axing it is really only necessary if there's a decent amount of inflation in the first place), but still: holy shit awesome sauce.

    5. You goldsugared the link.

  8. "sepia-toned"


    1. beat me to it.

      but I believe the term is:

      of course, your version was more sepia-toned.

  9. FUCK!


    Highlights include:
    This suggests that the president has a messaging problem, not a policy problem --- whereas the Republicans simply lack any substantive alternative, let alone a popular one.

    The dueling sides will accuse each other of shredding the Constitution. Democrats and Republicans are already gearing up for a "scorched earth" campaign fueled by cash unleashed by the Supreme Court with its 2010 decision in Citizens United vs the Federal Election.

    1. 2. The law won't fully take effect until 2014

      It is good for you because it hasn't taken full effect? Interesting compliment.

  10. "Walmart of weed" store to open in DC, still doesn't sell actual weed.

    What a surprise...more lies from D.C..

    1. DC's so opposed to Walmart, too. You'd think they'd have been run out of town already.

      1. DC isn't opposed to it. Just the parasites and social justice hustlers who aren't getting a cut.

  11. "...as Secular Pro-Life discovered after setting up an information table at the convention and mingling among the 25,000 participants of the Reason Rally the day before, for many atheists, the enthusiasm for diversity ends where the philosophical line on issues like abortion begins.

    "...As a secular pro-lifer I believe my case is scientifically and philosophically sound.... abortion is ageism and discrimination against a member of our own species, based on characteristics outside of their control. As I listened to another speaker denounce all pro-lifers as "religious bigots who seek to enslave women and occupy vaginas," it bothered me to see the pro-life position dismissed in its entirety alongside other dogmas of religion."


    1. Free-thinkers don't need to think about abortion. Abortion is an unqualified good and you're wrong if you believe otherwise.

      enslave women and occupy vaginas

      Hmmm....sounds kinky.

    2. Maybe it is a bad idea for "atheist" to become synonymous wiht "leftist"?

      1. It doesn't matter at this point, atheist is pretty much universally synonymous with whatever boogeyman applies.

        1. Not at an atheist rally, unless it was an unusually self-hating bunch.

        2. And it's "bogeyman"!

          1. I think he just meant that people think atheists have a good sense of rhythm.

            And now that I think about it, that's racist.

          2. Harry Casey disagrees with you, Tulpa.

          3. No, it's Boogie Man! That's what I am.

            1. Wait. Are you guys talking about the Scatman?

              1. I'm talking about this guy:


    3. Unsurprising and sad. It really fucks with people's head when they find out I'm a pro-life atheist.

      1. It is the problem with letting leftist into any group. They immediately hijack it. You can't be a pro life atheist. Once leftist take over the group it is about promoting leftist politics not about the existence of God.

        1. Once leftist take over the group it is about promoting leftist politics

          Even when the leftist politics run directly counter to the reason why the group was started in the first place.

        2. One of the benefits of being one is I don't have to attend gatherings who share my religion. I don't get the people who do that anyways at all.

      2. Well, atheist here too. I guess I'd say I'm "pro-life" since I'm definitely "anti-death." But I'm not in favor of criminalizing abortions. I wish no one had an abortion, but outlawing it leads to more problems than it solves. So, we're left with it.

        1. I wish no one had an abortion, but outlawing it leads to more problems than it solves.

          Because it's a market distortion for a service that is in high demand. Making abortion illegal only sends women to back alleys with wire hangers; it doesn't get rid of abortion.

    4. "...and occupy vaginas,"

      He says that as if it is a bad thing. I have spent a good portion of my life doing just that and I dont recall anything bad coming from it.

      1. Nice to know that you are healthy.

    5. occupy vaginas

      Yes please.

    6. occupy vaginas

      We are the 99%!

  12. http://www.sys-con.com/node/2226597
    No April Fool's Joke: Monsanto Voted Biggest "Corporate Fool" With the Worst Business Practices for 2012

    1. From the article:
      "Monsanto's legacy includes [...] and massive aerial spraying of Round-Up as a drug-war tactic,..."
      Uh, dipshit, Monsanto didn't do any spraying. That was your fave dysfunctional organization: The GOVERNMENT.

      1. As someone who owns a landscaping business, thanks heaven for Monsanto.

        1. Yes, thank heaven. It's really nice here ever since my suicide.

          1. Speaking as an autistic-American...

  13. The frequency of autism spectrum diagnoses has been increasing for decades, but researchers cannot agree on whether the trend is a result of heightened awareness, an expanding definition of the spectrum, an actual increase in incidence or some combination of those factors. Diagnosing the condition is not an exact science. Children "on the spectrum" vary widely in their abilities and symptoms, from mute and intellectually limited at one extreme to socially awkward at the other.

    Let's just go with whatever sounds worst and can make us the most money.

    1. It might not sound worse but I'm going with "an expanding definition of the spectrum" Also, am I crazy or are there families out there that seek out autistic children as some sort of prize. I swear I saw that somewhere.

      1. You're not crazy but you're probably in the autism spectrum somewhere.

      2. Maybe they've watched Rainman a few too many times and are hoping to get one that can help them count cards or something.

      3. I have spent time with lots of autistic children here - including my own kiddo. Over the years, due to my exposure to kids "on the spectrum" I can say for sure that their abilities do vary widely.

    2. Children "on the spectrum" vary widely in their abilities and symptoms


  14. GOP candidates Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich have vowed to repeal what they call "Obamacare" if it is upheld.

    Fuck USA Today.

    1. Say, I didn't know Ron Paul was for "what they call Obamacare." Guess I'll have to take back my vote. He's not libertarian enough, I guess.

    2. Because Presidents have the ability to single-handedly overturn monolithic legislation at the wave of a hand!

      1. Also, hands

        1. Jazz hands.

          1. I would love to see one of those pics of the SC justices all doing jazz hands.

      2. It is called "THE LIVING CONSTITUTION".

  15. http://www.realclearpolitics.c.....2005_.html

    White House press secretary Jay Carney had no answer as to why Obama supported tax breaks for oil companies as a Senator in 2005, but now opposes them as President.


    1. Oh, I have an answer. Say, why not make me White House Press Secretary? Let me tell you, the press is going to fucking love what I have to say.

      1. "Because fuck you, that is why"

        I would love to see a well groomed white Ivy League white boy like Carney get in touch with his inner gansta.

    2. That's like puzzling over why a prostitute banged Joe last night and Steve tonight.

  16. http://dailycaller.com/2012/03.....tax-fraud/

    Is Haley a crook or is this another Ted Stevens political show trial?

    1. No reason it can't be both.

      Stevens was pretty much your garden-variety sticky-fingered, entitled pol.

      Which is totally consistent with the prosecutor being a lying fuck.

    2. I've heard the 'good ole boy' network of SC Repubs has been trying to bring her down since before she won the election.

  17. Children "on the spectrum" vary widely in their abilities and symptoms, from mute and intellectually limited at one extreme to socially awkward at the other.

    It's called being an introvert. And why do I feel like swearing at the computer now?

    1. Because you're both mildly autistic and have adult onset Tourette's?

      1. I'd tell you to fuck off, but I'm too bashful.

  18. "We're confident that the legislation is constitutional," said White House spokesman Josh Earnest.

    "Josh Earnest"? You can't fool *me*, Lucy. That's from The Onion.

    1. He's Important.

  19. http://news.yahoo.com/michelle.....11542.html

    The Obama women get down in Vegas.

    1. Are those girls ever in school?

      1. I was wondering the same thing. I feel bad for them. I think they are going to be the victim of all of the bad karma liberals are owed for snarking so much about the Bush twins.

        1. Well, at the least, they won't be having anywhere near as many dates.

        2. It's almost certain that one of them will end up just like Lawrence Fishburne's daughter.

          1. Please tell me I didn't really just see a Wikipedia entry for "Brian Pumper".

            1. Please tell me I didn't really just see a Wikipedia entry for "Brian Pumper".

              You did indeed. The Internet!

              1. Did she attend the Velvet Jones School of Technology?

          2. We can only hope.

          3. Lawsy, I wouldn't wish that on any parent.

  20. My prediction: if Obamacare is struck down this summer, Team Blue and its media supporters will spin it as a good thing for Obama's presidential campaign because it "defuses" the "rallying point" for the Tea Partiers, etc., "relieves" Obama from having to defend it, and "allows" him to focus attention on the 1%ers and Oil Companies.

    1. Oh, my, isn't that cynical!

    2. They will tell themselves that. And at some point in August the full realization that they blew a once in a generation chance at 60+ votes in the Senate on an unconstitutional bill will dawn on them.

      1. The horror! The horror!

    3. Great prediction except - they're already doing it.

    4. http://www.realclearpolitics.c.....13621.html

      Toward the bottom of the article: Obama just needs to explain the law better, and his poll numbers will soar.

      1. Yes, it's all because we haven't been lied to enough. Need more, better lies.

    5. Unfortunately for them it also removes Romney from the awkwardness of having to attack him on Obamacare. The economy will (rightfully) become the focus. (Second maybe to SeamusGate.)

  21. "If there's a reason or a need for us to consider some contingencies down the line, then we'll do it ram them through then," Earnest said.


    1. Nice hint-dropping, Sloopy.

      But I thought you guys were registered at "Slap & *Tickle*".

  22. get on the metric system!

  23. Man leaves his wife and young children, he is a dead beat.

    Woman leaves her husband and young children, and she gets a feel good interview on the Today Show.


    1. I love how they pretend that men are given a pass for this.

  24. Behindertsein ist sch?n

    1. And German tarts are wundersch?n
      German beer is chemical-free
      Germany's alreet with me

  25. http://news.yahoo.com/australi.....02717.html

    Australian couple has $1 million hospital bill after baby born in B.C.

    "SYDNEY - Australia's foreign affairs minister is looking into the case of a Sydney couple stuck with a million dollar hospital bill after their daughter was born in Vancouver last August.

    [Related: 11 things your pediatrician won't tell you]

    John Kan and Rachel Evans had taken out travel insurance and extra coverage for Evans' pregnancy without realizing the policy would not cover the birth or the baby.

    They were about to return to Australia after their B.C. vacation when Evans went into premature labour at the airport.

    Piper Kan stayed in the neo-natal ward of the B.C. Women's Hospital and Health Centre for three months and the bill ended up being about $1 million."

    1. "...baby born in B.C."

      The Aussies are going on time travel vacations now?

      1. lololololololololololooooooooooooolololol

    2. I'm guessing most of it was for the time machine.

    3. ...neo-natal ward...for three months...

      Still better than 26years, ammirite?

    4. "We don't feel our mistake was someone else's responsibility but obviously it is quite a large amount so any assistance we can get would be helpful."

      I am shocked and awed.

  26. Well, this is good news

    1. On the original, they had a show about a hospital that didn't have any patients because it only had administrative staffing. After the show, they found out that there were a few hospitals actually like that in Britain.

      1. We'll have to wait for Obamacare to be judged Constitutional for that to happen.

  27. What time is it?

  28. Of course, kind of like how the similar Republican bill ended oil tax breaks by shifting that money towards lower taxes, making it anathema to Democrats, Obama's bill would have put the oil subsidy money towards "green energy" subsidies:

    Savings would have been used to renew various alternative clean energy initiatives...

    1. What "oil subsidy money"? Please be specific.

  29. Uh, why am I not seeing any George Zimmerman links here?

    1. Because you're black.

  30. You have got to see this bullshit on the wikipedia talk page about ron paul's "isolationist views". Those little bastards know it's wrong, but they're trying like hell to keep it in.

  31. A recent Gallup poll found an astounding 72% of Americans believed the fundamental glue to the president's health care reform ? the individual mandate ? is unconstitutional....

    The Supremes need to step back. There is no pressing need for a quick decision. Let Americans first "have it out" in the presidential campaign. It is time to trust the people for a change.

    Doublethink is alive and well.

  32. It took some time for this to sink in.

    In yesterday's PM links, Lucy quipped that this is the worst thing you'll read today.

    Atlantic article link'd again below.

    It's the opposite.


    1. I hadn't read that before now. Good God N. Korea's fucked up.

  33. Is anyone else amused at getting non-stop Elizabeth Warren campaign ads on this site? I'll remember this the next time I hear how data mining has gotten so sophisticated that it knows what you'll do next.

    1. Sugarfree posted that it'll her cost her campaign $0.50 if you click. Sound's a bit high, but click click click.

      1. Warren's fishing expedition led me to just type in her name on Google. I like to read the comments. "Pol Pot in a fright wig" sticks in my memory.

      2. I click several times a day.

    2. It's good to see Lizzy the Limousine Liberal squander money like that.

      She raised it in Hollywood. I know it's hard to believe, but Lizzie the LearJet Liberal is flying back and forth from Hollywood--Normal Lear and Barbara Streisand are raising money for her.


      Lizzie really is a LearJet Liberal.

      Like for reals!

      1. Barbara Streisand paid for you to see Lizzie the Limousine Liberal ads here at Hit & run.

        Better send Lizzie more LearJet money, quick!

        1. WHY DO YOU HATE CHILDREN, KEN?????????????

  34. Hi everybody!

  35. And it's not that Solyndra cooked the books, it's that our oh, so 'intelligent, wonderful, caring, careful' government can't read them.
    "Solyndra data accurate, restructuring officer says"
    From the copy:
    "The Energy Department "had sufficient information to understand the risks" associated with the guarantee and "make an informed decision as to the ongoing financial condition of Solyndra,"

    So they knew it was circling the drain and said, 'ah, hell, it ain't *my* money'.

  36. Question for Chief Justice RC Dean: if Obamacare goes down in the SC, does it refer back to the lower courts decision? If I understand correctly, there were several different decisions and they were combined into one suit. What would happen then?

    1. It gets rewritten in Congress.

      There's no way they strike down just the mandate without the whole thing being rewritten in Congress before January 1, 2014, when both the prohibition against denying people coverage for preexisting conditions and the individual mandate take effect.

      Regardless of however else the SC rules, so long as they strike down the individual mandate, the ball we be back in Congress' and the president's court. They'll have to start pretty much from scratch.

  37. SPLC weighs in on "game" and how a suicide is apparently a violent, terrorist act.


    1. If he was a Jew, could they file it as a hate crime, what with the self-loathing and all?

  38. Serious question: do any reasoniods OR STAFF have a hookup to Penn and Teller?

    We just got to Vegas for the wedding Saturday, and we'd really like to have a chance to meet them or at least see them live.

    We're not begging, just curious. If so, please e-mail me or comment on this blog post.


    sloopy and Banjos

  39. Serious question: do any reasoniods OR STAFF have a hookup to Penn and Teller?

    We just got to Vegas for the wedding Saturday, and we'd really like to have a chance to meet them or at least see them live.

    We're not begging, just curious. If so, please e-mail me or comment on this blog post.


    sloopy and Banjos

    1. zzzzzzzzzzz

    2. If you see them live it's easy to meet them. They always hang out and talk with the audience after the show.

      It's not that hard to get tickets, either. They're usually available the day of the show.

    3. If you see them live it's easy to meet them. They always hang out and talk with the audience after the show.

      It's not that hard to get tickets, either. They're usually available the day of the show.

    4. Fuck you, squirrels. Really, just fuck you.

  40. Is it just me, or does she seem pissed that the cop was found guilty?


  41. Woman sues McDonald's for turning her into a hooker:


    I think I'll stay the fuck away from the special sauce for awhile.

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